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September 24, 2015





The only secure wipe of a server is to run it over with a steamroller.

So GEN Allen is resigning as the leader of the fight against Daesh and the NYT is running articles about the doctoring of reports from Syria/Iraq at the very top. Remember the Pentagon Papers and the stir they caused? This is even more serious.

That sonofabitch is using every trick in the book to hide from accountability.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Even the Catholic Horde members are going "Yo Frankie, STFU".





GOPe Karl, or Boehner and McConnell, could be railing against the way the Dems abused Americans in the the last shutdown -- hurting citizens just to get their politcal way.

Make them eat the last shutdown and wonder whether Congress will do another. Don’t give up the tool until you have to.

Rove, Boehner and McConnell must go.


A business person makes a political decision whether to donate to many or donate to none. Carly and Trump made reasonable choices.


back on the ranch,


ahram al sham, is supposed to be more moderate, even though, zahiri's courier was a top official, and his replacement came from one of the 'good rebel' groups

Frau Gehirnerschütterung

Brain surgery and Hillary! should remind us again that she fell on her head.


sorpresa, sorpresa,



Back from the Mississippi delta. Meh. No big wins, no big losses so there's that.


Porch asked me to re-post this, so I will.

From the last thread:

Oh the Pope will have an impact alright--a huge one and devastating one, and one far beyond the next election. There as been a fragile truce in a lot of parishes between "Liberal Catholics" and the rest of us, and as far as I can tell, those "Liberals" are just trying to make the Church into another Liberal institution. This visit completely disarms those who are not liberal, and I doubt if the balance is righted in my lifetime. I am considering leaving the church because of it. Personally, the Pope coming down on the side of the Left will make my positin in my Parish untenable. I will have to find another--I may leave the Church.

Beyond that, this pretty much assure that the practicing Catholic immigrants will vote Democrat for decades--certainly this will be true of the Hispanics.

Those here that think that this is trivial do not understand what has just happened. The Pope is not a politician, however this one may act like one.

This is the most outrageous abuse of the Papacy I can think of in decades, maybe even centuries.

The Pope has NO BUSINESS doing this. He has gone against his vows; so far as I am concerned, and I cannot accept him as a spiritual leader. I wonder if he even is a believer. If he is his notion of faith is seriously askew. He has greatly harmed the Church, and greatly harmed the West.

So far as I am concerned, he is an out and out Marxist posing as a spiritual leader, as are the members of the hierarchy who have supported him.

And, though his acts a certainly have broad effects beyond this coming election, you can be assured that he will pipe up again when the election turns round.

It is disaster that the Left has captured another institution that has heretofore kept them at bay.

One wonders what the Left has offered the Church hierarchy in order for them to turn against everything the prior two Popes have worked against, and yes, that right, there was no doubt some cynical tit-for-tat behind this. Catholic immigrants at the head of the queue. What there some threat?

There has to be something afoot, for the Church to turn 180 degrees just like that.

Those here that think that this is momentary thing are not thinking straight, and do not understand what it means to have a far Left Pope in Rome--a communist Pope really.

Just watch, they will get their AGW assault through. This will not be reserved for at least a generation, and it will deeply impoverish us. It may finish the Left off, and no, the next president will not just do away with it.

What a sad day for the West; what a sad day for the Church.

They will never get another dime form me, nor one more minute of my volunteer time.

Not one second of my time . I will let my parish and Bishop know this in no uncertain terms in the coming weeks. However, I expect the really big conservative contributors to be cowed and keep giving. What a disaster.

The Left has really had a coup here. It is completely out of left field, and it is hard to understand what has happened. What is left up their sleeves.

I would like to know the real story behind Benedict's "retirement"

Captain Hate on the iPad

Don't worry, narc, F Chuck will be assembling assorted MFM gumshoes at CSI-30 Rock to get the forensic evidence on Clock Boy. As Lieutenant 16 Credits says "the evidence is somewhat more reliable than my wartime memories".


they'll use the Rock Center remaindered staff,


Thank you, squaredance. Much appreciated.

Miss Marple 2


I told daddy yesterday that we should mount a rescue mission and get Benedict out of that house in the Vatican Gardens and take him to Tel Aviv, where he could be protected.

