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September 18, 2015


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Mama mia, now over 500 homes destroyed. I didn't think there was 500 homes there to burn.


Hi, Ig

So glad to hear you are okay! My first apt. was on the third floor of an old Victorian House. I was told it was used for Victorian balls. Way cool. (Except, I didn't have any furniture to speak of.)

Anyways, the fool on the second floor decided to put gasoline on his fire because it wasn't big enough. The fire raced up the fireplace wall right through my floor to the attic and back to my place. Lost everything pretty much, except my dog survived putting her nose under a patio door. (Patio roof garden overlooking a Baptist church. ) She was a white shepherd. When I got her back she was a dark gray. The firemen didn't know anything about a WHITE dog.

Only telling you this story, because I know what it's like to loose everything in a fire. I can still smell it.


Yikes ann that must have been a terrifying moment.


Whoa Ann
I can picture how fast that must have happened
Your guardian angel was watching over you


It was terrible, narciso. It was right after Christmas, so all my gifts were gone too.

The worse thing was my dog. Really, she was just a puppy. She got Mange from the trauma and lost all of her hair. She would sit in my convertible passenger seat and people would laugh at her at a stop sign. :( (I am not kidding.!)

New thread.



You know you are right. Someone made me sign up for renters insurance right before it happened.

I wasn't even sure if I was covered yet.

Okay, I'm done whining. Go Trump!!!!

Someone should compare Trumps family to Jeb's family. Just another reason I like Trump.

Should be handled like firearms, gingerly.

Gasoline is powerful enough to get us to the moon. It is that energy dense, which is surprising to most people. They just don't get the scale of it, even though cupfuls can power your auto blocks and blocks.


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hot teen body and nipples.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Feelin' OK Gus?



Errant search terms?

The Imp

Bra = boobhammock
Seatbelt = boobytrap

Michael (fpa Patriot4Freedom)

Never ceases to amaze me how Dems conveniently overlook two significant facts about the Clinton economy
of the '90's:

1- The Internet boom
2- Repubs taking the House in '94, resulting in the capital gains tax reduction, reduced federal spending, and balanced budget.

Tom Bowler

Hey TM, congrats on getting linked by Taranto in his WSJ dissection of Krugman!

“Christie is a Republican, so you know the claim is still rated Mostly False,” quips blogger Tom Maguire. That may be unfair; perhaps Reid simply doesn’t like Christie, or, more charitably, maybe he’s just a stickler about legalisms.

A quibble with your counter to Krugman on the demand side effects of tax cuts for the rich: Tax cuts for the rich are a supply side move, so why argue the demand side effects? We've had seven years of demand side policy and look where they've gotten us. The lowest workforce participation rate since Carter.

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