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August 24, 2015


Strawman Cometh


Dave (in MA)

My President got a Nobel Peace Prize for showing up.


Has there been any additional word on the wounded "Frenchman" who is actually an American from Virgina?

Dave (in MA)

cc: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/france/11819423/Revealed-The-mystery-man-who-tackled-AK-47-assault-rifle-from-train-gunman.html


He's actually an American professor named Mark Manoogian as reported in the Telegraph. He teaches in Paris. He was shot in the neck when he struggled with the terrorist


But what about the French national,Damien A. who was the first to tackle Ayoub El-khazzani and raised the alarm before Ayoub had a chance to open fire into the crowded train cars?Any honors or polite shout outs for him?

Oh,that's right...Damien A.has chosen to remain anonymous.

That's the French for ye.Sure,Damien A.had no military training,no military trained friends to back him up....just himself, all alone and he still went for it.And now he's chosen to simply disappear from the limelight.



More about American Mark Moogalian's derry-do from his wife who watched it take place.


Armenia, taking exception to the French description, are now noting Mark Moogalian is Armenian-American. lol


A Midlothian man named Moogalian
Saved the life of a Frenchman named Damian.
Wrongly called Francophone
Moog' is at the Sorbonne
But to say "He's a Frog" is inaneian.

Good Morning. In his opening comments today Mark Steyn praises the Libertarian Blogger, Glenn Reynolds, "The Instapundit", who put out a good column today on the heroes on the train: Glenn Reynolds: See something? DO something!

Nice to learn who Mark Steyn pays attention to.


Steyn: "Dem's say that it's unfortunate that this Email story is getting in front of Hillary's message. That's not her problem. Her problem is that she doesn't have a message."



"Damien A., a 28-year-old banker from France, was the first person to encounter the gunman, The Telegraph reported. He has requested to media that he remain anonymous. Damien entered the bathroom on the Thalys train when he saw the gunman, Ayoub El-Khazzani, armed with a Kalashnikov assault rifle and wearing a cartridge belt. He was terrified, but threw himself at the gunman and tried to wrestle the rifle away from him. He lost balance and fell to the ground, and the gunman fled from him. Train staff saw the commotion and thought it was just a brawl between the two men, according to The Telegraph"

There's been a bit of controversy regarding Damien A.A lot of American media outlets and several Republican politicians are suggesting that it's not fair he should get any of the glory as he technically didn't stop the Terrorist.

A lot of French people are confused by the American reaction to Damien A....prompting the interior minister to put out a notice specifically for Americans stating that Damien A wishes to remain anonymous.

Class.You're either born with or you're not.


"Dem's say that it's unfortunate that this Email story is getting in front of Hillary's message. That's not her problem. Her problem is that she doesn't have a message."

Oh, I beg to differ. She has a message, alright: STFU and coronate me into the WH, peasants! Sad thing is, there's a not insignificant percentage of voters in this country who approve of this message.


He wants to remain anonymous due to his fear of the muzzies in his own country?

Not my definition of class, but the Double Douchebag has absolutely authority to judge class given his repeated behavior which as been both unseemly and tawdry to the point of offensiveness.


Heavy snowfall predicted in Alaska next 7 days.

I hope so Miss M. We just got the word over local Talk Radio that in addition to Obama and John Kerry coming up here at the end of the month, Garrison Kiellor will also be coming up here on his Prairie Home Farewell Tour.

A Blizzard to bury the bunch of them would be a god-send.



Dave (in MA)

(carried over from old thread)
Daddy, is this like what you saw on your walk the other night?


Especially the execrable Keillor.



Damien disappeared because he pissed his pants.


Down 400 points again, and dropping.


BTW, don't click on my 2:20 if you want to keep your lunch down.


Lyle, now you warn us.

Old Lurker

Too late Lyle.

Cleaning desk off now.


Pretty close Dave.

Not quite as green, but It was big spectral luminous fingers stretching out hundreds of miles, right thru the Big Dipper immediately overhead and on out over the city and heading on out to Denali. If any Japanese had been in town they'd all have run inside and started humpin' like rabbits:)

I really wanted to wake up the Chinese neighbors next door, Grandmomma Ling Ling and Granddaddy Wen Lu, but figured I'd cause too big a stink so instead I just made ZoBob and Momma come look.

BTW, My co-worker from last week did a nice description of what they looked like from a height of 200 miles. That was cool.

