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October 21, 2015



yes, that seems odd, but no odder than any other
thing they do on a daily basis, you run with the guy who countermanded your most 'gutsy' move,


He burned a few more in his speech today. Maybe he's figuring she will be indicted and then he will jump in to save the world.

He certainly didn't endorse her today.

As I said before, all 3 of them have enough info to bring the other 2 down. So it's an big shell game.



You certainly are free to cook how you like. The balance I suggested costs about $50, so it is not terribly expensive. MrsJ cooks a lot of "odd" recipes from the Internet, and often they use grams. She also claims in general that the recipes turn out better -- they are less variable.




Looks like a resurgence of Oompa Loompas... again.

Can no one rid us of these troublesome idiots?

Miss Marple 2


I was being rather facetious.

However, at my age I am not going to go to the trouble. I don't like baking THAT much - usually only do it at the holidays.

I am sure for people who love doing it and like the variety of a lot of exotic recipes, it's a good investment and makes life easier.

I do not make cakes from scratch. I do not bake bread. I have about 4 holiday cookie recipes and that's about it.

I know my limits.


This is rich...



I was told there would be no physics or math conversions
I am powerless to help you Sorry
So Dems are greasing the skids for Hillary
Biggest error so far on their part
This is the point where it becomes advantage Republicans

Beasts of England

Gravity? What about the altitude adjustment? ;)



Bullet dodged?


Good grief - Romney still doesn't grasp the hard, cold facts. None of the GOPe gets it.


Or not?


Miss Marple 2

There is some truth in that talk radio gets people riled up, but it's because it is how they find out all of the carp going on in Washington.

If the elected officials hadn't run on promises they had no intention of keeping, talk radio would be talking about Obama.

My working theory is that while we thought we were voting for people to represent us, we were really voting for lottery winners to get millions from wheeling and dealing.

Beasts of England

Orionid meteor shower at its peak display tonight and tomorrow night. Best viewing between midnight and dawn.


I like Ryan, but I don't think I'd vote for him. And I don't think he would want me to.


it's the other Bob Costas relating this story, so caveat emptor,

Jim Eagle


Mrs. JiB says go with your gut:) It may turn out better that way.

How about Da Mets? Geez, can't we even have a competitive series? Harry's essay needs to be reprinted.


maybe freedom is slavery,


that seems to be the conclusion of the hunger games,

Captain Hate on the iPad

The next time Romney talks to Axelrod, would somebody please launch an asshole seeking missile and end this long national nightmare.

Rick Ballard

SloJo's withdrawal will make Red Witch the overwhelming favorite in the next round of polling. Watch the MFM focus like an electron microscope on the polling change rather than the perjury.

Jim Eagle

Read, "How to Bag a RINO" to understand why you never, never, never want to comproise with a Dem/prog/commie. Please.

The best book yet on how you do it and what it means if you do.


'watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat'



Anthony Marra's last anthology doesn't have the scope of Constellations, although it covers a similar expanse in time, from the Stalin era, to the Volodya period, with nary a stop in Perestroika,


Ahem--I meant grams/oz for dry measure and mml/oz for wet

Jim Eagle


Dp not go Chafee on us all of asudden.

Jim Eagle

Do not go all Chafee on us all of a sudden.

Sorry about the above.


You can often find some very good deals on kitchen scales online and they are very useful. So many of my recipes--especially for baked goods require precision weights and volume--Things like flour weigh different amounts depending on how you filled the measuring cups. You can survive without one, of course, but if you're going to the trouble of making nice food...And whether or not you use recipes with metric measurements precision is useful.

Miss Marple 2

I assume for the next few weeks I am going to have Justin Trudeau's posed publicity photos inflicted on me.

Just saw a new York Post article with photo calling him "Canada's JFK, Jr."



ah yes, the punk that pulled all strikes against Islamic State, gag me with an wooden implement,

so one son of the late king Abdullah will be taking the Ambassador to the US, and another clearly was the black sheep of the family,


The so called "Freedom Caucus" in the House has caved.

Apparently they were told that campaign funding would be used against them to primary them, and leadership positions would be stripped if they did not back Ryan for the Speakership.

Motherfuckers, the lot of them.

Miss Marple 2

I am telling you, we think we are electing representatives but that is not what they are doing.

On TV I have arguing about what Biden and Trump said, and so I am turning it off.

I am at a loss to explain anything which is going on, except for corruption.



should have h/t James Dodd in that last post.

