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September 14, 2015



ah red queen, what could we do without you, i'd like to find out,


jimmyk on iPhone

Trying to catch up... Jim Miller, I don't see why Trump's bankruptcies (Not his really, his businesses') are a black mark against him. You have to look at someone's overall record. Entrepreneurs take risks. If they never fail then they probably are being too cautious. I'd make a similar comment about Carly and HP. Business ventures sometimes don't work out for a whole host of reasons. I admire risk-takers.


actually it would have been facing the new Star wars film,


buzzfeed, tried to make a big deal of the fact, that trump sold his yacht to prince talal, back at the time of the first bankruptcy,


it's had a lot of turnover,



the irony, that the tragedy the other day reminded me of,


Rolling Thunder.

Secretary of State? Joltin' John Bolton.


which makes an interesting point, he can be rather unstated when mentioning certain transaction, when
he mentioned 'I've sold property to Saudis' he left out the fact it was his yacht and his flagship hotel.


Rebecca West wrote a very unusual, semi-autobiographical novel in the mid-50s called The Fountain Overflows. I found it very moving and recommend it highly. Reissued by the excellent New York Review of Books imprint, which specializes in forgotten gems.


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Kingdom Tower--since we paid for it we ought to get to knock it down. While there we could make our hadj and blast that big dumbass rock to pebbles to demonstrate the power of Allah.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Matt Yglesias again prompts speculation how his nervous system functions sufficiently to keep him breathing;

Why is the media more interested in Hillary's email than in Jeb's profoundly dishonest tax pitch?


why lowry why,



Ferris wheels? My least favorite ride... was on a double ferris wheel once and the wind came up suddenly and it was swaying so bad they had a hard time getting us back down. Never again.

The other ride I don't like is those swings that go round in circles. I don't like the idiots that like to swing up behind you and kick your swing.

It's funny cause I love the vomit inducers at the county fair that spin, but not the swings.

Strap me in and hurtle me up a hill at 120 mph and I'm happy.


again douglas adams is a good reference point,

Reportedly "disappointed" by the reception of his poem, Grunthos then prepared to read his 12-book epic, My Favourite Bathtime Gurgles (or Zen And The Art Of Going To The Lavatory in episode 2 of the TV series). He was prevented from doing so when his small intestine leapt up his neck and throttled his brain in a desperate bid to save civilization, killing him.


I admire risk-takers.

I do, too. My favorite story is Milton Hershey who started something like six candy companies that failed before launching the one that succeeded. Naturally his family and friends had prayed he would throw in the towel after company number two. But he didn't.

When I was 15 or so my friends and I took the train into Manhattan to walk around and shop. We wandered into a building with Trump's name on it. I had never heard of him. It was cool and almost dark and, yes, luxurious inside. Very exciting. I never forgot it. It was Trump Tower and it had just opened. Later he became much more famous.


what I was referring to in the other thread:


I guess that makes turnbull heseltine or is it hurd,


well there was a reason for stuart mills' remark about the tories, afterall, why couldn't it have been barnaby joyce, currently threatening mrs. depp with prison,


you almost don't notice the knife in abbott's back,



well it's mad, mad world, after all:


The Masque of Paris nigh.

Thanks for the link to T. Blair, n. From the comments:

'Now it is done.

Stay strong.'


steyn makes me think, they only poured half the bottle of poison, in his recount, of course they did similar to newt, and that worked out well,
turnbull as the wallaby urquart?


some find it, not so 'cunning a plan'


Squid Ink.

TNX Steyn, too. Very acute and original on Anglosphere politics. Bet Turnbull had more than twelve dollars supporting that gambit.


Steyn makes Turnbull sound not quite so bad, but the commenters at Blair disagree. They sound like we would if, say, Walker got the nomination sewn up at the convention, but then through some devious maneuver Jeb or Kasich stole it away. At the same time, it sounds like Abbott is a good man but not entirely cut out for being PM.


Yes that's probably the closest parallel. Mrs. Bishop was one of the coup plotters.

We can but hope for an early election with yet another leader for Liberal.

Faustino, a commenter at Judy's points out that Turnbull had to continue Abbot's climate plan in order to lock-in support. F. predicts that Turnbull can't go back on that, short of losing that support.

I'm not quite sure I buy it given what a committed alarmist he is, but you and jk are right, the commenters don't like him, and he may well not last long. Note the reference to Julie Bishop as a 'Black Widow'.

It's morning and I'm sick.

