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September 17, 2015


Some Guy

Trump was yuugge!

Just ask him.

Beasts of England

Depends on what the meaning of gambling is.





Very funny pic of the Trumple


Impressions of the debate:

The Winner: CNN - Masterful job of selecting and directing questions (from their perspective of course) as well as their staging the debate.

The Best Speakers: Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz

Most soothing, reasonable, likable and trustworthy candidate: Dr. Ben Carson.

Honorable Mention for even getting a chance to speak: Scott Walker.

The candidate who looks most like that figure in the Jack-In-The-Box: Jeb Bush. He stood up there smiling, looking around, smiling some more, and laughing. I guess he wanted everyone to see that he was alive. Jeb-In-The-Box shouldn't have listened to his advisers. However, in the way of an absolution, Jeb gets Best Answer for Supporting a Former President (his brother) whom he had previously criticized, sort of, for getting us into Iraq to protect the USA for which he praised him.

Most Feisty Candidate: Chris Christie
He did better than the last debate and barreled his way right into the discussion no matter what Jake Tapper said or did. Well done.

Honorable Mention in the above category goes to Rand Paul and Mike Huckabee.

Knowledgeable but Least Gracious Candidate: Carly Fiorina. She wouldn't even talk to China and Putin let alone Donald Trump. She could take a few lessons from Sarah Palin in this area.

Shorter Than Jeb Bush but Richer than Anyone on the Stage: Donald Trump. We'll see how the polls play out tomorrow, but it always seems like it takes two or three days for the dust to settle after one of these things. So far, Trump is conducting his campaign like he has from the start, and I don't expect him to change.

Why is he even on the stage? John Kaich

Hope I didn't leave anyone out. Apart from a few interesting exchanges, I doubt that people will remember this debate in the weeks to come.


"...staging of the debate"

Dave (in MA)

Juanita Broadrick on the front of the $10, '70 EL CAMINO on the back.


The former director of Norway's Nobel Institute revealed this week that he regrets the committee's decision to give the 2009 Nobel Peace award to President Obama.

Geil Lundestad, director at the institute for 25 years, said in his just-published memoir that he and the committee had unanimously decided to grant the award to Mr. Obama just after his election in 2009 more in hopes of aiding the American president to achieve his goals on nuclear disarmament, rather than in recognition of what Mr. Obama had already accomplished.

Looking back over Mr. Obama's presidency, Mr. Lundestad said, granting him the award did not fulfill the committee's expectations.

... no shit Shakespeare


daddy  (Vote for Pedro!)

...unanimously decided to grant the award to Mr. Obama just after his election in 2009 more in hopes of aiding the American president to achieve his goals...

So the Nobel Peace Prize Committee were partisan whores. What else is new?

Like the first comment from Jennifer:

You mean giving someone a Nobel Prize just for being black and Islamic and Fascist isn't good enough?"


So tell me, is the Nobel Peace Prize committee using that same decal remover to get the Obama sticker off their Prius that everyone here on suburban Long Island uses?


Flathead's column in the Slimes yesterday about the report card for the nuclear Iran "deal" has to go down as one of his stupidest ever.


Full Video: CNN Republican debate 9/16/15


daddy  (Vote for Pedro!)

A point that bummed me in the debate is that it seemed as if every candidate accepted the truth of Global Warming. I don't, and I think Cruz is against it and can make a good argument against it, but Tapper shut him off when the topic was being discussed and Cruz wanted to comment.

If I was a candidate I'd say that one of my first acts as President would be to organize a real honest to God Legitimate Science conference on Global Warming in order to get some straight science and cut thru these BS memes Obama and everyone else spouts about "99% of all Scientist believe..." etc.

We need to counterattack with real science. We're dying out here to have a "Show Us the Unadulterated Science" type, and we're not. Instead these guys are ceding the ground to the Left on AGW, before the Science is able to get out of bed and put it's boots on.

Man, do I miss Isaac Asimov.


daddy  (Vote for Pedro!)

that same decal fecal remover to get the Obama sticker off their Prius

Just a lil' housekeeping:)

Lincoln Continental, first out of control, now in the ditch.

The Norwegian Nobel committee hoped to empower Obama with the prize but they loaded up a weak vessel. Now it's sunk and some of their credibility with it.

As will the next cooling scare, just watch.

Yep, Cruz is onto the sham and the scam.

He also notes that the response to the '70s cooling scare was to condemn industrialization and capitalism.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Barbara brings up the question that should be asked of Kasich: why is he here? He and Pataki should be sent off to the children's table where they can pretend to have been conservative governors which are in both cases flat out lies.