Michael (fpa Patriot4Freedom)

narciso - I don't think things are going to end well for Wayne Simmons, the erstwhile Fox News guest who claimed to be an ex-CIA employee.

He always struck me as being somewhat 'off', and I wondered what position he might have held, because he didn't sound like he was ex-CIA.

As far as I know, the CIA doesn't have any people referred to as "outside paramilitary special operations officer" on the rolls of their Dir. of Ops.

The attorneys at the DoJ would have had access to the CIA's employee files, and IRS returns for Mr. Simmons, both of which would prove that he did not work for
them from 1973-2000.

I think this is going to turn out to be a case of "what you see is what you get."


at least I think that's right, he's got almost as many names as the Count in the Python sketch,



Ryan will be the 6th Catholic Speaker out of the last 8, going back almost 40 yrs. If Larry Flynt hadn't outed Catholic Bob Livingston as an adulterer when he ran unopposed to fill Newt's vacancy, Ryan would be the 7th of the last 8.

Miss Marple 2


I see he is a lower level prince, indicating to me the Saudis have downgraded the importance of the relationship with the US.

I would like to know who is appointed to Moscow.


Didn't Ryan piss off the Jesuits not so long agao?


How come the GOPe has no problem playing hardball with conservatives, but never, ever plays hardball with progs?




Consent Decree, Buckeye.

Miss Marple 2


Nope. You are under the illusion that they represent us.

They simply won the lottery on a chance to become millionaires.


interesting to note who his brother was.


recall the story that Gerald Posner got about Zubeydah,

Miss Marple 2



I've heard of the last two, but not the first,


The voting public is back to the future, with antiestablishmentarianism. But this time, the left wants more socialism and the right wants a return to the rule of law.


here's a fawning piece about this fellow, from an incurable Arabist, nearly a quarter century or so,



MM, who do I think represents us?

Miss Marple 2

This seems like a bad situation:



well mine and jib's rep, a few others,


spot the flaw here,

Miss Marple 2


I don't know the answer for who you think.

I am just bummed out that it occurred to me that most of the people in Congress are all about themselves and not the country.




I gave up on damn near all of them long ago, MM.

Mainly because of the fraud they perpetuated upon us.



when the going gets weird,



so her lips will be moving,



Ina Garten, aka Barefoot Contessa, should be jailed on general smarmy obnoxiousness and annoyance to lyle. Her subplots and bit actors including...Jeffrey, come off like a really bad porn movie setup. Really bad. I guess the saving grace is there is the lack of porn.


this was the clip:


Dave (in MA)

A POI season 5 teaser and a little bit of news, but still no premiere date.

Dave (in MA)



Ina is a genius at simplifying recipes so even non-cooks can turn out a decent meal using readily available ingredients. You don't have to watch her--you can go onine and get her recipes for free.


Here's an example--for people who don't want to bother making béchamel sauce which can be tricky--she uses goat cheese and ricotta to substitute:http://www.foodnetwork.com/recipes/ina-garten/turkey-lasagna-recipe.html

Dave (in MA)

Did not know that the Fusco actor was from here until I heard him interviewed and he had a Boston (aka no,) accent.

Miss Marple 2


I have never heard of making bechamel sauce for lasagna. I layer mozzarella, ricotta with egg, and Parmesan (along with sauce and noodles).

I make bechamel sauce with cheddar for my baked macaroni and cheese.


that was an inspired bit, yes I would have never guessed about that,


Beasts of England

Ina's annoying, but her cookbooks are fantastic. I haven't checked her out on the web - will do so.

Miss Marple 2


This is interesting, but there is no evidence of Obama being "outraged."

The collection seems to be quite impressive, however, and Hobby Lobby seems to have hired first-rate curators.

Miss Marple 2



very interesting, well he will be when he reads it in the paper,

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Yes, I assumed that Tonto would not leave earth to do her recipe...--


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

That unctuous Barefoot Contessa broad is horrendous and a lefty, IIRC.

OTOH Mrs Iggy got tons of good recipes from her and made some tremendous meals out of them.

So I guess I should thank her as I'm strangling her.


The GOP intimidating reps like that right out in the open shows just how much contempt they have for us.

They are in effect saying "you do not represent you constituencies, you represent us."

They do not seem to do this to the DEms, these dirty tricks.

And I do not think they are clueless about what they are doing to their party either. They will be perfectly satisfied with a minority status as long as they get some of the graft.

