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September 16, 2015



some people make the comparison with the bay of pigs, that parallel in incomplete, with no air cover, with most of the armor sunk on one of the ships, the brigadistas, fought until they ran out of ammo, one of them was my kinsman, who spent a year in the cuban prisons, before he was released,


part of a $500 million program.


I give this story 41,667 Ramos Piñatas.

daddy  (Vote for Pedro!)

there are only four or five fighters left from the first group of 54 Syrian fighters

How come they're such crappy fighters? The ones overrunning the walls and cops in Hungary seem like they're pretty damn good fighters?

Jane on Ipad

Maybe $45 million just wasn't enough money for 5 people.


Lot of payoffs required. By the time the money got to the fighters, it was 45 cents.

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