Beasts of England

There's no hiding from electronic media. Even the steamroller can't crush items in the etherea. It ain't the crime, Cankles, it be da coverup.

Miss Marple 2


I still follow this guy so I get emails from him. He outlines why shutting down over Planned Parenthood would be a mistake.

I disagree.


Good Morning.

Thanks Henry for the neat link 2 posts back on our new Alaskan Dinosaur. There are a couple interesting nearby shale formations not too far down the road that I periodically stop and prowl around hunting for fossils but so far I've always come up empty.

The other day we were talking about how there are so many small airplane crashes up here, that you get jaded and hardly pay any attention to them once you determine you don't personally know the guy who crashed. Well unfortunately we had 2 crashes on the same day just a few days back, and sadly one of them is one of our guys, so via the grapevine we're trying to find out what he did and if he'll pull through and recover: Talkeetna plane crash sends Palmer man to hospital

In the 20 years I've been living in Alaska I can think of 3 of our pilots who have killed themselves flying around in their small planes, 2 just from pilot error, and the 3rd unfortunately a mechanical failure.

A second story says of our buddy "...had apparently crashed into trees during a landing attempt at the airport, based on word from troopers at the scene.
"It sounded like he was landing and tried to do a go-around."

Hope he pulls through.


Water seeks it's own level - Bill and Hillary are simply bottom dwellers.


like the rancor, or the thing in the trash compactor,

Captain Hate on the iPad

If you're gonna shut down over PP then you'd better find a way to get the public to see the videos which the MFM gatekeepers, including the Rove News Channel, have deep sixed as effectively as "The Runup to 9/11". The more I think of Chris Wallace's question to Fiorina the angrier I get.


all hail the skydragon:


Captain Hate on the iPad

Carly's ad is outstanding. Will the MFM refuse to run it?

Old Lurker

Thanks Squaredance. That was a good one.


You know what? I am just going to ignore the Pope in matters not spiritual.

Wish I could Miss M, but he's on every news channel in the hotel. I am Poped out.


Porch: anything for you.

MM: Well, I am only joking a little here--something happened to cause him to retire so, and it is starting to smell.

In my book, Benedict was one of the great Popes, as was his immediate predecessor. If fact JP2 might be the greatest Pope in history; he can certainly stand as equals with the great Popes of history.

Not one of those great men would have anything to do with this new Pope.

I truly mean what I say about Benedict. He was once called "the most civilized man in Europe", and there are good reasons for this. He is certainly one of the most learned and cultivated. We should be thankful that he was a man of God.

His written works are superb, even his more popular, "middle brow" writings are wonderful.

Pope Che does not appear to have a mind at all. His going to do even more damage than John the 23rd.

The Catholic church will go the way of the the High Church Episcopalians now, and just when the world need a strong, conservative church more than perhaps it ever has.

It will now be a leading part of the problem and not the bulwark against it that it has been and should be.

The damage that has been done. All he had to do was keep his mouth shut on these issue. He has now turned the Church into a far Left wing insitution.

It makes no difference on how he talks about "the family" or gays. The damage has been done.

The best that we could possible say of it is that he is a flawed, weak man with a very poor intellect and mind who has been manipulated by others.

I see no reason to believe, however, that he is being manipulated. I think he has taken this up on his own.

The West has quite lost its mind. heart and soul. One wonder if it will ever get it back.
For Christian leaders to be a part of this suicide will be seen as one of the great pussles of history.

Janet S.

I linked this on the last thread...it is just awful - http://www.usnews.com/news/articles/2015/09/24/pope-francis-just-echoed-obamas-offensive-prayer-breakfast-remarks

"The pontiff said all religions are susceptible to extremism and violence, just like Obama said in February."


Well said, squaredance.

Also--I think "pussles" is a wonderfully cromulent word in this context.

Cispigmented Heteronormative Microagressive Vulgarian Ignatz

Well the original Catholic church split before.
No reason it can't again.
Perhaps the conservative third world priests can save it as they're trying to do with the Anglican/Episcopalians.
The real question is who comes after Francis. Another JPII/Benedict or another Francis. If the latter the organization may be broken beyond repair at the top.


