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September 15, 2015


Or else.

Queue and Assemble.



Then first will be last, et cetera ad infinitum.

Fiends, romantics and country people, you've been gathered together to remind you that last is first.

Cecil Turner

who was quite public about her willingness to extend a warm German welcome to 800,000 . . .

Am I the only one who immediately thought of: "a laurel, and hearty handshake"?

And is there any qualitative difference between the logical disconnect here and the one behind an executive order to stop deporting illegal aliens?


After the first 800,000, she also said that Germany could take 500,000 per year indefinitely.





Typo alert-'many', not 'may years ago'.

I think all over the world people will never be as welcoming as they were before Hope and Change took office and insisted on unwanted fundamental transformation.

New post http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com/manipulating-the-human-mind-and-personality-via-p-12-education-to-engineer-transformational-social-change/

Dave (in MA)
the first two hundred fifty people in line would get home on time ... after the brawling, roaring and rugby scrum subsided the airline found a bigger plane
So it was just for the entertainment, then.
Eric in Boise

Reminiscent of the chuckleheads in this country who use "Give me your tired, your poor..." in an attempt to justify unfettered immigration here.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Hilarious corporatism of the counter culture; Burning Man has become Da Man as they sue Quiznos for making the hilarious embedded parody of the little cut out cogs who go out in the desert for a couple of days to play Kesey and Kerouac.

No one takes himself more seriously than the calculated outcast.


there's an interesting rejoinder in the comments,



So libtards tell us that poor young uneducated illiterate men commit crime because they have no jobs etc etc.


Next up.....we must bring their families here too.


I expect that we will be lectured by il Papa on how we and the Europeans, the keepers of Western Civilization and Christianity, are supposed to surrender our national sovereignty to Central American gang bangers, Syrian army deserters, and other neer do wells when he arrives.

If he accepts a brohug from the Asshole in chief I'm going to start looking for an underground church.


Guantanamo prisoner accused of being Osama bin Laden's associate has a DATING PROFILE on Match.com which says he is 'detained but ready to mingle'




You don't have to be lonely at Muzlims only dot com.

Frau Nebenan

Ext - the prisoner needs his own TV show. At least publish his letters "Dear Mr. Warner" on a regular basis. He's prolific and more up to date than I am.

Ashley Madison?

"Trump is a zero. McCain is a hero."


Ig@ 12:10...one of our nephews and his girlfriend attend Burning Man. There are a few documentaries about the event and we watched one of them. I looked at hubby and said holy carp,does your sister realize what her son is attending. Ha. I saw her a few months ago and told her to watch one of the documentaries. Our nephew is a responsible person,but sis-in-law is an obsessive about her kids,all grown.


from our lurking one, "aid" container for migrants, not it did not contain fresh clothes or suitcases. Or food.


posting this here


have been reading your links and found that the UN has been cutting rations (either direct food aid or EBT type cards) in the camps they control. Started last December


this article is from last year. they are getting restless on less than 2100 calories a day (iirc General Clay was attacked by the State Department when he increased the food rations in Berlin from 800 to 1100 calories a day). Seem pretty obvious that the life vests could be traded for food stuffs, and more easily, if food aid is being distributed using an EBT type program.

as to suspects I'd believe that the Russians with a helpful assist from the OIC. One it ties up Europe especially if Russia is interested in solidifying their gains and for the OIC it drains the swamp of a large number of young men that make the Gulf monarchies nervous(which also helps Russia if they are going to make a more aggressive push in Syria).


yes, that's a reasonable supposition, rich,

of we 'must not stand there, we must do something' is the motto, but not what Fidesz is doing,


he stuart stevens, doing his best 'horror, horror, impression,

[Laughs.] He’s not. He’s not! This goes down to, how am going to play in the next Super Bowl? It’s not going to happen. For Donald Trump to win, everything we know about politics has to be wrong. And I don’t think it is. The timing of when it falls apart is always more difficult to know than inevitably that it will.


New fed program pays Minnesota Somalis to not kill us. I bet Al-Jesse-Louie are kicking themselves for not thinking of that years ago.


OK -- for all of you plugged in to what is happening in Conservative culture -- where is Ben Carson coming from? Trump's all over the networks and has name recognition galore.

Carson -- I doubt I could name one of his positions, and his presence has diligently not invaded my media space.

So, why all the poll energy all of a sudden?

Rick Ballard


You have to read Jack Lew's letter rattling the begging bowl over the OPM Famine to understand why rations were cut. Draghi could write a very simliar letter as could Xi, if they actually had debt ceilings constraining borrowing.

