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September 17, 2015



the perky katie does not look so much, and matt bai of mediamatters, shirley,


Ad block is so much better. If the ad bots weren't so abusive TM, you would get more revenue.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Do people commit fist violence and rock violence also? Crowbar violence? Poison violence?

Jack is Back!

.....which means, "until we meet again". I don't think we are interested in a JEB comeback.

Hard to believe that Trump got 61% of the vote at Drudge. What a condescending mororn.

We're all living in a machined age.

Wither the Fed? No hike; scared silly of the algos.


Aw heck, I was trying for 'We're all living in a machinated world'.


Well Kim, CNBC is tweeting that Yellin's horoscope explains all. It's that Dem commitment to "sciency" stuff just like in global climate whatever, or GMO, or vaccines.


No more debates for me. Total waste of time.
Trump is a belligerant clown. The rest already stand or fall based on their positions and their records. No more clown shows for me.


Heh, I'm way ahead of you, GUS. I haven't watched any of them and don't intend to until the field is winnowed down, maybe not even then. If someone can explain to me why the GOPe allows the party to be subject to the likes of CNN, I'm all ears.


Para Español, marque candidato número dos.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Lyle in case you hadn't seen it previously, Levin was ranting about your latter point.

Time to play with the cats, and the lions, the tigers, the bulls and the bears.

Heh, I've been hanging fire for twenty minutes for the Fed announcement and just realized it's not for another 40 minutes. Watch me change my mind in half an hour.

As someone pointed out there's not frontrunning to the shortside, so I'll stick, for now, with no hike.


From machines to immaterial, that's good alchemy, hoiya :)

Cecil Turner (on mini pad)

Candidates quit when they run out of money, and JEB still has the biggest war chest.

Which is all bad.


has the biggest war chest

Much like a strutting peacock’s tail. All show feathers.

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