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August 21, 2015




Ed Rollins: I was a doubter. You know I was a doubter. What I've seen in 2 months is a momentum that is building, and I saw it once before with Perot, but as you say Perot rolled over and played dead. This guy will never play dead. This guy is going to fight right to the bitter end, and he's tough.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

You've always been popular with me, TK. You can be a bit obsessive though...


Jeb said several weeks ago, “I’m not sure we need half a billion dollars for women’s health issues” ... then later did a "my bad" correction. Trump was referencing Jeb's misstep in his own free-wheeling "women's health" comment.


I'll keep it to one comment per page, CH.

This one is for Kim.

Unless the "quantum leap" comment has anything to do with M and J's guilt/innocence, it is unrelated to my well documented position on the Brady affair.


I do not see how Trump's supporters are LIVs. They are not the typical sort who follows every political murmur day in and day out, but seem to know the score to me.

They are sick of the notion that candidates should "speak whitepapers" (and what a sad and bizarre bit of phrasing that one is).

What exactly is Trump saying that is so "low information"? How do these people evince "low information"? How is he thereby manipulating them?

Actually, in the sense of trying to speak some semblance of truth and common sense, his rallies remind me of Reagan rallies, though of course do not have his graceful touch and refinement, but then we are not that graceful or refined of a nation anymore. At any rate, like Reagan, he speaking over the heads of the Beltway crowd and the media. He is saying what a lot of people feel deep in their bones. Moreover, he has the medias number, and they are so far just getting the snot beat out of them by him, and for most Americans outside the Democrat Party it is a joy to behold.

This country is falling apart at the seams--things like the Iran deal, or the destruction of the nation via immigration are cases in point--and Trump is speaking to them in a visceral and incisive manner. It electrifies regular Americans to hear what they say around the kitchen table. How is this "low information", and how are these people LIVs? I just do see it, and frankly it is condescending.

The nation is sick of policy wonks, sick of double talk and sick of poseurs. It is sick of politicians whose words that have to be decoded and filtered, whose words can rarely be trusted. It is sick to death of being lied to.

The problems the nation faces are in great measure created by the Left and their GOP enablers. They are not really all that complex. The complexity is the illusion of propagandists of both groups, and the irresponsible sophistry and obfuscations of bother Party's politicians.

Regular, decent people do not talk this way. charlatans talk this way. Trump is talking over their heads to real Americans.

Regular Americans know that we need to stop doing these stupid and destructive things. They know these people are either parasites, crooks or traitors, and often all three.

Would that Walker and Cruz could communicate this effectively.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

I think I've got a major non homo man crush on Charles C Johnson. Pull the trigger!


Well he did pivot from his original focus, I think he had been more inflammatory at times, although the overreaction had played right into his hands.


Really enjoyed Lou's panel tonight and take on the Trump event.

I wonder if there is a sort of rivalry going on subtly between the FOX Business Network guys and the FOX News Network guys?

Can't tell, but I am definitely gravitating more and more toward the FOX Business side of the house Monday thru Friday, and the potential upside of the FOX Business side of the house is that there are plenty of hourly time slots, currently filled with "Vegematic type ads", that are wide open to where they can slip in some new programming.

Possibly for some of the same reasons.

Yeah, TK is very funny. And I swear bgates is still here. He just uses my trick.

Will they listen?

TK, it's a tell for the judge's opinion. He wants it settled, and told them so.


The dems have spent years cultivating low information voters and candidates with celebrity.

Trump is using it against them.

Beautiful analysis, Miss M.

jimmyk on iPhone

"Bah. Do we use "men's health" in discussing certain issues? No."

There is a magazine called "Men's Health." From the little I've seen of it it's mainly about sex.

Miss Marple


There are two types of low information voters.

One type are the dim bulbs who know everything about Kim Kardashian but cannot tell you who their senators are.

The other type are people who are so busy they don't have time to follow politics because they are busy with family and work. They catch snippets of things on radio or dinner-time news.

Trump is drawing from the second group, who are like my sisters. My sisters are fed up with things and like Trump because he will DO SOMETHING.

The GOP is missing this entirely.


I agree completely with squaredance's 10:02. I'm not on the Trump bandwagon--yet--but some of the things he's saying really resonate with me, and I'm hardly an LIV, because I read JOM nearly everyday, and you all are the most informed people one could possibly interact with.

