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September 12, 2015


Jeff Dobbs

I trust Iggy joins me in rooting for my alma mater.

Beasts of England

Is this the guitar thread?

Dave (in MA)

The director of Airplane! on the Iran deal.


Beasts of England


Cispigmented Heteronormative Microagressive Vulgarian Ignatz

Push it back, push it back, push that needle way back! Hissssss boom bah!
Go Lumberjacks!

I still need to get one of their caps.

Gotta run.

Jeff Dobbs

When we went there we came up with a Lumberjack chant....

Sharpen, sharpen, sharpen
Chop, chop, chop
Go mighty Lumberjacks, go chop wood!

Believe it or not, we didn't even drink back then.

Let's study it.

Whaddya bet college football refs take better care of the ball?

Jeff Dobbs

Is this the guitar thread?

Can you play Rocky Top?


What do you call a GAY lumberjack?


Frau Wahnsinn

It isn't a Taubes thread but I'll take it. Whew, our long national nightmare is (perhaps) over.

Frau Wahnsinn

Dave (in MA) - Dave Zucker for president! You get a signing bonus.

Eric in Boise

Alabama scheduled a real early season test

Pikers. USC plays Idaho tonight.

Beasts of England

Only on the banjo, Jeff...

Jeff Dobbs

Heck, but Idaho is a state university named after the whole state. Middle Tennessee gets only a third of its state.

Although, middle Tennessee does have more people than the entire state of Idaho (Nashville metro and Idaho are roughly equal at 1.6M), so....

Jeff Dobbs

Hey, speaking of the banjo...the National Folk Festival is going on this weekend in Greensboro.


LOL, Beasts.

Frau Hadsch

I hope USC goes down, Eric in Boise.

Hugh Hewitt always has fun ridiculing the USC band for having to play so few notes in their fight song and nothing more.

Choose hajj activities carefully. Wear protective clothing to the stampedes and without a protective helmet, the stoning ceremony is not all that much fun.


1987: 402 people killed and almost 650 wounded in clashes between Iranian pilgrims and Saudi authorities

1989: Two bombs kill one pilgrim and injure 16 others.

1990: 1,426 pilgrims killed in a stampede in an overcrowded pedestrian tunnel

1994: 270 pilgrims killed during a stampede at a stoning ritual

1997: More than 340 people killed and 1,500 injured when fire rips through a tented city

1998: 180 pilgrims trampled to death after several people fell off an overpass

2001: 35 people killed in a stampede

2004: Approximately 250 people were killed during a stampede at a stoning ceremony

2006: At least 350 pilgrims killed following a stampede at a stoning ceremony


Get with it, Mr. Dobbs. Idaho is a land grant school as any of the insufferable douches who went there will tell you.


I call those statistics a...good start, Frau.


And I, too, would like to see USC go down but it ain't happening against dUI.


Sagarin has MTSU ranked 81st. The Massey composite computer ranking has the Blue Raiders 78th. That is better than a number of BCS conference teams -- Syracuse, Iowa St, Indiana, Wake Forest, Vanderbilt, Purdue, Wash St, Colorado and Kansas.

The Blue Raiders have played in four bowl games in the last 9 years. They are perfectly acceptable as a non-conference opponent. Especially compared to so many teams playing games against teams from lower NCAA divisions. I'm no fan of the Tide or the Blue Raiders, but I think the snark here backfired. It just showed somebody doesn't know much about football.


a stoning ceremony. think about it.

Bunger Games.

Peter, a crowd pleaser. Probably interactive at that.


Just a quick comment to write a bit on the NW meet up in Seattle with Man Tran, his wife and another JOM like-minded fellow who is a friend of the Man Trans.

They were so kind to come to a little reception I was involved with at the WA State Convention Center.

Had a great time/conversation and it reinforced my thoughts that there are the most talented people commenting at JOM.

Will try to write a better representation later after I get caught up on 'stuff' around the house :-)

Beasts of England

The Tide has a brutal schedule overall, so I can live with a lesser opponent this Saturday. 34.5 point favorite means I'll be listening to the game on the lake. 'Cause that's the way I roll (Tide!).


wow a Seattle meet up!

>>>Pikers. USC plays Idaho tonight.

Posted by: Eric in Boise | September 12, 2015 at 01:11 PM<<<

Looks like Boise State is well represented.

Jack is Back!


Don't forget the Grand Mosque seizure by the al-Ikwhan insurgents in November - December 1979. Over 230 killed on both sides. Beside the Saudi national guard they had to call in 100's of Pakistani commandos to win the peace. I was in Al-Khobar at the time and we were ready to evacuate when they finally got it under control.