They do not care about the country, that is for sure.

I think it is wrong to say that the GOP is a combination of Socialists and Conservatives.

It is a mix of Opportunists, some of which are Globalists, and Conservatives. Comically, The former has all the power, and the latter gives them that power by their vote.

They have been lying to us for so many years, and now it is out in the "open", though I think that only conservatives that follow the details really get just how devious they are.

Nonetheless, they are smack out in the open, if people would bother to look.

I do think that they do not understand that these sort of shenanigans get a broader exposure then they once did, but they do not really care. As the Democrats consider their voters to be chumps, so the GOP considers us.

When they do things like intimidate people's representatives and attack Trump, they are just setting themselves to lose their majority on the Hill, and to lose Presidential election.

I know it has become a sort of truism, but it is worth stating again: they keep thinking that strategies like "drive to the middle" and "reach out to minorities" that will save the day, but they could not be more wrong.

But in the end, neither they or the Democrats understand what sort of America they are creating. They do not understand that they are destroying the nation, that all stability, decency and prosperity will be lost. It will not be got back just by electing someone else, or by some sort of political campaign. It will be gone. Period. They think that they can just keep hacking at it and strip mining it, and on and on it will go. They are very, very wrong. I myself find it difficult to believe that anyone is that stupid, not at this late date, not wirh all the examples past and present that show where this all leads.

What is it about this generation (or two) of our "leadership"--and not just in politics--that makes them so blind, so greedy and so narcissistic, so irresponsible? Yes, this has all gone on before, but prior generations have had some sense of reality, and were capable of responsibility and even competence.

As it stands now, it would seem to me that the only hope that somehow conservatives will muster the courage and the fortitude fro a long term bottom up, grass roots campaign to get the GOP establishment out of power. When I see things like this Ryan election, I have to ask: how long will conservatives be able to keep the faith?

It is no wonder that Trump has the popularity he has. When I see how the GOP is treating him, I cannot help but ask: "do you really think that if you trash him and attack him like this do you really think that his voters will just swing to your candidate? Really?" Surely they cannot actually believe that.

It amazes me how callow and corrupt our politics have become. These people are pathetic, miserable, third rate people. They cannot even protect us or keep our prosperity at even a stable level, let alone increase it. How sad that this great nation may be undone by these clowns.

We have had Ryan stand before Hispanics and essentially say that the GOP has a plan for "open borders". Now he is to replace the outgoing speaker? What have we gained?

This is turning into a nightmare worse than the USSR.

How can they stupid? We are ruled by complete buffoons, nitwits and barbarians. It is amazing now. The simplest, most common, work-a-day people have vastly more insight into the world, how it works and what to do about it, than does the whole of the "elite", the whole "upper tiers" of our society.

If we cannot turn it around, the West is doomed. We have run out of "design margin".
I fear we are not up to it. It will take at least another generation of hard work.

(and I predict that the GOP will at least lose the Senate Next Year; Hillary looks more and more likely to get in the WH. Why? How could they screw that up? Unbelievable)


well the Top Men, have rarely shown sufficient imagination,


Michael (fpa Patriot4Freedom)

Iggy - Great link to the woman telling the truth about Denmark and its high taxes.

A travelogue program (by Rick Steves?) on Denmark showed the apartment of the local guide on the TV show.

Her apartment looked as bare as a model home, or a condo being 'staged' for sale. Nothing more than a few pieces of Ikea-like furniture, and no paintings, vases, clocks, books, decorative items or any personal mementoes or bric-a-brac. With their bicycle in the "living room", because they didn't own a car.

Goes along with the time Oprah Winfrey visited Denmark, and upon touring a local woman's home, asked her where all their "stuff" was kept.

Things like camping equipment, tennis rackets, decorations, and the like. Oprah couldn't see any items in the house, and they had no closets full of personal belongings.