Heh, Sanders can beat him.

Bush money hedge. Tom likes him, but hasn't articulated why.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Jen Rubin thinks Cruz was one of the big losers of last night. I don't know how whichever Hollywood studio can exist without the legal expertise of such an analytic mind.


Trump lies, and doubles down when called on it. Now confirmed with Walker and JEB!, how many others? Will Trump lies become the TV ads for whichever Dem runs against the R nominee? Is that his role here (as dispatched by slick)? Or is his narcissism more malignant than Obama's?


Did you notice Trump's face went beet red when Jeb called him out about the casino "donation."
I want to like Christie,too bad about the hug. Did Kasich sing kumbaya during his closing remarks?


Then there is the Scott Adams analysis of Trump. It is interesting and does align with standard sales training (at least of the Zerox series as used in the tech world). This installment analyzes Trump's bullying from a game theory points differential perspective.

Miss Marple

Good morning!

I thought Christie did get in a good shot about career histories not being what's important to the average guy who's worried about his job, and that actually brought him up a few notches in my estimation, although the back and forth on Carly and Trump's career was predicated on Tapper's question.

(I really dislike Jake Tapper.)

I feel a bit better about the field after last night, although I still think Jeb is a terrible candidate due to things not evident at the debate.

Miss Marple



It was very odd for Tapper to sit separately from Hewitt and Bash. Why have 3 moderators if one was going to be so dominant?


One impartial moderator and two silent panelists, Deb.

Miss Marple


Tapper is a prima donna. I imagien he demanded the set arrangement.

I also noticed he controlled when the others got to ask questions, which wasn't very often.

Miss Marple


James D.

On a non-debate topic.. This was in my daily LinkedIn email this morning:


Detroit as a model for the country. I bet y'all can guess what Jamie Dinon of citovanl thinks is working.

It's like a game of "spot the crony-capitalist" buzzwords.

James D.



“A good performance doesn’t mean you’re a solid conservative,” said former Senate majority leader Trent Lott, who is supporting the rumpled and prickly Ohio governor, John Kasich." [NR]

Even Lott admits Kasich didn't help himself last night. Kasich looked ill to me from the get-go.

Miss Marple


This is in west Africa, near Ghana and Mali.


Uh oh.

Hops harvest in Czech Republic expected to be down by third in 2015 due to drought

PRAGUE – The Czech Republic's harvest for hops — the dried seed cones that give beer its bitter taste and aroma — is expected to plummet by more than a third this year due to a serious drought.

Czechs are by far the biggest beer drinkers in the world per capita and the Czech Republic is also one of the top producers of hops.


Tapper was awful as moderator of a debate; great as The Donald Show host.

He, Hugh and whatever her name is sure thought the world of their performance when interviewed after the show and asked how they did.
I rarely watch television "news." Last night reinforces that lifestyle choice.

Miss Marple


Miller High Life price increase! Disaster for Miss Marple and Jeff!


MissM, it will hit the craft brews harder (they use a lot more hops be beer)

But Trump didn’t get what he wanted. And his comments about not wanting casino gambling put his lobbyist, Brian Ballard, in an awkward spot. Ballard is a Bush backer. And he was in the debate audience on Wednesday night.

Shit just got real. Bush gets Trump's casino lobbyists in the limited seating debate hall? Now we are seeing how the opposition research machine works!

Where was that machine in 2007?

I will trade Trump's lie about one arm bandits in Florida and trade it for his truth about the two armed bandit in DC. GW Bush's financial recklessness set the stage for a clown like Odummy.

Abandoning your conservative principles to save the conservative system should be the rallying cry for best candidate theory.


The earlier 4 person debate, giving each person plenty of time to speak, amplified the unfairness and favoritism of the main debate. There should have been a "buzzer" and a clock shown ticking down or a similar attempt to distribute time evenly. Or maybe time is allotted based on poll ranking? I could only stand to watch the first 2/3.

Miss Marple


I am a woman of plebian tastes. Don't think I have ever had a craft beer, and I drink cheap Chilean merlot.

My son will probably notice, as he's a beer snob. LOL!

James D.

From all the comments, I'm very glad I didn't watch the debate.

I just want to know, when will the GOP learn? Why allow CNN to run the debate? In the Presidential debates, they won't have much of a choice. But in their own debates, they can set the terms.

They don't have to let MSM vermin make the debate all about promoting themselves and their preferred candidates/agendas. They can tell Jake Tapper to go pound sand.

For such smart, genius, experienced people, you'd think they could figure that out for themselves


Subtract one "trade." Back to bed for me. My wife has been up sick to her stomach from a migraine. I just now got her back to sleep.

