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September 17, 2015



lord love a waterfowl, how can they write this with a straight face,


now insurgent training, has been problematic back to the albanian landings, but still,

Jack is Back!

Joe Ganim, the Edwin Edwards of Connecticult, just won the Democrat primary for Mayor of Bridgep;ort, after spending 7 years in prison for taking bribes while he was the Mayor.

Beasts of England

If I find myself carrying a stop watch into the little boys rooms today, I'm putting Extraneus on 'the list'. :)

Pick me up a set, Miss Marple - I wanna be a culinary titan!!


ne has internalized the narrative, he believes he came up with it,


steyn is still sticking with trump, because only a honey badger seems to get results, farage was mostly autodidact, in the course of his training days,


what I was referring to last night.


you not how his libyan operation, ignored the rules he had put forth here, 'curveball' was not a chalabi asset, but a poorly handled bnd one.


The daughter somehow got tickets for the Pope's welcome on the South Lawn. What can I say,this is the girl who has been Little Miss Nosy since she could walk. She calls her 85 year old Nana almost weekly for the family gossip update.
The Thos. Moser furniture company of Maine made six chairs for the Pope's Philadelphia visit. They also designed and built a brace so the Pope can use the lectern used by Abraham Lincoln when he gave the Gettysburg Address.


hey Marlene

If your dentist makes a catastrophic mistake with your root canal at least he is qualified to go straight to the embalming.

I know, morbid, but I just couldn't resist:)

jimmyk on iPhone

"Apparently it's mathematically possible if, over a 30-year reign, the sultan had sex daily, and it could have been managed with just 65 women, far fewer than the 500 in his harem."

Not getting that calculation. 888 is only about 30/year, less than half of the 65 ladies. Even a sultan with very bad aim should be able to do better than that.


welcome to the party, pal


the left is properly antiwestern, against jews and christians, and progress, in a real sense,


Why should Trump be required to correct someone's statement about someone else?


"If I find myself carrying a stop watch into the little boys rooms today, I'm putting Extraneus on 'the list'. :)"

No need for that kind of precision, hourglass works fine in my case.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Magpie Kelly has signed with Creative Artists Agency for those who continue to think that all she cares about is being a fair and balanced news person.

Janet S.

THis is interesting...from a link from Steph on FB -

"Refuting statements made by EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy, Navajo Nation President Russell Begaye testifies about the EPA spill. According to Begaye's testimony, the EPA waited two days before notifying the Navajo Nation, denied them access to the breach site and encouraged tribal Members to quickly arrange settlement with the federal government by widely distributing Standard Form 95."

Made me think of that Oregon guy - Terry Bean.


Pay 'em off. Screw the environment. Screw the kids (literally).

How libs are portrayed as the "caring" political party is beyond me.


TK, agree. Just the MSM getting their shorts in a wad over lack of enforcement of their chosen narrative. (can't have people thinking for themselves, can they?)


She is a successful strong willed woman, CH.

Shame on you.


finding out I need a root canal.

Make lemonade from the lemon. Schedule it during the next presidential debate.


The guy was probably a plant looking for a soundbite, henry.

It was a hell of a first question.


there may be another reason, remember bandar was kicked out of the saudi side of the program, and
replaced with the deputy defense chief, who had run the operations in turkey.

The failure reflects a pervasive flaw in U.S. efforts across the Middle East and South Asia—many involving U.S. Central Command—to create friendly forces to fight its causes on the ground. For many Syrians, the U.S.-trained rebels are perceived as little more than guns-for-hire, Robert Ford, the former U.S. Ambassador to Syria, told me. “American mercenaries, that’s what I’d call them. They’re trained by Americans. They’re paid by Americans. They’re supposed to fight for American goals—which are out of synch with local priorities.” ...RobinWright,NYer

Janet S.


It is almost comical...she answers nothing.

She might as well describe what she's wearing when asked about Planned Parenthood.

Wolf -Did you see the videos?
HC - Well Wolf...I'm wearing a green pantsuit & a necklace with big green bobbles.


hitchens took pot shots at him, even though it was his vision that orwell put into 1984, about the three superstates,



https://www.whitehouse.gov/the-press-office/2015/09/14/fact-sheet-administration-announces-new-smart-cities-initiative-help is how the White House is touting the Internet of Things same grant.

Note that unless this gets caught like this and linked where it belongs to the feds pushing the UN's Post-2015 agenda, this vanishes into the local where it is described as a local initiative and proof that federalism works in the US.

I think the bottom line is GOPe does not want any candidate for WH that is not on board with the global Post-2015 Tranzi agenda.

