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September 01, 2015


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

David Brooks on Hillary.
Time for my morning dry heaves.


Wonder if this Brooks column is a result of the "OTR" referenced in ext's 9:27 on the previous thread, linked here again for convenience:


Nah, I don't really wonder.


jimmyk, that link is about Hillary on David Brooks.

Ooh. More dry heaves.


What, another new off the record pants creasing with Brooks and Hilligula? Eff Brooks and the university (Columbia) which spawned him.


Any guesses as to who "preines___ " is in that e-mail in the above link, to whom it says

An OTR conversation with you is the best way to help guys like Brooks "figure out" how things work.

Presumably someone large and muscular? Or perhaps with a beautiful crease in his pants?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--To be fair to Mr. Brooks...--

That raises an obvious question.


And do you think Vince Foster's name might have come up in that OTR?

Jeff Dobbs

preines is Phillipe Reines.




Your writing skills actually rival TM's, and that is a very high bar indeed. I'm impressed.

Rick Ballard
...she keeps parsing the "marked classified at the time" excuse strongly suggests she set it up that way from the get-go...

My theory: some aide (Huma?)

-- Took printed-out top-secret documents and scanned them in and ran OCR on them.

-- Took the resultant text files and merged and summarized and "digested" them into a series of briefing books which were text files on her computer.

-- Hilary copied/pasted freely from those documents into emails.

Whomever "digested out" the secrecy markings is guilty of espionage, and, in fact, I'm willing to bet money that foreign powers not only had all her emails, but also had root access to her server and had access to all of those "briefings" in their entirety. But, even more important, had access to all of the scanned-in secret documents and their entire contents and such had access to all sorts of incredibly sensitive stuff that Hilary never even saw herself.

That's MY theory -- anybody think I'm wrong?
No one challenged the hypothesis yesterday and the exposure of Blumenthal's missives to Red Witch strongly suggest her preference for digests. I'm curious as to the clearance status of coven members. Who had clearance at the SCIF level? Abedin prepared the summary which was identified as SCIF material, did she have the clearance to steal it herself or is there a Lady of the Flies maggot tucked away in the security apparat?

We're not going to know until and unless JustUs charges someone under the Espionage Act because the IG DNI report is never going to be published for public consumption.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Since, judging by the headline, this seems to be the pure undulterated sleazy sex thread and because this topic is just so darned important and serves as good click bait for TM, I'll bring this over from the last one;

So, the Gizmodo chick I linked previously says she was utterly wrong about there only being 12,000 real women on Ashley Madison.
Now says there were at least 770,000 chicks just looking for chicks, which she seems to assume are probably genuine.
Says there is no way, with the data dumped so far, to tell how many women used the site.

Most importantly she now says there were at least 70,000 bots created to email exclusively men with millions of fake chat messages and replies, presumably to keep them signed up and paying customers because of all the fembots interested in them.

Something smells fishy about Ashley.

Old Lurker

If you missed it on the last page of the previous thread, I do think this is a big deal:


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--I know this is shocking, but someone at JustOneMinute besides Tom Maguire occasionally reads the New York Times, and in this case David Brooks specifically.--

At first I thought Hit was implying his admin privileges had shown him Brooksy is a commenter here, but then I realized even the trolls aren't as boring and stupid clods as the man in the gray flannel Brooks Bros suit.


There aren't a lot of political folks here at JOM(fair statement),so let's bottom line this shit so's we can at least have a non-Tom Maguire real perspective;politics is the exact same as bar fighting...it's about sticking a fuckin broken glass in your opponents face,destroying his self identity and banging his girlfriend while he screams on the floor in his own blood(and she's loving it).

This email shit is so faggoty...I can't even begin to describe how ineffective it is.It's embarrassing almost to the degree I want to scream at the college educated folks who've walked into a bar fight armed with a book on good manners and etiquette.

We're gonna rape you in front of the world just for fun of it.

Are you starting to see how weak you are as a political party...relying on moronic scandals to get you to the White house by default?

I don't think you do, which is why we'll cruise to another win in 2016........and you'll still be wading through ....uhm.....emails......yeah......o.k.....