It's a bad one.

Miss Marple

You know, I go back to how clarice said they should draw names and divide the numbers evenly. In the early debate, Lindseay Graham (yeah, I know) was actually very good in emphasizing how serious the Islamic jihadist situation is, plus he had some funny lines.

The thing about taking the poll results in whatever configuration is that it is unfair to people who are unknown or without a lot of money in the early stages. And because they use national polls, it is not reflective of where they are in individual states.

I would rather have seen Graham on the prime time stage over Kasich.

Miss Marple


Sorry about your wife's migraine. I know those are debilitating. My daughter gets them from time to time.


Prayers for TK's wife and for maryrose's loved one's heart surgery today.

Miss Marple

I believe I pointed out some time ago that the Trump supporters should not be attacked, as it was poor politics and destructive.

It also makes people dig in.

So, this morning National Review had a poll on-line as to who won the debate. I voted Fiorina as I thought she actually did quite well.

On their poll, she came in 2nd; TRUMP was first.

Therre is no way Trump won that debate. But stalwart supporters are now going to defend him no matter what, so I imagine he will not be dropping out before the primaries.

The poll is bogus, but it did make me laugh to think of Kevin Williamson's head exploding when he saw the results.


I consider myself a typical Republican voter, and I found Trump repellent last night. Rude and vain I can take. But rude, vain, and ill-informed? Ugh.

A lose-lose.

Wither the Fed?


No matter how lacking I find a few of our POTUS candidates, the horrible result of BOzo as Commander and Chief is now on full display.


"Testifying before the Senate Armed Services Committee, the general in charge of the war effort made clear that the U.S. strategy for arming “moderate” Syrian fighters had failed. Of the thousands of fighters they had hoped to train, just “four or five” are currently in the fight in Syria. And with that, Army Gen. Lloyd Austin, commander of U.S. Central Command, came under a blistering, bipartisan attack about the strategy in Syria and Iraq."

I think BOzo removed the previous commander of U.S. Central Command, and replaced him with Gen. Austin. And that worked out as well as everything else BOzo touches.


So after 2 debates, has anyone emerged that can beat Hill/Bern/Joe?


They don't have to let MSM vermin make the debate all about promoting themselves and their preferred candidates/agendas.

And make a ton of money in the process.


"I consider myself a typical Republican voter, and I found Trump repellent last night. Rude and vain I can take. But rude, vain, and ill-informed? Ugh."

After 7 years of Zero being rude, vain, and ill-informed, it would be a nice change of pace to have someone with humility in the office. Both Reagan and GWB were exemplary in that regard, it was never about them.

We need someone with Carson's humility, Cruz's intelligence and Carly's spunk and I am all in.

Janet S.

A FB friend & I have been posting different examples of the Syrian "refugees."

One day the men are jihadists fighting for their tribe or ideology - Bashar al-Assad, ISIS, whoever...& then the next day they board a train & are labeled poor "refugees".

They trashed their own country & are now moving to a new location. Same hatreds, same religion, new location.

PDinDetroit - temporarily in CA

TK - If it is feasible, MHNI dot COM has helped alleviate my migraines tremendously. I hope she feels better.

Glad we had a JOM Meetup and missed the debate. So much more fun being microagressed in Berkeley CA in the middle of dinner! I believe everyone had a good time, I know I did.

I am pre-acquisition EDS now HP employee of 18 years. Carley did just a little better than the other former inept leaders, but not by much. While I was impacted more during her reign than at other times, I like Carley and would vote for her - she says the right things and it appears believes in what she is saying (unlike other times at HP where she seemed to be untruthful or not believable). I believe she has learned from past mistakes and that is a mark of good leadership in my book.

I like Ben Carson and wish he would be a little more forceful as we absolutely need that quality in our next president. I wish that Walker would standout more in this crowded field.

My bottom dollar on the table says Trump ends up running as a 3rd party candidate, hope I am wrong about that.


Carly can beat them.
Maybe Rubio.

Chris Christie is ego personified. Sorry Chris, I call it as I see it.

Kasich should be training to be a Catholic deacon and doing charity work in the inner cities, from where it appears he is on his life journey. We've got Mother Teresa's nuns in my city--bet they are in Cleveland too. You don't need the rest of the US with you, sir. All the best.

Jeb--feel like he's one of those IB high school kids whose parents are pushing him to go to an Ivy, while he'd love to go to the state school. And ought to go there, cause he doesn't have the testicular fortitude to survive the Ivy.