Miss Marple

Kell6y's hair extensions are getting longer and longer. I think she will probably end up in Vogue or something, right before she signs a network contract.

News is the McGuffin for her career.


what is true with the iran deal, a blackbox is forming, like with inspections in iraq in the late 90s, after russia and france rewrote the unscom rules, so one must risk war, in order to review the state of the weapons program,

Captain Hate on the iPad

Granny must have been post happy hour if she sees a willingness of PP to answer questions.

Miss Marple

Leaving for errands and food pantry.

Back this afternoon.


Notice the mention of public-private partnerships on page 1 of the federal framework for working with these cities.

https://www.nitrd.gov/sccc/materials/scccframework.pdf Also the groups working together are what my book laid out as the Turchenko vision.



"Basic constraints are female cycle, harem size, reproductive span, female age, pregnancy and lactation."

See here


and here



yikes you're right miss marple,


that doesn't even look on her,

Captain Hate on the iPad

Another fudge packer gets a pass on abusing children? Sounds like a natural conservative imo.


really, is that your final answer?


Bought Oreskes hook, line, and sinker.

Heh, rse, seen Whitehouse's RICO initiative about climate skeptics? Judy's got a great post featuring her husband calling a recent letter from twenty climate scientists to Obama, the AG, and Holdren a 'Death Warrant to Science'.



Hillary will be in Portland today, at a "low key" grassroots organizing event. The woman is supposed to be waltzing her way to the nomination and she is holding only small organizational events?
Yeah, right. She probably couldn't fill the arena in Portland with 7,000 people the way Bernie did in July.


now there is something to the history of long standing military expedition, the examples in Haiti and Nicaragua in the last century, are testimony to that,


Miss Marple

See, narciso, I told you! I have noticed it because just a few months ago her hair was a lot shorter. Last night it looked like her hairdresser had added longer ones again.

Now I have to go.

Have a good day, everyone!

I predict(project) snow.

Hillary's wavering over the pipeline is why I speak of the upcoming 'Masque of Paris'.

Heh, BR, there'll be an excellent specimen collected leftbankedly and rightbankly flanked with meadows of Heaven. A curiosity, damn that cat.



The Magpie is taking a beating in the comment section of the panel discussion.


well she has to give a reading on the deflector shield, yay or nay, honestly who is advising her,


Winston Churchill wanted to name a battleship the 'Cromwell, while in the admiralty.

Heh, n, just reading about the Protector's witnessing in the West Indies. Bay of Pigs on Hispaniola, and dreadful success in Jamaica.

Rick Ballard

I'm a little confused this morning. Is it the Fed which is treasonous for extending ZIRP again because our marvelous economy continues to require crutches to move "forward" or is it the market which is being treasonous by taking notice of the Feds failure to remove the crutches propping our glorious economy?

Or could it just be an application of the President's infallible Merde Touch to the markets?

James D

That 10:06 post is chilling. And very telling.

Our side conducts toothless hearings in the face of blatant criminality on the part of Dems; and refuses to actually campaign about it for fear of disturbing the muddle.

Their side openly calls for the federal prosecution and imprisonment of private citizens who oppose them politically (when it's not already using the administrative state to harass, obstruct or flat-out bankrupt private citizens who oppose them)

Captain Hate on the iPad

So what's the over/under on how soon the Magpie flies the Ailes coop?


they follow the formula, of the OIC, some subjects are plain haram to discuss,


the way I read this, he was ticked off at the questioner, and tried to move on,


if only mike vickers were running things, well he is so what's the excuse now,


Bareboned rump, the Sultan of Divine Swat.

Heh, it was 1911. GeoV dissuaded him among others.

Oliver Cromwell built up the Navy in the 1650s and went adventuring, er, crusading. Staynor and Blake sank two Spanish treasure fleets. Heh, goodtimes.

The Wicked Witch of the West has the ruby, er, golden slipperies.

Rick, having bragged on the stock market, Obama will do everything in his power to drag it over the next election.


kim-look what started yesterday and goes through tomorrow in Sweden. http://anthro-obscene.situatedecologies.net/index.html

And all the US speakers who jetted over to plan the revolution. Notice how much easier this gets with the Smart Cities federal initiative above and local builders force to do set asides for low income residents in order to get permits.

Old Lurker

MM: "Kelly's hair extensions are getting longer and longer..."

And right there you have the difference between men and women.

Mercy me Hospital.

