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August 18, 2015



(There must be literally hundreds of firms in the greater New York area that could have provided the same services.

Jim Miller,

David Maritosko (Daily Mail Political Editor), stressed that obvious point. Why go with an insecure mom and pop outfit with zero experience and zero clearances, as opposed to all the reputable and established server outfits that do have the required clearances?

It makes no sense if looked at from the standpoint of someone who's primary aim was to keep these emails secure for America. Obviously that was not her primary aim.

I wonder if choosing a Colorado firm might have been an effort to hide what was going on.

That's sure what it looks like to me.

Rick Ballard

I keep wondering if Server A is a McGuffin with Server B holding all the tidbits on sales of services plus her political machine gambits as SoS.

Frau Edith Steingehirn

Rocky Mountain Hide in Colorado...


narc, the WSJ author on the Hillary! email server was DEVLIN BARRETT.


McGuffin. Brilliant.


Nearly as clueless,


Like the usual suspects, it's full of mcguffins.

Book 'em, Dano.

Oh, it's springtime in the Rockies,
The streams all gush with melting servers,
Flooding false political jockeys;
Insecure, classified, maladroit, perverse.


DrJ and Narciso. It's scary, the bland nonsense printed as editorial by the WSJ indicates how milquetoast even "relatively" conservative outlets, editors and writers are. They seem to be unable to think COUNTER to the MEME or LIBTARD/MARXIST CRIMINAL narative.
There IS A REASON, why RODHAM separated her OFFICIAL CORRESPONDANCE from GOVT SERVERS and ANY SORT of OVERSIGHT. Only a fool wouldn't see it.
There is a reason why Rodham had some JAYVEE!!!!!! DUDES smoking POT in Denver handle the arrangement.
And SOMEONE saw to it that the SERVER was WIPED WITH A CLOTH.
Why is no one except ED HENRY asking?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Jeez that WSJ thing is a groaner.
Everybody knows Bernie Sanders is the front-runner.


Notice when the disgusting windbag starts to feel her oats, and she dismissively says to Ed Henry, My private e-mails are my personal blah blah blah RIGHT???

WRONG BIG GIRL. When you decide to MINGLE OUR PROPERTY, OUR AMERICAN PROPERTY and our RIGHT TO SEE AND READ, THAT PROPERTY, on your PERSONAL SERVER. It ceases to be YOUR PERSONAL SHYTE. Then in her VERY NEXT SENTENCE, she starts the excuses with.......WE....did xyz...WE did abc...................no longer me and I.

Johnny Horton

-- Oh, it's springtime in the Rockies --

When it's springtime in Alaska,
Hill will be six feet below.


"Mrs.Rodham. You continue to claim ownership, and continue to tell us of your PRIVATE, and PERSONAL E-MAILS, that were DELETED. 2 questions Mrs.Rodham. How are we to SIMPLY BELIEVE you and MERELY TAKE YOUR WORD For what was deleted and destroyed??? And. YOUR PERSONAL E-MAILS, and YOUR PRIVATE SERVER. Who gave the ORDER to delete and WHO GAVE THE ORDER to WIPE THE SERVER CLEAN????"


Ignatz, the turnout WOULD BE LOW, but TRUMP can beat Bernie Sanders.

Good Gawd! When BERNIE SANDERS is being mentioned as viable, I'm surprised Johnny Hairdo Edwards hasn't thrown his HAIR errrrr HAT into the ring yet.


I say nearly as clueless, because bravin takes the cake in the gullible department.

The law plainly state's six ways from sunday, you can't have a private network exclusively if you are a public official


To be clear, the WSJ excerpt I posted here is from the NEWS section, not the editorial page.

The article is now buried, in that you have to search for it and it no longer comes up on the Web page without that search.

Their editorial page generally is pretty good, and they would not make this mistake. They have their blinders (amnesty) but it is worth reading.

Cispigmented Heteronormative Microagressive Ignatz

Worth reading again if already linked Steyn on Trump.


Henry would love this question.
WHAT IF....as John Chisholm and Francis Schmitz et al, started their partisan door kicking witch hunt, Governor Walker announced that he had done all of his CORRESPONDENCE on a personal server, NOW AT THE BOTTOM of LAKE MICHIGAN???


Narciso, it's the bizarro world, what kind of MORON, would think it's okay to be the FUCKING SECRETARY of STATE, and do our OFFICIAL CORRESPONDENCE and E-MAIL TRAFFIC on your own SERVER??


Does Big Bad Rodham Mama, have some COLORADO DUDES do her protection detail??