2 things: If you guys start insulting Tom Brady, I will insult the Pope. Your choice.

2. Re: gay marriage and gun control. Gay marriage is something that evolved because people got to know gays and thought they were normal neighbors. NO one is ever going to evolve to where they think the world is safe enough to give up their guns.


well Ayotte, Murkowski, tell me when to stop counting,

Murkowski was out of town and missed some recent Senate vote on defunding Planned Parenthood, but she told a local news station up here something like she would have voted against this particular defunding bill, but she was not opposed to defunding in theory and if a different bill came up that was a bit better to her liking she would vote for it. So basically she spoke out of both sides of her mouth to maintain political viability or plausible deniability, I forget which.

I just heard genius Shep Smith mention this story about digging up the possible model for The Mona Lisa, and in describing the painting Shep said that the Mona Lisa was painted by Leonardo DiCaprio.

James D.

CH @ 3:15

The R's should have been running ads on the PP videos for the last 2-3 months, and bringing copies to every town hall meeting during the summer recess, and, hell, bringing visual aids to every TV interview and press conference.

If they'd spent three months and some money, maybe they'd have at least some Dems on the defensive, and maybe there'd be pressure on vulnerable Dem senators and reps to cave in rather than go to the wall defending infanticide and trafficking in human body parts with no cost or consequence.

But we'll never know.

Janet S.

Even pro-abort people could understand the concept that it is not government's job to collect money from citizens & then give that money to a multi million-dollar business. ANY multi million-dollar business.

Abortion is legal. Let them stand on their own like other businesses.


Shep's current guest Austin Ivereigh (Whoever he is) says that everyone who hears the Pope and thinks the Pope is a Lefty is not hearing correctly. Says The Pope is not a Lefty at all and everybody on the internet who thinks the Pope is a Lefty is wrong.

Must be some powerful Koolaid there in the vatican.

Jeff Dobbs

Sure, why not.

Holly Sonders, the Fox Sports golf personality who was demoted (or “reassigned”) after an embarrassing turn interviewing players after their U.S. Open rounds, will make her NFL debut Sunday,


I agree SQ and had thought about it in terms of Gramsci's March through the Institutions. We have the UN seeking to impose the litlle c communist vision on all of us and our politicians from both parties at all levels of government going along because they want those federal dollars. That is what WIOA and the K-12 legislation is all about. And this Pope has openly embraced that political agenda.

I am working on something set up in the 50s called the Center for Creative Altruism. Originally at Harvard it expanded to MIT as those who would later become systems theorists sought to develop a Science of Human Values that could be imposed politically and via education. It is a big part of what has had a variety of names and AGW is just an attempt to make imposing this collectivist vision a 'scientidic' necessity.

Having the dalai Lama on Board was helpful to this normative agenda, but the Pope openly embracing it and lecturing at the Whit House is the coup of the 21st century.

No one;s religious figure should be embracing doctrines that have caused so much bloodshed in the past. Francis has made a bloody future far more likely. Instead of funeral masses bringing the family comfort I know plenty of lapsed Catholics who will be unable to forget what a stooge this man has been anytime they have to be at a Catholic service.


The Shep guest says that the Pope is wonderful and was torn between becoming a Preist or a Politician, and he closes his comments with Shep by saying that "The Pope really gets what we're trying to do."

Well who is "we" and what exactly is it that that "we" is "trying to do"?


Big hitter, the Lama.


People did not "get to know gays" any more in the past few years than they did before. What an absurd notion.

What they got was a lot of propaganda out of the MSM that falsely portrayed gay as something "normal". It appears to have worked even here on JOM.

if there are changes in public perception, to the degree that this has actually happened--and I would suggest that acceptance is far less wide spread than people like Jane imagine--it it is because the "discussion" has been degraded by lies. In the coming years we will see just how true this is.

I suggest that you observe some gay festivals where they are comfortable among themselves being themselves. You might try the Castro St. festival in SF, if you can bear it. It is hardly a couple of limp wrist interior decorators down the block.