Uncle Sugar provides 40% of the UN refugee money and Lew has already sucked all the "provisional" budget stashes as dry as the Sahara. He can try and reload in two weeks with the start of the new fiscal year but the spending authorization fights will provide some constraints.

Dave (in MA)

I thought this might be of interest to some JOMers, maybe useful for drinking game threads during debates and speeches.


going full vizzini,



Deb, the largest population of Somali immigrants outside of Minnesota is in Lewiston,Maine. There are about 7,000 Somalis in the city. The Lewiston police chief has started a recruitment program in the Somali community,because the police believe they need "a department that reflects the demographics of the community."
In 2013, a 12 year Somali boy was responsible for a string of arson fires in Lewiston. The local media tiptoed around that case. In fact,there are seldom stories in the media about the community. The only stories we get are about how LePage is a big meanie because he wants to limit general assistance to asylum seekers. Portland also has a large immigrant community and the mayor of Portland and LePage have been in a big feud about the issue.


ladies and gentlemen, the fellow who wrote the iraqi constitution, that enshrined sharia law,
is who they are referring to,



LOL, Hilligula tried to flame Walker on twitter with respect to his renewed zeal to end unions in DC. She's gonna need a new broom.

Yup, throw Walker in that briar patch any day.


call them turnbullites,



no one recalls, that's the problem:



How many pro-America, pro-Israel, non-liberation theology opinions did BOzo hear from the TUUC pulpit during his 20 yrs at Uncle Jeremiah's knee? Zero.


an interesting thought on the skydragon mythos, God gave adam stewardship over the world, but this was before the Fall,


follow up from last night:


Old Lurker

Rubio could hire the Captain of the Titanic if he were available I suppose. "Lanhee Chen, who was 2012 Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney´s chief policy adviser, said on Monday that he has joined the campaign of Republican candidate Marco Rubio as an adviser."

Jack is Back!

The big news in our area (NYC metro extends these days to Montauk:) on WOR (Rush station) is about the prospective gridlock in Manhattab during the Pope's visit. The UN general assembly is in town at the same time and then there is a Beyonce concert in Central Park. Its almost a panice mode.


We love Plymouth Notch and the Coolidge birthplance. Slome of the best cheese I've ever had is from the Plymouth Artisinal Cheese Co. You order over the internet. Watched them making it the old fashion way when were there.

The CLU's link at 12:35 only affirms all the suspicions that the horde of migrants is well organized, financed and ready for open warfare. This is only one shipment. How many need to get through and will?


I was young, single, carefree and vacationing in some Caribbean resort. My week was up so three hundred fellow travellers were milling about the airport waiting for our flight back to the Greatest City in the World.


I had no idea you ever took a flight to Anchorage.

Jack is Back!

What I was referring to in my 2:18. Already nabbed one.


Cecil Turner

Carson -- I doubt I could name one of his positions, and his presence has diligently not invaded my media space.

So, why all the poll energy all of a sudden?

Suddenly another voice spoke, low and melodious, its very sound an enchantment. Those who listened unwarily to that voice could seldom report the words that they had heard; and if they did, they wondered, for little power remained in them. Mostly they remembered only that it was a delight to hear the voice speaking, all that it said seemed wise and reasonable, and desire awoke in them by swift agreement to seem wise themselves. When others spoke, they seemed harsh and uncouth by contrast . . .

Frau  Eindeutschen

Chancellor Merkel is perplexed about the blow back on opening flood gates to zillions of Muslims. She feels she won't recognize her country anymore if the hordes are *not* welcomed. How about those who are worried about their country? (German LUN)

In the meantime 518 "migrants" left Munich but 180 en route to Berlin departed the train by pulling the emergency brake in violation of the law.

Celestial Ignatz

At least they're open about their corruption as the UN and Oxfam promise to give "journalists" jobs for covering climate change.


That's hysterical Dave - and so very wrong.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Tammy Bruce wonders if Pope Che will say any words about the Cubans murdered by the aged tyrant whose hand he'll shake.

Janet S.

A link to the new PP video again. This is video #10.

"Vanessa Cullins, their VP for external medical affairs, warns the undercover “buyers” to be careful about discussing organ sales, lest it “destroy” everyone involved:

-- Vanessa Cullins, the Vice President of External Medical Affairs, seems fully aware of the criminal exposure that fetal body parts sales present to Planned Parenthood: “This is important. This could destroy your organization and us, if we don’t time those conversations correctly,” she tells a prospective buyer.--

If this was all above board, why would it “destroy” anyone? This sounds more like the discussions one would have in a criminal conspiracy rather than a legitimate reimbursement-for-costs relationship. It’s also worth noting that Deb VanderHei’s primary concern in her meeting with the “buyer” is “remuneration” — in other words, payment."

