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September 18, 2015



Anonamom just put up a link to the live feed.

Frau Duden

Claire McCaskill needs to remind me why she deserves to be a senator and why I should listen to her. Like Lois Capp and Hillary!, she got there by being married to an elected official and not by anything she did on her own. What a big nothing.

Miss Marple


The problem is that the press thinks that sounds like a Christian since most of them don't have the foggiest idea of what it means.

My friend who is in administration at a local hospital has said for years he's a Muslim. I go back and forth, sometimes thinking he is, sometimes thinking he's just a sympathizer.

But I am positive he is not a Christian!


More for your repent list, Janet

Jeff Dobbs

TSA didn't bat an eye at my deodorant.

I do have to say....my feet really stink. All this walking today. Wow.

Miss Marple

Captain Hate,

Hayes also argued with me that the Arab Spring was a democracy movement, nothing to do with radical Islam.

(Unlike Hayes, I was an adult when the Shah was toppled, so I remembered.)

I told him it was just like Iran, and he told me I was uninformed.

When I asked him how he could be so positive, he said "Credible media sources in Cairo.)

That would have been geniuses like Anderson Cooper and such.

I am often tempted to remind him of that exchange, but he would probably block me.


Because Karl Rove cleared her path, by pulling 7 million out of Missouri. Others had opinions but j Rove had the means to influence the race for I'll.

Janet S.

Hey...I was wrong. When I go to the life jacket pic in my photo album it says
"422 shares". Wow.

I had counted 168 from my notifications...anyway, I'm not sure how it works (obviously). :)

That pic really resonates with people about the whole sketchy "poor refugee" show.
It captures that something organized is going on.


daddy, I am forwarding the Ur thing to Nordlinger.
Too funny.



Frito-Lay and PepsiCo can piss off.

Cool Ranch was my favorite.

daddy  (Vote for Pedro!)


Since Obama's an expert on who's a Muslim (14 year old Clock-maker? "Yes"---ISIS? "No.") we need to ask Obama if this Imam is a real Muslim or not a real Muslim.

Frau G'suffa!

Now for something non-Chaldean -

Spaten Oktoberfestbier Ur-Märzen


Frau G'suffa!

I'll drink to that!

Jeff Dobbs

So Cat Cora (Iron Chef) has a place here at SFO. Imma give it a try.

Grilled artichokes and lobster mac n cheese are whetting my appetite right now.

And the double vodka rocks is wetting my whistle.

How's that for grammar, you nerds?


I always did think that ur was near basra, but now I'm not sure anymore.

Jeff Dobbs

BTW - forget going through security with a 4 oz gel......I'm now sitting in the SFO airport reading conservative blogs out in the open. My computer screen is in plain view of everyone.


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--How many of you pronounce "err" as "air" vs. "ur"?--

If "ur" is correct as jimmy says how come error isn't pronounced "UR-er"

-- Okay, now how do you pronounce the modifier "ur"? (ur-text, e.g.) As "you're" or "ur"?-

I'm not sure I've ever actually pronounced it.
If called upon to do so I will dem-ur.

Jeff Dobbs

daddy, I am forwarding the Ur thing to Nordlinger.
Too funny.

If there was any justice in this world, daddy would have an audience reading his stuff double the size of ol' Jay.

I may be biased. I had a lot of Baby Daddy's today.


I will endeavor to be more cryptic, as with the pushkin tale of the history of pugachev.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Would Cat Cora have a place at SFO if she wasn't an ur-lesbian?

Miss Marple

I had to run to the store to get dog food (being out is a CRISIS with 3 dogs who whine).

Anyway, had Levin on and he said he would be on Hannity's TV show tonight. Levin said that the left is all mad that Obama was called a Muslim.

"Why are they mad? Is it an insult to be called a Muslim? Is being Muslim a bad thing?"


Jeff Dobbs

I'm having second thoughts. Lobsters are like the dogs of the sea. And I love dogs. I wouldn't eat dogs. How could I live with myself if I ate.......

Whoa. Too much second-hand idiocy. Almost got to me.

Make mine a double Fido, please.

Miss Marple



Jeff, just doing my part. Sometime in the future daddy will be "retired" and we all should do our best to share the wealth.


--I will endeavor to be more cryptic--

We already gave up.


New Black Panther leader calls Obama a "Mau Mau" from Kenya after taking over press conference in Ferguson.



The new season of Dr. Who starts tomorrow, last years was a little Byzantine even for me.


Speaking of sketchy, on NPR today I heard the report of the testimony given in Bergdahl case by the army guy who questioned him for sixty days.

It sounded as cooked up as the Benghazi video story did.

Could he really have been stupid enough to think he could do a 19 mile run through enemy territory as a PR stunt?