For instance, he's right about Obamacare funneling money to the big insurance companies, yet you never hear any of the GOPe say that, because they're owned by the big insurance companies, just like the dems are. And as long as the GOPe is owned by the insurance companies they're never going to "repeal/replace" no matter what lies they keep feeding us to get our votes.

One after another, Trump is openly exposing the lies. That's his appeal to me.

Miss Marple


I had forgotten about that magazine.

However, you do not hear the term used in the media.


There is a magazine called "Men's Health." From the little I've seen of it it's mainly about sex.

Must be a mental health magazine as that's about all y'all think about, though, innit? :)


Well there are exceptions, Like those YouTube's we've been spammed with in recent weeks. I would say most of his voters have been disengaged from the battles of the last six years, but have realized instinctively some thing is very wrong.

There are no jobs to speak of, the sacrifices of our soldiers sailors and airmen, in this long war, have been squandered. All these nations seem to profit more from the deals that we do. Our schools to not provide basic skills, our cities are a tinderbox


"we have just watched the worst Deal ever negotiated for this country, by the Secretary of State and the President, that every single person in this country other than the Democrats in Congress realizes,"

I say again, that if Trump is able to effectively ridicule this Deal so that it gets relegated to the ash-heap of History, he ought to get the Nobel Peace Prize.


Centralcal on iPad

I agree with squaredance too, derwill, especially his last sentence.


Excuse me please for posting this but it makes it easier to find out where I left off when I get back from the dog walk:



Agreed, derwill.

My son informed me he has unfriended me on FB for all of my incessant political posts... and that he is all in for Trump.

Drive by voters are all in for Trump from what I'm hearing/seeing. And it isn't just the right side of the aisle voters lining up in the Trump column.

Seen any split outs of where Trump is pulling his support from? The pollsters have buried it, mostly.

Anectdotally, his support isn't just republicans. He's got most of the independents and a not inconsequential number of non prog democrats. Very Reaganesque.

The only FB friend not raving about the Donald is a campaign aide who works for Rubio... very butt hurt. Sounds like a whiny baby. I have no sympathy for the wannabe GOPe fool.

I'm all in for Cruz but am not gonna turn down Trump. I'm smelling what they are cookin!

Miss Marple


We are seeing something very unusual in Trump.

He has managed to blend celebrity, conservatism, macho, non-PC, and glamour into a steamroller.

I think both the elites and consultants on the left and right are not understanding this.



if it shows... fingers crossed.

I can dream.

I'd like to see the injured Marine get a Purple Heart, and I like to see John Kerry pinning it on him.

Centralcal on iPad

Don't know about polls, Steph, but F. Luntz showed one of his "dial charts" with Trump statements as the focus - quite high approvals and the Dem dials were tracking right along with the Rep dials.


Must be a mental health magazine as that's about all y'all think about, though, innit? :)

Posted by: Stephanie | August 21, 2015 at 10:19 PM

That and food.
And sports
And cars
And music
And more sex.

Miss Marple

I can dream,

I would like to see the Marine get the Croix de Guerre while the Obama administration is waffling on whether to give him a Purple Heart.


Cruz, confronted today by Juno (actress) at IA State Fair, was very, very impressive.


MM, a preference cascade has started. It is all anyone is talking about. Left and right. Might peak too early, but damn. Only the really committed (as in need to be) are grumbling on both sides. Those easily led O voters are gonna feel the wave and jump on.

Just my opinion, but millenials are looking for a solution and like Trump. They grew up with him on TV. Hard to demonize someone you grew up with as an 'evil republican' when they have never had that vibe from him before.

Miss Marple


I agree. It's fascinating to watch.

I have no influence, as I cannot donate to anyone and my primary is late.

I am just an observer, but it is amazing to watch everything turned upside down.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Wasn't Jeb's wife the president of the Lollipop Guild?

Miss Marple


Hush your mouth. We are not allowed to say midget raisins, so midget Columba is not allowed!

Miss Marple

Heading to bed.



I think you are on to something
Great analysis MM
You represent your pen name


Well they aren't paid to understand, just to say 'all is well' and deride anyone that says otherwise.

Thanks for the lesson.

Don't know much about geography, but caro does.

Yesterday and today.