Homosexuality is not "normal" and certainly no normative, and to expect it as either is to seek to destroy the very basis of our civilization. It is a highly destructive forces, and only part of a broader agenda to bring down the West--including the majority Christian culture of this nation. Went that goes, all is lost. That is why the Left pushes it--it is certainly not a concern for Homosexual or "justice", you can bank on that.If some have been confused by the onslaught of propaganda, then they just happen to be wrong about this.

If you think otherwise, have a good hard look at just who is promoting the gay agenda.

As to gun control vs gay marriage. You miss the point entirely--they are part and parcel of the same thing. If they can get through a agenda based on the absurd notion that marriage is anything other than a institution between the sexes, then anything is possible--certainly gun control. That is one of the major points of the whole gay marriage issue: to redefine everything. Of course they will get gun control through, and by the same extra legal means that they did with gay marriage.


Even pro-abort people could understand the concept that it is not government's job to collect money from citizens & then give that money to a multi million-dollar business

No, they can not understand. That is the whole point. You assume that these people are decent, moral adults who just happen to be confused.

They adore death; they adore self-indulgence; they have not morality at all--and they think the rest of us should pay for it.

There is no "reasoning" with them.


Yes, Koolaid made with HOLY WATER. Drink up LIBTARDS!!!!


Bingo Squaredance. If you give power to someone like Obama, you WILL GET SHIT ON.

Jeff Dobbs

Rubio wants a piece of that hot pile on Trump action...from the memeorandum sidebar:

Andrew Kaczynski / BuzzFeed:
Marco Rubio: Trump Is A “Touchy And Insecure” Guy Who's Not Informed On The Issues

Frau Gehirnerschütterung

A UK paper said the pope chastised the *Republicans* about immigration but did not name any political party in citing the other important issues on his agenda such as abortion. Perhaps it was the reporter who wished to emphasize Republicans as needing and receiving criticism. Perhaps that was the intent of the pope. I would hope it was not the Holy Spirit speaking through Pope Francis. I cannot read minds.

I am not religious but believed the conservative nature of American Catholics would help keep our country grounded. If we are back to liberation theology, we are trapped in a leftist nightmare.


Jane's post was oh so confusing. I think she was saying that TOM BRADY is a HOMO.

Butt, I'm not sure.


For just today I am going to refrain from saying anything negative about Kasich.

A couple of years ago he initiated a tax cut for small businesses in Ohio. Today I received a big fat refund check for FY 2013 and another one for FY 2014 is right behind it.

So tonight, a nice Brunello with dinner and then back to bad mouthing Kasich tomorrow!

Beasts of England

squaredance is absolutely nailing it in every quadrant today. Thank you.


What the hell is with this guy?


square dance
Young people favor gay marriage
Do not have a problem with it
As future and current. voters their numbers render this cause mute
Jane is right
Jane is also right on guns
No one is trashing Brady


Schedule A Mammogram DAy, sponsored by a Right to Life group, was a big disappointment to 100s of women who called PP and were told they didn't do mammograms.


Boner is a fucking disgrace. What's his job again????

Beasts of England

Share the wealth vino, Buckeye! The Pope said so!


Cavuto counted up
9 proDem comments and 9 pro Repub comments by Pope
Said he went right down the middle
I can't agree with your assessment of Doom
It was a inspiring day not a sad one in my opinion

Beasts of England

Young people get more conservative with age. In other words, once they start buying insurance, paying taxes, meeting FICA, paying a mortgage, et cetera.

Captain Hate on the iPad

OrangeDrank, emotional giant.


If they don't do mammograms. What good are they?

Frau Gehirnerschütterung

In the photos of Congress listening to the pontiff, I notice that Ginsburg is wearing white gloves. Verrrrrrry interesting. Jon F'n Carry looks extremely worried about his underwear.


If young people support sex with gerbils, they are still wrong. Maryrose, this Pope will go down in history as a joke.