I can sign off on the "time served' argument. Kid was tortured; doubt he'll heal much, mentally or physically.


Frau G'suffa!

I read that the word Ur just meant "city" so it's like Frisco which the folks from Santa Barbara on north call "The City" for some bizarre reason.
If it is true, then the Biblical city is just City of the Chaldeans, plain and simple. Beats Baghdad by the Bay.


Here's a handy list:


James D.

Narciso @ 8:43

If the rumors/spoilers I've read about the new season are true, it's going to be even more Byzantine than the last one.


That would be a talk order, but probably right.

Miss Marple


Bernie should take their money first. Posted here so you know who to avoid patronizing, should you wish to do so.

I have never liked Will Ferrell and I hope this costs him much income.


After a quick read, I don't have any problems with Trump's firearms policy paper.

Cispigmented Heteronormative Microagressive Vulgarian Ignatz

He really has not the slightest clue what the basic tenets of the Christian faith are.


My king James bible map suggests that haran is either in old Assyria or eastern most edge of turkey, a place known as sanjuirfa.


it's like Frisco which the folks from Santa Barbara on north call "The City" for some bizarre reason.

It's so we can tell the tourists from the locals. It is similar to those who stick an "s" on the end of Sierra -- the mountains out here -- to denote a plural. If they do, they ain't from 'round hee-ya.

Jeff Dobbs

ZOMG! Maybe the Colts are guilty of ball manipulation!!!!


Guilty, I say.

daddy  (Vote for Pedro!)


SPECIAL "Urr, uhh, err, arghhh, ugh" Edition!

Frau's handsome great Uncle BlackJack, (pictured below)

Was unfairly maligned by the Newspaper's of his day as "The Stupidest Outlaw in the West."
Sentenced to death for Train Robbery, he wound up having his head yanked off his body during his hanging.

Anyhow, here's the questions, so get on your thinking caps:

Black Jack's famous last words were:

A) “Let ‘er rip!”
B) “Let ‘ur rip!”
C) “Let ‘uhh, 'er rip!”
D) “Let ‘er rip! Arghh!"

If you don't get this one correct, then you should feel ashamed of yourself, and do what BlackJack did during his first attempted Train Robbery in 1901:

Upon boarding the train he pulled a gun on the engineer. When he was told there was no money on board he became agitated, took his guns out and began pounding himself over the head as he called himself names. “Stupid! Stupid! Stupid!” he ranted.

Answer to be revealed...


Jeff Dobbs


I boycotted the Red Hot Chili Peppers at this conference 3 or 4 years ago.

(i've boycotted every concert here. too many damn people. i do wish i had gone to metallica though. they are who inspired my first nose piercing back in 1989)


This guy:

was on Madcow's younger sister's show talking about his run for the Senate. When the effeminate host asked "you are kind of an unknown, how are you been planning to fundraise?" The Democrat Mayor responded by saying "we have been raising money for 10 years now..." and then he cleared his throat and said issues are the most important issue.

A 10 year preparation for a Senate run. How were these donations collected?


Chris Christie can talk the talk.


Says to tell the truth, not pander, and promise to work hard.



Jack is Back!

Mrs JiB tells me that most of the "knowing class" in Europen are convinced that the refugee/migrant crisis is funded by Putin. How is it that hundreds of thousands or millions of Syrians, Afghans and Iraqis have all this hard cash to pay for clothes, shoes, backpacks, PFDs, boat travel, etc. when they are coming from war countries without any economies?

Not bad for a Belgian:)

Pier 23 was a hangout for me back in the day. Some fine music, great libations, wonderful views and did I mention the companionship of lovely young ladies. But then I was young and single back then. I even did 1994 New Year's Eve there out on the deck.


Madcow's sister has a show, Muller is annoying enough as it is.

Miss Marple


Tell Mrs. JiB that she is probably right, and I appreciate having our suspicions confirmed by her European intelligence network, which seems to be much better than ours.

daddy  (Vote for Pedro!)

I always did think that ur was near basra, but now I'm not sUre anymore.

Fixed that for you, Narciso.


Rachael Madcow


Yikes I am even more disturbed now ala dieter of speockets.

Janet S.

from FB -
Scroll down...John Kerry is hangin' out at a fashion show party!

Good Lord...like there is nothing important goin' on at the State Dept. or in the world right now.


I think he has some kind of face disease.
That noggin is one big old noggin thing. Yikes.


Watching Magpie. Howie Kurtz says that it is obvious that Obama was born in Hawaii.

Magpie chuckles and gripes that Trump went on an unscheduled vacation.

Dondi dry mouths a whopper. He says he needs to be Prez because people are tired of politicians. "That is why I ran for Senate in the first place, I was a private citizen when I challenged the Governor for the Senate seat."

WTF is this word game?