Everyone in the SEC has a brutal schedule beasts.

Frau Hadsch

JiB - it seems "a good time was had by all...the survivors."


What the hell does that 2:01 mean, rich?


i was joking about the BSU-ID "rivalry" ... and BSU fans cheering for the ID opponent (especially in a game where ID could lose by 50 points). BSU is 22-17-1 and had won 12 straight before they mercifully stopped playing.


man everyone is on edge ...




Ah Salman Rushdie removes all doubt, as he did with the huntress, Idaho grad and the iron lady before her.


I'm not edgy, I was genuinely confused.



Pluto's close up.


And I don't cheer for any dUI opponents because I truly don't care. They're such a pathetic school. And highly delusional.


He does show a little awareness re syria, little about American politics.


Yikes, is there insurance for such a thing.

Frau Hadsch

Stoning Ceremony - Come stone or be stoned.

Shirts versus Skins first night only. Stones must have been checked and stamped to guarantee uniform size and weight. Any fraudster will have his stones removed and immediately escorted to the stampede area.

Feeling lucky? Baksheesh might trade hands if the religious guardians of virtue are not looking. Sultan Süleyman and his Swinging Scimitars will play when the evening prayer ends. Don't miss the Wailing Wahabists who will be on hand for the survivors who are able to attend the closing ceremony.

Idle hands and all...


General Jack Keane on FOX:

Says that Russia is a supporter of Assad and they will support him as long as necessary. Says so far they appear to be just taking and maintaining control of an Air Base in Syria with their troops and missiles, as Assad had or was losing control of his last AirBase as his hold on power diminishes.

Keane says that Russians and Putin see an opportunity here. They see us retreating from the Middle East. Says our allies are making friends with Russia because of our weakness and because our Mid East allies (Jordan/Saudi Arabia etc) cannot/do not trust, so this is a golden opportunity for Putin to gain influence and power. Our frightened allies recognize what Putins' intentions are, but they see us arming Iran, and that scares them worse than what Putin's aims are.


lol ...


The previous was from a Maher appearance, but Salman doesn't need any prompting to show himself as a fool. Martin amis, people! Even a showed some awareness.

Please, Putin, pretty please.

Heh, daddy, why doesn't Kerry ask for a reset button?


There's a certain irony with events in mecca, yesterday, well more than the obvious.



why are there rules, guidelines, laws, and a whole army of bureaucrats to enforce same when someone could just claim everything was personal a cull out the bad and turn over the self serving.


naughty bin ...

Half the Muslim world suspects.

n, don't you understand that the Israelis sabotaged that crane?


Guess who owns the crane, they are also building the tallest building in jiddah.

Beasts of England

I'm sure it was an independent and dispassionate review, rich. Right?


Excellent report on the real state of the situation
We have lost so much foreign ground under Obama


a -> and

... kinda late for coffee.


Jacksonville State?


I just cannot understand the refusal to attempt to stop the deal.

Bringing that discussion over from the previous thread.

What amazes me is that this is an issue the country is motivated about, and it is as strong a black and white issue that Conservatives could come up with to hang around the necks of our opponents during re-election time, yet McConnell and Boehner completely give it away.

Now the Prez will turn toward Global Warming, an issue the Press and College kids love, and that does not resonant near as strongly with Americans as the issue of giving nukes to our sworn enemies. The Prez and the Left will happily ride Global Warming as their election horse and Conservatives will now be on defense on that phony issue.

So what Boehner/McConnell have done is to take our best re-election card off the table and instead have dealt us a new piss poor hand that'll have difficulty beating, Obama, the Pope, the EU, and anything else.

Why would they do that?

Maybe I'll find out on catch-up.


From the last thread...

For Beasts since he wants a guitar thread.

For the fans of Mr. 335.

Look for the you tube of Carlton and Robben Ford playing "Encore Blues" live in Japan.

Two very fine guitarists in my humble opinion.


Next time, daddy. Next time the Rs will go for the throat. NEXT time

Eric in Boise

FWIW, both of our daughters graduated from U of I after attending Boise State as Freshmen/Sophomores. The Mrs. and I learned in a hurry that wearing the Orange and Blue in the land of the Black and Gold is a dicey proposition.


No need for humility there, Buckeye. Could not agree more. Saw Ford live in Santa Monica many years ago in a tiny club. He looked like he was about 12.


EiB, you do know Idaho's school colors are gold and...silver, yes?