Also near the end of the video the PP lady says...they provide "donation for remuneration".
I wonder how often that happens?



Your mention of the Titanic reminded me of a story that I should share.

We have a home in our neighborhood that dates to the early 1800s. Was built by an early settler to Ohio that was awarded a land grant after the Revolutionary War.

The home is still occupied by descendants of the original settler.

The family had a party last summer and Mrs. Buckeye and I were invited. She was excited because she is crazy about antiques and figured there would be many interesting pieces in the home.

In the foyer was the largest ship captain's chest either of us had ever seen.

Mrs Kennedy, who was throwing the party told us the history. She emigrated to the US with her parents as a teenager from Holland. Turns out that the chest was owned by her great-grandfather who was not just an ordinary ship's captain, but was the CEO of Holland America.

He had the distinct "honor" of being invited as a guest by Edward Smith, the captain of the RMS Titanic on it's maiden voyage.

Needless to say, that chest did not make the voyage.



Ouch! That's harsh.

(Others -- use google to find out why. It's been way too long since I read that book)

James D

The RNC should be hosting those videos on their website, pushing them at every opportunity, bringing them up in every interview.

Nobody can possibly be in favor of what PP is doing...


I just checked the attendance at the Texas Rangers home game last evening. 27,772. Not bad, except Cole Hamels was on the mound and the game was against Houston who happened to be 1.5 ahead of the Rangers and in first place. I am happy to report that the Rangers took care of business and are now 1/2 game out of first place.

But notice that a team in a pennant race with season ticket holders on a beautiful night, barely outdrew Trump who had a full AA Arena. There is something going here, and I dont think the media have fully diagnosed it as yet...


We should start a compulsory charoty for our self-created refugees.

Fund it by appropriating Bush/cheney/neocon cash with a fluorish. Deelightful

Miss Marple


I agree. When I heard my sisters supporting him, I knew there was something going on.

They are not understanding how disgusted and upset people are outside the Beltway and the New York studios.

We will see. Some are still convinced Trump will implode. I think if he makes it through tomorrow's debate, he will probably end up being the nominee if he decides he wants to go all the way.


tim blair noticed something left out of the other thread,


we didn't invade as with Iraq, we didn't provide air cover, as with Libya, so it's hard for it to be our fault,

Jack is Back!

Cleanup Aiisle 3

Samuran:) Doubt Tolkien had Dr. Carson in mind but it fits in its own delicious way. Frederick has now read "Gifted Hands" and "You Have a B.R.I.A.N." and thinks the Doc is the cat's meow.


That may be a godsend to have the media out of the loop.

Jack is Back!

...B. R. A. I. N.....Which I have in some disorder:)


no blaim autocorrect, I do,


I actually think 300 New Yorker would riot without reason. You ever seen a NYC cab driver respect a lane marker? Hell about have you ever heard horns blowing in NYC before the light turns green?

Cecil Turner

Ouch! That's harsh.

Tongue-in-cheek, of course. And that analogy would leave Trump as Gandalf, which I couldn't defend. I strongly suspect the truth is nearly the polar opposite: after listening to politically correct pablum vs loud unserious/irritatingly boisterous candidates, a man whose quiet convictions and genuine integrity are obvious is appealing. I maintain he's not well suited to be president, but I get the appeal.

Fund it by appropriating Bush/cheney/neocon cash with a fluorish.

I'd try the actual perpetrators: Obama/Clinton/isolationist moonbats. Might be a teachable moment for 'em. I see the Russians get the value of having a military base in the region. Maybe they could explain it (along with a primer on how to spell "reset").


dr. cain, has the right temperament, one can argue with some of his stances, he has accomplished marvelous things, yet still stays humble, it would be a credit if he were the next president,


didn't they have that base in the soviet era, bueller bueller.


Trump will be in a city in NH Thursday night that I'm familiar with,because I attended high school there. My high school hasn't succumbed to political correctness,their teams are still the Red Raiders!
My brother lives about ten miles out of town, so he might attend,just out of curiosity. Of course the priority will be if my niece finally has her baby,she is almost two weeks late!


my mistake it was tartus,

but the Russians have had ties there as they did through most of the levant since the 6O's

now who sounded most like Saruman or John Saxon,

Miss Marple



I know Kevin Williamson is on a few SLs these days but it's hard to argue with this:

The mainstream Democrats have settled upon the philosophy that they don’t need a philosophy, because everything that is wrong with the world is, and forever will be, George W. Bush’s fault, and, besides, somebody somewhere in Kansas is being rude to a homosexual or an abortionist.