He may will beat the alarmist drums, and go down like Julia Guillard. The difference is that her lie was issued very publicly and his, so far, not. Her's was a blatant double cross, his will be to save the world and the 'reputation' of the Aussies.

Plexix, me child, plexis.

'may well beat the alarmist drums'


Well he has to follow the will of the liberal caucus, whats their overall stand on sky dragons, but this the second right government to recede in as many weeks.

British Tories are easing, edgily, in the same direction.

The caucus supported Abbott on repealing the carbon tax and reducing the green blob. Turnbull in charge of the ABC was a poison pen.

An aristocracy of information gone feral.

Heh, here's Abbott speaking to the press: Refuse to connive at dishonor by wielding the assassin's knife.


So he maybe 'mostly harmless' although he will play to abc and the morning Herald.

The quick and the quicked.

There will be knives out for him, too.

Jeff Dobbs

I'm on a train in San Francisco. Time to party.


Well I'm bummed about Tony Abbott. I liked him and pulled for him. Ughh:(


Grassy knoll. Hmmmpffff.

Here I am watching tonights Perry Mason episode, from Feb 21, 1959: The Case Of The Jaded Joker

A bad guy who deserved it took one in the melon.

Hamilton Berger has the Medical Examiner on the witness stand and from the questioning I thought we were finally going to put to rest the 2nd Gunner Theory:

Doctor: We find the bucket lodged in the brain, and we found injuries to both the left and right sides of the brain.

Berger: Well what could have caused these injuries to both sides of the brain?

Dr: To the best of my belief, the injuries on the left side of the brain were caused by the penetrating bullet, and those on the right side of the brain were caused by a ricochet of that same bullet.

Berger: You mean its possible for the bullet to pass forward on the left side of the brain and then ricochet against the skull in such fashion that it would go backwards on the other side of the brain?

Dr: That's exactly what I mean.

Berger: Do you know from your own personal experience, any case where it was established that a bullet fired into the back of the brain ricocheted around the skull in this manner?

Dr: I have never had such an actual case in my own experience, but it's an established fact that it can happen. It's been described in the textbooks.

Berger: Do you know of a case so described?

Dr: Yes I do. In a book entitled "Legal Medicine, Pathology and Toxicology" by Gonzales, Vance, Halpern and Umberger, in the 2nd Edition, on page 423 it is mentioned...

Perry Mason: If the Court please, I object to the witness testifying from a book.

Judge: Objection sustained.

On cross examination, Perry impeaches the Doc's testimony by showing other possible causes for the dual head wounds than the single bullet theory. (Carp)
And then later Perry solves the case, explains how the bad guy was beaten to death first, then shot by somebody else after the fact to throw off suspicion. Oh well...

Anyhow, mediocre skirts in tonights episode, but of possible musical interest, the confessing perp played very decent Jazz piano riffs throughout the show, and examining his credits afterwards we find he's the guy who wrote the 1946 Hit Nat King Cole Tune, Route 66.

Jane on Ipad

I liked him too, Daddy.

Janet S.

Entrepreneurs take risks. If they never fail then they probably are being too cautious. I'd make a similar comment about Carly and HP. Business ventures sometimes don't work out for a whole host of reasons. I admire risk-takers.

The oil business was/is full of risk-takers. People were millionaires one day...& then bust the next...& then millionaires again!
Gambling on a huge scale.
It isn't my personality, but thank heaven it is the personality of some Americans.

The flip side is plugging into taxpayer money & never going bust. A lousy idea lives on & on & on ....


I remember the commercials that actor cut when he was dying of lung cancer encouraging teens not to take up smoking.

When frau is up she asked me about Tony Wagner and his co-author of a new ed book the other day and I responded. This is a quote from one of my ed newsletters about that same book:

"There's an increasingly strong argument being formed by respected voices in education that the globally networked technologies of our time demand a fundamental shift in schools back to the progressive, constructivist, constructionist ideas of Dewey, Montessori, Malaguzzi, Papert and others. Two recently released books highlight that trend."


All the lawyers who post here and others will appreciate this point about law school now being sold as a means to use the law to achieve social good. http://cafehayek.com/2015/09/blind-to-what-really-matters.html

I have had law school deans come up to me at cle programs where I have asked questions and ask me how I knew what was going on. My answer was that I was guessing from what I knew was being pushed in higher ed and other grad programs. Basically the deans say that they have been told by their ABA accreditors that they must be pushing the idea of using the law to achieve the 'common good' in all their classes.

Janet S.

