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August 10, 2015



OH Yeah first again


Shorter Krug. He look at me, I am the tallest midget here!


That's former Enron adviser Paul Krugman, right?


and we’re nowhere close to doing enough on climate change.

Any chance of Krugman posting his travel log for the last month? Would love to see how he is personally doing enough on climate change.


Who is this "we" Krugman keeps referring to? And is staying out of jail his definition of "doing far better than any of those guys in Cleveland will ever admit?"


Budget deficit at 8 yr low thanks to Democratic economic policy.

So,let's recap this;Bush snr hands Democratic President a deficit,Democratic president turns it into a surplus..hands it off to Bush Jnr who turns it in to a massive deficit and hands that off to another Democratic President to drastically lowers it,getting it on course for another surplus.

And the American people are expected to put Republican in charge? Really?

jimmyk on iPhone

A bit of good news on the campus legal front:


From the story, about the accuser:

"She also attended a presentation by W&L's Title IX officer Lauren Kozak. Kozak claimed that 'regret equals rape,' and introduced the concept as a new idea people were now supporting."

Kozak should be personally liable for damages after spouting such dangerous nonsense. Regret equals rape?

Captain Hate

Maybe dumbassdave is KruggyBear


Hey, but the trade deficit is higher than ever!!!!

Captain Hate

Economic recovery has come too slowly, and is still incomplete nonexistent

Robin, English Shepherd Overlord

I can tell you who is doing well in this economy - the people who buy wares from the high end home furnishings company that employs my husband.


Workforce participation rates haven't been this low since Carter was president. Had it not been for the shale/fracking boom, it is truly frightening to think where the unemployment rate and worker participation numbers would be today. Texas has produced ALL of the net jobs during Obama's presidency thanks to the fracking boom.

Of course, Obama has completely killed coal with his idiotic regulations of that industry. He's single handedly ruined the livelihoods of many formerly highly paid unionized coal miners.

Census data show median incomes declined in the first five years of his presidency. It is remarkable that he was able to get re-elected despite presiding over such a long and enduring decline in median income. It shows the malignant influence partisan media has on the electorate. And while I think Romney understood the challenges and probably would have pursued the right policies to turn things around, it shows what a truly horrible candidate he was that he could not sell it. I mean people are living through the absolute worst economic "recovery" in the post WWII era; workforce participation was as low as it's been in 40 years; median incomes were declining (or were, they now seem to be stabilizing) and Romney could not sell it as the disaster that it was. Pathetic.

Captain Hate

I think the fracking has added jobs in the Dakotas but other than that I'm 100% in agreement with Groty. Let's see if any GOP candidates pledge to rein in the EPA. And the IRS while they're at it.


Six or eight months ago we adopted a blue merle Australian shepherd, whose alternative name is Snavely.

His owner passed away and it was just him and the dog. He fed the dog coffee and a doughnut in the morning and table scraps and casseroles fro the table.

Let's just say he has issues. It was rather tense with the other dogs for a great while but the alpha kept her alpha status and the other one doesn't care.

Snavely, on the other hand, wants to be with me to the exclusion of all others. It can be a bit much. But he is usually very sweet except when he tries to herd people. Then, he's a pain in the kiester.

And if this El Nino holds true we are in for a heck of a winter. Saw a projected map yesterday and it is the biggest ever.

Commodities are being roiled right now because of the slowdown in China. This could be a significant new factor.

The WSJ is reporting that the Chinese government is forcing shareholders to hold their shares, which is really going to mess with liquidity.

Interesting times indeed.

Captain Hate

Such an accomplished speaker:


Rick Ballard

Romney was in the same Goldilocks trap which ensnares the current crop of candidates. Responsibility for the deficits incurred to maintain the shabby illusion which even Krugman has trouble magnifying have belonged to the herd of turtles managed by Boehner since 2011.

"Don't make waves" has been an electoral success for the GOP but all those people declining to participate in the labor market due to the over generous benefits rations aren't going to be pleased when reality forces a reduction.