Oh, yeah, JD re 10:06. Worst words overheard in the laundromat: "Scottie's been kinda cranky this morning. He's been up all night with that beam thingie of his.'


well she is looking out for kin, no?


Unsustainable, simple as that.

Not so much as invaded, as wormholed throughout, Early Bird.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

narc's 9:30 is pitiful.
Another lefty recoils at the result of his caring about only those issues not really tethered to traditional morality or western civilization.
Grade schoolers understand the immutable lessons of Lord of the Flies but liberal adults always think they know better.


which tome is it your reading, about caribbean adventures, pushkin relates as interrelated a camarilla as we see here today,

Janet S.

The Judith Curry link - http://judithcurry.com/2015/09/17/rico/#more-19950

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Citizens didn't wait for help. Got their own water trucks and bulldozers moving and saved their little town of Mountain Ranch.
The Real America still exists, even in CA.



This is the trial run for what happens next in this country.

Gee, in the end , we can be SO European.
Barack will approve

I'm nearing the end of the voyage.

'Cromwell, the Lord Protector', by Antonia Fraser.

But I still usually read.

Thanks, Janet. Good comments too, haven't seen the trolls much yet.

I don't comment there anymore because Judy was getting hammered with so many sock puppets that she had to require registration.


So Trump is castigated for not defending BOzo re one comment made by a stranger in a come-one-come-all town hall meeting? But BOzo spent every Sunday for 20 yrs. listening without a murmur to Jeremiah Wright's vitriolic, anti-Jew, anti-white supremacy, anti-America diatribes, and only denounced the few reported bits of it in 2008 when forced to ... and that's described as "brave" and "principled". Uh huh.


shocker I know,


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Lordy, the responses defending prosecution of skeptics were disheartening.
Equating Curry's opinions about climate with the Inquisitors demanding RICO prosecution of those with opinions about climate was disgusting and disturbing; like watching old newsreels of Himmler justifying rounding up Jews.
Does RICO cover Godwin violations yet?

Jeff Dobbs

So Jeff didn't get to hustle some of that sweet hippie cash on the felt in Berkeley last night?

Not only did I not get to redistribute any hippie wealth last night . . . it turns out every damn restaurant here (at least on University) closes their kitchen at 10 pm. I even looked one up that said they closed at midnight - woohoo - went, grabbed a table and waited for the waitress (she carried herself like a well-seasoned hippie, fwiw) - and she informed me that the kitchen was closed but I could order drinks if I wanted.


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

-- I could order drinks if I wanted--

I'll take a pureed sirloin, hold the puree.


just call him the chocolate rations order taker,


Jeff Dobbs

Fun fact,our dentist was a funeral director in an earlier career and in an even earlier career he was a bar owner.

I have resisted any advice so far on the whole opening a bar thing based upon the idea that the unsavory elements of society would find me in their crosshairs.

But this gives me pause.


And right there you have the difference between men and women.

Trump wears one too!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The two high school footballers who speared the ref say their coach made them do it.
Please note, clearly neither is black.
Presumably they can't be white hispanics since they claim he used a racial slur.
A new race?


so I don't know, the phillipines turned out to be a midrange fustercluck, but bryan didn't complain we were lied into it, mendacity hadn't gone that far at that point,


you I'm leaning toward professional idiot,


commodity declines did affect the country's balance sheet, but skydragon nets will not solve the problem,

Jeff Dobbs

Please note, clearly neither is black.

At a high school in San Antonio? I'm blown away.

(i gave the racial composition of that high school a ways back in threads...)


yes, it seemed a little suspicious, no,


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

$350K in SF will buy you the house Freddie the Freeloader abandoned as unfit.


it's even more low energy,



The news reader on CNBC this am said that Trump was castigated for not correcting someone who called Obama a Muslim.

Obama's an American not a Muslim.



They skirted around roadblocks to bring in water trucks and heavy equipment to keep the Butte Fire back.

This is why I am very reluctant to call everyone a hero that makes the career choice to fight fires. San Diego's "heroes" set up many of these roadblocks with their fire engines in 2003. A small semi-rural town was mostly saved by contractors with water trucks. The fire-flighters finally called the sheriff to have the water trucks stopped.

A major grading contractor called all his employees in and had equipment loaded and ready to go whenever the "heroes" needed it. Instead he was told that he lacked proper training to cut a fire break.

The contractor was interviewed later and he said:"if I'm off by a 1/4 inch cutting a road for the government, I don't get paid! And these guys say I lack the training!?!"