Brookes notes HC's trademark sarcastic sense of humor, usually directed at Republicans and her critics, but gives no example when her recent comment re illegals .."they'll load them into boxcars, I guess".. illustrates her humor so well. And no mention of those made to suffer during HC's numerous escape attempts, like Billy Dale who was totally exhonerated despite HillBilly siccing the FBI, DOJ, and GAO dogs on him. It wouldn't surprise me if Brookes would respond to "Billy Dale" with "Who?"

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

WeeDavey's handlers must have shot him some new Hilary poll numbers.

Hold me clothe.

She's wiped, like with a loathe.

jimmyk on iPhone

The "with a cloth" line was hilarious, as was the snapchat joke.


a happy birthday to Fredrick.


the naughty bin ... really?

Jack is Back!


To all my guitar friends/advisors: Thank you all so much. Frederick will be one surprised kid when his Les Paul Studio model and Amp show up.

One thing I found out is that Musician's Friend and Guitar Center are one in the same. Because I ordered the set from Belgium using a different billing and shipping address, I went around in circles with Guitar Center to the point the phone calls were costing an arm and leg. So I went with Musician's Friend and they have shipped but not without sending out the same notice they needed verification and the same 800 number to call.

Just so you know, in case you don't already.

Do you think a neck strap and a guitar to amp cable will come with the package?

Jack is Back!

Reposting II:

Go to Google maps and type in "Melkefoss, Norway". Its on the far northern border with Mother Russia. Hundreds of Syrian, Iraqi and other ME migrants a week come across the border there. Most on bikes or motorcycles. That is how desperate it is.

Number one story in all the Belgium papers and most of Europe is the migrant crisis. It could bring down Merkel. Greek debt and the Euro didn't but this well could be her guillotine.


lol ... working on catch up.


Brooks looking at the finely creased pantsuit

Found the trouble, and am now awaiting a vacuum tube being custom manufactured in Roosia.

Yeah, Jane, in this case I thought he purposely copied Tom's style, almost as an exercise. Exquisite, the bot' of 'em.


Jack, on neck strap and cable... don't assume. Don't forget picks either. The good news is these are standard things.


so with the invasion is Russia providing the aid to get them to Europe's doorstep then letting loose upon the border?


pretty sure the neck strap won't but a cable might come with the amp.

picks, strings, and a polishing cloth.


Columbia University president causes stir with Obama announcement

Columbia University President Lee Bollinger caused a stir Monday by reportedly announcing that President Barack Obama will be coming to the New York-based campus in 2017.

The Columbia Daily Spectator student newspaper reported that Bollinger made the announcement at convocation but that he didn’t elaborate on what type of role Obama would have on campus.

The university late on Monday clarified that Bollinger was not making a big reveal.

"Lee Bollinger’s comment at Convocation today that he was looking forward to welcoming back Columbia’s most famous alumnus only reiterated the May 12 statement by the Barack Obama Foundation that it 'intends to maintain a presence at Columbia University for the purpose of exploring and developing opportunities for a long term association' and reflected no further developments concerning President Obama’s plans."

via Drudge

Sooth your St Vithified 'Nuts!'

Russians establishing air control in Syria. Anybody surprised?

Beasts of England

Replied on the last thread, JiB! Check your invoice to see if the chord and strap are included. If not, any music store will have both. And henry is right - don't forget a handful of assorted picks: different styles and thicknesses.

Good job on the Les Paul!

Introductory Introdictary.

Somewhere between Bethlehem and Mashad.

Damn that simple tube.

er, 'Interdictory'.

There's gotta be a pony in there somewhere.

Hey Jane, Obama's going back to Columbia to search for his old transcripts.


and from the other thread re: the Stephens oped in the WSJ.

actually found it offensive.

One wonders if the total collapse of network security in the last few years might just be related to the total collapse of our immigration system and the total corruption of the so called brainiacs visa programs.

Beasts of England

The LP Studio package I saw at MF has a chord, strap, tuner, gig bag and headphones - everything but picks! Looks awesome!! How much fun to remember those days...

Jeff Dobbs

A chord is necessary

So much for Catastrophic Anthropogenic Ball Pressure Change.

Waiting patiently at the bus stop, under the umbrella for the Berman decision. Brady's got nuthin' to lose and Goodell has a lot to lose. Nice impasse.