My man, Scott Walker. ??? I knew he lacked the Q thing they talk about, he stepped it up a bit last night, but stumbled when he delivered his prepared remarks. And I only know about him because of Althouse's coverage of WI politics--so that's about 0.01% of the population who reads her.

Rand Paul. We can listen to his thoughts in the Senate, not from the White House.

And Ted Cruz? Him, I'm not sure of. True believer for sure. Another great mind. But somebody voters would get behind? Just not sure.

Miss Marple

I wish there would have been more discussion of that "refugee" situation last night. (In fairness, maybe I missed it during a couple of breaks I took.)

Somebody needs to show the similarities between that and the southern border.

Captain Hate on the iPad

James and Ext,

Levin was making that point all evening, namely why would the RNC give something belonging to the party to a trash outfit like CNN, which severely limits the potential audience and allows the pundits to frame the answers while making the network millions of dollars. Reince Priebus should be fired for overseeing this.


Has anyone yet asked how Russian strategy plays in the the EU "migrant issue".

Where are these invaders getting the money?

No one seems to be asking.


Ha! I forgot Huckabee and Carson.
Nuf said by that.

But I hope they all hang around for a while more, as every one of them has said very valuable things.

But shoot out team, shoot out.

Janet S.

"Meanwhile, the ever shameful Lindsey Graham has jumped on the Democrat meme of the need to take in “our fair share,” as if there’s some unspoken rule that the United States must accept any and all refugees irrespective of who they are and what threats inevitably accompany them.

There is no “fair share.” It’s a concocted term. What there is, however, is something called national security. Would that someone would pay attention to that, we would all be a lot better off."


IMO "refugee" is a concocted term too. All of a sudden, nobody was one of the fighters in Syria. They were all just innocent bystanders.

PDinDetroit - temporarily in CA

BTW - We close on my old house today. Bittersweet but grateful a young couple just starting out will be getting the house, all they have to do is move in and live. Very proud of my wife and what we accomplished there.


They should go to France, they would have that quick surrender thing in common.

Beasts of England

I had no idea that Bush was so tall or that Rand was so short.


Cruz reminds me of the ex-wife who is always right. Sure, if you listened to her advice, you'd be Donald Trump, instead of living in a trailer, and in your heart you know that, but to actually do what she says? Absolutely not. Because she's just so right, and so darned sure she's right, and is always going to remind you she's right, and she knows, absolutely that she's your superior, because she's right.

This is the secret to Cruz's lack of appeal. He can't help himself, and he really needs to. It's deadly to a politician trying to persuade people out of his little group.

Miss Marple


Those two (Jeb and Rand) show you the effects of good or poor posture.

So, stand up straight!

Miss Marple


I actually think you're right about that.

Although I agree with Cruz 90% of the time, I just don't find him appealing.

I think you've hit the nail on the head.


LOL, Appalled, you're so right about Cruz, even though I like and respect him.

Janet S.

Cruz is always right & that's a problem? Well, I've heard everything now.
There is no way to win....


$500 mil can pay for a lot of migrants. PD in Detroit, congratulations on the house and beginning a new adventure.


Yeah, but Cruz would be a hell of an AG. And Supreme after that

Beasts of England

No kidding about standing up straight, Miss Marple. You own a room by your presence, and nothing says presence and confidence like posture.


Appalled, I too think you may have articulated what it is.
I'm sure I am 1000% with Cruz; why don't I want to get behind him?

I know Janet--it does not make sense.

Oh danoso--agree, agree agree! An incredible cabinet with those people!


This is the secret to Cruz's lack of appeal. He can't help himself, and he really needs to

Is Trump capable of putting facts on the bones of his pronouncements? Has he so little respect for voters that he thinks he can win the election with vague promises that as POTUS "everything will be so great"? After he pulled his usual shtick again last night, I greatly fear that's so. And that with Trump there's either no "there" there, i.e. he has no idea what he's talking about or a willingness to learn. Or there might be a great deal of hidden "there" that we won't see until he's in the WH and it's too late.

Miss Marple


It's not that he's always right.

It's that he makes sure that you KNOW he's always right.

(This is a failing I have when discussing things with my daughter, and I recognize myself in Appalled's comments. I need to work on it, too.)


And for fun, the GAB tried to rig the WI SC on the John Doe ruling. Yup, nonpartisan.

James D

Appalled @ 8:43

That's different from our current President (at least, how he comes across, not that he actually IS right about anything) how, exactly?

Miss Marple


Agree. However, he and his supporters are going to have to be dealt with, and the trick will be to get them to disinvest in him.

