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October 22, 2015



they are so willing to call a 'lie' something that isn't, like the arguments over wmd's, something rover couldn't deign to counteract, except in the most pig headed of ways, the first of my posts on the Cyrenaican outpost, in the LUN.


And there you have it -- if we're smaaaart and politically savvy, we can go over the cliff in third gear instead of fourth! Winner!

Cecil Turner

Why do people here buy into the purity crap which is peddled by the MFM and RINOs when 404 demands complete capitulation on everything placed in front of him?

Nonsense. Here's the paper of record coverage on it:

Mr. Obama has wielded the veto only four other times since taking office in 2009, and his fifth one Thursday signaled his determination to use the defense bill as a bargaining chip to push Republicans to abandon strict spending limits on military and domestic programs enacted in the 2011 Budget Control Act.
That's actually correct. The GOP tried to invalidate 1/2 of the "sequester" which was designed to be painful to Republicans on national defense and painful to Democrats on domestic spending. I'd have loved to see it pass, but . . .

Beasts of England

Pantsuit being busted in lies by the reps is a feature, not a bug, to her base. Even the few unequivocal blows which were landed yesterday can't outpace the joy found throughout the left after she survived the inquisition.

And, as I predicted quite a while ago: look for the 'comeback kid' meme to emerge any day now. Gird your loins.


Another astute poster, on another blog, points out how Jordan's questioning, still entertained the notion that the Nakoula video, was responsible for the Cairo protest, no it was the other one, they were circulating, done by Zawahiri's brother, part of what I dubbed the Shawwal offensive,


Actually we are told that it is draconian to Democratic priorities, but there would outcries of protest if that were so, it's one of those assumptions that are not born out by the facts,

Cecil Turner

And there you have it -- if we're smaaaart and politically savvy, we can go over the cliff in third gear instead of fourth! Winner!

If we don't shoot ourselves in the foot (and ankle, now knee . . .), we can reinstate regular budgeting as soon as we get this buffoon out of the White House . . . unless we replace him with another.

The other way to do that is to compromise [gasp!] on spending bills the Democrats can accept . . . which at least will get rid of the continuing resolution [modified by sequester] disaster. Not my first choice, as their spending priorities are borderline insane.

Circular GOP firing squads do not help.


Campus speech cops ban ‘politically correct’

The campus speech police at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee just declared “politically correct” to be taboo. The school’s “Just Words” aims to “raise awareness of microaggressions and their impact”


Oddly, as Campus Reform’s Peter Hasson points out, the man running the “Just Words” campaign, one Warren Scherer, felt fine tweeting “f**k every fiber of your being” at GOP candidate Mike Huckabee.
He slammed Huck for “pandering to Republican Jews” and Rand Paul for courting “rich Jews.”

Cecil Turner

Actually we are told that it is draconian to Democratic priorities, but there would outcries of protest if that were so, it's one of those assumptions that are not born out by the facts,

I don't think so. They're trying awfully hard to replace it . . . they just think the GOP will cave first (I think Schumer is on record saying that, but can't find it). This authorization bill suggests they might be right.

James D

Cecil, obviously some legislation has to be passed to keep basic functions going.

But like I said in the rest of that post, legislation is only one tool in the toolbox that the GOP (theoretically, at least) has to work with.

Sending some bills that you know will be vetoed can be good strategy - if it is done as part of a larger plan, and with the use of some of those other tools. Especially if they pick and choose issues where there is conflict between different Dem voting blocs.

They do have control of the calendar, and over what bills make it to the floor. Send Obama bills that will cause the Dems to shed a little blood among themselves, even if they won't ultimately become law.

Again, these guys are professionals. And these are all tactics the Dems have used - and that the GOP itself has used in the distant past, too.

There are options other than unconditional surrender to everyting Obama wants; or shutting down the government for the next 13 months. It would be nice to see the GOP try to work out what they are and make use of them.

Cecil Turner

Sending some bills that you know will be vetoed can be good strategy - if it is done as part of a larger plan, and with the use of some of those other tools.