I'm not saying that firefighters don't do some heroic things. I just don't think all of them rise to the level of the townspeople.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--At a high school in San Antonio? I'm blown away.--

When it first occurred many speculated both kids were black. Haven't really seen anything since then including your demographic comment.

Some Guy


On those "as seen on tv" products, apparently the entire business model is built around the Shipping and Processing fees and timing. They hold no inventory, and price the products at close to cost. Based on order volume, they get inventory and fulfill orders, and all of the profit is from jacked up Shipping and Processing charges.

It's why they so commonly use the 'we'll throw in a bonus widget (just pay S&H) for FREE!'


firefighters don't write the idiotic policy, they have to abide by, that comes from the different districts and the Capitol, like cops, and other public safety personnel,

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki


Instead of praising this little bozo perhaps Barry could invite to the White House the two Oregon ranchers who have already done time under terrorism statutes and paid $400,000 for accidentally letting a range fire burn 160 acres of BLM scrub brush. They owned the grazing lease on the land and even BLM admitted the fire improved the range but they are now back in court with the government trying to put them back in prison because they thought the first sentence too light.
I guess white non muzzies need not apply.


From the crooked census link:

Dozens of government employees at the U.S. Census Bureau have been billing taxpayers for time they never actually worked, wasting more than $1 million.


I give this story 83 Ramos Piñatas.


Narciso, the "I'm just doing my job" defense?


I was relieved to know my brother skipped the Trump event and was golfing with friends and celebrating the birth of his grandson yesterday evening. He could have been the guy who yelled Obama is a Muslim (or worse) if he had attended. Ha.


Whoever busted those ranchers were probably just following the rules, Ig.


you have to do it this way,



yes, ranchers are the new kulaks, didn't you get the memo, also oil prospectors, there's a new soap about frackers in the dakotas, taking 'revenge's place,

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--The contractor was interviewed later and he said:"if I'm off by a 1/4 inch cutting a road for the government, I don't get paid! And these guys say I lack the training!?!"--

That's not the same thing as diving down into a canyon you might not be able to back out of and pretty much all fire cats these days have enclosed cabs and the operator has a mask and oxygen available. Logging cat operators make natural firefighters. Contractors not so much.
The Calfire guys and LE are tasked with protecting public safety so I understand their reluctance. It's not because they want to hog the glory IMO. They don't want people killed.

OTOH anybody whoever self helps, despite them, is OK in my book.
One of my uncles hopped on a cat when I was a mere stripling and put a line in to protect my family's ranch when the fire guys said they'd wait until it got to a major road a couple of miles past our ranch to fight it.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

...anybody *who* self...


Headline at the FoxNews feed starts with "TAKE THAT:" but it's not in the URL or piece.



I agree with the canyon diving, Ig. The 2003 fire was consuming more than just rugged terrain. There were plenty of areas they could have used the free support that lacked billy goat creds.


Bills' team store puts inflating pumps 'front and center' before Patriots game


For English usage fans (who, me?):



well the fact they advertised on the spew, should be a lesson in the first place,

James D

TK @ 11:45

I think the appropriate phrase is "They were just following orders."

Which is something we hung people for after World War II. I'm just saying.

Jeff Dobbs

Yay! Save the oceans day at my conference. Hoooooooboy this is gonna be good ignored.

can't believe I'm on the red eye tonight so I can take in all the glory that is ineffectual sanctimonious whinging.

What a time to be alive!


"Moser furniture company of Maine made six chairs for the Pope's Philadelphia visit"

We were in a Jersey shore town last week where most owners are Philly Italian Catholics, and they all had life-size Pope cardboard cutouts in their windows along the beach walk.

Now, I'm walking with half a dozen tween girls in bikinis and they start goofing, taking selfies with the Pope. One women invites them in, and they all pose Charlie's Angels style around the Pope in her big bay window.

She asks "So which Catholic School do you girls attend?" Yikes! They're all Protestants! I'm nudging 'em "St Mary's,...just say St Mary's". Great fun.

Anyway, she says only relatives that are cops and nurses are staying in town. Everybody else is bugging out.


this shindig is supposed to be about sales,


this is their perspective, on the race, sans the anomaly,


Local morning news babe says "Chargers vs Bangles this weekend, we are looking forward to a match up..."

The news dude interrupts, "the Bangles? The Chargers may stand a chance!"

Laughter ensued.


the technical details,


Jeff Dobbs

Run like an Egyptian....


being chased by crocodiles, that's my rollerball addition to the game,



During an interview with FOX Business Network’s Stuart Varney former New York Representative Anthony Weiner explained why he is backing Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders.

Hard up for guests much, Stuart?

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