Did Rodham use her own JET and her own SCOOOOOBY VAN for her State dept travels??

Just so SLOPPY!!! Like a SLOPPY DRUNK!!

Remember how SLOPPPPY, Sandy Burglar was??


This shit is SERIOUS, and this Thunderthighed lying PIG has MILLLLIONS and MILLLLIONS who will vote for her in an instant.


Rockie Mtn Way.

And we don't need the ladies, crying cause the story's sad.

Jack is Back!

Hey, its GUS time and over here in Belgium we are celebrauting SUNSHINE. Yay!

Not much of a rock fan but for a slow dance song has there ever been one to compete with Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers? Back during the 1st Gulf War it was the go to song for the troops.

I do remember being a Beach Boys fan back in the day and was particurly fond of "Little Duece Coupe" since I was customizing a 1932 A model with my buddies. Never got a chance to see it finished since I went away to college.

Looks like the Hillgula campaign may be unsavable even by prior Clinton standards and success. Wonder if we will have a Obama version of the "Saturday Night Massacre" like with Nixon. But I doubt we'll ever get a special prosecutor like Cox. Plus its about Clinton and not Obama (yet),

Eric in Boise

rockie mtn way

She's tellin us this and she's tellin us that
Changes it every day
Says it doesn't matter.


More Alaska follies:

Alaska Legislature will sue Gov. Walker to block Medicaid expansion

Our current Governor is Bill Walker, a former Republican, who was elected by Dem support after he switched to Independent and vowed he'd expand Medicare. So our Republican controlled Legislature just voted 10 to 1 to sue him, saying he does not have the authority to independently expand Medicare without Legislative approval.

If we could sell our Ice-Breaking Ferryboat, it just might cover the expected Court costs.

And all this on the day that S&P drops Alaska's bond rating outlook from 'stable' to 'negative'


... has there ever been one to compete with Unchained Melody by the Righteous Brothers? Back during the 1st Gulf War it was the go to song for the troops.

I do remember being a Beach Boys fan back in the day and was particurly fond of "Little Duece Coupe"


Thought it interesting that in the write-up of "Good Vibrations," (Number 6 on the Rolling Stone list) it says this:
Brian Wilson, then 24, also had another goal in mind: "I said, 'This is going to be better than "You've Lost That Lovin' Feelin'.'"

How do you set a higher personal goal than that?

Jack is Back!

How do you set a higher personal goal than that?

daddy, [from a resource link]

Brian May is the guitarist for a little band called Queen. He is consistently ranked as one of the greatest guitarists of all time. And he has a Ph.D. in astrophysics. May studied physics and mathematics at Imperial College London and was in the process of getting his Ph.D. when Queen hit it big. Thirty years later, in 2007, he completed his dissertation. Yes, the man who wrote "We Will Rock You" also wrote 'A Survey of Radial Velocities in the Zodiacal Dust Cloud'.

You probably know the words to only one of these.

[NB: I took a couple of post-grad engineering admin courses at Imperial when I was living in London. It is the MIT of the UK]

Jack is Back!

I want to add that Brian May was a team member of the Viking orbiter that recently passed by Pluto.

But he is not alone: For our Bay Staters, meet Tom Scholz

Before founding the band Boston, Tom Scholz was an engineer. He received a bachelor's degree and master's degree and in Mechanical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. He was a senior product design engineer for Polaroid and was still working there while he recorded the demos for what would be become Boston. Sholz's love for both music and engineering culminated in his invention of the Rockman guitar amplifier.


Morning. I can only laugh (with you) at the idea that the physical location of Hillary's server mattered to anyone trying to hack it. You see unencrypted email packet for US SecState cross a router you are watching. You look at the destination IP address (it's how the packet knows where to go). Then you have choices:

A. Hack the life out of whatever is at that address (a windows exchange server is close to stealing candy from a baby in difficulty level).

B. Lookup the street address for the IP address, send a human to sweet talk a password out of the locals.

An expected vs unexpected location does not change things much.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Looks like Walker has gauged the mood of the voters and their frustration with McTurtle and OrangeDrank. And put a fork in Dondi if he's making birthright citizenship his hill to make a stand. Idiot.

James D.

Headed back home from Boston. Wish I'd had some free time to visit the natives - hopefully next time!

Miss Marple

Good morning!

Scott Adams of Dilbert fame has a discussion of Trump's technique which is quite interesting:


When I sold furniture back in the 90's, we had to watch some films by Zig Ziglar and some of these techniques are familiar to me.

I am 100% positive that if you took a survey, about 75% of Americans would answer "$10 billion" if asked Donald Trump's worth.


