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October 12, 2015


Beasts of England

I stand with Newt.


A blue eyed god in Egypt?
There goes Jeremiah Wright's whole schtick.

Sort of Iggy, except that Farakhan believes it was a Black Scientist who screwed up and created White folk in a run amuck experiment ( Planet of the Apes in Reverse) so there's still an out for a Black Racist Preacher/Imam if they need one.

Miss Marple 2

Thomas Collins,

You may be sorry you gave me 14 points. Luck playing is iffy.

I would actually be happy if Hasselback plays again and even better if he would win. I have felt that Luck was not a wise investment and it upset a lot of people that Manning was let go.

But then I am not a huge football fan so am only looking at this as an investment. The Colts are important to me for brining business to the city. I just am not a pro sports fan.

We will see. Our pseudo bet, however, has me interested in the game, so there is that.


More of Newt's advice:

Newt: If you want to know what I think the next Speaker should do:

(1) Pick very aggressive Public fights with Obama

(2) Be prepared to take on the US Senate period, and

(3) Stand for unifying the Conference in a series of things where you consciously pick fights that bring your Team together and split the other Team.

Now that's what I would recommend.

Frau Holzauge sei wachsam

Aye! of Newt, Beasts?

Miss Marple 2


I wondered if anyone heard Brit's rant because it fair riled me up. He's been in the beltway so long he has lost touch.

Screw him. I am sticking with the idea of causing a ruckus. I am mad at all of them.

Bret Baier seemed to realize Brit had stepped in it, as he said people knew where to address their letters, and then proceeded to explain why the Freedom Caucus felt the way they did.

Think I will go see what's going on on Twitter regarding Hume. LOL!


I don't see Brit Hume buying into a single word of Newt's advice at 06:33.

Beasts of England



I have one word for the Egyptians - bacon.

They forgot the nutrition and good eatin taste of bacon wrapped millet cakes and crocodile bacon burgers.

Their candles were dim because tallow was considered unclean, which caused much nearsightedness in the Upper Kingdom, which is why they used hieroglyphics, which translates as "cartoon" in Archaic Egyptian.

There was no pork belly market to corner and thus the Egyptians were forced to enslave the Israelites to build their monuments to cats, dogs, and hawks, all of them nice enough species but not very tasty or nutritious.

The Israelites, while also observing halal, ended up making do with manna, which made them even more obstreperous in their dealings with Y**weh.

Meanwhile the Phoenicians and Canaanites were eating Lobster Louie, shrimp cocktails and bacon wrapped scallops and thus were able, through a superior diet, to keep Judah and Israel in a reduced state.

That was until Cyrus the Great introduced felafel and schwarma and conquered the whole lot of them, which is of course responsible for the ubiquitous Doner Kebab places in Germany.

Tommorow's lesson will be on the influence of the Mughal Emperors on the Ottomans in the introduction of currywurst to the West and how this food product stalled at the border with France of the Holy Roman Empire.

Miss Marple 2


An explanation of why government regulation led to the El Faro tragedy.


Miss M,

As I heard Brit Hume, I think he said that he thinks the Repub's by "shutting down the Government" in 2011 or 2013 or whenever we did it, had so hurt the Repub's that they got the worst Public Opinion Poll numbers ever, and that the Repub's were only rescued from oblivion in the 2014 Election because the roll out of ObamaCare had been so terrible.

I don't think he could be any more wrong.


I wonder why Brit Hume thinks Eric Cantor got his butt kicked by Brat? I'd like to hear his analysis of that, and if he had any inklings that Cantor was going to get slaughtered in a race that the "Polls" supposedly showed Cantor was going to win in a walk by 30 percentage points.


I continue to believe we need to move the federal government apparatus in its entirety to Hutchinson Kansas. Many govt employees will decline, and we can eliminate the positions. Rest will get a chance to meet some real life fly over Americans.

Rick Ballard


Swine can be a vector for tuberculosis as well. Kosher butchers are particularly attuned to finding tubercular lesions and the incidence level for TB was quite high throughout ancient times. The Jewish proscription of autopsy makes it difficult for me to understand how the trichinosis vector could have been identified. The Egyptian funerary customs would have made such a link more understandable.


How about to Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas?


Joan @4:40...dittoes. I have to 'fast' from my phone to reduce lurking time. As to the AFT, I suppose there's no money in #BlackFathersMatter.


I still sense a scam, here, that money went somewhere,


Captain Hate on the iPad

Calypso Louie just spouts the nuttery of Elijah Mohammed who came up with that cartoonish garbage way before the Scientologists devoted themselves to the third rate sci fi of al-Rahn Hubbard.


actually they should have her as the DNC spokesman,



just can't fet no respect,



DrK on the panel lists 2 reasons why the other Dem candidates won't jump all over Hillary tonight regarding the E-Mails, both of which are probably true:

DrK: (1)...As for the other candidate, you know O'Malley has a lot to lose, (by attacking her) an Ambassadorship or a Cabinet Position. So I don't expect he'll do it (attack).

(2) They're not going to go after her on Benghazi, and I don't expect them to go after her on the E-Mails either. The reason is, I hate to say this, but McCarthy handed her the ready out. You simply have to say "Everybody knows, thy've admitted it, that this is a partisan issue, there's nothing real here." People can follow that easily, and have a harder time (following) the details of the E-Mails.

Miss Marple 2

Boy, howdy, is Brit getting a lesson in how upset people are!