All nice, except that'd require 218 Republicans who consistently voted together; which they don't have. Each member of each faction slamming the other on inability to get things done could profitably stand to look in the mirror IMNSHO.


at the time of my last major post on the subject, back last january, I didn't know of the meeting with ben hamid, of the shield brigade,

the inner party's unwillingness to defend the hard fought sacrifices of our men and women, whether in benghazi or fallujah, is really disgusting, the Dem strigoi, when it's in their nature,


you do have to prep the battlefield, as James D, says, you can't just show up the day of the vote, and see what happens, now if we had an organization whose job was to conduct strategy like that, but that's just crazy talk,

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--So, the next debate will be Bernie and Hillary. That should be a gripping 2 hours.--

Let's not forget Martin O'Malley [actually had to go look his name up to remember] will still be striking Mr Maryland poses in the background.


Saw a screening of "My Italian Secret, The Forgotten Heroes", followed by a panel discussion last night at Lehigh University. It was wonderful.


The untold saga of Italians who rescued Jews and other refugees fleeing the Nazis in World War II. Featuring Gino Bartali, the charismatic Italian cycling hero who risked his life over and over to save innocent lives.


mayor carcetti is very forgettable, steyn points out this was in large part the problem with harper, he didn't adequately defend his record, and now they have Prime Minister Zoolander as a result,


Wretchard on current US politics:


Miss Marple 2


The democrats have consistently opposed and undermined every military action since Viet Nam under Republican presidents. If George Bush had executed that horrible Libya operation they would have tried to impeach him.

But this mess in Libya and the ISIS disaster are ignored. Because democrats.


like I say, I'm not surprised, and I'd go back a little farther to a certain coastal inlet, in the Caribbean,

but hey Zaphod is going for bankruptcy for Puerto Rico, maybe Meredith Whitney was just premature

Old Lurker

Beasts is right above. The dem base is all about scamming assets from dopes to enrich themselves. This covers every group from lowly overpaid government workers up though the ranks including the MSM to the elites. To them (all) there is nothing different from scamming an EBT card to scoring a Solyndra or Clinton Foundation except for the number of zeros. So her base can say nothing but "You go Girl!" when she gets away with what she is getting away with.

For two hundred years this country worked because even low and middle classes did not resent the rich too much because they hoped one day to join them, or to have their kids join them. That has been replaced completely, I think, by that same attitude but now applied to scammers at all levels. So the welfare queens can dream that those of their children who survive their jungle can rise to become a Jesse or a Billy or a Hillary or a Jamie. Such is the New American Dream.

There you have it.

Rick Ballard


The Wimpy (I'll gladly be conservative next Tuesday) Turtle strategy is predicated upon not eliciting fear among the parasites. It's not a stirring strategy at all but it's the establishment majority choice for a twilight battle.

Old Lurker

"Let's not forget Martin O'Malley"

Here in Maryland we call him "Martin Mo'Money".

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Who comes out of this with a strengthened political position?--

You assume Barry does apparently.
This is how bargaining and negotiation is done properly; you know what the other side wants and don't give it them and ask for more of what you want. Of course that is rejected and the result is each gets something less than they wanted but more than the other side wanted them to have.
And since it is done in public it can be persuasively argued that the GOP comes out ahead since the things Barry is clamoring for are not exactly popular or top of the list of anyone except Bill Ayres wish list.

The logic that any arguing or sticking to principles is a loser is what gives these poor little lambs the shakes whenever anyone mentions the government shutdown. But somehow the GOP not only survives those episodes they retain their majority or expand it greatly afterwards.

Hmm, maybe the received wisdom about who benefits from these showdowns is;
1. A myth and,
2. A self fulfilling myth, because the GOP's lily livered refusal to take a stand makes them weaker. Presumably that's why the Dem Concern Troll Party and its MFM adjunct is so adamant about warning the Republicans about how much harm they'll do to themselves if they stand up on their hind legs occasionally. Unless of course people believe their concern is genuine.

This refusal to forcefully demand and fight for their principles, most of which are quite popular, is sick and demonstrates that the Dems live in the Reps' heads. Until the voters start living there we're going to keep being told that fighting is weakness and compliance is strength.


