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September 17, 2015



Speaking of boycott lists, did you Google anything today?

Ready to donate to a relief fund for migrants and refugees? Google will match your donation.


Gutfield is right, it was just too short a debate...

Ismail Ibn Sharif

I'll take an "average" looking smart woman over a bombshell idiot every time.



I see we've moved to a new thread, so I'll re-post my quasi-mea culpa here. Having read all the comments above, I still think that Ms. Fiorina is not a winner. Now, I'll go put on my asbestos suit.

"There are notable Republican politicians who have done very well in California. This has been especially true when the voters have been ready for a change. Barbara Boxer was vulnerable - vicious yes, but vulnerable in the same sense that Gray Davis was vulnerable. People expected Ms. Fiorina to win. I'll concede that cake walk was too strong an expression, but she was expected to win.

Meg Whitman's case and campaign problems were a different story and related to a number of different issues."

Posted by: Barbara | September 17, 2015 at 04:03 PM


Thank you for the prayers
My family member who had 4 arteries repaired is doing fine


Trump advisor says Trump doesn't do debate prep. And that's a good thing that you want known? Sheesh.

From Lowry's "Cruz is Sitting Pretty" link:
"Such is the disgust with the Republican leadership, that there is no longer such a thing as going too far. Cruz could burn John Boehner in effigy, and no one would bat an eye. Cruz could make a citizen’s arrest of Mitch McConnell on the Senate floor on grounds of gross crimes of omission against the constitutional republic, and the Luntz focus group would applaud his plucky initiative. In sum, there’s nothing Cruz could do short of pissing in the Yankee Bean soup in the Senate dining room that would be too outlandish, and even then his most devoted fans might say, “It’s about damn time!”


You and your family member are in my prayers, maryrose.


I'll donate two don't-give-a-shits. Let them match that.

And, BTW, where are all the multi-culti asswipes on this mass migration infestation going on in Eutopia? If all cultures are equal why are hundreds of thousands of migrants maggots swarming out of their cultures to find refuge in some other one? It's a mystery, huh?


Thanks for the update, maryrose.

Agent J

Ignatz @ 4:43

I bet they taste like s###.


Just had a roof put on our deck and used a friend from HS and his crew, but the neighbors across the street who had a tree land on their house have a full crew doing the roof repair and yep... spanish speaking semi english speaking crew.

I could have gotten the deck roof done for about a third less if I hadn't used my friend, but I refused to use the Home Depot day crews.


The Land of fruits and nuts has so few Republicans that the Democrats can pass anything they want in the State houses without a single Republican vote. Its a blue hell. I never expected Carly to win there, and anyone who did probably is still clinging to the tooth fairy as well...


rse, that jobs thing is no surprise. Kinda what Walker is doing here -- partnered with the local big employers GE, Caterpillar, Joy Global, and Case. Again no surprise. I get hit on by the local tech schools, one of which is not entirely idiots. Them I talk to, but make no promises or resource commitments. (Then again long term in my business is next year, they can't make a PowerPoint slideshow with requirements that fast, let alone turn it into curriculum and graduate anyone. These things are doomed to irrelevance in tech areas).


Barbara, I share your doubts about Carly's chances for success in a general election as the Republican.

daddy  (Vote for Pedro!)

"So why's Jeb Bush on tippy toes?"

"Maybe he's light in his loafers."

Bush explains why he stood on tiptoes in debate photo

"Were you looking for someone or were you looking to be a little taller than the guy to your right?" Fox News host Bill Hemmer asked Bush on "America's Newsroom."

"I was looking over the press to see where my wife was sitting because she's the love of my life and I just need to have eye contact with her before we started," Bush explained.

"You've been married 42 years — that's the kind of thing you do," Bush said smiling, about his wife Columba Bush, who was in the audience at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library.

Beasts of England

It's not the crime, it's the cover up, Jeb!


Yeah sure, he looked like a kid trying to get attention.

Btw, Fiorina is pretty tall. Taller than Huck and Paul, anyway.


Good news maryrose.

No she's not the huntress or haley, or that hawt Israeli minister of justice, but as compared to most examples in the political world.

daddy  (Vote for Pedro!)

Great news, Maryrose.

daddy  (Vote for Pedro!)

Lurker Susie,

Please post more. Cheers.

Jack is Back!

Coulter doesn't like Carly and I think I know why.

She is smarter than Coulter and Coulter, who is really a make beleive pundit but a skank, can't stand any woman conservative who is threatening to dethrone her phony perch.


Coulter has a bigger Adam's apple than Carly...

Janet S.

Ignatz's 4:43 link - Doritos launches rainbow flag chips to benefit Dan Savage’s LGBT group

See...that's what gets me. Dan Savage? A vile person that spews hate & ugliness.

Even NOW called out Dan Savage - http://now.org/blog/rape-fantasies-played-for-laughs-on-hbos-real-time-with-bill-maher/
a video of the exchange -

Give money to support marriage & you are shunned. Give money to Dan Savage & it's a-okay.

Some posts at Newsbusters -

Gay Activist Dan Savage to Ben Carson: 'Suck My D**k'

Anti-Bullying Activist Dan Savage Curses at Christian High School Students, Calls Them 'Pansy-A--ed'

Anti-Bullying Bully Dan Savage Invites Herman Cain to Suck his D**k

Media Love Anti-bullying Bully Who Wishes Republicans Were 'All F**king Dead'


I understand that Coulter's recent book on illegal immigration was quite thoughtful and good. I've only read one of her books - I forget which - but it wasn't bad. She has a schtick, but she isn't dumb. She was all over John Roberts from the get-go, for example.


New thread.


I think there's no doubt Coulter is whip smart but her schtick is past it's sell-by date and...I think she knows it. Ergo, her careening all over the place politically and culturally these days. What's with the lashing out at the Joos?


I my town growing up we had a family that had 13 girls, that loved next door to a family that had nine boys.

Apropos of nothing.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Yeah, I should have noted it was on behalf of that flaming maggot Savage. Thanks Janet.


that flaming maggot


Carol Herman

Nope. I don't think these debates move people.

Yeah, CNN's ratings went high for them. So what? Even though it gave Drudge a headline out of it.

But the pundits didn't bring Trump to where he is now. If anything, they'd love to destroy him. And, he hasn't been touched.

Fiorina? She ran, here, in California, aiming for Barbara Boxer's seat. She didn't make it.

And, yes. It's amazing how often people can fail in politics. And, how Fiorina could also be an advertisement for Botox.


a friend had a miscarriage at 5 months in a hospital and was issued a death certificate and told she was responsible for remains strange how different the post procedure is depending on the facility.

Thomas Collins

Whether or not Fiorina ultimately can go the distance and become POTUS (and, except for military types such as Ike, I am always skeptical about people without experience in political office being able to navigate a POTUS run successfully), she has already accomplished going from the kindergarten table to being a contender. That could dissipate quickly if she doesn't translate the latest buzz into cash, but with essentially no one in the establishment press behind her, she has thrust herself into the race.

Trump is the national reality show favorite son candidate who could go into the convention as the national reality show favorite son candidate if he's willing to continue to spend his own money (no mean feat to be sure, since favorite son candidates typically hold delegates primarily from their home state and perhaps a few others), Carson is a wonderful human being who is not going to be POTUS, and Fiorina's odds to become POTUS are now shorter than pols such as Graham, Jindal, Christie, Pataki, and Rand Paul.

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