Here's the replies to his Twitter statement:


(I think you will only be able to read this if you are registered on Twitter, but give it a try. LOTS of comments tellling him to get outside the Beltway! Including my own! HA!)


How about to Ft. Leavenworth, Kansas?

DrJ, I like it, but only if the sons and daughters of the Politicians and Press folk that have to move to Fort Leavenworth have to go thru mandatory Army ROTC in the local High School like I had to when I went to Leavenworth High.

Go Pioneers!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

<>--Brit also tells us in so many words that Public Opinion Polls should be the what runs Republican thinking.--

So I guess Brit the nitwit is on the poll leading Trump bandwagon?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

At least I didn't actually make a tag to leave open. :)

Miss Marple 2

Gowdy talking about supposed whistle blower who points out that they were happy to litigate it in public until faacts started trickling out, and NOW they want it to be private!

Said the very first time Secretary Clinton was mentioned in any of the doings was last Friday, and the guy has been gone 6 months!


Trey Gowdy is great. Hope you guys have a chance to watch him now on Gretta.


this reveals what a blanc mange affair, the whole 'No Labels' scam was,



"I'll be damned if I'll let anybody besmirch their reputations."

That's Gowdy standing up for his staff that this guy is criticizing.


My guess is that Robert Redford is already working on the Movie screenplay about this fired Benghazi staffer


potlicker, reveals himself to be a most incurious staffer, wonder who wrangled him up,


Gowdy: I just heard Marco Rubio say 500 million dollars for 5 ISIS Fighters? I think 4 Million Dollars, if that's the figure, is just right, for 4 dead Americans. And I'm going to spend more than that if necessary to get all the documents.

Great point Gowdy. Compares the 500 million we spent to train 50 anti-Isis fighters and nobody bats an eye, yet everyone goes ballistic over him spending 4 million to try to get all the documents on Stevens and the dead Benghazi Americans. Hell, we spent $500 million for Solyndra.

$500 Million for Solyndra. No big deal.
$500 Million to train 50 anti-ISIS fighters. No big deal.
$400 Million for the HealthCar.gov website. No big deal.
$4 Million for the Benghazi Investigation. OUTRAGEOUS!


as I pointed out, daddy, on the Syria thread, the left raved over an apochryphal 27 million, to Chalabi's INC over 4 years, which even inflation adjust, is a little over 34 million, yet in this case, crickets,


Yep Narciso.

I recall there was another 500 Million spent on Govt idiocy around the time Solyndra went bust, but I can't recall exactly what at this moment. Was it some variety of electric car?

Yep 529 Million to Fisker Auto of Finland. As I recall it went bust.


that's the one's whose batteries would explode, no,

Beasts of England

Our Federal gubmint spends $8M per minute, every minute of the year.


Baltimore got $1.8B from Porkulus alone. We saw how wisely that huge sum was spent.


can somebody get the hook on this guy,


Thomas Collins

31-17 Pats is a logical score, Miss Marple 2. Because I am giving you 14.5 points, you would win. I think the Pats have to be viewed as one of the Super Bowl favorites, if not the number one favorite. But these are not the 2007 Pats. They are not going to blow everyone out.

I want one more Giants-Pats Super Bowl. Although Belichick clearly respects Coughlin, it has to eat at him that Coughlin is 2-0 against him in Super Bowls.

Miss Marple 2

Thomas Collins,

The pressure on whoever ends up filling the quarterback slot has to be tremendous.

The question is whether Luck will play. I would not be surprised if his shoulder is "still sore" so that he can dodge this bullet.
Pressure on Hasselbeck would be less, since he's the back-up.

Indianapolis fans are out for blood, you know. The stadium noise will be tremendous.

Miss Marple 2



I've read two of the phrynne fisher's tales, one related to archeology, and an earlier one, that refers to her time during the war, as an ambulance driver,

Beasts of England

Patriots have their own motivation:


Janet S.

or how bout this...advertising & propaganda.

"The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) spent over $15 million on outside public relations consultants despite employing nearly 200 full-time in house PR workers."




There's a new "pork free" thread.


that was some good information on dietary restrictions,


Rick--Observation. A lot of the rules--for example it is forbidden to live in a house which has a certain kind of mold in it--a kind we know can kill the inhabitants. The proscription against shellfish may have the same sort of origin.


I also said I was interested but you left me out
Is this microphone on?

Daddy on the new iPhone

Sorry Mary rose I was already scouring Herodotus and the standard of Ur by the time you chipped in. Plz excuse but I get so far behind I am happy to know folks like nutty topics like this tho. ,I find them fascinating


I had a copy of Herodotus tales, that I bought around the time 300 came out,


Herodotus is a good read. The Teaching Company has a good course on his book.


I thought Frank Miller had been making things up, until I read it,


The Jewish proscription of autopsy makes it difficult for me to understand how the trichinosis vector could have been identified. The Egyptian funerary customs would have made such a link more understandable.

Very interesting point, Rick.

Rick Ballard


I agree with Clarice concerning the Levitical code having been developed by priests through observation. I'm just not sure about trichinosis rather than tuberculosis being the factor. It may also have been observation of swine, like dogs eating excrement. You can flip the scene over to India where the untouchable caste became untouchable due to their assigned tasks.

Our concepts of ancient life are shaped by idealizations presented in artifacts. One look at the actual operation of "magnificent Roman baths" would have us searching for the exits in a heartbeat.

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