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September 24, 2015


Beasts of England

Looks like the Pope has clearly brought us together in the spirit of charity and goodwill. Snark aside, think of what he could have accomplished had that been his (proper) message. He chose poorly.


Jane, Look!!! Miss Marple and I both know GAYS!!!


OrangeDrank, emotional giant.


As Momma drove me to the airport yesterday I read her out loud some of the comments on the Bash-The-Pope thread from yesterday, and a couple of yours were sidesplitting funny. She got a big kick out of it and I had to explain some of the references, but add another chick to your fan club, and if some new lurker starts popping up regular, I may have to do more of these:
and less of these:


I think that those NIH/NCI grants, like the one DrJ just snagged, must be gold-plated.

Well, they can be for faculty. The medical faculty get very good salaries -- to compete with private practice, don't you know -- that covers nine months of pay. The grants kick in summer salary (up to two months). There is an NIH salary cap at $180K per year (I think) but there are ways for MDs to get variances.

The University of course gets fringes covered, and about 55% overhead on the direct costs. Those who bring in a lot of indirects tend to get rewarded for that.

Those of us who do not have their base salary covered from a different source, and have to fund ourselves entirely on them, have a tougher go of it.

Frau Gehirnerschütterung

The focus group that came up with "evolving" for the preezy deserves a double ration of rum.


The latter of course
But with the right Repub president those fears will be put to rest
Did you see Marco Rubio's face today
It was inspiring and there is hope for the future
Being aware of the pitfalls will make us more vigilant
In the meantime we ride out the doofus in the WH and drop a house on Red Witch


Cavuto just showed the menu for Obama's dinner with the Chinese guy. Butter poached Maine lobstah is on the menu. :)


Oh, for the days when Hillary looked (even more) like a beached whale and we were all sure she wasn't going to run.

daddy, I love Cap'n's and narciso's names, too. Adultery of the Heart is my favorite, but Learned Gland Clenis from the other day was also a hit.

Beasts of England

Everybody loves popsicles, daddy. Don't change a thing.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Tarhole, tell your wife I'm honored.


Situational virtue Capn'. If my son starts calling himself CAITLYN, I too will change my MORAL CODE. Right vs Wrong is so old fashioned. The NEW KIDS are "gettin' to know gays"!!!!!!


Miss Marple 2


I am going to the auction to see if I can use my evil capitalistic skills to find bargains to resell at a profit.

Those profits are used to pay such luxuries as
the electric bill and dog food.

I am well acquainted with the poor, being one myself. Pope Francis needs new advisers, or to move into another house in the Vatican Gardens and put Cardinal Pell in as Pope.

Ah well, I suppose my latent Protestant rebelliousness is surfacing, so I will have to go to confession.

See you guys later tonight.

Captain Hate on the iPad

To give proper attribution, Brother Ballard was the originator of OrangeDrank which I quickly adjusted to.


I find these wrong-hole-er threads tiresome.

Beasts of England

Lobster? Lobster!! Don't they know that lobsters are being endangered by Global Warming?! Did they not see that scholar inform Ted Cruz of such!

And didn't the Pope just tell us about the evils of wealth and helping the poor? How can they eat lobster knowing that?!

The Onion weeps.


I was close:

Every year since 1990, Congress has legislatively mandated a provision limiting the direct salary that an individual may receive under an NIH grant. For FY 2014, the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2014 (Public Law 113-76), signed into law on January 17, 2014, restricted the amount of direct salary to Executive Level II of the Federal Executive pay scale. The Executive Level II salary was $181,500. This information was published February 10, 2014 in the NIH Guide for Grants and Contracts (NOT-OD-14-052). - See more at: http://grants.nih.gov/grants/guide/notice-files/NOT-OD-15-049.html#sthash.g2ntJsp5.dpuf
Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Gay marriage is something that evolved because people got to know gays and thought they were normal neighbors.--

That's pretty funny.
My recollection of events were that just about every state that voted, voted homosexual marriage down.
And so left wing courts began to ram it down our throats with the untethered SCOTUS delivering the coup de grace to our democratic processes.

Am I forgetting the great "bring your homosexual to work" day that convinced us they're all normal when we previously thought they were witches?


If the Pope were speaking for God, he would have nuked Planned Parenthood.

Ergo, he isn't, and doesn't.


Weeping Lil Johnny Cougar Bonercamp.


New thread.

Maybe Tom wants us to be contentious about something else.


I found it weird that the Pope was quoting himself.

Frau Gehirnerschütterung

glasater went to the Pendleton Roundup and 700+ stone throwers in the Mina Stampede caught the bullet train to hajj heaven. Guess who had more fun. This answered the question I had when the crane fell: is there anything special for those who die while in Mecca?