He is a career politician.

daddy  (Vote for Pedro!)

I read that the word Ur just meant "city" so it's like Frisco which the folks from Santa Barbara on north call "The City"

Frau, reminds me of BlackJack's old stomping grands, Canyon de Chelly, Arizona. (pronounced shay) and which apparently means Canyon canyon. (Wiki:) The name chelly (or Chelley) is a Spanish borrowing of the Navajo word Tséyiʼ, which means "canyon."

Momma and I visited about 30 years ago and went way back inside the park and loved the place:

Mark Twain in Texas might be a project for me tonight.

Janet S.

"Wonder what they're chatting about? John cornered Victoria for a discussion, and she appeared to be listening intently to the politician"

...trying to think of something funny...but it is just too pathetic.
Maybe John's telling her how many Syrian refugees him & Teresa are gonna take in.

Miss Marple


Every single picture of Victoria Beckham at that party (inthe black dress) looks exactly the same! Like she's a dummy posed with other people. Very weird.

And indeed, why is Kerry there? Must be for the free drinks or something.


Krudscraper tells the Magpie that Trump defies political physics.


Well which way is lurch looking in that pic?

Jack is Back!


The creator of Dondi, Irwin Hasen, was a regular at Sip 'n Sode here in Southampton, his summer residence. He use to sketch up poster size adverts for the restaurant's famous Lime Rikeys which hang all over the place with different prices which really confuse new comers.

My dad was one of his regulars that he would characterize on those posters. He was a great guy who passed earlier this year but had been in bad shape since 2007 or abouts. Like our old friend NK a Brooklyn guy through and trough.

Miss Marple

Picked this up on Twitter from a guy I follow. Brother of the Clock Kid runs this company:


This couldn't possibly be a clue, could it?

Jeff Dobbs

Kerry: "Your boobs are pointing in the wrong direction. I've got a really good plastic surgeon who could....."

Posh Spice: "No. No you don't."

daddy  (Vote for Pedro!)

And the answer is...



If it weren't for CH, I still wouldn't know who Dondi is.



“The Patriots also supplied information to Mr. Wells about a prior reported incident of actual ball tampering which took place during a Vikings-Panthers game in 2014. Evidence was also provided that Indianapolis ball boys, in a prior season, had been seen by Jacksonville personnel with ball needles hidden under their long sleeves,” the Patriots’ letter says.


Jeff Dobbs

I really have to post this again...with the pic.

Kerry: "Your boobs are pointing in the wrong direction. I've got a really good plastic surgeon who could....."

Posh Spice: "No. No you don't."

Jeff Dobbs

Again, on a case of high lifes, i swear i posted my pretend dialog before seeing the pic. i swear.


Well the picture suggested such dialogue.


He looks like the big headed greeter in Shrek.

Jeff Dobbs

I have a long history at the dailymail UK site - and Posh has a long history of stories about her botched boob jobs.

I'm not going to go google and provide links though.

I'll walk into the fire of people here in San Fran watching me peruse conservative websites, but I draw a line at them watching me google pics of boobs.

(though that guy on the right in the pic above is just about the biggest boob i've ever seen)

Jeff Dobbs

My waitress is earnest. But she's terrible.

Janet S.

He looks like the big headed greeter in Shrek.


That's him!

Miss Marple


It would be ironic if the clock he brings to show off at the White House is something more lethal.

daddy  (Vote for Pedro!)

I'm still doing catch-up on the other thread and I just came across this:


In this "Obama Is a Muslim/Obama Isn't a Muslim" business, it's worth remembering that Dr Ben Chavis was a Christian Minister who was head of the NAACP, then converted to Islam while maintaining that he was also still a Christian Minister. For instance: WHAT EVER HAPPENED TO . . . BENJAMIN F. CHAVIS JR.

That's a 9 year old story, so who knows what all he's been up to since then, but via google it appears he has been in jail, somehow been pardoned by the Prez, and then attended Obama's Second Inauguration.

I have no info on what the heck Chavis's religious beliefs are today, but he's definitely a rabble rousing racist, and is or has been a hardcore(sp) supporter of our Christian in Chief, so if the head of the NAACP can be a Christian and a Muslim all at the same time, then I think guys like Obama, who obviously know nothing of scripture and faith, can also claim to be whatever they want to be, or both, and enjoy watching the MSM do the dirty work of savaging their opponents for not bowing down to whatever religious biography our leader decides he wants to be when it suits his agenda.

Instead of Megyn jumping on her panelists for speculating if Obama's a Muslim, how about she ask Obama if, like Ben Chavis, it's possible to be both at the same time, and demand particulars? I'd like to see her ask that of all the candidates, especially Hillary.

It'll never happen of course.


Miss Marple


Seal surfing on back of humpback whale in Australia.