Well, if Trump can defeat the Chamber of Wall Street and the Common Core ghouls, he's got my vote. Count me in as one who didn't understand just how SOLD OUT to the devil the GOPe has become. And to think in years past I was always a big supporter of the CoC - locally and nationally.

Thanks, Texas Liberty Gal - I'm sending that link to everyone I know.


exactly Bob Dole, then, McConnell now, it's remarkable how 20 years has not chamged their m.o.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Count me in as one who didn't understand just how SOLD OUT to the devil the GOPe has become. And to think in years past I was always a big supporter of the CoC - locally and nationally.--

Yep. One of the good things about the Dems going the Full Marxy is having clearly delineated for everyone who has principles and who doesn't.

Beasts of England

Chambers of Commerce and their minions always struck me as the slime of the business world - adding no value, but empowering and enriching themselves.


well seeing as small and medium size business are the backbone of the economy, they are loath to actually support them,


If anyone gets bored, GAB emails as PDF. Lots of redaction, plus more emails in the discovery but not released.

Beasts of England

The stock markets sure like the idea of a Preznit Pantsuit.


Perpetual ZIRP Beasts.


yikes, henry what was that, the Company allows for more day light, well a little more,

Beasts of England

Very good point, narciso. The programs pushed by the Uniparty offer nothing to this country's actual job and wealth creators.

Think I'll protest with a boat ride...

Old Lurker

They do indeed, Beasts. That's why I included "Jamie" in my list at 10:37.


mind you, this same reporter, so called was going after jeb, 20 years ago,


you see the litany of all those tech startups, prompted by the theranos scam,


has JP Morgan done anything different in the last seven years, that would prevent another implosion, after the collective beneficiary of 18 trillion in
grey cash.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

From Wretchard;

Much as Washington may deny it, something fundamental has changed. Something is broken. It is no longer possible to conduct business as usual.

So what has changed in the last ten years or so? The Republicans are not much different though the leadership is even more apolitical and more eager to accommodate the Dems. But that would ordinarily make it easier to do business and reduce gridlock.

What has changed is the Dems have gone from a center left party to a full on socialist-in-all-but-name party run by the desiccated, fossilized New Left and their repulsive anti-American, self-loathing spawn and assisted by the amoral kleptomaniacal class of cronies and remoras scarfing up the scraps the Dem sharks throw off.

There is no accommodating such people or such an ideology. That's why the old GOP methods of give and take and bargaining no longer work and our own fossils and cronies are too stupid to see it or too corrupted to care.
The country is in peril because one side is staging a coup of sorts while the other for the most part has no clue how to respond to someone who doesn't play by the old rules. All counting to 218 and complaining that something isn't entirely cricket gets you these days is a cackle and kick in the nuts.
Cruz and Lee and perhaps even Rubio seem to understand this. Boehner and Ryan do not but I'm not sure Ryan is uneducable.

I prefer Hillary over Biden because she is inadvertently honest enough occasionally to admit we're her enemies whereas Joe says he's our friend even though the hapless dope has been pulled just about as far left as the rest of the gang.


Our ruling class craves wealth and control above all else, while loudly proclaiming otherwise. Starving the middle class of its liberty & livelihoods to achieve their goals will eventually empty the national treasury.

Their hubris blinds them to the fact that their ship will sink just as quickly as ours.


well he showed promise,



some signs of sanity:


of course, they elide why this is happening,

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Q&A from Wretchard's comment section;

Richard: Please clarify your last sentence which, to me, is ambiguous. Is it risky for Rubio et al. to (1) continue to challenge the establishment GOP the way they are or (2) accede, in order to avert a shutdown?

The risks are now about equal either way, which is the definition of what used to be called a "revolutionary situation". I don't believe Rubio et al KNOW which way the cards will turn, but whereas in the past it was safer to bet on the continuation of the status quo, the odds are much closer now.