This is why I was horrified at the attacks on his supporters. People like the NRO crew left them no way to walk back, because now admitting they were wrong is going to have them agree with people who called them stupid and racist.

I imagine a lot of people thought Trump would flesh out his policy and bone up on things he didn't know about. I have seen no evidence of this.

If people had left his supporters alone, they would have moved on to someone else, the way Newt Gingrich's supporters did. I don't know that they will do that with Trump, particularly since he grabbed the attention of so many LIV's, who normally either don't vote or are democrats of a sort.

Janet S.

Has he so little respect for voters that he thinks he can win the election with vague promises that as POTUS "everything will be so great"?

If he thinks that, he is absolutely correct. Barack Hussein Obama is example #1.

Dave (in MA)
Did you notice Trump's face went beet red when Jeb called him out about the casino "donation."
Yep. I pointed it out to the Mrs., who has a Trump sticker on her car. ;)
Captain Hate on the iPad

The NRO crowd has always been made up, in part, of weak minded dimwits who looked up to WFB not so much for his underlying conservative principles as that he used intimidatingly big words. And like athlete's foot, they're annoyingly persistent.

Beasts of England

Another good point, Miss Marple. I can't imagine the very unusual group of incentivized Trump supporters jumping on a Cruz bandwagon - or any other R bandwagon. I would guess that they'll just lose interest in this cycle or revert to their casual D propensities.

Texas Liberty Gal

I don't see Cruz at all being a know it all! He's got a fabulous record and somehow the voters in Texas had no problem with his so called attitude-that whole meme about him is total bunk!


Carly won, hands down. Trump lost, hands up.

Dave (in MA)

Thru the static on the new apparently 9 volt battery-powered Salem station in town, this morning I got to hear Fred Barnes talk about how wonderful Bush performed last night.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Texas Liberty Gal, although you and I view Cruz very similarly, the fact that some fair minded other JOMers perceive something off putting indicates a problem with wide appeal which may or may not be impossible to overcome. All you have to do is look at the obscene caricature in the White House to understand that everyone doesn't think like we do.


Yes we had a station like that in miami, that's where I first heard lileks and Steyn.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Now Barnes goes RINO? Was the entire Weekly Standard invaded by the pod people?


This is the same Medici that kept out offshore drilling regardless of the merit


What could Cruz offer Trump for his endorsement?


I think Cruz is brilliant, and, compared to the other Rs and certainly to BOzo, he probably comes closest to knowing it all. But there's just something a little "off" when Cruz looks earnestly into the camera, smiles pleasantly with eyebrows raised high, and speaks imo. I'd love for him to win, but I don't yet see it happening.

Dave (in MA)

Cruz may be the great debater from Princeton, but he needs to learn that this kind of forum is not Princeton Debate Club and he needs to try to interrupt in order to get more mic time.

jimmyk on iPhone

Seems like we're back in this vicious circle of saying "I really like what candidate X says, but I'm worried others might not vote for him, so I'll support candidate Y instead." Why not support who you think will make the best President, not who you think others will support? If others don't support him he won't get the nomination. But trying to vote based on who you think others will vote for is a good way to end up with the next Romney.

Janet S.

I put your pic of life jackets & your comment up on FB & boy howdy! It has been shared a lot. People I don't know...friends of friends of friends. It's cool.

Janet S.

Amen, jimmyk!!! Oh my goodness, AMEN!!


How do we show support now, jimmyk? I vote on Super Tues, which iirc is in March. If polled now, I'd probably say Cruz or Walker.


Did anyone find out who paid for them, Janet?

Hundreds of thousands of brand new life jackets didn't just appear in marina shops on the coast of Libya one day.

Or did they?


I am with James, I want Obama voter Appalled Liberal to explain that me. Cruz is your ex-wife who would get you out of the trailer court if you just listened but you wouldn't. Sounds like your problem to me. Just curious who was Obama, the slut in high school that never would go out with you but you had to keep trying?

Dave (in MA)

Why didn't the dead propaganda toddler get a life jacket?

Miss Marple

I vote on national security above all else.

In these perilous times, I think we need someone who can both deal with leaders abroad and explain the situation clearly.

This is why I back Fiorina. I would also have backed Perry if he had stayed in.

My second choice would probably be Rubio based on my criteria.

The most important thing will be to get the public to both understand the peril and unite people in doing something about it. That is the explanation for my choices.

jimmyk on iPhone

Deb, by what we say and do now. Respond to pollsters. We influence others.

Ok, everyone, get the mind bleach ready:

@maggieNYT: Steve Rattner just used the phrase "open the kimono" to describe what Clinton needed to do on addressing the emails

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