Now that she's nodding off, I'll remind everybody that Peabody rose while the market tanked.


I did find a little irony in him talking China's genius at this very moment, but then most would have said the same about Japan in 1990.


As I said above, not following politics does not make one a LIV.

(And no, we have no idea if these people "sat out" the last 6 years or not. That is an unwarranted assumption.)

Succinctly: political "information" is often not information at all; it often at best "data", and even more often opinion or propaganda. Anything beyond that is hard to get too--one has to really hunt down the truth these days.

Besides, one does not have to delve into the intricacies of Obamacare or this Iran deal to know that one is being played. These Trump people know that it stinks.

Knowing the inside story on, say, the electioneering behind Sunday talk shows is hardly "high information:, I might add.

Ultimately though information is neither knowledge or wisdom, and both qualities seems to abide in those who are fed up with both parties.

They need not distinguish between the Maoists, the Stalinist, and the globalist fascists/corporatists--these are in the end distinctions with out much differences. They need to know that these people are sell them and the Nation down the river. That is "information" enough.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I didn't say midget Columba, MM, but Munchkin Columba.
There appears to be no controlling legal authority on "Munchkin"...yet.

Dave (in MA)

CNN must have gotten a lot of pushback, so they've changed their headlines:


CNN International
U.S. servicemen 'prevent massacre'


Rick Wilson is as clueless, Like the raygun on the robot in that dr Who episode.

I try to deflate, and they keep pulling my pressure back up.

TK, and some other guys, two commenters at the bottom of the Marlowe thread at climateaudit.org think Brady has the ammo for a defamation suit.

IANAL, and I'm trying to ignore this.


The evidence does seem thin, I hold no brief for brady but Goodell just rubs me the wrong way.

I'd guess.

Autocratic, and wrong in this.

I'd hope.

Bullheaded and his science stinks. Read Steve's letter to Marlowe who must be wondering, at least a little.

So, settlement.

My guess is that if Marlow has input, Goodell caves. Steve's right, and and that fancy physicist is not going to enjoy being deposed.

Where's the instant replay?

Heh, he's even got an out that will resonate: The refs blew the call.

There's the instant replay.

I further speculate that mpainter on the Marlow thread at CA has the right projection. If they don't settle by 8/31 the judge will suspend the suspension and re-submit the whole mess to further arbitration.


Evidently, Charles C. Johnson is emailing the spouses of those he's exposing in the Ashley Madison email/member scandal. He 'claims' the spouses are thanking him.

I can never decide if he's full of shit or if it's just hyperbole. If it's the member email in the hacked files, wouldn't that go to the deceiver not the deceivee?

He's now going after 'lobbyists,' too.


So as usual Mrs le pen, farag, and solders seem to have the argument, that's why they had to marginalized, re the train shooter as well as other issues.


narciso: Exactly.

He couldn't ignore this.

I'm amused that the Belgian labelled it terrorism immediately and the French are still pussy-footing around about motive.

For once, Obama has done the right thing and quickly commended the Marines.

Dave (in MA)

Not Marines after all.


Oregon National Guard and USAF.


There isn't a large enough cluebat, of course rotella predicted this pattern in that novel he wrote late last year, too soon to tell if he was a braquer (excon convert)


Scuttlebutt from a quick canvassing of friends in France (most Paris) is that of course it was terrorism, though perhaps not organized by the major terrorist groups, and the Marines are considered heroes by just about anyone worth talking to. They are thankful that they were there and had the courage and capability to act--not that there was ever any doubt that US Marines would comport themselves so.

Do not forget that outside the Elites, the French do not hate us at all, and have a special affection for the USMC--Belleau Woods and all that. There are more than a few buried there.

Jack is Back!

Dave (inMA)'s Liink is correct. According to DeStandaard here in Belgium there are NO marines involved but an Oregon Army NG and a USAF member. Also, beside the other American, a Brit was involved and injured.

Belgian press calls it Terrorism. Some of the French press call it Terrorism, also.

More later after my translation is finished.

Jack is Back!


Charles Michel, the PM of France, calls it an .

Most French language press I have seen, call it the same.

Jack is Back!


My bad. Never use << >> (single brackets only) since they think you are posting HTML code:) It should have read:

Attacque terroriste

As might wise cats.

Glad to see the French officials have faced reality. Initially, they pussy-footed.