There isn't any single solution to avoid paying the cost of having avoided dealing with the problem but I imagine we'll be seeing a bit of block grant devolution to the states to minimize electoral pain.


No budoesky of the Bill. or tomasky of the basilisk


My view on JEB -

I would certainly vote for him if he were nominated and believe that, if elected, he would be a solid President.

Unfortunately, he suffers from the same flaw his father, brother and Romney are all afflicted with - The inability to define himself, thus leaving that job to his opponents.

Romney, who would have been a superb President, however,he lost because he never, ever defended himself from the personal attacks from the Fascists.

It was very demoralizing for supporters of both President Bushes to see the unrelenting attacks on the characters of both men with nary a response.

I get the whole humble thing the Bushes were brought up with - In polite society it is admirable. The problem is that elective politics is not Andover Academy, it is war.


Dumb question - can EPA regulations be undone by executive order?


By Obama's login ...

No Iranian hardliners voted against Obama in 2008 or 2012, so ...

so they like him more than Republicans.

Captain Hate

Rick Ballard FTW!


So the attack in Istanbul was due to Turkish marxists

Some Guy

Maybe dumbassdave is KruggyBear

No, he's smarter and has more self-awareness than Krugman. Oddly enough.


Posted by: DublinDaveForever | August 10, 2015 at 10:32 AM

so Obama can quintuple the budget deficit then get credit as an economic genius for cutting it. his smallest deficit would be larger than the largest Bush Administration deficit.

Alfred J

Economy could be worse, Fiorina could be in charge. Bringing down two large tech companies does not make for a good resume.


Rich no fair fighting with facts (or logic ).

He feels its better deep down in his soul, or at least what passes for one in progs these days...

James D

Unfortunately, he suffers from the same flaw his father, brother and Romney are all afflicted with - The inability to define himself, thus leaving that job to his opponents.


They also all seem to be willing to fight a lot hardier (and dirtier) against fellow Republicans in the primaries than they do against the Democrats in the general election.

Captain Hate

Btw even the Zuckerberg libs are pissed off at the blacklivessplatter clown car for interrupting Weekend at Bernie's.

Captain Hate

None of the trolls are "concerned" about Jeb. Hmmmmm, I wonder why that is...


Posted by: GMax | August 10, 2015 at 12:41 PM

yeah, it is pointless to try to argue the point with dd.

such economic vistas the Obama Administration has brought.


Captain Hate-

hope they keep it up.

Captain Hate

I think it's pretty funny, rich.

Speaking of funny, how did this ever slip through the editing process?


Sobbing Peter to slay Paul.

It's sounds like he wants us to do more about climate change. Isn't it changing fast enough as it is?


Yeah the Blacklivesmatter pander is funny in a Chicago convention brawl sorta way. The socialists/anarchists are going to do a repeat for the Democrats. Pass the popcorn.

Miss Marple

John Ekdahl

So this progressive conspiracy theory that the BLM women at the Sanders rally are Palin supporters is gaining steam. http://imgur.com/gallery/07afS

Really, I think a great many progressives are mentally ill.


It is beyond belief that these people think that rational adults in the ral economy believe thier lies.

We are living ina time where words mean nothing, represent nothing.

The are just very sophisticated animal call around a watering hole.

Captain Hate

I don't think I'll hear anything funnier this week than people associating blacklivesbabybatter with Palin. That's better than anything Liebowitz or Colbert ever came up with.


Dumb question - can EPA regulations be undone by executive order?

Generally, no. There is such an animal as the Administrative Procedures Act, which generally requires that regulations be proposed, held open for a period of comment, and then adopted after the comment period. It would take a new regulation eliminating the old regulation.

If the GOP is truly concerned about process, changing the Administrative Procedures Act is one of the un-sexy but effective ways it could go about doing it.

Captain Hate

No, there's nothing wrong with this trash "religion".



Since the President is standing by his comparison, I intend to stand by mine. Zero is the spitting image of a horse's @ss. I said it before and I am sticking to it.

