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October 10, 2015



There are a few Syrian a males of the correct age. Tell them they can stay in Europe if they first go home and then return with the head (but not body) of an ISIS fighter.


TM, did the NYT call the old plan Hillary's idea? Perhaps the new one Biden's?

buccaneer morgan

more practical information here,


Typhus pad is giving Chrome fits... it won't go out of spinning mode on the tab. Been going on since this morning. Gack!

If you hit the x button to stop loading, it doesn't work. You have to hit it twice and then it just stays spinning, just stays spinning just stays spinning.

Is there an open tag somewhere?


That they spent $500 million dollars and no one is trained should be an impeachable offense.


They could give every citizen a million dollars and the money would have been better spent.

Dave (in MA)

Not happening to me, Stephanie.
Maybe you could disable extensions one by one and see if it quits? I've done that in the past.


I think I'm going to run for president on that platform. Instead of sending tax dollars to foreign countries I'm going to give it to the citizens. A million dollars for everyone!

buccaneer morgan

that money went somewhere, I first noted a Carlos Slim's sunday piece about some FSA commander in Antakya, who had gotten no supplies, then they moved Bandar out of General Intelligence, and replaced him with the deputy defense minister,
who was in charge of the program, that happened last May,


In 2014 there were 318 million people on the census. I could save you 182 million if you elect me.

buccaneer morgan

maybe I got the order of stories wrong,


Instead of a chicken in every pot I could make it a million dollars for every household and save even more of the wasted $500 million.

buccaneer morgan

the scam has been around for a while,

buccaneer morgan

by contrast it was considered a 'scandal' that the INC had received 27 million dollars in four years,

but this Bob 'you can trust me' Corker's pet project along with Lindsay and Maverick,

Rick Ballard

I don't think the term 'weak jackass' can encompass the extent of the Merde Touch in Syria. Putin is putting on an arms fair for the Persians and the Persians will be using the proceeds from sanctions having been lifted by BOzo to buy Russian arms which will have proven their effectiveness by killing US supported Mahometan thugs across Syria.

BTW - how is BOzo going to effect delivery of arms to Syria? Trusted Turk intermediaries?

This particular load of crap is an explanation of how arms smuggled in from Libya for the past three years are going to "unexpectedly" be captured in the near future.


Go Sue!!

Beautiful evening here in Ohio. Went for a walk with the dogs and landed in the road on my back.
(Stepped off the road, twisted by leg, glasses went flying, water bottle went flying, made a loud noise.. cause my husband turned around :) )
It's a good thing I love Vitamin D milk or something would of been broken!)

I have always been athletic, now I just hate being old and stupid! EMBARRASSING

Glad to hear Jane is settled. (Who is Mike?)

Daddy, Love your yard moose!

And ..Where is Beasts?

Think I will go lay down.

buccaneer morgan

well the people smuggler, have to get paid somehow Rick, if not in cash, in kind services,



 photo 2f6bc4f0-9c46-4882-8c96-413575efe7ed_zpsgjvmugii.jpg

Love That

buccaneer morgan

Yikes sorry to hear that Ann,

buccaneer morgan

yes, what could go wrong,


I'm thinking math might be my downfall in this imaginary election I'm running.

Cecil Turner



Oh well. It was fun until I realized only 500 of you would get a million dollars.

The Infamous Ignatz

Yeah, we didn't wanna say anything Sue... : )



buccaneer morgan

well we wouldn't tell


Ughh, big sympathies, Ann:(

It makes me hurt, and I'm just sitting on the couch being useless. I'll gladly let Sue give my million dollars to you.


Well Bernie's only offering $67k per person, Sue. So you have the Ben & Jerry's endorsement sewn up.


Ugh Ann. The worst part of a fall is how shocking it is. First the impact of the ground, then the impact of the fact that you are growing old. At least that was my experience.

Hope you feel better today.


Start out your day right!



Glad you are OK.

It really was a beautiful day yesterday. So much so, Mrs. Buckeye insisted I clean out the gutters. Climbing ladders gives me the willies, balance not what it used to be.

Jeff Dobbs

Ann, I'm only going to say this once: you are not allowed to hurt my favorite JOMer. I am glad you are ok. But you cut that stuff out right now!

Take care of yourself.

Buckeye is telling us he's unbalanced? I buy it.

Ohioans, I tell you what.

Cecil Turner

Great stuff, Clarice.

I do worry a bit that the House seems unable to get much done, but then there's the very good counterpoint that if the only stuff that can be done is business as usual, who cares?

One useful thing this President has done is to demonstrate how much power the legislators have surrendered to bureaucrats, and the propensity for abuse by an unscrupulous executive. Unfortunately, it seems a majority of the electorate (admittedly distracted by the media) isn't paying attention.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Maybe if the congressional Republicans decided to stress a consistent message of how the executive branch regularly grabs power the Constitution specifically grants the legislative branch, the light might go on in the minds of the public. Perhaps the Presidential candidates could unequivocally state, during the reality shows posing as debates, that they will defer to Congress all legislative matters, including reining in unelected agencies.


Sending good vibes your way, Ann. Sounds like you experienced what I call a "pride killer" event. I now embrace those as providential and beneficial to me in ways I might not understand at the time.


Speaking of Congressional Republicans - Main Street Partners in action.

Rep. Adam Kinzinger (R-IL) is someone worth watching - young, single, handsome, former military pilot, Palin-recommended, civilian hero, etc. I long ago accepted the fact that R reps from blue states like IL and CA won't see things the same way as R reps from TX and GA. And that having a different world-view doesn't make the former evil, stupid, sell-outs, etc. Kinzinger seems like a stellar person who Dems would kill to have in their camp.

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