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September 12, 2015


Dave (in MA)

TK, could be, they didn't list any names. Not that I follow that stuff closely, anyway.

Dave (in MA)

A thread
that is new
has arrived

Miss Marple


Highlights of Walker's "anti-union" proposals as outlined by the AP.

To me, he should mainly go for the federal employee unions, and throw in that FDR opposed them. Leave right to work to the states.

Celestial Ignatz

--The failure *might* have been ineptitude, but the more believable explanation is that GOPe prefers the perks that come with the status quo over the far reduced roles that would be available in a government conforming to constitutional limits.--

Or, at least as likely, the GOPe was perfectly happy to see Lerner going after their mutual enemy; Tea Partiers.


Biden reportedly holds secret meeting with Obama bundler in NYC

Oxy moron.


Iggy's safe!! Yeah!!

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Yes, Iggy gets the right answer regarding the GOPe's attitude regarding the IRS and conservatives. They are willing to lose everything but their place at the trough.


Rush was pointing as part of the top men's Stockholm syndrome, the encomiums for the Simon.

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