Apropos (ha) of nothing, just thought it was neat.

Jeff Dobbs

Cashed out of Cat Cora's.

What was the Vegas over/under on double vodka rocks?

No one here bet the under, right?

Jeff Dobbs

(poor people next to me and my wharthog snorfing truffles snoring ways)


IIRC, just recently the question was whether or not Trump is a Christian.


I noted that detail, on a tepid post about a Williamson column, which as usual missed the point.

Right about now the establish seem like the dolguruki an old Russian noble clan whose last gap involved trying to dispatch Rasputin in many different ways


If Bergdahl is tried and convicted of the misbehavior before the enemy charge, he could get life in prison. He also could be dishonorably discharged, reduced in rank and made to forfeit all pay if he's convicted.

So Bergdahl might not even face a court marshal? And be dishonorably discharged and denied $300,000+ in back pay? That's ridiculous and a slap in the face of the service members who serve honorably. Actions have consequences, or at least they should.

daddy  (Vote for Pedro!)

What is it with Secretaries of State and washed up pop singers?

Frau  Lebensmittel Laden

Los Angeles has the La Brea tar pits which means the tar pit tar pits.

I've always maintained it's ok to *talk* to yourself, but it's not a healthy sign to *argue* with yourself. Black Jack Ketchum had some kind of problem because he was known to chastise himself for errors (ur-urs?). Aside from him and one brother, the rest of the Ketchums were law-abiding and very prosperous ranchers.

Jeff Dobbs

I've always maintained it's ok to *talk* to yourself, but it's not a healthy sign to *argue* with yourself.

Carp. My next door neighbor is a clinical psychologist. Maybe I need to make an appointment on Monday...

[TheVIMH: you're just making up shit now, aren't you?]
About my neighbor? No, that's the truth and you know it.

[TheVIMH: no, about actually call him and scheduling an appointment]
Yeah, I probably pull that outta my hindquarters.

[TheVIMH: like usual]
Bite me.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

No more matter how many times the muzzies bamboozle and humiliate dumbass progs who defend them they line right up for another crack at the football.

Miss Marple

Bedtime for me.



A Syrian exile ksam eid, discovers what we knew months ago, thanks to Mike Doran among others.

Frau  Lebensmittel Laden

******Extra credit for timely use of apropos @ 10:09, Miss M.

I'm sure the Twin Towers name is just a coincidence. No one would be that obvious.

Jeff Dobbs

For some reason, it seems I can't get verb tenses right with words ending in "ll". I, of course, am not about to apologize for it - but I can point out that my errors are nothing compared to Iggy's "No more matter".

So there!

[TheVIMH: you just want to pile on other people, don't you?]
Yeah, so what?

[TheVIMH: nothing. it's not unseemly. you're a stand up guy.]
I detect sarcasm there.

[TheVIMH: you're very observant]
Bite me.


Of course 'apropo of nothing' reminds me of Sheryl Crowe before she went mad.

Frau  Aua

Jeff, it's ok to shout "stupid, stupid, stupid" at yourself. Just don't pound on your head with a pool cue. It damages both objects.

Jeff Dobbs

Well, if I pounded my head with my break cue, it would probably do some pretty permanent damage to my head. The cue would remain unscathed.

If I did it with my actual playing cue, both my head and the cue would probably suffer damage . . . and I would weep more for my cue than my head.

[TheVIMH: you would probably pound your head with a pool cue just to come after me]
Yup. But with a house cue to be sure.


Have a good flight home, Jeff!

Jeff Dobbs

Boarding soon. Yay!

I want to be home so bad..........

Frau  Aua

Another cartoon for Jeff who will soon be home.
This was NOT the JOM meetup in Berkeley.


No, that would be more like the dos equis table.


This was NOT the JOM meetup in Berkeley.

Nope. Look up Rivoli on Solano Avenue. Charming place.

Frau  Aua

Heading for the comfy chair.


Oh, and if you go to Rivoli, ask for the dog sorbet.

Jeff Dobbs

Let the snoring begin!

see you in L.A.

I got a couple hours there.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--...but I can point out that my errors are nothing compared to Iggy's "No more matter".--

Wait. What?

Jeff Dobbs

Is " no more matter" what you intended?

maybe I'm reading it wrong.

i think I've told the story of my last SFO to LAX flight. I always book window. I need to be able to look out the window. A kinda claustrophobia thing.

European group asked me to switch so they could be together. It was aisle, but I'm a sucker for someone asking with nice manners.

So we switched. Not a long flight, but my new row seatmate in the center seat was at least 400 pounds.

Oh well. Got my window tonight. About to push back.

(maybe I won't put the phone on airplane mode just cuz. #YOLO)

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Ah, now I see it.
Was supposed to read "Matter more no...".

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