Hillary had no right to delete any emails Full stop



totes! it was a filing by the Justice Department in one of the Judicial Watch cases. probably a stalling tactic because the Justice Department itself has officials in non-official set ups and they really don't want any sort of precedence.

I find it hard to believe that coven.net only had some 61k messages belonging to the High Priestess then she could deem 31k personal. None of her familiars had responsive documents?

the mood i'm in


Beasts of England

Great stuff, Buckeye! Loved her '56 gold top.


The rotten Iran deal will be an election centerpiece for the Repubs
Just wait and see
I refuse to set my hair on fire until closer to the election



Eric in Boise

Har! Guess not, Lyle! The only color that seemed to matter to a lot of the fans was black, as in "black out", which they did in the student section on a regular basis.

(Heads off to turn in Vandal card).



His recent albums "Into the Sun" and "A day in Nashville" are simply superb.

Beasts of England

Cisnormative pronouns!!


well he is a bit girlish looking

Eric in Boise

And just an FYI, if you're a hard rock fan don't miss the Hunter / Wagner stuff on Youtube for some sweet, crunchy guitar goodness.

Carry on.


If the new President uses bunker busters on the centrifuge sites on day 1 and sinks their fleet on day 2, I will postpone any thoughts of setting my hair on fire.

Rick Ballard


Charlie Cook's piece today lays out the deadlines for Red Squaw to supplant Red Witch. I don't see the JustUs nonsense helping her pull her broom out of the dive and I can't see Red Witch reaching the acceptance stage before her auto da fe with inquisitor Gowdy in October.


Driving to the dog walk lately I've been floating back and forth between 2 cranked up loud Jazz guitar tunes that i got off some knock-off 50 cent album from China:

If anyone cares here they are:

Larry Carlton-Smiles and Smiles to go

Acoustic Alchemy-Playing For Time

Both have nice catchy interlude sections and set me off with a positive mental attitude for Dog Walking.


The rotten Iran deal will be an election centerpiece for the Repubs
Just wait and see

I sure hope so Maryrose, but my depressive take on it is that for no gain whatever we have turned the world into a horribly more dangerous place, significantly weakened America while straightening our enemies, and that this will now be essentially a non-issue with the great majority of the non-Conservative Electorate come November 2016.

I don't think our Leadership could have handled this any worse than they did.

Cispigmented Heteronormative Microagressive Vulgarian Ignatz

--If the new President uses bunker busters on the centrifuge sites on day 1--

Pretty sure dropping that hopeless goof on anyone is a violation of the Geneva Conventions.

I do however acknowledge his noggin would penetrate many feet of concrete.

Frau Hadsch

MI Dems' war on Women:
Male gets to resign but the female is expelled.

This is tackle and not touch football Alinsky tactics at work:
* RULE 4: “Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”

(NPR gleefully reports)"Two Tea Party Republican lawmakers in Michigan are gone today — one resigned, another expelled — after their alleged extramarital affair and a botched cover-up became national news last month. ... Rep. Cindy Gamrat, with whom Courser allegedly had the affair, was expelled from the Legislature by a 91-12 vote.

"I firmly believe in restoration and redemption," she said after the vote. "I have done everything I can to redeem this situation, and I'm sincerely sorry for what this has caused. I still believe my actions warrant censure, but not expulsion."

Are there some special punishments for MI state officials who fool around?
Sucks to be a woman with an "R" after your name. Isn't this just a private matter between the individuals involved? No, it's stick it to conservatives who talk about God.


Two great pieces, daddy. I have both of the CDs they're from.


Well you have to admit that Big Fat Democrat with very bad toupee has certainly nailed in this quote:

It’s re­mark­able to me that the 74-year-old Ver­mont sen­at­or, who will be six years older next Elec­tion Day than Ron­ald Re­agan was in 1980, is be­ing taken this ser­i­ously. Has any mem­ber of Con­gress dur­ing the past 23 years been less con­sequen­tial, less ef­fect­ive, and taken less ser­i­ously than Sanders? Is there any Demo­crat­ic sen­at­or less able to win a na­tion­wide gen­er­al elec­tion?


Here is my dog walk song:

~~Puppydoodle's, not a poodle~

She's a Yorkie, who is porky~

She's my Kiwi and I love her~

She's the best dog in the world~~~



And, regarding Planned Parenthood, think again if you thought they would do anything.

McConnell: Planned Parenthood funding protest 'exercise in futility'

It is as if McConnell and Boehner would be criticizing Cato The Elder for standing up in the Senate each and every speech and closing with the famous:
"Carthago Delenda Est"

"Look'it Cato. You can't be saying that after every speech. It's an exercise in futility." All you're doing is creating unrealistic hope among the Hoi Polloi."