~ The Districts Lie Fallow, While the Capitol Gorges Itself ~


James D.

Love it, Janet!


When we hear about Trump and Carly's decisions that cost their investors, I wish we'd hear about the money much costlier "Solyndraesque" BOzo-benefitting boondoggles that taxpayers have unwillingly funded.


So true, Deb. The investors willingly took risks, not so us taxpayers, who were simply fleeced.

Janet S.

I don't have words for how sick Obama makes me.

Obama - "When I hear folks talkin’ as if somehow these kids are different than my kids or less worthy in the eyes of God, that somehow that they are less worthy of our respect and consideration and care, I think that’s un-American,” he said. “I don’t believe that, I think it is wrong and I think we should do better, because that’s how America was made.”


"less worthy in the eyes of God"? Who thinks that? WHO? Name them!

How 'bout we get to hear Obama say this -

When I hear leftists talkin’ as if somehow conservative Americans are different than my radical leftist supporters or less worthy in the eyes of God, that somehow that they are less worthy of our respect and consideration and care, I think that’s un-American,” he said. “I don’t believe that, I think it is wrong and I think we should do better, because that’s how America was made.


The WSJ says Sanders is promising a mere $18 trillion in new federal spending.

Note bankruptcies in places like Detroit or various CA cities never attach to the D party which caused them.


Who thinks that? WHO? Name them!

The only man Obama likes even better than Reggie is the straw man. There's hardly ever an argument he makes where he doesn't pull one out. The MSM never call him on it.


Funny, I don't recall a single history lesson about the contributions made by Syrian thugs to build or protect this country.


I'm sure some Kenyans helped build and defend this country, but none were Obama's father.

Captain Hate on the iPad

404 has an erroneous concept of how this country was made stuck in his otherwise empty melon. God knows where he finds dumbasses to endure that steaming pile.


BOzo has never lived among typical Americans. He was a child in HI with his commie mom and her commie friends, then off to turbulent, Muslim Indonesia to suffer "fat kid" taunts, back to HI and commie Frank M as he completed high school while stoned. Occidental and Columbia surrounded by Muslim Pakistanis. 20 yrs with jew-hating Uncle Jeremiah, commie renedade Father Phleger, and constant contact and experience with Nation of Islamists in Chicago via Wright's TUCC. BOzo views all typical Americans outside his toxic, skewed experience as the bitter-clingers he described early on.


The NYT has a piece on Jeb's tax plan. He's actually calling for ending business deductions of interest expenses. Unbelievable. It would completely undo any benefit from cutting the corporate income tax rate. Investment income would get taxed twice, first by the corporate income tax, then again when received as interest (or dividends, which are already taxed). Really terrible. If the tax system creates a "bias" toward debt, then stop taxing dividends, don't tax interest payments.

I guess this is Jeb's way of showing that he's not one those awful right-wingers, but guess what? His plan still gets criticized from the left as "reverse Robin Hood." Another Republican who never learns that you cannot please the left.


Interesting pre-debate profile of Hugh Hewitt. It's obvious the "gotcha question" accusation spooked him, as he says tomorrow night he'll explain any name he throws out in his question. He says he doesn't want to be the story after the debate, and they will try to encourage the debaters to debate each other.

Old Lurker

Anybody besides me getting pretty damn tired that the entire MSM and even the Fox Pundits are all using the word "Migrants" when referring to hordes of people invading the land of others?

I looked it up and the definition, as I thought, was: "a worker who moves from place to place to do seasonal work"

Hasn't anyone read anything about the history of human civilization?

Thanks Pope. Thanks a lot.

James D

I said months ago that I won't vote for Jeb if he's the nominee. Every single thing he says or does just convinces me further that I was right.

Beasts of England

I guess that Ø's forgotten that we have 90M+ Americans not in the workforce. Combined with a foundering economy, it makes no sense to increase those numbers in any fashion. It's not like those he wants to import have specialized talents or STEM degrees...


pre-dabate coverage? this is right up there with interviewing footballs about their inflated feelings two weeks before the Super Bowl. Yawn.


Where are the articles about the large, well-established Muslim immigrant enclaves in Dearborn, MI and Minneapolis, MN? Wouldn't success stories be heralded? Doesn't silence speak volumes?


Yes Deb, especially about all the gay wedding cakes produced in those spots.

Miss Marple

Old Lurker,

I think Fox is doing it to distinguish from the term "refugees." A great many of them are not fleeing Syria. Many are from other countries, many are simply going where they think they can get free stuff or move on to the US. Those people are economically driven, hence "migrants."