Cecil Turner

"Classy" Frenchman falls on his ass, accomplishes nothing; while the Americans did most of the work. Euroweenies wonder why he doesn't get more credit. DuDa's right about one thing, though: it's just like WW2.

Dave (in MA)

We had misty weather over the weekend and that's the glow from the video screen at Boston College's stadium reflecting in the sky. People for miles around were wondering what it was, but it wasn't visible in as wide an area as yours.

Dave (in MA)

The only time I've ever seen an aurora, it was dark red, but bright enough to see near the city.

Dave (in MA)

We lost Batgirl and Wrangler Jane in the past week.



-560 is a nice number.



A lot of conservatives will say yes because they see nothing wrong with a government shutdown. But as we’ve learned, the media will spin it to be the GOP’s fault anyway and the public tends to buy it. The real answer is to win the White House, but that’s a ways off yet.

Remember, this from a supposedly "conservative" news site.


572 and dropping.

Since Kudlow has already blamed the market collapse on Donald Trump, how would one go about blaming this drop off on Bush?


Down 659 points. Can it hit -666?

Larry Kudlow can only hope.

jimmyk on iPhone

"A Blizzard to bury the bunch of them would be a god-send."

Might take the starch out of a climate change/carbon cap pitch.


If I have to jump out of the window ala the 1929 crash, I can probably only break a leg, since we only have 3 stories in our house.

How about you guys? Anybody live in a high rise, where you can make a better splat?


Guvvies up big. Yield under 2% on 10TSY.


Steyn: " I'm not in Trump's camp. I'm just fed up with pap about how wonderful a guy is because he's the son of some Mailman."


Some perspective on treasuries (kinda stuff certain lurkers know & what they teach at Wharton):

Big error in thinking that Treasury yields go down and all Suffer. As yields drop, prices soar, like a seesaw. The risk is centered on reinvestment at lower yields. The high yield print was in April of '07, right after Bear's internal MBS Hedge Fund blew up. We've been heading towards lower yields for some time. The historical normal range for long dated rates is 2 to 4%, and that goes all the way back to Assyrian times. Occasionally the market over shoots the range, in times of crisis. Like now. I wouldn't be surprised to see the 10yr Treasury Note trade sub 1%. We're currently at 2.01%. The Chinese Credit bubble that has now burst was larger than anything recorded. And even what they have lent out is open to interpretation. This will get very, very bumpy.

The high print in '07 was 5.03%in the 10yr, BTW.




Steyn: What is the one thing Repub's demand a litmus test on? Abortion. That's why Pataki is down in the basement (since he's against it)...

But what is the end result of all this anti-abortion preening?...We have the most horrific abortion mill on the planet...

Planned Parenthood is shipping baby heads around the country, paid for with your money, sliced off and Fedexed...

...We've had 40 years insisting that you've got to have a pro-life platform and the end result is we ship heads around the country. What difference has the Republican party platform made?...

It's fine to strike an attitude, but in the end you've got to make a difference. The Dem's accomplish things; Obamacare, Amnesty for Dreamers, uninforced immigration Laws, massive expansion of Food Stamps, massive expansion of Social Security, etc...

The Dems deliver the sort of world their followers want to live in---Republicans do not. There is always a reason why the Repub's say they can't do something... For all the effort, in the end, you have to do something.


Overall an excellent rant, where Mark explains the accomplishments between the Dem's and the inability for the Repubs to accomplish even something as simple as stopping public funding of the Planned Parenthood "baby Head" shipping machine. Basically he's just another JOMer on a regular rant, tho' he does it with a certain wonderful style.


And rick Wilson is taunting steyn to a debate, snorfle.


Art Cashin just told Liz Claman that orders coming in are to the sell side.


And rick Wilson is taunting steyn to a debate, snorfle.

And Steyn is publicly replying, Please Rick, bring it on:)

Go Mark!

jimmyk on iPhone

"Big error in thinking that Treasury yields go dowb and all Suffer."

I don't think anyone claimed that. But people who have invested in the shorter end of the yield curve are getting not even keeping up with inflation, and anyone who invested in the long end over the past 8 years or so is not doing much better. Of course if you bought 10 year Ts in 2005 you did great.


Of course if you bought 10 year Ts in 2005 you did great.

Until they matured...


Ever since we had an MF Global account - and we all know that story - we've been very skeptical of the world of finance..