"Yeah Cato. cool it. The Roman people aren't yet ready to deal with the Carthaginians. So let our Consul's cut their deal with our enemies around the Mediterranean, and lets vote instead on how much bread and how many circuses we should fund so that the rabble will shut up and we can keep our jobs and dine in the Forum Gardens in peace."


I find it hard to believe that coven.net only had some 61k messages belonging to the High Priestess then she could deem 31k personal.

Any numbers given are just totally made up. How in the world do we know HOW MANY she had except for what she says.




I'm gonna act like a Dem. & let someone else clean up my mess....




Fixed it for you, madam.


Looks like Rich beat me by a minute. Still looking up the thread, it appears that the finger may need to point towards Daddy and not Janet.


think it was daddy who left the open tag Janet.

and agreed any number she says should be taken with salt shaker.

Rick thanks for the link. Skeptical that Warren has the ground game necessary if the calendar is working against others from jumping in and surprised he took a shot at Sanders ("Has any mem­ber of Con­gress dur­ing the past 23 years been less con­sequen­tial, less ef­fect­ive, and taken less ser­i­ously than Sanders?").


daddy,I just started reading a book titled "Salem Witch Judge" about Samuel Sewall.Is he the guy who sentenced your g,g,g,g granny? I'll give a book report when I finish.


So true
My hope is that they retrieve the deleted emails
OReilly says if it is proved she had the server professionally scrubbed that is obstruction of justice


good luck Sparty. great early season matchup.


Once again I was the guilty asterisker:(

So If me and Janet were in the Michigan Legislature, I'd be allowed to resign and she'd be impeached. Do I have that correct?


R B. Rah
When Hil his 25 percent in the polls the.n acceptance will come


Starting to look like Trump may outdraw the Texas Rangers tomorrow. American Airlines arena where the Mavericks play, holds about 20,000 ( all tickets are gone ).

Rangers meanwhile are in a pennant race currently hold one of the two wild card spots for the playoffs, and are just a game out of first place in their division. Their stadium holds over 40,000 but they have not been drawing well of late despite the pennant race.

Just in case you read about the crowd not measuring up...


Samuel Sewall.Is he the guy who sentenced your g,g,g,g granny?


He was certainly one of the scum buckets in granny's affair, but I can't remember off the top if he was the head scum bucket or no.

"Five years after the trials concluded, Sewall issued a public confession demonstrating personal remorse, taking in his words the "Blame and Shame" for his part in condemning innocent people. He was the only judge to do so."

Three of my great ancestors (all sisters) were charged, but only 2 of them were hung, as the hangings stopped before the 3rd was taken to the gallows. We also had other family members charged but they fled to Manhattan until after the carnage was over. I do recall reading that one of my surviving relatives, upon his deathbed, said he forgave one of the Judges, probably Sewell, but that if he recovered from the ailment he thought was about to kill him, he was going to withdraw his forgiveness and damn the guy to Hell all over again:)

Miss Marple


Agree with you totally and that is why I wrote my two discouraged, angry, an pessimistic comments on the last thread.

I hate the democrats and hold the GOP in contempt.

I am disgusted with the entire situation. And I am horrified at the abandonment of people who placed their trust in our country.

Obama has made us a nation without honor.


not looking good for the Lumberjacks today ... 21-0 just starting the second.



daddy,give the guy a break,he repented! :) The author mentions in the introduction that Sewall wore a hair shirt as a form of repentance for the rest of his life.


>>>Obama has made us a nation without honor.

Posted by: Miss Marple | September 12, 2015 at 04:22 PM<<<

It's been that way for a while, he has just exploited it.


I don't understand server's, but for our Computer geeker's who do, let me ask this question.

If perchance, Bill Clinton, (who apparently did not ever send -Emails) happened to occasionally glance at, lets say, 'Miss America' pix, would that also show up on the server?

I am simply asking because knowing that famous horgdog's horndogging, I would assume that that server, if it kept track of such stuff, would be nothin' but such horndog pix, and you'd need Hercules, ala the Augean Stables, to clean out the pix on that server just to get to the emails about Yoga.

Is that the real answer why they had to "wipe clean the server with a cloth" that even Hillary wouldn't touch?

Miss Marple


I was feeling bad that I couldn't take my grandson to Europe this summer.

Now I think perhaps God's providence has kept us from getting killed.


not going to be making a comeback by fumbling on your 30 yard line ... already down 28.

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