A cold winter will naturally deflate the balls.


how skilled would the hr departments be in screening out security threats especially when they have a mandate to on board the brainiac h1s?

Beasts of England

Welp, it is the first chord for 'Smoke on the Water'! ;)


As the noose tightens around Hil's neck flacks like Brooks and Lanny Davis and Podesta come out in full force
Death knell for Hil if Biden gets in and she can't diss him because he is still grieving
Sanders won't attack her so she looks churlish if she tries to stop him
Her delegate number ploy fell flat
Everyone knows super delegates will dump her in an instant when the IG gets ready to pounce
First to go under the Hil bus Huma followed by Mills and Sullivan and finally Reines


Enjoyed these pics of current prez candidates when they were young, especially Walker and Christie. The pic of a young Kasich shaking hands with Richard Nixon claims the invite came when Kasich wrote him a letter inviting him to contact him if he ever wanted to talk.

James D

Ig @ 10:09

Shocking that a company built around helping people to lie and decieve might have been less than entirely honest with their customers...

James D

I don't know how you have the strength to read Brooks' garbage, Jeff.

Just thinking about him and his creases makes me physically ill.


Brady suspended for 1 game minimal fine


During HC's entire time at State 2008-20013, there was never a permanent, Senate-confirmed IG in place. That's incredible.

Beasts of England

DublinDave's political instincts are usually spot-on and much more accurate than he gets credit for. He even makes a few really good points above, but his ultimate assessment is wrong. The emails, as one potenti candidate might opine, are a big fucking deal.

Beasts of England


Dave (in MA)

http://shoebat.com/2015/08/31/video-muslims-take-four-innocent-people-tie-them-by-their-arms-and-legs-and-slowly-cook-them-to-death/ But Curt Schilling must be punished.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Does Brooks even pretend to be Carlos Slim's in house Repuke? At least Jen Rubin puts on her GOPe cheerleader outfit.

Rick Ballard


Surprised? Not really. Putin understands the import of the withdrawal of the American aegis better than anyone else. I'm a bit surprised at the collapse of Turkey as Europe's security fence from Mahometan influx.

Watching the EUnuchs deal with the nobility of a flood of Mahometan savages coming over the border is going to be interesting. What does their Cloward-Piven Manual suggest as a proper response to being beheaded?




Beasts of England

DuDa has always shared the angles from which the left operates and how they will use them to tie up the right. He's correct more often than not, rich. He's providing a valuable service. When he's not drunk...


Enjoyed these pics of current prez candidates when they were young

Needed the caption to help me figure out which one was Lindsey.


Brooks' leftward trek: Washington Times, then > WSJ op-ed > Weekly Standard > Newsweek > Atlantic Monthly > NPR/PBS > New York Times.

Beasts of England

There was a good post somewhere on the web this morning about ideological blind spots. We're not immune from them here, although I'd say we are far more honest than most at internicine exposure. Nonetheless, I value other perspectives (rants?) because there are often kernels of truth included; even as asides.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Bret Stephens can die in a fire. That little mincemeat is one of the reasons I told Rupert to fuck off.


I'm Melting!!!!!!!


Jack, it won't come with the obligatory Jack Daniels. Jeff that chord is played with only the index finger.

Captain Hate on the iPad

HB Frau & Frederick

Jeff Dobbs

During HC's entire time at State 2008-20013, there was never a permanent, Senate-confirmed IG in place. That's incredible.

Hey now, that's my line.

You heard it here first a while back . . . more than once.

Beasts of England

Let's try this: Dave accurately described politics as a bar fight. We ran a pussy against a Chicago thug in the last presidential election and got slattered. The GOPe would like to run another pussy (Jeb) against another bar fighter (Cankles). That's a loser.

There are only four candidates on our slate who aren't wimps: Carly, Cruz, Walker and Trump. All others lose.

I'd say that I'm sorry for the coarse language, but too much is at stake to be worried about terminology.

Beasts of England

I play it with my middle finger, GUS! Seriously...


Yes Beasts. Note all 4 give Bret Stephens hives.


CH said it better than I could. The whole tone of it was bizarre-surprised his editor didn't tone it down or spike it. The people are-little vulgarians (never mind that that would be incorrect usage of the word since those that are supporting him aren't newly rich or empowered in the age of Zero)?


don't see it, but will admit to my own blind spots.