Good fences make good neighbors. The Germans are wishing they had one right about now. What about us?

Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/424018/refugee-crisis-europe-rediscovers-borders


You will be assimilated, Miss M.



I think Frederick is a good judge of character.


...an advisor to Angela Merkel, who was quite public about her willingness to extend a warm German welcome to 800,000 of the many millions of Syrian, Afghan, Sudanese and Chadian refugees.

"There's a mad sort of screaming
From the mob at the wall
And the nuts in the EU, too
And up in the Reichstag
An absurd bureaucrat
Is telling us to let them through
(Koo-coo, Koo-coo)"

"Regretfully they tell us
But firmly they compel us
to accept a million Muslim's.
We're through.
Koo-coo Koo-coo"

"So long, farewell
Auf Wiedersehen, goodbye
I have to go and watch my homeland die"

"Da, da da da, Da da da dah, Da, da da da, Da dah..."

So long, farewell
Auf Wiedersehen, adieu
"Allahu Akbar!"
To you and you and you

"Da, da da da, Da da da dah, Da, da da da, Da dah..."

I'm sad to go
It must be getting late
I'd love to stay
And not join the Caliphate

"Da, da da da, Da da da dah, Da, da da da, Da dah..."

The sun has gone
To bed and I must part
Political Correctness
Is the stake right thru our heart
Western Civilization...

BTW, did you guys see they are bringing Mary Poppins back to the Big Screen

And I know it's Bundestag but Reichstag flows better.

Old Lurker

Neat story, Buckeye.

Miss Marple


What are you going to do when you run out of Sound of Music songs?

HA! That was exceptionally good, plus I could hear them singing your words, since I have watched that movie so much.


Has daddy satirized The Lonely Goatherd yet?


well those words you are using,


I've used the rich man's farage as shorthand, we know he came to our attention with the harangues on the eurocrats like Rompuy, which were a little more baroque, but still outside of marquis of queensbury rules observed.

so if al ghuardian was right, why did Obama not agree in 2012, I imagine bandar and his opposite number in doha, had told him, we'll have this problem handled within a year,

Jack is Back!

The von Trapp's were Austrian, so since Austrian's only speak Austrian, isn't your little parody of Germany off a touch, daddy?

I believe there is still a von Trapp Lodge still an active ski lodging in Stowe, Vermont.


I'm just not getting this whole Planned parent hood fight,I mean if a baby's dead and the parts are good then why can't you sell the parts?I thought Republican's were all about free market economics and the God given right to make a dollar?


When you kill a dear you use ALL the dear,I mean it would be a waste if you let some of the Dear go to waste...a Baby's no different.

Doesn't matter,I just heard McConnel and Boehner say that they'll fund the government regardless of how many baby toes are bought on Amazon.


the spectator was the first to point them out, but I didn't know the backstory,


Frau  Wahnsinn

Adam Garfinkle reports on Germany and Poland: "Insane Asylum"

... I will only note that many Germans seem to think that the Levantine Arabs now entering their country by the hundreds of thousands will act like their Gastarbeiter Turks. They are in for a shock. Many also think that they’re getting the cream of the educated crop from Syria. I heard several observers note that the people coming are young men, coming not directly from Syria but from camps in Jordan and Turkey. They are presumed to be engineers, doctors, and the like, and given Germany’s age-cohort imbalanced demographic picture, the consensus among the saintly is that they will boost the German economy in the not-too-distant future. This means that they know not the first thing about the real status of education in the Arab world. Only a tiny percentage of these asylum seekers are well enough educated to hold down a middle-class enabling professional job in an economy like Germany’s. (The American Interest)

Mr. Garfinkle concludes, "Darn good beer in both countries, however. So not all the news is bad."


Dear dumbshit. The baby aint dead, thus the need to carefully crush it to harvest the parts you fing idiot ghoul...


I've been laughing at daddy's parodies also. One of the many times I watched "The Sound of Music" was during a pajama party the daughter was having with friends. At some point in the movie I started to cry. The girls started laughing at me,the little brats!


Frau-did you see I left you a reply this morning on page 5 of the old thread about the Red Line in the Sky?

Plus someone on my blog raised a comment this morning on the book so I have some links in comments to Wagner's co-author.


Jet noise is the sound of freedom! A fighter jet just flew over the condo. Gawd,those things are loud!

