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October 22, 2015



http://sultanknish.blogspot.com/2015/10/the-death-of-europe.html Excellent.

So much bad is going on now that will not work out but the decisionmakers to not have to bear the brunt of their poor decisions.

Not yet anyway.

Maybe next summer as people wonder where the tourists are.

Miss Marple 2


I am not a big investment expert, but it seems to me Al Gore has a scam operating in plain sight.

I think the plan is this:

1. Invest in green companies and companies that purport to operate on "sustainability" ethics.

2. Make a lot of noise and force governments and major corporations to pass laws which favor these companies to the detriment of others.

3. Lure pension funds and endowments to divest of carbon-fuel stocks and invest in your cherry-picked fund, which shows a profit because you have inside information on governmental policies and contracts.

4. Drive oil, gas, and coal prices down.

I would bet my bottom dollar that there is one more step:

5. Buy energy stocks on the cheap and control the market, so when the need becomes apparent you can make a killing.



Unfortunately, it is going to take something drastic to effect a change:

a world war

a revolution

a charismatic leader

Am I missing any obvious ones?


Half a dozen "Mitch Rapps" with a game plan?


an old quote -
What’s News, and What Isn’t ~ John Hinderaker @ Powerline
"The liberal media manifest their bias not primarily by writing things that aren’t true–although that sometimes happens–but rather, by selecting what they do and do not report as news. Major scandals and events of great importance are simply ignored if they do not reflect well on the Democratic Party, while minor stories receive endless attention if they advance the liberal agenda."



Well, until everyone catches on, there is money to be made in those cheap energy stocks.


another -

"If you get your info from the MSM most of what you "know" is not true & most of what you do not know is important." ~ Scott @ Powerline


Buckeye-I maintain that tying down precisely what is going on, what is intended, and how it all ties together is a start.

Did everyone see that the Friday news dump from the White House was the call for a November summit to change the nature of high school?

Now is that consistent with it being a state or local matter? Ties right in with wioa, but the formal release was yesterday.

Miss Marple 2


Major natural disaster on the order of an asteroid

World-wide Depression which cannot be hidden by fudging numbers


Yes, rse, re creation of false conflicts. Like the old British stratagem in Kenya and elsewhere, causing deliberate trouble between tribes, divide and rule. (Shakespeare's Iago whispering in Othello's ear.) So also the false conflict between East and West, capitalism and communism. I'm still amazed that China fell for it, a German Marx mentored by British cabals. Ha, they fought the British-imposed opium, but were blind to British-sponsored ideology.

Miss Marple 2


I first became aware of the Captain Underpants series when I attended the book fair for my grandkids.

Scholastic Books has these book fairs which allow schools to raise money off book sales. The books are shipped in along with the displays and volunteers from the PTA handle the sales. Schools usually have the fairs in conjunction with Grandparents Week or Open House so that they get adult purchases.

What I noticed about the books for sale is that there are a lot of lefty oriented books (Obama and Michelle biographies, multi-cultural tales, books on recycling and environment, etc.)

I hate the Captain Underpants series because it caters to the worst aspects of grade school humor.


Ok, so the MFM ignored proof of lying about the video.

Who could raise this as a story in spite of them, and how?

Donald Trump, by calling her out in colorful terms. He could do it in a tweet.

Anyone else?


Ha, I wonder which wine accompanied her carnitas curry :)


As important as the lying about the video is the coverup of what was really going on at Benghazi. Was it arms to terrorists?

I was interested to read that the US is the world's largest arms exporter. In a way the British cabal for its NWO was fueled by the prosperity but irresponsibility of the freest people.


Donald Trump is too busy beating up Dr. Carson and other republicans to tackle Hillary.



Benghazi could not have had anything to do with gun running because Shrillary! said at least three times she was not aware of any such activity.


Three times, hey? Sounds biblical :)

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