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August 21, 2015


Jack is Back!

I read DuDa fantasy of the frog charging the Moor first and my FIL and Mrs. JiB broke out in tears of laughter. So they scoured all the Belgian French language papers and the French papers themselves and could find zilch, noada, nothing about DuDa's version.

Maybe they were filming an episode of Banqua, the French police drama Anglade stars in and it got out of hand. You know like workplace violence.

Miss Marple

I find it interesting that the Camptown Lady always shows up to attempt to depress any pride in America or her people.

Very telling.



Keep you eyes out for swarthy looking characters on the Eurostar carrying packages long enough to contain an AK-47.

And if you see one, be sure to notify the French "authorities" on the train.

Your life depends on it!


There is an Aspen Institute program on September 10 in DC on the 1099 Economy and thus the need for a new Social Contract. https://events.r20.constantcontact.com/register/eventReg?oeidk=a07ebepb1sr49d50a89&oseq=&c=&ch=

Any jomers in the area may want to go and listen. Think of it as role playing being an early bird and listening to the confessions. Va Senator Mark Warner is a featured speaker as is someone who worked with Van Jones. Yikes! and another for OFA.


http://www.aspeninstitute.org/policy-work/economic-opportunities/working-america-series is what it is a part of.

Miss Marple


I think I would rather visit Dismaland than attend that workshop. (See article I posted at end of last page.)

Centralcal on iPad

MM: I've fallen behind in JOM-speak. Who is Camptown Lady?

Old Lurker

Ya know, I was reflecting on the a*hole Lugar's endorsement of the Iran Treaty.

It is bad enough for a sitting member of congress to pretend to review all the details then decide to support it. What sort of fool decides to support it when we all know he no longer has access to the details? (yes yes I know even sitting members do not have all the details too, but you get my point.)


Reuters: "Their crowded train was headed to Paris from Amsterdam and had just crossed the Belgian-French border, at about 6 p.m. local time, when a lone gunman emerged from a bathroom armed with an assault rifle and a handgun.
French officials said the unidentified man, who was armed with 300 rounds of ammunition, was surprised by someone entering the bathroom. The gunman fired, drawing the attention of the three Americans."

Maybe the unnamed Frenchman was simply going into the bathroom, not knowingly going toward the danger like the Americans. Face to face with a gun-brandishing stranger anyone, even French, would instinctively try to avoid being shot, if only to attempt to push the gun aside.

Miss Marple

Camptown Ladies sing this song,
DuDa, DuDa...

I just made it up when I saw Jack's post.

Old Lurker

"...even French..."

Not so sure about that, Deb. History suggests otherwise.


Bush's picking Quayle over him permanently unhinged Lugar.


What sites do JOMers prefer for a timely overview of what is happening without the NY Daily News scaremongering?

Old Lurker

"...for a timely overview of what is happening..."

Just re-read Atlas Shrugged then 1984 then Animal Farm and skip the day to day crap, SBW. It is more entertaining, just as accurate, and easier on the blood pressure since you can pretend for the moment it is fiction.


Bobby Jindal issues a challenge to Scott Walker to prove he's as brave as he claims to be. It's put up or shut up time for Walker imo.


So Rupert's Gazette chose to ignore the events in Alabama on their news pages, they do have an interesting interview with the Arabian point man in the region, ret. Gen. Eshki


ftw, OL!


Wallet in a poor turn of phrase compared the bom hucksters to the tea party.


Another example of why Jeb Bush is a certain electoral loser


It's put up or shut up time for Walker imo.

"Governor Jindal will have an opportunity to debate me on September 16th, if he's able to make the cut.



Ok, why would Iran have to inspect its own nuke sites. Doesn't it already know what is in them?


Given that Jeb currently has over over $100M in his Right to Rise SuperPac, this story is not only bizarre but scary and funny as heck.


We already what kind of fool, he endorsed Obama twice.


The head looks a little too small, too.

They better get cracking on that $10M biography.


The daily news is stupid, but the post is becoming just slightly less stupid of late, as it follows Lachlan's dictates.

Some Guy

Paris - Today French authorities announced the launch of an independent investigation of the train shooting. The investigation will focus on who acted heroically first, a unidentified French national or some American publicity hounds. Lead investigator Ted Wells was not made available for comment.


And my former fishwrap has become painfully stupid, imagine people who rely in that as even part of their data diet.


Obama has been the perfect test of the nation's IQ.


Pro-Jeb plane flies anti-Trump banner across Trump’s Bama rally and it BACKFIRES big time

Who is advising Jeb! again?

What a maroon..


Don't be fooled by judge in Deflategate case; NFL will win in end over Brady



Mike 'iceberg' murphy, I rest my case.


The one who crashed and burned against brown to the tune of 150 million,


Lester’s just not that smart, but, then, he works for the League’s TV partner, ESPN. This is pathetic.