Celestial Ignatz

--When you kill a dear you use ALL the dear,I mean it would be a waste if you let some of the Dear go to waste..--

So wrong and so stupid on so many levels not least the unintended black comedy of the idiot using "dear" juxtaposed against babies.


ruh roh, stephens on a bender again,

Frau  Wahnsinn

No, rse - thanks, I'll check it out.

Marlene, I could barely finish reading a child's story book about Abraham Lincoln the first time through. No one laughed or I would have cancelled "4-square."

rse - looked at the scoop on the scoundrels. Well, the devil is out of the bag!

Ugh: Cass "Nudge Me Till It Hurts" Sunstein is baaaaaaaack.





Decent point from Rush. Trump being hammered by Repub's for his comments about pressuring Ford or Nabisco to take some sort of action he would like as President.

Rush asks where were all these guys when Obama was using the NLRB to pressure Boeing about relocating to low Tax South Carolina?


Germany needs them as factory workers, that's all. Build BMW's and Audis and Benzes and keep your mouth shut. Leave the wives and kids at home and you can drink our beer and use our highly efficient whorehouses and everybody wins.

Ganz praktisch.....

Miss Marple

FINALLY, someone gets on Cavuto and says that 70% of these "refugees" are single men of military age. Also points out ISIS is on social media bragging about embedding their people in with the rest. AND the guy saays they look more like invaders!

Good work to whoever booked that guest, whose name I didn't catch. Guy looked to be in his late 30's with sandy brown hair.


it's not the same, one is policy, the other is a preference cascade,


you can growl when you find out, hit,


The real question is will the Fed raise rates
Very risky to let all those migrants in
Hungary has the right idea
We need a fence also
McConnell should invoke the nuclear option and proceed to a simple majority vote

Captain Hate on the iPad

Rupert and Rove must be livid that one narrative buster slipped through.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Levin unloaded on Stephens last night.

Jack is Back!


Carl Higbie, ex-SEAL. Nothing new coming from him. We knew about the demographic from the gitgo. Did you see the CLU's link about the weapons find in Greece? A lot of the reason behind Frontex securing borders has to do with the security risk being hammered home to the pols by the various Euro G2 agencies.

James D.

Narciso @ 4:18

Words fail me.

Frau  Wahnsinn

matt - bet you the wives and kids will not stay behind.


Batman #45 will reveal that Batman has been humping Robin, and it is perfectly "normal".

Frau  Wahnsinn

"Hungary has the right idea"

marlene, Politico does not agree and labels the country a police state. What useful idiots. Forgotten is the fact that Hungary was kept a prisoner of the commies until late in the game and also has in her racial memory the confrontation with Muslims long ago.

Miss Marple


I know WE knew, but (using my daughter as a guide for the general public) most of the general public does not, having seen those sweet propaganda pictures Extraneus has highlighted.

I got into a fierce argument with her about this, because she started in with how we have to HELP those poor children, and she refused to believe that the numbers were as I said. When I told her that the father of the drowned boy had been the captain of the boat she just refused to talk about it (usual response when I am right and she is wrong).

So I am glad to see this get out into the general public, bit by bit.

The government has no business bringing 100,000 Syrians into this country.

Frau  Wahnsinn

Buckeye, falls under Bent Willie's idea of mentoring.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--I'd try the actual perpetrators: Obama/Clinton/isolationist moonbats.--

Yeah, after almost two full terms of the lightworker, everything is still the demonic W's and the satanic Cheney's fault.

Made especially comical by Barry's profoundly imprescient claim that we were leaving Iraq a stable, sovereign nation when he pulled out and that IS was a mere JV team of toddlers that even Barry with his shoe laces tied together wouldn't have to warm the bench for.

-- Might be a teachable moment for 'em.--

Teach? Them?
Are you new here?

Jack is Back!

Ah, the Pechenegs. Been a long time since I have had to remember them.

Frau  Wahnsinn

...or did BJ minister those young women?


Your latest GOPe sellout:

GOP punts on ‘sanctuary cities’ bill

GOP lawmakers crafted several bills meant to punish so-called “sanctuary cities” that decline to cooperate with federal immigration officials trying to track down undocumented immigrants such as Lopez Sanchez. But in the Senate, an intraparty rift had opened up over the issue of mandatory minimums, with Republicans on the committee colliding over a proposal that would enact a mandatory minimum prison sentence of five years for immigrants who try to re-enter the country illegally after being deported.

Read more: http://www.politico.com/story/2015/09/sanctuary-cities-senate-republicans-bill-213652#ixzz3lqIJzQK3

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