The only certain return is a public pension in IL or CA -- at least according to their respective SC's


694. Can it hit 700?

Go ahead 700's always been my "lucky number."

"You better not talk to Larry Kudlow! Oh I think I love Donald Trump."

Dave (in MA)

If you're lurking, TK:


Please play some sad fiddle music if you read that.


Until IL and CA run out of OPM to spread around:)


John Fund quotes a liberal Yale law prof (are there any other kind?):

Voters may turn to Hillary if the Republican candidate is a conservative extremist, but they are unlikely to change their views of her on the basis of some new campaign proposal. Her campaign will always be on the defensive, as we have seen in the latest controversy over the e-mail server. We live in fear of the next revelation about her or Bill, suspecting that there is plenty out there to reveal. Are we going to have to listen to her defending the flow of foreign money to the Foundation or the huge speaking fees coming from interested corporations? No one wants a campaign organized around such issues, but this is what a Hillary campaign will look like.

Also, are there any other kinds of Republicans that aren't "extremist"?

Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/422951/biden-warren-ticket-2016



Always amazed at how you can dip into your Library of clips for just the "one" that captures the moment.



Blue horseshoe loves Endicott steel, winning the future, gained three hundred points in minutes.


Hey Daddy, was the landslide in Sitka downtown? Is there more of Sitka than downtown?


Steyn: We have a "Eunuch" Congress.



You know flying that plane over the Alabama rally might not have been the swiftest move.



I have never been there, so I don't know. Believe it or not, but you have now seen as much of the State as I've seen:)

I've never been to Juneau, Ketchikan, Sitka, Bethel, Nome, Barrow, Dead Horse, Kotzebue, Kivalina, Little Diomede, or any of our other Metropolis's:)

Steyn closes the program by telling us that John Sununu had triple bypass surgery today, and praising Sununu for being aggressive last Election on his CNN appearances.


CA and IL are currently using OPM within their states. They will then use nationwide OPM when they default.


Well Alaska is yuge place, sorry couldn't resist, something Georgetown grad Chris cilixza didn't know.


Just for interest, last week I had to pull some cash out of the 401K to pay a college bill for Ms Dartmouth, and while I was chatting with the Vanguard guys, I finally went ahead and did what they had ben suggesting for forever, which was to move a chunk out of my Admiralty Primecap funds, and make my "pie" look something like 1/4 Bonds instead of 100% stocks.

The Bond stuff actually went up in value after the collapse on Friday, so I'll be interested in seeing if it did the same thing today, or if instead it went into the same place Hillary kept her server---the toilet.


Your bonds should be looking good today, daddy. Equities down, bonds up. Big.


So Jack Lew got called to the oval office today.. Bet zero was wondering on how to capitalize on a financial crisis.

Jack is Back!

We are finally back in my FIL's house. It took 2 hours 5 minutes to go from London to Brussels by Eurostar and 3 hours 30 minutes to get from Brussels to outside Antwerp. That is normally a 40 minute max trip.

Lorry with haz chems overturns on main hwy from Bru to Antwerp and traffic is at a standstill before we can divert. After an hour we can make an exit and Mrs. JiB and FIL (he's 89 remember) take over with their iPhone GPS and years of experience navigating the back roads, farm lanes and streets of Flanders.

Without their local knowledge we would be typing this in the small morning hours, OF YOUR TIME, not mine:) Its a mess.

The country and Euorpe itself is just too damn compact. Relies on trains more than cars? BS. The road was packed with cars carrying only one person. NO HOV lanes. Just drive for the driving sake when you have first class rail transport from every village and town in Belgium.

Which brings me to Brussels and the size of the EU bureaucracy. Amazing. Almost as big as DC. Need to do some checks on that but it sure seems like and its without monuments and Air and Space Museums.

Now off for another big Vodka Tonic. Later.


Also, just for fun, the other day for the dog walk I went to a nearby Trailhead. Entering the big gravel parking lot I noticed there were no other cars there, when usually there's 10 or 20, but I didn't really think about it as it was such a beautiful blue sky day. Instead of driving the 100 yards or so into the lot and parking near the regular main big foot path entrance, the dogs and I have enjoyed lately taking a side trail just as you enter the Parking Lot, which runs you up thru the undergrowth, then along a nice dirt path, soft on the pup's feet, and which is not very wide and overhung with tall grasses and trees, making it fun for Scout to ferret out the tennis ball that I toss to her. So we parked there and did "the road less traveled."