The woman told her that people in Denmark didn't own things, because no one could afford them. Said that all of their money went to pay taxes.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Hillary looks more and more likely to get in the WH.--

What do you base that on, SQ.
Her polling stinks and is going in the wrong direction. She now trails most Reps in head to head polling.
Her disapproval numbers are off the charts and the first four words people think of in word association with Hillary are some variation of "liar".
On top of all that is she is a horrible campaigner. Will the MFM try to give her a boost over the last hurdle? Sure. But that lard ass gets bigger like Pinocchio's nose every time she lies.
And the coup de grace is what just killed Harper; ideology fatigue. It's hard to get a third term when you're hitting on all cylinders. We're hitting on about one intermittently. How does Barry, Barry quite contrary's garden grow? Lousy and it needs a good hoeing. Hillary may be a lot of things but a good ho aint one of em.


yes, Comissar Sanders will continue to nip at her heels, they could put down the rebellion, but then you have 1968 all over again,


unfortunately, her mugging at the camera, will induce a certain bit of nausea, maybe they learned something from the PP hearing, I doubt it,


I base it on the GOP demoralizing their base, and change in demographics. I also agree with MM on the women's vote.

Yes there are conservative women, but this is a huge factor in the up coming election.

They will pick some vaguely Hispanic VP, no doubt.

SO we have the FSA, plus the minority vote, plus the "women's vote", plus the "youth vote" plus the general liberal useful idiots.

I think that puts here well over 50% right there.

And then there is the issue of voter fraud: the democrats at least at the FED level will go all out here.

The GOP should have put out a strong, anti-Washington, anti-elite reformer who would speak and campaign openly about the real issues.

But then they should have kept their promises in the last election. The betrayal of the rank and file GOP voters by the beltway insiders is really one of the most incredible things I have ever seen in American politics.
Few "establishment people", and not just politicians, seem to understand it.

We do not yet know the meaning of it, but it does bode ill for the GOP's chances.
Certainly, if the GOP felt that the "Conservative vote" was a factor then would not try this nonsense they just pull with Ryan, and we would not be looking at a new Speaker who advocates open borders.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Hillary will never be president.® ™



There's an update, too.


Reminds me of the Roberts reversal on Obamacare, Stephanie.

The opinion read like a dissent chock full of white out.


Wayne Simmons, the erstwhile Fox News guest who claimed to be an ex-CIA employee.

Why is this a problem? I thought it was okay to claim to be in the military...stolen valor.
It's okay to claim to be a girl or claim to be a Cherokee.
Why is a CIA employee claim off-limits?


This is interesting too. More on our local story of the Fairfax school board all of a sudden embracing the transgender idiocy. -

"The Fairfax County (Va.) School Board is taking months, not the legally required five days, to respond to multiple Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests for all communications between school board members and state and federal officials regarding the board’s decision to include gender identity in its non-discrimination policies."...

"Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring issued an opinion March 4, 2015 that school boards may change their non-discrimination policies to include gender identity without legislative action by the Virginia General Assembly. Fairfax School Board Member at Large Ryan McElveen submitted a forum request to add gender identity to the board’s work calendar within hours of that opinion."...

They are gonna stall releasing the info until after the Nov. elections. Corrupt, corrupt, corrupt.



I don't get the gender idiocy. Is there a large voting block of he-shes up for grabs?


I don't get it either, Extraneus.
Why be sneaky & force that on citizens?
Maybe having it in law forces curriculum changes that the left desires.


It definitely has to do with pushing the federal government deeper into micromanaging schools.
This is another example of using Title IX to make changes (like with the phony rape set-ups at universities).

from May 2015 - http://thefederalist.com/2015/05/27/feds-blackmail-virginias-largest-school-district-into-transgender-policy/


One push in Fairfax is to get an opt-out option for the more graphic sex ed. classes..but that doesn't seem right to me.
Why must the majority opt-out?
Why can't the few that want their kids to learn about depravity opt-in to some special class?

If you want Jr. to learn about fisting in kindergarten...then let the parents choose to put him in a special class...or better yet, teach the kid yourself.

Same with the gender insanity. Everyone naturally knows the difference between boys & girls ...if some loopy parents want their kids to unlearn common sense, then let them do it on their own time & dime.

Cecil Turner

I used to think Hillary had no chance in the upcoming. But that was before the GOP started seriously considering Donald Trump.

Now . . .

Oh, and at least the GOP is unified in the view that it has no idea who should be speaker of the House. Oh, wait. At least that one's settled . . . maybe.

"Disarray" is not too strong a term. The only good news is that it's a year out yet.


Yeah, if only we'd get behind Jeb! like we're supposed to


Remember when I said yesterday there is no one to effectively block the feds misreading of the civil rights laws and how that can be used to make desired social interactions the point of school? That is what happened in fairfax.