Jack is Back!

Had magazines with close to 300 rounds. 550 passengers. French have already given the heros medals including the Brit that helped the 3 Americans. The guy was back from Syria (most likely a business trip:), living in Spain and known to French security services.

He is a spearhead. Better security on Eurostar. Just like at any airport. Bag screening. Magnetometers to walk through. But not on Thalys since it is Schengen open borders. Expect either more of this type operation or a new crackdown on rail security similar to Eurostar which will create a total transport mess in north, west and central Europe.

James D.

Would that Walker and Cruz could communicate this effectively.

Walker especially, because he has the actual track record of doing what needs to be done against rabid opposition funded with tens of millions of dollars and using criminal tactics against him.

He's got the story to tell, and he (or whoever's advising him) is a fool not to be making it the focus of his campaign.

Trump is showing, clearly, that a LOT of voters want someone who will tell the truth, expose the lies of the politicians, and FIGHT FOR THEM. he's actually walked the walk - but if he doesn't talk about it, loudly and proudly and constantly, it's not going to help him at all.

The ads write themselves: Walker talking about cleaning up the state and bringing back good jobs for hard-working people, intercut with shots of unclean, unshaven, violent protesters trashing the statehouse.

He's got the best story to tell of any of the R candidates, because it's true. He just needs to do it. Or he'll wash out in the first batch of candidates to be culled and that'll be the end of his national political hopes.


French actor,Jean hughes-anglade seriously injured while trying to subdue islamist gunman on French train.Anglade was the first to jump into action with two Americans tentatively following suit.

Anglade is recovering in a French hospital and although his status is critical doctors expect him to make a full recovery.

Miss Marple

Good morning!

I pulled up Twitter and was greeted by a stream of Rick Wilson stupidity AND comments he retweeted from that other political genius, Mike Murphy.

They remind me of two nerdettes sitting in the corner of the cafeteria bitching about the cheerleader getting homecoming queen.

Miss Marple


City of Mobile says 30,000 attended.

Jack is Back!


Of course he is BSing everyone.

Anglade was shot sitting in his seat. But to progs, pretending you're a hot shot cop on TV is the same as "jumping into action".

Jack is Back!

GOPe are selling a "Secret Server Wiper" for $5 as a fund raiser.



http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2015/08/_common_core_whos_watching_the_kids.html picks up on what I have been calling attention to without mentioning me.

Probably went to one of those Common Core presentations where the speaker has a powerpoint with lurid facts from the blog or book and never once says where it came from. At least people are catching on, but as we know it is even worse.

By the way the Constitution in 2020 that cass sunstein, soros, eric holder, goodwin liu and others are involved with acknowledges that we need a new theory of the polity to fit with having become a surveillance state. Liu also was the one who called for national K-12 standards in an accompanying Yale Law Journal article when 2020 was launched in 2005. It was the way to standardize the desired values and mindset to fit the new envisioned society.


Bounce DD's comment against why Trump is doing so well.

Seriously. There's a visceral hatred towards this country on the left. Trump loves this country, and it shows. And it what people want in a President.

Miss Marple


I believe I mentioned this several months ago, but I honestly believe the Miracle on Ice at Lake Placid was a turning point for the country, foreshadowing the election of Ronald Reagan.

Americans do not like a steady diet of how terrible we are, how guilty we should feel, etc. etc. which is all we have heard from the White House since 2009.

Lake Placid reminded people that it is a great feeling to be proud of your country, and it also reminded us that against all odds, we can win.

I see an echo of that in this Trump movement. People want to feel good about their country, and they want to be winners again. They are tired of the BS.

Lowry was on NPR early this morning eating humble pie over his predictions about Trump, and said that some of Trump's immigration poicy was pretty good.

The liberal guy (don't know who it was) sniffed that Trump was like....Berlusconi! (Berlusconi WON. Ha!)

WHICH reminded me of Berlusconi coming over here after 9/11 and THANKING the Americans who sent their sons and daughters to free Italy in WWII. I was sorry my dad hadn't lived to hear that.

And Silvo also brought that tall blonde translator who followed him around, which was pretty funny.

Jack is Back!

Here is what Anglade was trying to do. He was trying to force his way into the hiding place the crew had entered when the Islami Terrorist began his firing spree.