Anyhow, had a very nice 2 hour walk up hill and dale and way back in the woods and by the little creek, and retuned up the main trail at the finish, at which time I noticed a posted Orange Sign, just like this one, facing the gravel Parking Lot, that I would have spotted if I had used the regular entrance.

"DANGER", it said, with a big picture of a bear on it, "Moose kill by a bear yesterday on the Campbell Creek FootBridge. Please avoid this trail until further notice."

Ha! No wonder the parking Lot was empty:)


Looks like The Trumpster helped Sgt Tahmooressi.



Last time I was in Brussels was 1984. Even then it seemed like an awful lot of Gummint bldgs.

Of course I remember less of that, and more of the breweries with the big copper kettles in the windows.


Equities down, bonds up. Big.


Looks like The Trumpster helped Sgt Tahmooressi.

Impossible. Trump's father wasn't a Mailman.

Jack is Back!

Since those guys are in Europe, I am surprised Trump hasn't volunteered to fly their families over to Ireland to his place at Doonbeg in Cty. Clare (Great Greg Norman design) and put them up for a long weekend of pure comfort. Have the boys join them and make sure they can return home on the Trump Jet.

Why not? You think Barry will do it?

The State Department does not appear to have submitted legally required information regarding Hillary Clinton’s secret computer server to the Department of Homeland Security during her term as secretary, FoxNews.com has learned

You're g*d damn right, I wiped the f**king server clean!! Any day now :)

Agora Awe.

Heh, lyle, look at MM. First, finds the low a week ago, then buys the dip of the day. I stand in awe.

Dave (in MA)

Daddy, your 4:24 was too long for me to read. It was about the stock market, right?

Burnt the toast this AM watching the algo machines hammer each other.

Oops, don't want to tempt her into this marche. For the small investor it's like being fed feet first into the shredder. Feet first, not for maximum torture, but for maximum pounds of flesh, before the nerve center cries 'Hold, Snuff"

Don't put the heart before the bourse.

Heh, Dave, the bears came out to play, and then they ran away, to come again some other day; there're fish to fry and fillet.

Jack is Back!

And its Whitey who is the racist.

Gwen Moore (D-Milwaukee): Walker is tighnening the noose around African-Americans.


It will get ignored as usual.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Eunuch Congress? In before the GOPe toadies and lickspittles.

Miss Marple


I heard Steyn while I was running errands this afternoon. Made my day!

Daughter came in and asked what was going on with the stock market. I explained, and she asked if we should worry.

I said, no, since we are poor anyway. "What difference does it make?"


I actually bought some more Peabody today plus GE and an additional few shares of an apartment company. (I figure that a whole lot of people are going to be in apartments for a while.)

You can be fearless when you're broke!

Miss Marple

Burnt the toast, etc.'

When you are as broke as I am, it doesn't matter.

This is my piddly IRA account which, if I withdraw the money now, I will have to pay taxes on. So I am mucking about with it and don't care.

I mean I REALLY don't care. I make my living pawing through boxes of junk for stuff to sell on eBay. Making 50 bucks on Peabody is the highlight of my financial week!


Hope and Change update: August 24th 2015 CNBC Stock Market Closing Bell (DOW plunges -588 points)


Jack is Back!

BTW, Hollande is a midget, much like Napolean but without the army.

Go to the video of his Legion of Honor presentation to the 4 heroes.

BTW, when you have so much BoTox injected into your face, its hard to remember when you were actually born. Note Jane Hartley's bio on Wiki.



Is Ted Cruz the new frontrunner for the nomination?


Hey everybody! I've been totally immersed in reunion planning at my alma mater all weekend and am just now catching up on the news and this terrific story.

Remember when the poor college student was stabbed to death on the Metro train on July 4 and everyone just stood around and watched and people said oh no, they did the right thing, you'd be crazy to try to restrain this guy, he was on drugs, etc.?



Pic of heroes wearing their Legion of Honor medals with Jane Hartley wearing something very ugly imo.

Posted by: DebinNC

With that red lobster claw thingy hard to tell whether she's going for the Mister Crabs look
or the Zoidberg look

Jack is Back!


Big diff. How many military or ex-military were on the train. My guess is zilch. No, the diff in France was being American but being American trained military. And it was a medic, not a trained infrantry or SFO who took the perp down.