Clever Ahmed and his clever family missed out on the action by waiting till later for their hajj.


Nothing wrong with TAX PAYER LOBSTER.

Stalin would be proud. Let the rest eat cake.


So do your daughters already have theirs spent?

The daughters checks I'm sure will go to their schooling, but you can sure see how with 645,000 people in a state suddenly getting $2000 free money, how the merchants in town go completely bananas.

The sensible thing to do, due to our massive deficit hole, is stop the free checks and instead cover the deficit and quit spending, but it'll never happen. Instead they want to keep the checks coming and raise taxes.


That's good to hear. My biggest fear of moving to Florida is the doctors.


I would attend a gay wedding
I bet that surprises some of you
I am also against the death penalty
I agree with Beasts on one thing
Love you Porch!
I guess my views are paradoxical
One thing is certain my spiritual leader is the Pope whoever that might
Nuns I worked with didn't like Pope Benedict
So there you go

Old Lurker

Thanks Maryrose...I thought so.


It does not matter what "young people think" and it is not just a "political issue".

What I say is the truth--the objective truth.

I would suggest that you have already drunk the Kool-aid to believe that "young people' favor this--I imagine that a good many do not, but even if this is true they are still wrong. All this means is that it is the adults who have failed to educate them properly or take them--and our civilization--seriously.

And "young people" no doubt believe in gun control too. Should we implement it because of their manipulated opinions here too? What other rights should we throw away due to the options of what perhaps is the most supine and mindless generation this nation has ever produced? What destructive immorality should we embrace because it is "what young people think"? Shall we in our irresponsibility towards the young--and evidently some fear of them too--allow "young people" to destroy our very civilization"? What you seem to suggest is nothing but moral and intellectual cowardice, with a strong dash of intellectual dishonesty thrown in as well.

Let me remind you that in good measure both the Nazi movement in the late 20s and the early 30s, and the Soviet movement up to the time of Stalin were "youth movements". In terms of Party strategy in the Pre-war years the Soviets PArty and Inner Government circles would make a point to groom a young cadre and then destroy the prior cadre to replace them with the more indoctrinated younger cadre. This was particularly true of the Soviets outside of Russia itself, in places like the Central Asian Soviets. They would literally kill the older cadre, often when they were just in their 40s. they did this 2, 3, and sometimes 4 times. This also happened in the older Russian Soviet Republics too, but was more muted. To a large degree, this was one of the major functions of the Gulag and the Purges. The whole point was to get ignorant, compliant and morally confused young people in to Party and government positions, and to get out of power anyone with any memory at all of what decency and morality actually was, is or could be.

Does all that make them right? Were they any less of a disaster because "the young" approved of them? Did that some how make them morally or intellectually correct? Of course not. Quite the opposite. It was hell on Earth. This is what you seem to be wishing for us.

Does the fact that young people today believe a certain thing make it right? Should we cave to a younger generation in their ignorance, fecklessness and irresponsibility?

If you think so, I can suggest some hispter neighborhoods in NYC you can hang out it. It might clear up your confusion about "young people" you would have making such decisions for the rest of us. You will not come back impressed with these people.

What I outlined above is true, and will remain true. It cannot be dodged or gotten around, and certainly not because a generation, perhaps the weakest generation this nation has every produced, has been successfully manipulated by the Left into mouthing the propaganda they have been fed.

No Jane is quite wrong, as she generally is about homosexuality. This is made obvious by her risible assertion that somehow in the last 15 to 20 years humanity has "gotten to know gays", as if the people of the preceding millennia somehow did not "know gays" and where somehow craven dupes of "prejudice". This is just internalizing left wing propaganda. No, quite the opposite obtains: the people of the past well knew these people and what they represent. It is the moderns of today who are befuddle and "do not know gays". Jane could not be more wrong. You could not be more wrong.

You need to get over your moral relatively and political "trendiness" and see things objectively for what they are.

The Truth will out, and often with disastrous consequences.


Butter poached Maine lobstah is on the menu.

I thought Ted Cruz just got attacked by some Lefties for eating lobster

“Lobsters are moving to colder waters due to climate change. You deny the existence of climate change, correct? We can get to that later. You voted against the National Endowment for the Oceans which is designed to protect coastal economies like this one. My question is, how can you come here when your voting record basically says you don’t care about this community?”

So Chinese Dictators get to eat Lobster, but Ted Cruz can't?


Ted Cruz eats lobster in a "in your face fashion," daddy.

Nobody likes that.


Squaredance, I agree with everything you just posted.
Here is an easy question for Jane.