That is why I worked to get him elected against Twitchy
He said he would lower taxes and he did
Like Walker Jindal Christie
I love the Repub governors they are the best qualified but Carly is doing very well and I like her as well
Just asking
What has big boy Trump ever done for us

Lurker Susie

Pope Francis surrounds himself with communists. Naomi Klein was summoned to the Vatican to speak with him on climate change. He is a communist. Since the 1930's the Catholic Church has been fighting communism, Francis is encouraging it. He is a left wing agitater. The Catholic Church will suffer greatly. Mark my words all these so called Catholics flocking to see him now will not be sitting in the pews on Sunday.

Beasts of England

I thought Ginsburg showed a lot of class and decorum by wearing gloves.

Beasts of England

Thanks for ruining my plans for tomorrow night, GUS...


For those familiar with Catholic history
Pope John Paul the 23rd was one of the most innovative Popes in modern history very highly regarded
This pope will help us all become our better selves


Today I received a big fat refund check for FY 2013 and another one for FY 2014 is right behind it.


They just told us this is how much our PFD Check will be for living up here this year:

Frau Gehirnerschütterung

GUS, just remember gerbils and young Afghani boys cannot give consent. What di "young people" even think?



It is a Poggio Nardone 2006. If I have to share with anyone other than Mrs. Buckeye, I will be crying like Johnny Boner


Pope Francis: "When the stranger in our midst appeals to us, we must not repeat the sins and the errors of the past,' the Roman Catholic pontiff said. 'We must resolve now to live as nobly and as justly as possible, as we educate new generations not to turn their back on our “neighbors” and everything around us.'"

Iirc Jesus taught his disciples that if they found themselves somewhere they were unwanted, they should immediately leave.


Lurker Susie
I am glad you are posting
I have to agree to disagree with you wrt Pope Francis
I also disagree with Porch unusual for me and Sue
Beasts and OL have their own concerns

Beasts of England


Frau Gehirnerschütterung

"If they (PP) don't do mammograms. What good are they?"

PP delivers abortions and if not able to on their premises, sends the young women to an abortion doctor elsewhere. For those sent elsewhere for an abortion or a mammogram, they still count as a service rendered by PP to show how many have been "helped" by the organization business.

Janet S.

I think I've seen her in white gloves before. She wears a lace collar sometimes too.
Maybe she's into tatting? Not sure.



even with the oil prices where they are???

per person???


People did not "get to know gays" any more in the past few years than they did before. What an absurd notion.

Of course they did.


This is his call for Christian charity
All the people who post here already do that in their daily lives
He is affirming our concern and care for others
I am rejoicing my family member comes home from the hospital today!


Elizabeth Warren is beaming joyfully at Pope Francis. She obviously liked what she heard as it resonates with her lefty UMC background.


Hell, we've have Pope John, Pope Paul, Pope John Paul, and now we have Pope Lenin.

Please George come and save us!!!!



Do I get some of that for visiting?

I will never get over the fact that you cannot get into the state capital by car.


Before modern medicine and modern agriculture came about, nature was the biggest cause of suffering in the world.

Now that nature has been knocked down several pegs, mankind is the biggest cause of suffering in the world.

We have had practical roadmaps that address how to contain or redirect human weakness to minimize the amount of suffering we cause one another and maximize individual freedom so that we can best pursue the lives God granted us.

The sickest joke of all is that both The Wealth of Nations and our Bill of Rights predate even the birth of Louis Pasteur.

It is amazing that mankind repeatedly ignores known, time-tested truths this far into this modern age and prolongs suffering at these levels. At this point, the idea that the hand of Satan is behind the teachings of Mohammed and Marx has as good a shot as any other explanation at being the least hypothesis.

This clown of a pope serves Satan.


Mmm, Brunello.

When my dad was visiting a couple of years ago on business he asked me to go find a Brunello to have with our steak dinner.

I went to the big liquor and wine stores in town. Some had none, others had one. The Whole Foods flagship store had two. My little independent wine store, the Austin Wine Merchant, had nine different Brunellos. Nine! And they were all fantastically priced.

Sure is great to have a local place that you love. Our classical music station (24 hours, community-funded, no freaking public radio nonsense) is the same kind of gem.


Did they get to know the Folsom Street Fair as well?


They might be having those leaky led casks.

Old Lurker

Gus re Boehner "What's his job again????"