I still believe in the draft, like in Israel, for that purpose, to raise a generation of doers not seers.

Jack is Back!

Off to bed. Slaap Lekker, Tots Morgen (before you know it),


Who did Hartley have to blow to get that gig? Michelle?


Gwen Moore (D-Milwaukee): Walker is tighnening the noose around African-Americans.

if the Dem's are gonna' say stupid S*** like this, then I guess they're also bummed we don't get to send John Kerry and James Taylor over to sing "You've got a Friend" at another Muslim Massacre service.


Beasts takes a sabbatical, Market booms.

Beasts shows up, Market crashes a thousand points.

Just sayin.'


Haven't seen much of Porch until today, either. Hmmm....

Beasts of England

All you evil rich people and your damned capitalist instruments of oppression are of no concern to me!! ;)


Yeah! What Beasts said!

Beasts of England

I may have to take another sabbatical. My older daughter just sent me the google.drive list of all the Ashley Madison users in Alabama. Quite a few people from here that I know. Chicks, too - not just dumbass guys. Holy moly!!

Don't put your heart before the bourse.

This blip, MM may just be shorts scared pantless by the spectre of Soros, who, in fact, took only a tiny stake.

See the 'Collusion' article at Watts Up for details of the breathing together done by the WhiteHouse, many Governors, mostly coastal, and Tom Steyer's climate advocacy groups.

There is evil loose in the land of people convinced they have high moral purposes. The Pope is just a symptom.


Does it include the 44 whitehouse.gov email users, Beasts? I've been waiting patiently for those.


Still doing catch-up:

Approved medals may be worn on US uniforms. The French Legion of Honour is specifically authorized.

Posted by: Cecil Turner

I'm pretty sure my pop was given the French Legion of Honor Medal for WW2 service. Don't know when or where exactly it was awarded to him, but I suspect it was in the closing days or just after. His bunch did a Southern France landing after the Italian Campaigns, then pushed north into Germany for the finish, so I think that probably many Yanks were awarded it for similar service. His dress uniform was jam packed with rows of ribbons, but being a young punk I never payed any attention to what they stood for until far too late.

Standard kid stuff:(


Bet Geraldo is driving the ratings in the toilet.

They would be far better off with a drunk Beckel.

Beasts of England

I only got the Alabama list, Extraneus. I'll get to Virginia in September. ;)

Yesterday, yesterday it was so cool, now it's coming over all blustery, pleasantry.

It seems though, that the Anglosphere, and the Blogosphere, is slowly breeding 'protestantes', doubters of catastrophic climate change, and growingly more suspicious of the need for draconic policy changes. There is even growing regret of some policy changes made already, in particular, for example, the recent pronouncements of one Amber Rudd some sort of Minister in Great Britain.

It's a very confusing environment. I'm reading Karl Brandi's biography of Charles V for the grins and giggles.


It's consoling to know that the 2 daughters hate their parents as much as I hate their parents.

Miss Marple

Feels like fall here, which although pleasant, does not bode well for the coming winter, since it's only mid-August.

I am arguing with eBay because of their stupid return system.

If you go to Nordstrom's and buy a pair of shoes and get home and find out they don't match your dress, you take them back for a refund, Nordtrom's is cheerful, everyone is happy.

BUT, if you buy a baking dish from Miss Marple and it doesn't match the rest of your set (because you misread the description) and you call and ask if you can return it, and Miss Marple says "Sure," you get a DEFECT because the only way the customer can return it is by checking "Item not as described."

If you get too many defects you lose you 20% final value fee discount, which is a fair amount of money. And when you call their Thirrd World call center, they tell you you have to wait until AFTER you have refunded the money, and then you can "appeal."

I spoke to the customer today and she felt terrible because she hit the button to print out a return slip, and THEN she got the questionnaire which offered no "I made a mistake" choice.

So I have wasted time on the phone today, and will have to waste time on the phone on Wednesday because of this STUPID arrangement, which is ripe for frauad and does nothing for the sellers.

I wish Carl Icahn would have taken over eBay.

Maybe I should send a note to Trump. HA!

End of rant.


Ha,daddy! I commented on that picture in the last thread.Two teenage daughters to make their lives pure hell. :)


Heh jimmy K
["A Blizzard to bury the bunch of them would be a god-send."

Might take the starch out of a climate change/carbon cap pitch.]

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