To be clear, the WSJ excerpt I posted here is from the NEWS section, not the editorial page.

The WSJ makes a big deal of separating its editorial/opinion pages from the rest of the paper (unlike, say, the NYT, where the front pages are as opinionated as the editorial pages). There was a study some years back that found that the WSJ's news stories had the most liberal bias of any paper. I've never noticed that, but DrJ's clip would certainly be an example.

Miss Marple

Al Hunt used to run the WSJ polling for the news division. That pretty much told me all I needed to know.


It's bad enough that Paul Ehrlich's sidekick John Holdren is at the WH and I deal with what the League of Innovative Schools is pushing. Now it turns out he is also holding summits with china on cooperating on technology devt. http://techonomy.com/2015/08/what-the-u-s-government-does-right-in-promoting-innovation/

Cooperating also on smart infrastructure on urbanization. In other words both governments want to know all about us.

Of course this link http://techonomy.com/2015/08/towards-a-bipartisan-tech-strategy-in-d-c/ which is troubling enough says AT&T is a techonomy policy sponser. That would be the same AT&T supposedly cooperating so on snooping?


Ed McMann: Please welcome, Carnac The Magnificent!

Ed: "I hold in my hand the envelopes."
Ed: "A child of 4 could see these envelopes are hermetically sealed. They've been kept in a mayonnaise jar on Funk and Wagnals porch since noon today. NO ONE knows the content of these envelopes. NO ONE!
Ed: Yet you, in your divine and borderline mystical way, will ascertain the answer having never before seen the question. Envelope Number 1!"

Carnac: "I will divine the answer."

Ed: "Funk and Wagnals..."

Carnac: "I have not previously seen this envelope!"

Ed: "Mayonaise jar...hermetically sealed..."

Carnac The Magnificent: "In a closet, in a bathroom, in a loft, in Denver."

Ed (Repeating) : "In a closet, in a bathroom, in a loft, in Denver."

Carnac: "Where are the highest secrets of the State Department kept?"


Hillary: "I don't get it?"

(hat tip DrK.)

Miss Marple

daddy, That made my morning! LOL!


Re: the Ashley Madison Cheat hack, a reporter on Maria Bartiromo"s FOX Business Show just told us this:

Reporter: An analysis of the E-mail addresses in the hack shows that some 15,000 were ".Mil" or ".Gov" addresses.


So has SNL or the Daily Show been skewering Hillary? Or are they still stuck on Sarah, or Marco Rubio drinking a glass of water? It does seem that the final stage of political downfall is becoming a laughingstock.




daddy, your 4:32--I assume the governor is trying to expand Alaska's MediCAID program, not the Federally controlled MediCARE program, correct?

Just trying to do Jesus' work, like Kasich.

Miss Marple



some 15,000 were ".Mil" or ".Gov" addresses.

And that doesn't even include carlos.danger@yahoo.com.


I assume the governor is trying to expand Alaska's MediCAID program, not the Federally controlled MediCARE program, correct?


I apologize for my ignorance but I just do not know. It's all Greek to me.

G'nite folks.

Jack is Back!


Governor's have a say in MediCare? I thought that was tied to the hip of SS and strictly Federal.


from DrJ's 10:28 - Department rules discouraged though didn’t prohibit that setup,

from March 2015 - http://diplopundit.net/2015/03/11/newsflash-the-fam-is-not-a-regulation-its-recommendations-hurry-decline-button-over-there/

pointing out the absurdity of changing FAM from regulations to "recommendations" for Hillary.

"...This would make us all think that the FAM is regulations. And according to the official spokesperson, the FAM is really just recommendations. And if so, this must mean that the Foreign Affairs Manual is just a suggestion or proposal for the best course of action for State Department employees. Are folks subjected to it free to decline some or all those recommendations?"


Perhaps we need to take an inventory of every State Dept. employee - past & present - to make sure others didn't set up their own private email services.

Has archiving been this crappy for other State employees?
How 'bout other federal agencies?

Is archiving considered just a recommendation & not a regulation in other agencies?


Hillary's $100,000 vacation rental

(Warning: Pics of Chelsea in a bathing suit.)

Cispigmented Heteronormative Microagressive Ignatz

Medicaid not Medicare.


breaking from our Chitown lurker:

Gunfire and explosion near Erdogan's offices in Istanbul.


Ext, you didn't warn about the shots of Hillary doing her Perky Katie imitation on the dance floor. At least the Chelsea bathing suit photos are mercifully only from the waist up.

Miss Marple



re Erdogan,


it was Marxists. Very strange things happening there.