"The French actor Jean-Hugues Anglade, who was on board the Thalys train when the attacker was foiled, has hit out at train staff who he claims barricaded themselves away from the attacker, and refused to help the trapped passengers.

He described how the train staff had "pale faces", and that they went towards their office, opened the door with a special key then shut themselves inside.

He added: "We hit the door, crying out for the staff to let us enter, we shouted "open!", one hoped they would react. In vain... No one responded. Silent radio.

"This abandon, distress, lonliness, it's terrible and unbearable! It was, for us, inhuman. Minutes felt like hours. I protected my children with all my body, repeatedly telling them it would all be OK."


Miss M, the Trump-Berlusconi comparison had struck me as well, though I'd hope Trump is less vulnerable to prosecution than Silvio has been.

Jack is Back!

Hillary's Hampton's fund raiser schedule.

BTW, none of these so-called hosts and donors are even in the Hampton's Blue Book. At least the Blue Book has standards unlike the Clinton (Democrat) Criminal Enterprise and Foundation.



a good post by Jack Cashill - http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2015/08/anchor_baby_flap_shows_left_losing_grip.html

"For a half-century or more, the left has been imposing its absurd, improvised values on America. In the age of Obama, that imposition has taken on the force of law. ..."

It is SO true. The political class & the talking heads SELL certain ideas as mainstream...& they just are not.

That guy in a dress is no hero...he has big problems!

"...the left has succeeded in bullying the right because so few people have stood up to the bullies. As Trump and Daladein have shown, it is not that hard to do."

and I love this thought - "...the simple glory of rational resistance."

We are living out the Emperors New Clothes story & a couple of people are stepping out as the truth telling boy.


FROM THE U.K TELEGRAPH(and about every single non-American media outlet)-- "Contrary to reports, the French Interior Minister has said that it was in fact A FRENCH PASSENGER who was the first to tackle the gunman.
Bernard Cazeneuve said that the passenger "who wanted to access the toilets in carriage 12, came across an individual with a Kalashnikov over his shoulder," Cazeneuve told reporters.
He "courageously tried to tackle him before the attacker fired several shots," he added.
The gunman was then tackled by two American off-duty serviceman, who "immobilised him on the floor and removed his weapon."
Cazeneuve praised the French and American passengers for their "courageous behaviour, full of bravery."
He said the suspect, who is now being questioned near Paris, is thought to be a 26-year-old of Moroccan origin who had lived in Spain and was "signalled by the Spanish authorities to French intelligence services due to his membership of the radical Islamist movement."

While both American servicemen spent the night podcasting their bravery across the globe, the unnamed French civilian seemed to just disappear into the crowd.

Jack is Back!

Breaking: Air Canada flight from Amsterdam declaring emergency and diverting to Belfast. Beginning landing sequence now.



Here is the list of protest locations today - http://protestpp.com/protests/

Most cities it is happening 9 to 11.

Even driving by & giving a thumbs up or waving would be good.



So bottom line, Anglade was expecting, no demanding, protection from the "authorities", in this case the train staff.

On the other hand, the Americans muttered "screw this" under their breathe and took care of business.

Exactly the point I have been making about cultural differences.


Polite silence is a LOSER strategy.

Speak up. Take action. Begin NOW.


"So bottom line, Anglade was expecting, no demanding, protection from the "authorities", in this case the train staff.On the other hand, the Americans muttered "screw this" under their breathe and took care of business.Exactly the point I have been making about cultural differences"

How the GOP tricks people into voting against their economic interests;SEE ABOVE--



Obviously the first guy was French.

He tried and failed.

Jack is Back!

DuDa and Cazeneuve are both full of shit. Go listen to the news conference of the 2 Americans and the Brit. He explains everything. No frenchman involved except in the imagination of DuD and the French themselves. Typical European projection of bravery as this guy tells you.

Remeber what buckeye said about the Germans in Jamaica. The same can be said about the Europeans which include the Irish.



How the GOP tricks people into voting against their economic interests

Do you even try to make sense? Do you apply your GOP vs the world template on everything?

Got some news for ya -- the folks you rail against .. they're on your side now. They hate this country as much as you do, though they're not as outspoken (and apparently not as obsessed with this whole confirmation bias thing)

Laff Trac

"French actor,Jean hughes-anglade seriously injured while trying to subdue islamist gunman on French train."