Jane. Is homosexuality IMMORAL or NOT??

Ask the young folks and get back to me on that!!!


mary rose: John the 23 was one of the worse Popes in history and is not "highly regard" by a great many--certainly not those who remember the Church before the Vatican Council II. A lot of the condoning homosexuality in the Clergy can be traced back to VCII, and the whole watering down of the Catholic faith of VC2 was a disaster for the church. Many more left the Church because of it that joined because of it.

There are broad movements today to return the Church to the days before VC2, movements that will now have to struggle all the more because of this Marxist Pope.

John the 23rd, more than any other force, was responsible for the huge fall off of Catholics in the West. The number of churches close, of schools closed, the lack of new priests and nuns these last 35-40 years can be traced back to him. Even JP2 and Benedict have to struggle with this "legacy". In fact, much of Benedict writing was an attempt to turn the disaster around.

He was another Liberal, though not as far left as Pope Che here today.

Your opinions about the Church and the papacy strike me as bizarre and ill informed. It is like you have not been paying attention the last 40 50 years.

Only those elevated by VC2, and these are mostly clerics, are pro John the 23rd. He was a disaster for the Laity and the Church at large. The proof of this is Pope Marx himself who is a child of VC2 and reeks of it. He would not have been placed in a position to even be a Bishop under any other regimen.

Indeed, this is what separates hi from his august predecessors: he is a product of Vatican council II, and they are not.

The difference is telling.

Lurker Susie


Thank you




Vatican has strictest immigration policy in the world:http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2015/sep/24/pope-call-immigration-unlikely-change-debate/


New thread.


Jane: Of course they did.

Pure narcissistic, solipsistic hogwash.

What you really mean is the you got to "know them better", but in your solipsism you project that onto the rest of us--indeed project it on to the whole of human history.

What do you think, Jane, that in the last 20, 30 years of Leftist propaganda, that "people" have "got to know gays better" than in the preceding 4 thousand years? What utter irrational, superficial nonsense.

Do you even think about what you write?

Again, it is moderns like you that do not "know homosexuals". Those of the past knew them all too well, and knew what they were about. Few things could be clearer. We are not "more enlightened"; we are decadents.

You consistently miss on gay issues due to some pure private and persona; interactions with a few gay people which you then broaden in to notions about "gay life". These people do not represent what is happening at large both in the gay community and in the braoder agenda of the Left. They may not be out to destroy Cristianity in the USA, but I can assure that the gay agenda and the Leftist who drive most certainly are about this.

Your position it amount to little more than solipsistic and sentimental confusion on your part about a very real attach on this civilization.

Jack is Back!


You can rant and share your opinion all you want. Its your right. But the Pope is not a Marxist or a communist. He is a post-modern Peronist and you have ever lived in Argentina, like I have, you'd recognize the difference.

A real, honest to God Communist just touched down in Washington, if you want to see what one looks and speaks like.


Sorry Gus, I had no idea how homophobic you are. My apologies.


My recollection of events were that just about every state that voted, voted homosexual marriage down.
And so left wing courts began to ram it down our throats with the untethered SCOTUS delivering the coup de grace to our democratic processes.

If anything that stopped the evolution.


Uh Squaredance, Gus and Iggy,

On the day Amy comes here to post about my death, please try not to insult her.


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

What did I say?
I just recited the actual history of how we got homosexual marriage rather than the mythical "all of a sudden everybody knew a homosexual so it passed" fable.
Does Amy find facts insulting?


Your facts are right and your conclusion is dead wrong. But hey, all that libertarian hate for gays must keep marching on.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

My facts were their own conclusion, which was merely a refutation of your story of the events leading to legal homosexual marriage.

Unless you're referring to the small joke I made afterward referencing your baseless allegation that thinking normalization of homosexuality within a culture is corrosive is homophobia or hatred of homosexuals.
Both are false, insulting and fairly scurrilous allegations that you rather routinely make toward anyone who disagrees with your take on the issue.


My point was the gay marriage decision, like Roe v Wade did more to slow the acceptance of gays than anything in recent history - which may be a reason for you to like it.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

You said and I responded to;

Gay marriage is something that evolved because people got to know gays and thought they were normal neighbors.

How is that saying the homosexual marriage decision will slow down acceptance of homosexuals?
The decision was un and anticonstitutional so there is no reason by which I will ever like it, whatever its consequences.

Just to repeat, your allegation of hatred on my part is false and scurrilous.


Jane, I think you can distinguish between opposition to gay marriage and hatred of gays. The former does not imply the latter. Most religious people go out of their way to make that distinction.