Another day, another police office shot & killed. This one near Chicago.




Duda is a political demi-God with Colin farrel-esque good looks and an Irish accent for added neeson-esque sexiness.

Look,I'm pretty dumb as far as your average every day citizen goes and obviously I haven't had a decent education (bad punctuation,incorrect grammar,poorly constructed sentences,typos out the ass etc) but I'm smart enough to know that the rightful owners of a permanent political majority in the united states are the Republican party.

Trust me,I come from socialist central and as much as I hate it... this country naturally leans Republican.

Which is why this fever that has gripped said righties in recent years is sooo damn enjoyable and entertaining for a liberal slut such as meself. It's like mom and pop went to a dodgy party and left us in charge to wreck the place.

And it's also interesting that your so colled political strategists have haven't tried to steer you toward.... just an ever so slightly more moderate position on just about every issue-somethin that would guarentee you the WH.

Trust me, I'm a dem who works for dems and I can tell you that the one thing dems are fucking terrified of is the GOP getting it's shit together. When that happens the Democrats are finished.......when it happens.....

Jack is Back!


More later but off to the Sheraton at Zaventam (BRU) for our overnighter before grabbing Brussels Air tomorrow morning for JFK.

Tots straks, vrienden.

Beasts of England

I'd like to second the motion on Jeff's writing - very well done.


politics as a bar fight, still not seeing it. Ronald Reagan (sure he had Lee Atwater) maybe Nixon (but he had the good fortune to run in a 3 way race then against McGovern) ...

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Has Jim Miller covered this?
Washington State profs promise to flunk, kick out of class or simply give bad grades if students 'use terms such as “illegal alien,” "male," and “female,” or if they fail to “defer” to non-white students.'


lol ... sure you are dudu, sure you are.


I play it with my middle finger

. . . which is quite wide and narrow.


other side of the state from him if my memory of WA geography is correct.

banning words, can banning books be all that far behind.


lol ... sure you are dudu, sure you are.

I AM Truly a seriously,deeply sexy guy....it's like the only lousy thing I have going for me.I have no money,no prospects....just my hotness and my tight ass....that's literally all I have.....


WeeDouchebagDavey is a fukwad. Nothing more nothing less. If you find a lying Commie pile of shit interesting and/or useful, knock yourself out.
I don't associate with vermin. The lengths DouchebaggyDave and other LIBTARDS go to lie, cheat and steal is in no way amusing to me.


Whoa. Shown on video, two San Antonio deputies kill unarmed man standing still with his arms raised. Both deputies and the victim have "Hispanic" founding names.



and re: your photo post on the other thread. a bit of local color on sports radio hasn't been race, it has mostly been along the line of why did it take so long. It has been known since last season that RG3 wasn't the answer and that the Redskins have bungled the whole thing: waited until they 1. picked up his injury protected option and 2. waited until he has little trade value.


"WeeDouchebagDavey is a fukwad. Nothing more nothing less. If you find a lying Commie pile of shit interesting and/or useful, knock yourself out.
I don't associate with vermin"

We should do lunch.

If you're ever in Tampa let's kick back,have a few beers,forget politics(or not),maybe a cuban sandwhich at the columbia in Ybor(awesome).

Life is so,so short it really doesn't matter who you beer with.as long as it's Heineken and cold.


sorry....have beer with...

Miss Marple

Didn't Lee Atwater work for Bush 41?

I had an old friend on Free Republic called Common Tator. (Some of you might have run across him. He was an old guy who had lots of experience in Ohio politics. He has sadly passed away.)

He told me that politics is about making converts. Now you can make converts by persuasion, by being more attractive than the other side.

Or you can make converts like the Muslims do, by threat. (This doesn't work too well if you don't have execution as your threat.)

Seems to me that we need to present the most attractive positions to attract voters while making the other guys look unattractive (Hillary is pretty good at making herself look unappealing).

I do vote for ruthlessness, because we are in a situation where we are trying to win converts while fighting off the Mongol hordes. We definitely need people who are good at strategic thinking and who understand how the average person thinks.


hahahaha ... the political demigod ... too bad he isn't too sexy for this blog.