Rick Ballard


The ofas are just being given workouts to keep them in shape until the GOP field narrows. The top candidates better be giving some real thought to the racial composition of their crowd management security.

I don't believe the contra-Fiorina trolls are ignoring Bush, their purpose is to get Fiorina offstage before the attempted re-re-re-relaunch of Broom IV VII lifts Red Witch into full view.


racial composition of their crowd management security.

Well since Daffy Duck is continuing to push up daisys from his spot in hell, I bet his all female security force is available for hire. Some sand in the gears for the war on wymyns shtick?

Miss Marple

Here's why the anti-Fiorina people have shown up:

Brandon ‏@Brand_Allen 5m5 minutes ago

Brandon retweeted Noah Rothman

& @CarlyFiorina's favorability shoots up 26 net points to 56/15%. Was just 30/15% in their last Iowa poll from April

Miss Marple

And here's the full story with numbers from Public Policy Polling:


Rick Ballard

Goldilocks and the Ravening She-Wolf would be a much better ticket than Goldilocks and the Policy-Wonk. I'd rather have Throne of Skulls and the Ravening She-Wolf though.

Captain Hate

The thought of Rodham looking like week old garbage on the same stage as Carly has to be driving the trolls even more insane than usual.

Miss Marple

Captain Hate,

Another thing to add to the mix is the democrat VP choice, for which I believe jockeying has already started.

IF Rodham is the nominee, you know darn well a lot of those possible VP's think it's 50-50 she strokes out shortly into her term, making the VP choice much more attractive to them.

Miss Marple



You know Rodham's new email spin -- that her server was more secure? Um, no.. Even NBC figured this one out. The thought of Rodham exploding on the launch pad before the primaries start has the trolls lighting afterburners.

Miss Marple


They are scraping the bottom of the barrel with excuses.

If she fails to launch, who have they got? O'Malley (sure to be a target of BlackLivesMatter) and the Geezer, ALREADY a target of BlackLivesMatter.

Of course there is the possibility of Biden, but I am not convinced he will run. It's getting to be pretty late to set up a campaign.

Captain Hate

Yes, no telling when Granny will have more "blood clots" for which there is no record of doctors visits or treatments. I just want to know what the morning bracer is to keep the DTs at bay until the noon happy hour. Bloody Mary? Long Island Iced Tea?


"Trump’s Lead Grows After Debate, Controversy

Reid Wilson | August 10, 2015

Real estate magnate Donald Trump’s lead over the Republican field grew in the several days after his performance at the first GOP presidential debate, according to a new Morning Consult survey, even after he invited a new round of scorn from fellow candidates over impolitic comments about Fox News host Megyn Kelly.

Trump leads the Republican field with 32 percent of the vote, up 7 percentage points over last week’s Morning Consult tracking poll. Trump’s nearest GOP rival, former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, clocked in at 11 percent.

No other Republican contender reaches double digits – retired neurosurgeon Ben Carson sits in third place at 9 percent, followed by Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker and Sen. Marco Rubio (Fla.) at 6 percent."


Rick Ballard


I don't think there is a name for vodka and eye of newt. It' pretty much all home brew there in Chappaqua.

jimmyk on iPhone

Is Cuomo out of the picture? I know there's a scandal brewing, but is that the reason he's no longer considered? I would presume since he's a D, corruption doesn't count.

Captain Hate

I would still have faith in either of the two tomato cans to blow this:



Well, I knew this was coming.

It is total disaster, but it will not matter to the FSA.

(and it will lead to even more distraction of our "High Education" system.)

(sorry, pay wall.)

Miss Marple

No good deed goes unpunished department:

Antonio French ‏@AntonioFrench 10h10 hours ago

Tonight I let 4 guys run into the #HealSTL office to get away from the gunfire. While I was in the front, they stole laptops and iPads. SMH.
826 retweets 342 favorites


What the heck is Morning Consult and why should I care about a no name poll?

Miss Marple


I am with you. They seem to be a new group but I am not impressed with their methods, since they "make up" for not dialing cell phones by using on-line polling.