BBC is using "refugee" because they are wanting to drum up sympathy for them. Also, there is some sort of refugee standard for treatment in the EU.

I wonder what made Merkel reverse herself and close the borders. Possibly German Intelligence picked up some messages on the CELL PHONES THEY ARE ALL CARRYING indicating that many of those numerous 18-34 year old MEN include quite a few terrorists.

Old Lurker

Jimmy, did JEB really propose that?

Un-fricken-believable. And they say he is the "cerebral" one?

Not allowing the deduction of one of the necessary raw materials of doing business in the calculation of the profit made from that business would be one of the most disruptive concepts imposed on an economy that I could imagine. That is right up there with not counting the cost of labor in calculating the Cost of Goods Sold.

Not only would it turn the whole notion of risk taking and reward on its head, but it would move the tax code irrevocably away from any notion that the government is taking just a slice of "profit" from the producers into the land of "we will just take what we want when we want it" and the consequence of that be damned.

I stand with James on this A** hole.

Old Lurker

I know MM, but calling it a duck don't make it a duck.

Why not just call them "aid workers" or something even more benign?

Miss Marple


Well, I wasn't defending it, just explaining. Personally, I like the term "invaders."

Old Lurker

And, MM, pretending they are just going north to get "free stuff" is like saying the same about Genghis Khan, not to mention the previous attempts by Muslims to acquire Europe.


All this talk about ferris wheels reminds me of one of my favorite songs...about getting old I believe.



It's behind the paywall, but WSJ The Education Gangs of Los Angeles is about the LA teacher union using gangster tactics to thwart a former Green Beret's efforts to help parents reform their kids' schools. Maybe this will help Scott Walker tomorrow night as he describes his war with the WI teacher unions. I've never lived where public employees, especially teachers and cops, are unionized, but it's hard to believe most voters nationwide support that.

Old Lurker

I know MM. I was not lashing out at you I am just increasingly frustrated by how blind society has become to the dangers that seek to destroy it.


Finishing up interstellar, it's not as self indulgent as inception, and Matt daemon gets killed in the end. Megyn interviewed that weasel deantonio, the one that slandered trump's father.

The Medici was in real estate, Shirley he hasn't forgotten the debacle of the '86 act'
Re interest on the s&l crisis.

Old Lurker

Reading my posts above suggests my wife has been tinkering with the blend of beans she puts in the coffee maker to control the amount of caffeine I consume.


Captain Hate on the iPad

Levin has been blasting the lack of coverage of how these "refugees", almost all of which are young men with nary any women or children, are cherry picking destinations with the most lavish free money. Also when a person finds a non oppressive location, that person is a "refugee"; when that person subsequently goes elsewhere it is as an "immigrant".


did JEB really propose that?

Despite it being in the NYT it might actually be true:



Brilliant BOzo once called a special joint session of Congress to talk about the economy, with TOTUS firmly in place and Pelosi grinning maniacally behind him, and claimed that profit is part of overhead.


Ah what the hell...it's Tuesday morning!


Old Lurker

Is Jeb so stupid that he does not understand what doubling (I exaggerate for effect there) the cost of capital would do an economy?

If borrowed money gets priced out of the game, would the collapse of the international banking system be far behind?

Was that Jeb or Elizabeth Warren who proposed that?


That famous gaffe by Barry was even worse than it sounds, because it really came from his view that government could provide services more cheaply than the private sector, because it didn't need a profit margin.


Loved the upbeat Freddie Jones music, Rocco. Very toe-tappin' and very talented guitarist.


So jazz Shaw brings us a proposal related by the guardian, of a Russian offer to broker the stepping down of bashir, that the admin rejected in 2012.

Janet S.

Another thing that kills me about all the people cheering Bernie Sanders & his socialist dream is...why don't those people give away their money & property & belongings RIGHT NOW.
Nobody is stopping them. Start redistributing YOUR stuff. DO IT.

Like this old Daily Caller video asking liberal millionaires to donate to the feds. - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gh9dfaSOn5o

They won't DO IT.

Captain Hate on the iPad

No wonder Jen Rubin has been fluffing Kasich.

Miss Marple

Local news:

First of all, early this morning a picture was posted of an FBI van parked in front of a mansion in Carmel, a wealthy north side Indy suburb.