Captain Hate on the iPad

The GOPe must be shitting bricks at how badly Jebba is doing because they're trying to brand Fat RINO Bastard as a "conservative". I don't think Will or Krauthammer realize how much gratitude there is for Trump changing the discussions in ways that Top Men approved consultants have consistently steered clear of. We might actually end up with a non Trump candidate who can generate enthusiasm.

Miss Marple



Per the WSJ, the John Doe is now in zombie attack mode. Chisolm et al are ignoring the Wisconsin Supreme Court order to shut down and return / destroy evidence. They'd rather leak it through the Milwaukee Journal Sentinal.


Well recall Krauthammer told the huntress to leave the room, re death panels, will's manifold idiocies have been brought before, Bernie Goldberg look like he had a bad cup of prune juice, last night.

Miss Marple



Morning! I'm off to NH in a while,my youngest sister is visiting Mom and I want to visit with her before she leaves. They live in the midwest,I haven't seen her for a couple of years. She called yesterday to tell me Mom had a bad fall and was quite bruised. *sigh* I'll have to assess the situation when I get there.
Anyway,if I stumble over any candidates,I'll let you know!
Oh,I just brought the dog to the kennel and the owners have a Bernie 2016 bumper sticker on their car. They are old hippies (who we like alot) so I'm not surprised.


Drew Klaven is excellent today:


Captain Hate on the iPad

What options does the Wisconsin Supreme Court have to punish those maverick clowns for not even surreptitiously violating their order?

As a frequent critic of The Omen, she doesn't look bad in that two piece with jimmyk's essential caveat that it's from the waist up. If we saw the gams which she inherited from both sides, we'd surely be pining for when wimmenz bathing suits had skirts.


Man who can't use his arms has gun possession charge dropped


CH, I have no idea what happens next. O'Keefe at WI Club for Growth filed some motions, but they are sealed (as is so much here) so he won't talk about them. From the radio interview I heard last week, O'Keefe says a whole lot is still to be revealed on just how tyrannical and vindictive the DAs are.


until chelsea became pelf collector on the family grift, I didn't focus to much on her, except the frabjious good performance on rock center,



More on the Matisyahu kefuffle discussed here a couple of days ago: The Spanish government has censured the festival for canceling the American Jewish singer's appearance:


The festival's organisers said Matisyahu's appearance was cancelled after they had "repeatedly sought dialogue in the face of the artist's unavailability to give a clear statement against war and on the right of the Palestinian people".


if this happened to another official, they would be giving their statements on court house steps, prior to arraignment,


they would have to find another atty because kendall could be regarded as colluding with the defendant,

Captain Hate on the iPad

When there are no consequences for breaking laws and violating court orders, the system falls apart. Light handed treatment of these creeps cannot be an option. Until significant jail time (much longer than the token overnighter Nifong received) is dealt out, they won't be taken seriously imo.


Clinton apologists: Hey, just wait until Hillary testifies before Congress!

Hillary claims credit here for turning over the e-mails, but they should have been included in the National Archives all along, under the Federal Records Act. She also brags about turning over the server as a measure of transparency, even though for the last six months Hillary had adamantly refused to do so. Finally, when asked whether she had wiped the server, Hillary insults everyone’s intelligence by feigning ignorance in replying, “Like with a cloth or something?” Her attorney, David Kendall, had admitted back in March that the server had been wiped while in Hillary’s possession, but the FBI may have discovered that the wiping had been handled just as well as the security on the e-mail system all along.

Time out.

Is that what Kendall said?

In order for any data to have been migrated to Platte River, the original server would have had to have been wiped either a) after the migration to Platte River's database, in which case it was reportedly no longer in her "possession," or b) after copying the data to be migrated to another storage device, in which case there would have been no reason to move the server to New Jersey.


To be clearer, I think we've recently been led to believe that the server was moved from Chappaqua to NJ in 2013, where the migration to Platte River took place, and that it has remained there ever since. Also, that this is the server which is now in the FBI's possession.

I am unaware of any reports of the FBI taking possession of any of Platte River's servers or drives. (Which would obviously be more likely to still contain useful data.)

Captain Hate on the iPad

Levin was all over that birthright citizenship last night; I assume the Right Scoop clip covers the essentials which should provide Greta with a necessary education on the topic.


As I understand it, the .pst file stored on the thumb drive(s) is an archive, saved after the deletion of whatever emails she or her flying monkeys decided to turn over to the State Dept. It only contains what she wanted it to contain.

The culling of the emails most likely happened after 2013, and the .pst file could have been created from a PC at any remote location.