Captain Hate

Obviously remembering Saint Swisher doesn't call for getting off their fat asses:


I'm assuming they got a full day's pay for this.


Make up or make believe? Online polling has a ronulan stench that you can never get out of the fabric.


Well, Krugman does write for the greatest newspaper in the world.

As a friend noted "other than that, the story was completely accurate."

Captain Hate

I think my line in the sand is somewhere before I get to this guy:


Love his Zuckerberg quotes though...


Of course there is the possibility of Biden, but I am not convinced he will run. It's getting to be pretty late to set up a campaign.

Not for an Obama insider. They could put one together nearly instantly, and if it's going to happen, are working on it now.


I'm assuming they got a full day's pay for this.

And the SEIU is paying them the $15 hr. minimum they're demanding of all employers? Right?

Tom Maguire


Dumb question - can EPA regulations be undone by executive order?
and Appalled's cogent reply about the Administrative Procedures Act.

It couldn't be an executive order, then, but as head of the executive branch the President could order the EPA head to propose a new rule.

So my question, which is really a guess - might a court scuffle then ensue if someone with standing could argue that the old rule followed the intent of some act of Congress in a way that the new rule ignored?

Pole II

"Exclusive: Trump's Republican support holds strong post-debate - Reuters/Ipsos poll

Donald Trump continued to defy the laws of political gravity on Monday as a Reuters/Ipsos poll found the real estate mogul holding onto a wide lead among Republicans in the U.S. presidential race despite an acerbic debate and a feud with a female television anchor that have bolstered charges of sexism.

Trump led the party's 17-strong 2016 presidential field with the backing of 24 percent of Republican voters, unchanged from before Thursday's televised debate.

His closest rival, former Florida Governor Jeb Bush, trails at 12 percent, down from 17 percent before the debate. No other candidate earned more than 8 percent in the online poll, conducted between the end of the debate and Sunday.""


Wow! Trump dropped 8 points in 73 minutes!


Since we are polling, here is one sure to be of interest to our trolls:

According to the poll from Monmouth University, only 41 percent of Democrats believe Congress should approve the president’s nuclear deal with the Iranian regime.

The numbers only get worse among independents and Republicans. Overall, just 27 percent of those polled believe Congress should approve the controversial nuclear deal with Iran. A majority of Republicans (55 percent) and a plurality of independents (33 percent) believe Congress should reject the deal

Jack is Back!

The interesting thing about being in Southampton during the summer you get a chance to meet those niche players and experts you never had any interest in before. Today I met a guy who follows the hotel and resort business for a major investment bank His son is in tennis camp with Frederick and he had been out for the weekend in their summer place here.

The subject of Trrump came up not politically but on business and the effect his candidacy, debate and after debated controversy is having on his hotels and resorts. The guy says he is losing ressrvations, conferences, business outings, etc. Too early to tell how long this starting trend will last but he noted that analysts like him have been worried for a long time since Trump announced that the business effect would take place.

I found this interesting and wornder how much Trump will do to protect his business and revenue streams?

James D.

Such high-quality people in the Obama White House



2 Russian warships dock in Iran for joint naval exercises

Right-click for who he's shaking hands with.


Yes, I was in Macy's yesterday and the Trump stuff on clearance was snicker-bait for the cashier.

I didn't buy any of it, but being a Republican with icky comments about illegal Mexicans apparently isn't good for business.

I didn't find it snicker-worthy.



Yes, somebody could could sue, and probably would.

There is actually a Supreme Court case ordering EPA to issue regs on CO2 dating back to the Bush years. (A unanimous decision, if I remember right)


So Barvetta picked up the officer's gun, reminded him he'd taught her how to use it, shot the gun "in his direction", and it's labled "domestic violence"? Maybe attempted murder only kicks in after 5+ shots.

Jeff Dobbs



Miss Marple


How long do you think Erick and Ivanka are going to put up with the brand being damaged?


How many mentions is the WH aide shooting incident going to get on the alphabets tonight? Anyone want to wager?


Jeff's 4:56 is excellent.