NOW there is this ominous tweet from a local radio guy in Indy:

We are hearing top Marion County Health & Hospital officials are in an emergency meeting right now with the US Attorney over FBI raid.
2 retweets 0 favorites


Meanwhile half of afghanistan is in the hands of jayvees or other parties. Heck of a job Joe.


Guess I'll keep talking to myself on the threado nuevo.

Miss Marple

Another political consultant heard from.


Stevens doesn't mention Trump with racism - but the headline infers he did. This is why Republicans should never give an interview to the New York press.

James D

Via Instapundit is this amazing paragraph from one of his links:

erkel’s open door policy toward the migrants has earned plaudits from around the world but appears to have sown discord at home. The leader of the Bavarian CSU, which is in coalition with Merkel Christian Democratic Union, attacked the Chancellor in an interview on Friday, saying her decision was “a mistake that will keep us busy for a long time.” Privately, officials close to Merkel apparently concede that they did not anticipate that the Chancellor’s remarks would have such resonance and would encourage more migrants to try to get to Germany.

(emphasis mine)

In case there was any question why so many people are ready to support an outsider blowhard who has no policy ideas and no real idea of how government works, your answer is right there.

Highly educated, elite, experienced, expert leader of the most powerful nation in Europe, and her team of elite, highly-educated, super-intelligent, handpicked advisors...

...couldn't figure out that opening the welcome mat to hundreds of thousands of migrants/refugees/invaders would only encourage more?

A five-year-old could have told them that it would! MY CAT could have told them it would!

Maybe the reason so many people are willing to listen to Trump is that it's now clear beyond any doubt that the experts, the professionals, the super-educated, policy-wonk, ultra-elites...are a bunch of utter f**king morons who don't have the common sense God gave to the average squirrel.


Don't encourage me! Last one for the ladies.



MissM, medicare fraud in senior living communities.


We don't support it Deb but the teachers unions are powerful
There is a strike going on in Seattle where the kids have not attended school for six days
It affects 53000 students

Beasts of England

You don't have to peruse lefty blogs, re: economics long before you see the idea that companies merely tack profits on in a fashion simalar to sales tax. No concept that profits may be realized by the most efficient application of resources coupled to a better mousetrap. No concept that the reward to capital - and the risks inherit in any commercial venture - are worthy or necessary.

These nuts truly believe that if an evil corporation can deliver a widget for a buck that a noble centrally-planned entity couldn't deliver it for $0.90, because there are no evil profits involved. Not realizing that central planning couldn't deliver the same widget for $1.50.

Kill them all - let Adam Smith sort them out.


Only JEB could make Kasich look good.

WSJ opinion piece by McGurn today coaches the emasculated JEB on how to get his balls back from Trump. All the points he can make about Zero's screwups. How to communicate that he is about creating jobs and increasing the size of people's pay checks.

Sorry, but if you have to be coached fundementals on the op ed pages of the WSJ, you are dead meat.

Beasts of England

Nice links, Rocco!!


Did anyone else know that back in 1999 Bobby Jindal was the executive Director of the Bipartisan Commission on the Future of Medicare?

He showed up in an old ed story from 2001. So before he was a politician he was into Bipartisan public policy. That would explain that America Next education report he chaired that I thought so little of as he used the term 'free enterprise' to describe private providers of government mandated services.

That of course sounds like a PPP to me. Off to write.


John Ellis last ran for FL guv in 2002 iirc, and left in early Jan. 2007. He's being out of "the arena" for almost a decade, and it shows. At least Jindal, Kasich, and Walker can speak from recent experience.


Not realizing that central planning couldn't deliver the same widget for $1.50.

The central planners would invariable delivers more left shoes than right shoes, and get the threads backwards on every damn bolt...

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Wouldn't proper Spanish be nuevo threado?


Nuevo hilo (the h is silent)but it doesn't have the same meaning.

Hanging on tippy-toes.

So what would the Spanish equivalent of our bloggy 'thread' be?


Apologies if already posted, but this made my day:

Badass of the Week: Rick Rescorla

Just an amazing person. Love this excellent, very not PC account.

From the Halls of Cornwall to the Bowels of Manhattan.

Rescoria is dead. Long live Rescoria.

Janet S.

Love Rick Rescorla.
I got lost in a Rescorla-terrorism-Rudyard Kipling world for awhile years ago.
Powerline has some great posts on Rescorla.

Janet S.

There are videos of him discussing the terrorist threat too after the first World Trade Center bombing. Really interesting.


Talk about larger than life. Where's the movie about Rick Rescorla? There ought to be more than one since you couldn't fit it all in a single film.

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