What is going on in DC is the political class of both parties is pushing the convergence vision of what the theorists call Macro-social and economic guidance. Common Core is a part of it as it calls for limiting personal knowledge so that a desired consensus can be developed. Hard not to think about the nightly news or Brit Hume's ire when I read that.

Yesterday I got an invite for a national webinar to make sure local businesses knew their obligations now under wioa to work with local governments and education providers from community colleges to school districts and universities to create the local plans to ensure minorities and the disadvantaged will now have access to good jobs.

That means every Rep in Congress has this going on now in their home district. Hard to be a Conservative in dc anyway, but with a Fascism mandate in your home turf and all Governors finalizing their wioa and, for many, broader economic plans, now. I brought this up last week in a meeting when a Heartland analysts started talking about TANF and SNAP reforms and she insisted Heartland was unaware of WIOA. The retired investment banker from Warburg claimed the same.

I feel like I am in some kind of time warp now as I simultaneously read books from still well-connected people from the 60s on what they intended to do to implement a theory of societal guidance to current events where what is happening is precisely what was laid out.


THis is interesting too - https://refugeeresettlementwatch.wordpress.com/2015/10/21/dna-testing-required-in-wake-of-widespread-somali-family-reunification-fraud/

"In the initial pilot of 476 applicants in Nairobi, Kenya, only 16 percent were genetically related to every person they said was in their family."

"You should read the whole long article, but here (below) is the segment on Somali fraud (btw, none of those who got in here by lying were ever deported)."

Cecil Turner

Yeah, if only we'd get behind Jeb! like we're supposed to

How 'bout Cruz, or Rubio? (I would've preferred Walker, but . . .)


What are you, Cecil, a used car salesman?

"Soooo, you don't like that one. How 'bout this model?"

I'm just tired being told to buy something they're pushing, instead of listening to what I actually want.

Miss Marple 2

Good morning, all!

I need to get my work done early so that I can set myself up to be disappointed in the Hillary hearings.


From the throne of skulls land, flee-bagging in place. As the WI assembly passed GAB elimination after passing John Doe reform, the Dems decided to pout instead of vote so the campaign finance reform bill passed unanimously with no Dems voting. It appears the Constitution, 1st Amendment, is something the Dems cannot and will not tolerate.

Miss Marple 2

Now that the Canadians have elected that Trudeau kid, I think we should push for Trump.

He could renegotiate NAFTA and get us a better deal, maybe Quebec or Alberta.

Miss Marple 2

For the life of me, I do not understand why Jeb is considered a viable candidate.

Aside from the baggage he carries due to the family name, he is just a bad candidate. He slumps around with poor posture, cannot produce a clear sentence when asked a question, has ties to corporate boards and the educational establishment who back all the nutty ed stuff, is soft on immigration, and has a wife who smuggled jewelry into the country because she was afraid he's get mad at how much she spent.

All of these Top Men pooled their millions backing this guy, who is also backed by such sterling people as Eric Cantor and Mike Murphy.


Miss Marple 2

London is reverting to 18th Century aristocrat ways:


Old Lurker

The last time I posted one of these, it was a burger flipper with commercial scalability.

This one bears watching too, and I have seen a vid of another that cuts the bricks and lays the mortar bed at the same time.

Imagine how the economics work with $20 minimum wages, 16 weeks of family leave, and mandated Obamacare.


James D

I used to think Hillary had no chance in the upcoming. But that was before the GOP started seriously considering Donald Trump.

One more time...

What the other candidates, and the GOP leadership, need to be doing is figuring out what Trump is doing and why he is appealing to the people who are currently supporting him.

And then, taking into account the strengths and weakness of the individual candidates, adapting what's working with Trump's campaign. NOT attacking him, and certainly not attacking his supporters.

Especially because a decent-sized chunk of his supporters is likely composed of people who aren't regular GOP voters. Whether it's just name recognition, or his stand on immigration, or just the sheer spectacle of the way he's running his campaign, he's got them listening, and tuning into the debates, etc. Crapping on them is not smart politics.

This is not complicated.

But apparently is is beyond the GOP leadership and the incestuous swamp of consultants who keep getting hired whether they win or lose, and regardless of how much money they burn up in doing so.

Old Lurker

Your point is even stronger if you add Trump's numbers to Carson's, James.

Ain't rocket science.

Speaking of rocket science, I wonder if Beasts is still at Tiffany's.

Old Lurker

Somebody is off script:



Where your medical records money goes. Hint, Obama / Walker recall nutcase involved.

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