Assuming she had a PC in the Chappaqua dungeon, from which the coven could access the Colorado email database, this is where the deletions would have taken place from.

If the original server was moved and migrated in 2013, and the email deletion took place after that, then it's likely that all of the emails were once stored on Platte River's Exchange Server database, and possibly backed up.


anyways I was speaking about the man from uncle film. specially the soundtrack:

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

That Emperor Barack the Gawky and Empress-in-Waiting Hillary Borgia don't both require the services of royal tasters is to the eternal shame of our enervated citizenry.



saved after the deletion of whatever emails she or her flying monkeys decided NOT to turn over



If you are still planning to go to Francorchamps on Friday you might want to consider trying to score paddock passes.

If Frederick has never been through the pits at a race track, he might find it interesting.

It will be particularly good if it is a practice day, lot of buzz and activity.

Big elevation changes on the track, you may see some cars "catching air".

Old Lurker

Toobin really ticks me off.


He absolves Hillary of any criminal liability because she lacked any intent to leak classified information. Really? Is that the threshold requirement?

That drunk who caused the crash did not intend to kill that kid either. Are you telling me a government employee entrusted with a classified secrets book who has a habit of leaving it on a park bench every day at lunchtime next door to the Russian Embassy while she goes shopping will not have any criminal liability? really?


yes, but when will they tell us, comey at the outset of the libby inquiry, already knew that armitage was the leaker, yet he countinued the witchhunt,


well i've despised toobin, since he was the chihuahua sent after North, occasionally he redeemed himself on the oj case, only to show his true nature,


another cmp video is out 'the horror, the horror'

Old Lurker

Pretty much sounds like JOM:



well because there are no mass shootings in mexico, even sans f & f



From our lurking unit in Chitown, another mask slips. Naomi Klein admits global warming is not about science, but destroying capitalism.

Rick Ballard

To expect more than a thorough boot licking as directed by Comey is an exercise in gratuitous optimism. Grassley got the IG DNI involved precisely because the FBI (part of JustUs) has the value of used toilet paper.

Comey can perform whatever acts of political self abuse he deems necessary for personal advancement but he must do so knowing the IG DNI can produce the Smoking Broom whenever he chooses to do so.

Why should we imagine our counterintelligence would not have determined the existence of a security breach and monitored the breach rather closely from the initiation of clintoncoven.org?

Thomas Collins

Nixon had his Checkers speech. The Hill is going to need a Charlotte speech.


Huma is the only life form that wouldn't shirk from Hillary's touch.


just like koyzer soze,



I don't know how they get these crazy notions:



Nixon had his Checkers speech.

Six years later he became President. Don't give her any ideas.


I'm not a fan of Trump, but I am a fan of how he is changing this race.


is that what she's doing, I would say it's a bad pandering job,



Fox exclusive:

We now know who sent the classified emails, and the subject matter

The first was forwarded by Clinton adviser Huma Abedin and contained classified material from military intelligence sources. The 2011 email forwards a warning about how then-Ambassador Chris Stevens was "considering departure from Benghazi" amid deteriorating conditions in a nearby city. The email was mistakenly released by the State Department in full, and is now considered declassified.

The second was sent by Clinton aide Jake Sullivan and contained classified information as well as sensitive law enforcement information on Benghazi. The partly redacted November 2012 email detailed how Libyan police had arrested "several people" with potential connections to the terror attack.

Abedin and Sullivan now work for the Clinton presidential campaign. A spokeswoman for the intelligence community inspector general confirmed to Fox News that the information was classified at the time it was sent.

As she departed the room, a reporter asked whether the email scandal will ever end, Clinton turned to reporters shrugged and said, "Nobody talks to me about it other than you guys."

one of the people to whom the email was forwarded,



What a disaster that presser was. I cannot really remember anything like it for a Dem bigshot. Were the questions really that tough? Should he not really be prepared to answer them "confidently". She is even worse than Obama in thinking on her feet.

Of course it had been a Republican....


if they don't have the power, no one can have it:


Old Lurker

So Huma, while an employee of the Clinton Foundation. was allowed to receive secret military emails and send them on to others?

Got it.

No problem with that setup I am sure.


Will Hillary sacrifice Huma to save herself? Will that work?

This is starting to get real interesting.


no she's got mcbride's deputy, as her backstop, the revolving door, spins fast enough to create a singularity,


... and Huma’s security clearance was...?


'Do not vote for Hillary': NJ woman makes last request in obit

“Elaine requests, 'In lieu of flowers, please do not vote for Hillary Clinton.’”

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