100% pure Comedy Gold!!! U funny, Dave!!! Keep 'em coming!!!!


There's a little bit of tension in France at the moment as to why the two American servicemen told French authorities that they were the first to tackle the terrorist.

They weren't.It was a French national.

But the identity of the French passenger who first tackled the Islamic terrorist is still unknown because after the fight he just walked off the train and went about his business.

Having lived in Paris back in the 90's I can tell you that's kind of how the French do things.Their not into glory or medals or podcasts or interviews......they'll do something heroic and just move on.


Before anybody gets the wrong idea, I have spent months in France, mostly in Paris and I like the French people.

But the idea that a typical French guy would spring into action while American servicemen cower is nonsense.

Juan V

"Walker especially, because he has the actual track record of doing what needs to be done"

Looks a little weak here...

"August 22, 2015
Scott Walker recants opposition to birthright citizenship

After telling an NBC reporter unambiguously that he supported ending birthright citizenship, Scott Walker on Friday changed his mind, saying his new position is that he has no position, that he is now undecided again. He's saying that this isn't a reversal, merely that he misspoke because he was tired.

How do you misspeak support for ending birthright citizenship? Look at this video where he is clearly asked whether he would end it, and Walker says, "Yeah, absolutely." No ambiguity there."



a quote to go with that Jack Cashill link -

"By insisting that something unpopular was popular often enough, they made it popular. And by insisting that something popular is really unpopular, they did the opposite." ~ Sultan Knish

Old Frenchy

"Having lived in Paris back in the 90's I can tell you that's kind of how the French do things.Their not into glory or medals or podcasts or interviews......they'll do something heroic and just move on. "

Wee, wee. I agree my american friend, dublindave. I am an old frenchy now, but i remember your papa in ww2. He was by my side in June of, how you say, 1940. We fought hard against senor Hitler and kept him out of france. We asked for no medals, just some wine and smelly cheese. Also, if you are interested, i have rifle from back then i can sell you for a few franks. It was never fired and only dropped une time. Bone Jor!


and Michael Brown was walking down the street with his hands up, saying "don't shoot"


I brought up Silvia long before these yutzes like gerson Weber and castellanos, and there is a touch of Nigel in the mix.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki



So first it was the French actor and now its some unnamed french passenger who just disappeared? Since the train did not originate in France, and he "disappeared" exactly how would anyone know he was French? The Belgians who dont speak Flemish speak French, hell it could have been French Canadian, a resident of Haiti or even a damn Cajun, if you rely on words he spoke...


The Foxboro Witch Trial

Berman spanked the NFL again and questioned fairness saying, "There are some basic procedures of fairness that need to be followed."

He also asked the NFL why Pash was not allowed to testify, "I believe some arbitration awards have been vacated because a witness was not allowed to be called without explanation.

And he asked how was deflating footballs and not cooperating comparable to steroid use and masking agent?

I think he'll vacate but Brady has to win twice. The NFL will appeal and this could go on for a couple of years.

thanks kim


Not only did American hero Spencer charge and tackle the jihadi, who then managed to slice open Spencer's neck and hand while being subdued, but the wounded Spencer then immediately began using both hands to apply pressure to the wound of another passenger on the floor. Video on the train showed Spencer rendering aid, turning his head occasionally to wipe the blood flowing from his head/neck off onto his shoulder so he could see. Wow.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Anglade was the first to jump into action with two Americans tentatively following suit.--

What's sick is our old pal WeeDavey is almost certainly some effete Axelturfing pajamaboy born in Hyde Park or some such.
His anti Americanism is too pervasive to be anything but a homegrown traitor.


Video from French train showing hero Spencer Stone rendering aid.


As so often( everytime?) with the Double Douchebag, he appears to get nothing correct. Here is a AFP article picked up by Yahoo!. AFP as in Agency French Press. Not a word about anyone else except the Americans...


Imagine the bravery to charge a man with a gun and knife with only your bare hands. And for good measure, they apparently beat the living snot out of him, rendering him unconscience and then hog tied him, hands and feet. Makes you quite proud to be an American...


And I love that one of the three Americans traveling together, friends since middle school, is AA. Puts a crimp in the "Americans are racist" meme.

Miss Marple

How long until the Mouse's legal team shuts this down?


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