Oh I can Jimmy, and I have no problem with opposition to gay marriage. If I get to be for it, you get to against.

It's the slurs that piss me off.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

And the slur I used was......


You weren't as bad as squaredance and Gus Iggy, but I thought this was out of line:

"Am I forgetting the great "bring your homosexual to work" day that convinced us they're all normal when we previously thought they were witches?"

Your personal dislike for gays comes thru all the time. I'd have no problem if your issue was just gay marriage, as I respect your position on that (even if you don't respect mine) but the BS about them personally is unnecessary. And if you don't mean it, please note that it comes across that way.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Stop this line of argument, Jane. Iggy doesn't come off that way at all and I wish others would chime in on just that point. Nobody has said anything negative about Amy that I know of yet you make a composite straw man out of three posters.


Okay Capt. I guess their insults are just fine with you. They aren't with me.


If anyone comes across that way it is me not Ig.

I think it is some form of a mental problem to try to procreate within the same sex.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--I thought this was out of line:

"Am I forgetting the great "bring your homosexual to work" day that convinced us they're all normal when we previously thought they were witches?"--

I was not slurring or making fun of gays with that comment.
You had used the term "normal" neighbors which I thought was kind of patronizing not only of homosexuals but of those who disagree with you on homosexual marriage. You act like we don't know any homosexuals and we only oppose SSM because we're toe picking ignoramuses who sit on bridges playing banjos while we wait for our next lynching victim to happen by.

--Your personal dislike for gays comes thru all the time.--

Maybe you find what you're looking for.
I think homosexuality is just one of many sexual sins man is prone to. Any of them being normalized leads to a coarser and weaker society. Do I think any should be illegal between consenting adults? No.
Do I think society should be compelled to give them protected status or be prevented from stigmatizing them socially? Of course not. That's what free people do. Some of it is bad, some of it is good. Almost always the government's "solution" is worse.
And; as I've stated before, while I personally wouldn't make consenting acts between adults criminal I believe the individual states have that legal power and find Lawrence very bad and unconstitutional jurisprudence.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Don't get me wrong TK, I also like you (and the American psychiatric and psychological associations for most of their existence) think homosexuality is some type of mental, personality or thinking disorder as a lot of psychologists and psychiatrists who refuse to be pushed into herd thinking still do.

That has no bearing on how I feel toward them personally. In fact it engenders a good deal of sympathy. That sympathy however doesn't translate to teaching it in schools and otherwise normalizing it.


Don't get me wrong TK, I also like you

I like you too.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Uh oh...



Captain Hate on the iPad

The shrinks think that any group with a higher than average incidence of suicide is mental. Except for the homos. Because of h8ers like Gus, squaredance, Iggy and maybe TK and me. It's all our fault, get it?


Oh please.

Grow up!

All that hate under the guise of Christianity sends a hell of a message.


Only Christians think a baby can't gestate in a colon?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I have not used Christ, God or Christianity as the reason for my opinion and were I not a Christian the historical evidence for the corrosive nature of normalization of homosexuality would still be the same and so my position would be as well.

Since you bring it up, as a Christian I have no problem separating the sinner from the sin. God loves the homosexual just as much as He loves me or Mother Teresa and my sins are just as serious to God as theirs.

Attributing hate to those who disagree with you on this issue indicates you do though, Jane. I expect that from lefties, but not people I otherwise agree with.


I attribute hate to people who use it Iggy. it offends me.

I deal with the gay slurs here a lot and for the most part I keep quiet on it, because I believe that you are certainly entitled to your beliefs on this issue. But it reminds me of how liberals treat people who are anti-gay and that sucks.

When a few of you get together and start the gay hate rants, sometimes it really sets me off.

I'll take your word that you were not spewing hate, but boy it certainly came across like that.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki
That's pretty funny. My recollection of events were that just about every state that voted, voted homosexual marriage down. And so left wing courts began to ram it down our throats with the untethered SCOTUS delivering the coup de grace to our democratic processes.

Am I forgetting the great "bring your homosexual to work" day that convinced us they're all normal when we previously thought they were witches?

That is the sum total of my "hate spewing" prior to you jumping in guns blazing.
As I explained, the last sentence was only referencing your implication that it is only dumb ignorance not any legitimate philosophical or moral considerations that leads one to oppose SSM.

And talking about how a few of "you" get together and start "gay hate rants" one sentence before you say you take my word for it that I don't does not "come across" as particularly sincere or even particularly logical.

I'm usually pretty careful with the words I use and when I'm not I usually try to apologize.
It might not be such a bad universal policy IMO.


I apologized to you in the other thread. My opinions are my own, and I was wrong to share them.

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