“First, he actually decided to take the case on.”

The NFL filed the case and asked for confirmation of the award. It submitted to the jurisdiction of the Court. The Court could not, in those circumstances simply refuse to “take” the case.

“The strength of the NFL position in the litigation is indisputable. It is based on powerful legal precedents that severely limit a federal judge's review of an arbitration decision and on the convincing evidence gathered for the Wells report and described in surprisingly powerful terms in Goodell's decision.”

Almost no seasoned observer has opined that the NFL’s position is “indisputable.”

It is, in fact, highly disputable. The “legal precedents” are those being used by Brady, including the many times a Federal Judge has slapped the NFL. To describe the evidence as “convincing” is to ignore those very precedents Lester cites. There must be “substantial” evidence. I won’t rehearse.

“Brady and the union lawyers want Berman to reconsider everything in Goodell's 20-page opinion. The legal term for the Brady demand is a hearing "de novo." It means a do-over, and a do-over is exactly what Berman is not permitted to do under American law.”

Warm yourselves by the blazing fire of straw men. This is not Brady’s position. One wonders if the League wrote this for ole Lester.

Finally, Lester makes clear that this is a case about the POWER of Goodell against the union and not about the facts of this case:

“The problem with these assertions is that the NFLPA agreed in collective bargaining that Goodell would be the final authority in conduct detrimental cases, and, as the arbitrator, Goodell decides on all issues of fairness. They agreed to a partial arbitrator, and they agreed to his notions of fairness.”

This is so bad it's not even wrong.

Some Guy

Paris - Sources close to the independent investigation stated that the Americans were "fat" and "spoke loudly", while the French national had a "je ne sais quoi that overwhelmed the terrorist".

He's not even pissed.

UR welcome, Rocco.

MarkO, there is an amusing moment in the transcript of the hearing when the judge responds to the NFL's lawyers assertion that he can't overturn the arbitration.

I think the judge is a little amused at the arrogance of the NFL.


Friends. DouchebagDave is a FUCKWAD. He attempted unsuccessfully to give an "actor" the credit that American Servicemen deservered.
Possibly a FRENCHMAN "attempted" to tackle he WEEWEEDOUCHEBAGS MUZZTARD BROTHER. The American servicemen .......DID in FACT take down WeeWeeDouchebags MUZZTARD FRIEND.

WeeWeeDouchebagDavey is a fukwad America hating ass-hat, and he needs to die in a fire.

I'm starting to like this.

Here 'tis, p. 5:

"Just so you know, federal judges always have a little difficulty with deferring, but that is definitely the legal standard."

Man Tran


And for good measure, they apparently beat the living snot out of him, rendering him unconscience and then hog tied him, hands and feet.

That's pretty much what I was was involved in about 20 yrs ago just north of the Vietnam border. It was late at night with three of us, me, a burly driver, and a little technician from Hong Kong minding our own business in a little two room bungalow along side the tracks. A thug (who we later found out was part of a gang waiting outside) jumped us with a long razor knife. He made a lunge at me and the little guy leaped out from one corner while the driver grabbed him from the back. I used my best cowboy training a did an record 7 sec. hogtie with some electrical cord on a spool along side.

The gang scattered when he didn't come out or we would surely would have been toast.


Thanks, narciso..


Yikes Man Tran!

Miss Marple

Biden has gone to DC for private political meetings.


Old Lurker

"Biden has gone to DC for private political meetings."

Even he was afraid to come to DC until the Red Witch left for vacation.

Miss Marple

Old Lurker,

Interesting that Biden met Warren at the VP residence in DC and not at his home in Delaware. It is almost like he wanted the meeting to be known, isn't it?


Man Tran

So you too have a magic hat from your time in Cambodia? I thought there was only one...

Miss Marple


The Desperate Hours.

Man Tran

Heh. The only outcome was I had a bodyguard with a lump under his left armpit for the rest of the trip. The thug was thoroughly pistol whipped by the gendarmes when they finally arrived a couple hours later.

In another way, this was Wild West, in that I heard that there were train robberies fairly frequently out in the hinterlands.

As an aside, we used to buy postcards to send to friends when we were in some of these remote areas, but all we could find around there were sappy valentine like cards with pinup girls posing on cars or other lame stuff.

On the cards sent to our Swedish buddies at ABB, we wrote MTFC WYWH. Mutual Trust and Future Cooperation -- the standard BS term the Chinks always schmoozed us with.


The pics of Bill and Hill walking the dogs are priceless. LUN


Where does Hillary! buy her clothing? Kalamazoo Tent and Awning?


I don't know, DrJ, Hillary's not near as zäftiɡ as she once was and with good reason. Angst in recent days/weeks sure can take away a persons appetite.

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