Well, Gus, I think he and his cohort in the Senate promised to "Restore Normal Order" and that would mean sending 13 Appropriation Bills up to the President to Sign before Oct 1, right? There might have been other things involved in regular Order too?

NK promised we would be so impressed. I know he did.



--I also disagree with Porch unusual for me and Sue---

You also disagree with yourself.

Beasts of England

It's hardly just the concern of myself or OL, maryrose. One of our essential liberties is free enterprise. That relies on capital. When the government margininalizes or denigrates capital, we move one step closer to socialism. Every person who has owned a share of stock, saved for retirement, or owned a rental property should be mortified.


Love you maryrose. :)

It's good for JOMers to have these spirited discussions once in awhile. Especially about important stuff (as opposed to Deflategate - just kidding).


Frau, people can be whatever they want to be.
White women can be black, and Olympic Decathalon champions can "consider" themselves to be wymyn.
My gerbil is named CAITLYN.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Nice to have a real classical station, Porch, that didn't pull the NPR bait and switch.


Buckeye Jr. came for dinner last night and told me the latest news about his physician/researcher cohort who came from Italy about ten years.

I posted the story about him bringing his girlfriend, getting married and then proceeding to have 3 anchor babies.

Well he just bought a new Porsche 911 Carrera S. I think that those NIH/NCI grants, like the one DrJ just snagged, must be gold-plated.

My mom told me I should go to med school instead of being an engineer and I ignored her. Stoopid me.


Yep Buckeye, per person. About 644,000 Alaskans will get that check next month.

They tell us that the payments lag by about 5 years, so $2072 per person is a function of the 100 dollar Oil prices were were getting back about 2010.

Currently we are spending I think about 5 Billion per year, but we're only taking in 2 Billion a year, so we're robbing the Permanent Fund of 3 Billion to cover the deficit. Unless we can somehow get prices up or start generating some beg new sources of revenue we are in del Kimshee, and will have robbed the PFD blind within about a decade. I am standing by for a State Income Tax any day now. .

Old Lurker

Maryrose "Beasts and OL have their own concerns"

By that I sincerely hope you are not saying we are focused on our own personal assets and our natural desire to protect them from raiders, rather you are just observing that OL and Beasts have raised concerns that they see threats to the US as defined in the Constitution and to the Judeo Christian foundation of Western Civilization itself, right?



DEspite your son's pal it is a lousy time to be a doctor. Due to Obamacare salaries have gone way down.


I'm sure all the DJs listen to NPR religiously when they're not on air, Cap'n. But yes. All classical, all the time, no ads.

Captain Hate on the iPad

NK must have destroyed his internet connection for him to be this mum. Or I hope nothing tragic happened to him. Do any of you guys email him? jimmyk?



So do your daughters already have theirs spent?

Mine would:)


all these people "gettin to know gay peeps".

Yeah Jane, your comment was right on!!

It's not the MFM, the SCHOOLS, the Culture, the lack of morality, people were just "gettin to know gays".

Oh, and then there is the OBAMA method of "Evolving".

Miss Marple 2

My nephew is gay. He married his long-time partner in San Francisco a year and a half ago.

I have known him all my life. I love him, and his partner is a really great guy.

HOWEVER, I am very grateful they married in San Francisco so that my Catholic sister and I didn't have to decide about attending the wedding. I thought that was very considerate of them.

The reason being that even though I KNOW him, I do not support gay marriage.

And I don't care if young people have been brainwashed into thinking it's acceptable, it is not.

You don't get to put right and wrong up to a vote.


You don't know any gays Gus?


Yes Jane, I just got to know them all recently.
Do you want to play stupid games Jane??

Captain Hate on the iPad

Rob Portman EVOLVED too, Gus, and felt the need to go on MSLSD to tell their audience of tens of people about it. As a result of such a great service to constituents like me, Rob can look elsewhere for a vote next year against Twitch. Maybe his mincemeat son can register some gerbils.



Yes, all my friends that are my age who are physicians, particularly in private practice, are throwing in the towel and retiring.

However, my son and his contemporaries seem to take the new paradigm in stride. Still seems good if you are practicing and have a position in academia.

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