True, Deb, but only of you have political chops in DC/


Well I was in a Hispanic area of Dallas just last week. There was a party store there that carries stuff for quinceaneras etc. They were doing a land office business in Donald Trump pinatas, for what that is worth...


Tom Maguire-- what couldn't end up as a scuffle in the courts?

Miss Marple


That link is hilarious, especially if you have followed Trump on Twitter!

Thanks for posting it! It really made me laugh!

Jack is Back!


Its up to the Chairman who controls the board. I have no idea only passing on what I heard from a guy who follows that end of the business spectrum. But it is a new wrinkle.


Judging by the dodging incurred when I noticed that the disparate impact case was not on the National Law School in atl's Deans presentation at lunch and raised its applicability to ed, I would say we are right to be worried. Seriously bright man, former SCOTUS clerk for stevens, the originator of the polyphonic federalism term and somehow the Soros funded new Constitution in 2020 crowd does not want to talk about disparate impact.

Having read the book and knowing the intention is new radical interp's with the same historical document so as not to be a tip-off, I would say the di ruling truly is the social planning hammer needed for fundamental transformation.


THis is good - Cruz Throws Back Gay Question To Reporter: "Do You Have A Personal Animosity Against Christians?"



"...I recognize you want to ask another question about gay rights. Well, you know. ISIS is executing homosexuals. You want to talk about gay rights? This week was a very bad week for gay rights because the expansion of ISIS, the expansion of radical, theocratic, Islamic zealots that crucify Christians, that behead children and that murder homosexuals. That ought to be concerning you far more than asking six questions all on the same topic."

Old Lurker

I see Powerline goes after Jeb for misleading about his support of Common Core in the debate, and then Lucianne gets him on immigration.


Jack is Back!

BTW, I have bought Gifted Hands and You Have A Brain by Ben Carson for Frederick. His homeroom teacher for 7th grade recommended them both for kid's age and school year. Can't wait to hear about his report.

Mrs. JiB is already reading the Brain book:)

Jack is Back!


Another journalism grad forgets he is debating (questioning) the Princeton champ and former Solicitor General of Texas. What an idiot.

And the media can't, even Fox, understand why American's hold them in such disregard. The big exception being the Rome Sentinel:)


Meanwhile, Punxsutawney Hil continues to hide out, today spouting a bunch of nothing at a high school in NH.


She's not spouting nothing--it's more of the Dems magic math.
Free college!!
Honest to God, these people take us all for morons.


It's not free college, but free college plus living expenses during those years. Just looked at demos paper. will link in a minute.



It includes childcare. Let the young people try on Scandinavian lifestyles and come to expect them.

Jack is Back!


My favorite sign I ever saw was little one on the bar of a blue collar restaurant in Cincinnati during my college days: "Free Lunch Tomorrow".

It was the same sign everyday. But the blue collar guys got it. I wonder how many of the millenials would get the joke?


And red squads daughter is part of demos. The likes of castellanos must be feeling like the dolguruki re rasputin


Love that story about the British sniper killing the 8-year-old boy's and his father's beheader before the slicing. Too bad we haven't yet invented the rifle-cam.


So those of us that saved to send our kids to college are chumps.


The daughter cleaned out her storage boxes that we had in the garage loft at the cabin.I threatened her,ha.She opened the box that contained her college files,including tuition bills and cancelled checks.We believe her education is one of the best investments we ever made.
The days of parental responsibility are gone,now that everything is free.

Jim Miller

In my second post today, I explained how Washington state Republicans had come back, starting in 2009.

I'll go a little further here: I think that there is at least a 50 percent chance that this "solidly Democratic" state will have a Republican governor and a Republican legislature, after the 2016 election.

(For those who don't follow politics in the Evergreen state -- which is rather brown in places, right now -- Republicans control the state senate, and have a good chance of winning a state house seat in a special election, which will make the balance there 50D-48R. Oh, and Governor Jay Inslee has, so far, been ineffective, not even getting votes on many of his proposals in the state house.)

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