James D

I read the Bret Stephens piece. What a jackass.

He still doesn't get it. None of the GOPe do.

Forget immigration. How about the GOPe give us actual action, or at the very least a credible spokesperson with a believable plan for action, on SOMETHING?

The IRS runs amok, clearly breaks the law, high officials brazenly destroy evidence and lie to Congress...and what is the response? Toothless hearings and fat pensions to criminals who are allowed to walk out of their jobs, heads held high.

The President negotiates a terrible, insanely dangerous agreement with an enemy state, refuses to let anyone see any of the details, and what is the response? A bill that surrenders the Senate's treaty-approval power so that 67 votes in the Senate will be required to stop the deal.

I could go on and on and on and on and on and on. Pick an abuse by Obama and the Democrats, or a general failure by the federal bureaucracy, and the GOPe's response is...crickets.

And yet, after all that, after failure piled upon failure, lie piled upon lie, we're supposed to sit quietly and accept the latest version of the GOPe Goldilocks Turtle Program Deluxe in hopes that somehow it will be different this time?

Jeff Dobbs

Heh, from that June thread where I was ranting about no permanent, senate-confirmed IG at State....here's a daddy comment. Which, given Brooks' column today makes daddy very prescient:


I think David Brooks ("President Obama has run an amazingly scandal-free administration, not only he himself, but the people around him.") might say there was no need for an IG for State, because everyone was so naturally honest and above board.

Or is that another one of those Fox Butterfield thingies?

Posted by: daddy | June 05, 2015 at 03:53 AM


Any Brady decision yet?



he worked for both. he worked on the Reagan campaigns then went to the political shop at the WH working for Rollins. He then ran the Bush 88 campaign.


You should fuck yourself with a Heineken bottle. Again.

Beasts of England

Think I'll toss my PBR can out of bounds and stop the clock; head to my favorite float-up bar and harass the hottest beertender on the lake. Yeah. That's the ticket! :)

Dave (in MA)
Life is so,so short it really doesn't matter who you beer with.as long as it's Heineken and cold.
What a giveaway.

POLITICO's reporting on Clinton emails, it's like the biggest fucking snoozefest in history.

Walk into a bar, find the most poorly dressed, down on his luck asshole and say "hey,bud,what the Hillary email scandal?"

His response should inform you on how much energy you should invest
in it.


sorry...what about.....


I think you mean Gay bar FUKWADDavey.


"You should fuck yourself with a Heineken bottle. Again"

I honestly think you'd like me IRL Mr.Gus.


cause that poor schlub is just itching to vote ... can't wait to get to the polls. waiting with baited breath the 32 point position paper on tax policy.

Captain Hate on the iPad

The GOPe is in the process of squandering a golden opportunity of winning converts by gelding the IRS. This should've been a no brainer until it was revealed that McRINO is quite happy to use it against conservatives.


Anyone else see kasich on greta last night talking about how the key to the West is each person recognizing the need to be bigger than himself.

These GOPe pols that have spent their adult lives sucking from the public teat and they want to lecture us about a communitarian ethos. Never mind we confiscate your money. It's to pursue a more enlightened vision than you are willing to do.


"I think you mean Gay bar FUKWADDavey"

Nothing wrong with being gay,Mr Gus.The point is human connection,not the sex,sieze,race etc of the person you're loving on.....as long as you're both happy.

Not even in love....just happy.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Poll: 'Liar' Most Frequently Associated Word With Hillary Clinton

The word “liar” was mentioned 178 times in association with Hillary Clinton. Some of the other top words voters said to describe the former Secretary of State were “dishonest,” “untrustworthy,” and “criminal.”

The two issues the GOP argues why Clinton’s unfit to hold office - “Benghazi” and “email” – topped the list as well.

No effect whatsoever. That's why Weedavey is advising we drop it; because it's hurting Repubs so much, not hillary.


Obama told the Goforth family that Deputy Goforth is in his prayers.


Miss Marple


Kasich works out his salvation on the taxpayer's dime.

I find this repulsive and hypocritical.

Will not vote for him in primary, and if he's the candidate he will lose, because as God is my witness I am pretty sure that the dems have dirt on him.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Nothing wrong with being gay,Mr Gus.--


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