The speakership has been vacant for some weeks now, as if it were radioactive when by rights it should be one of the most desirable positions on earth. That I think, is indicative of how a former sure thing has become perilous. What's happened is that its now dangerous for your political future to throw in with the status quo. The times they are a-changing and the wheel's still in spin.

Neither Rubio nor Cruz seem out to make a career of the Senate. And they are aware that Obamacare is in trouble. To get along now and play the Boehner game carries substantial risks. So they'll rebel, at least up to a point.

Will they succeed? There's every chance that the status quo is still strong enough to win this round and Rubio et al have taken a bet too early. But then again they may have caught the wave. So who knows. Time alone will tell.


steyn does not take second billing well, sarc,


Old Lurker

Iggy in the last ten years a very large slice of our population which had lived through the good times and bad times died. They were better educated in real life realities and perhaps readin & writin than the population is now. They went to church more and believed in families. The only thing they thought they were entitled too was the rules laid out in our founding documents and history, which even the poor kids in the hollows of Appalachia learned. And entitled was not a noun with a capitalized "E".

That created a consensus sense of Judeo-Christian Right & Wrong which does not control the masses today.

This will not end well or soon.

Old Lurker

Well maybe there is a God:



On Hillary "It was a foregone conclusion the corporate emdia would say she shone yesterday.

More accurately -- she shone like a turd merchant polishing her wares.


Our lurking friend has a rant related to what expanded from Chicago to DC:

Here in Chicago, famous as one of the longest running political machines, one quickly forgets just how vast an undertaking it is to produce its only product, electoral results. In order for the machine to function, it's voting parts not only have to be stable, but frozen in place, just to be on the safe side. The money it takes to keep it this way, either by walking around money on election day, patronage, or "vital services" keep the chocolate rations flowing, as narciso would say. That's just what it looks like at first glance. The loop, or business side of the machine, operates on unlimited taxpayer dollars. Just ask a machine member this one, they all believe it as so. How it works is this way. Here we have elections every year. Every year. Elected officials operate various "Vital Services" that keep thousands on the payroll, many of these are now inherited positions. See Stroger, as a glaring example. Employees must "purchase" various fundraising tickets, every year. Local press ignores this, because their annual ad revenue can be more than half made up of political ad campaigns. This keeps the local press running, so long as they don't rock the boat. Corporate sponsors, also dependent upon taxpayer $ to keep their doors greased and uninspected, receive membership into various "vital services" programs as endorsed suppliers, such as the SNAP program, one of the country's biggest. To maintain membership and cash flow, the sponsoring politicians receive excellent campaign support, including local advertising dollars that also keep local media outlets open. The only rube in the mix is the low info voter who can't quite get the reasoning behind the overwhelming cost that machine's have to eat more every day, so as to keep the voters in the same place, and the taxpayers paying.

So, the politicians get to collect monies that they can direct to their political donors, a k a "Crony", who then take a piece and donate back some of the $ back to the political campaign, which then spends money on expensive ads in the local press, where they work hard to make each other look good. It makes electoral success sooo much easier.

FYI, the SNAP Program is Durbin's baby. It is phenomenally huge, and your local schools participate, whether you know it or not.

Remember, their power is found in managing this cash flow, and this cash flow only. Not where it comes from. That's our job. As our local political workers say, "So pay me!".


James D

OL - wow.

Why on Earth would the campaign release that info voluntarily? Why talk about it to a national publication? Do the geniuses running the campaign honestly believe talking about firing their own staff will improve people's perceptions about the candidate?

I understand having to pacify big donors who have concerns about their investment, but you'd think both the campaign and the individual donors would want to do that privately, not in the pages of national magazines.


as Van der Leun says sometimes 'they thirst for death' re our Tories, maybe if they hit Murphy piece of pelf, it would motivate others, as the proverb goes, concentrating their attention,

Miss Marple 2

James D.,

This is because the campaign consultants are looking already to their next jobs, and want to explain so that they will seem blameless.

This group of traveling mercenaries is not helpful to the GOP, and in fact, I think some are dem plants (see Dr. Evil).

One of the reasons so many of them hate Trump is that Trump doesn't use them. He considers consultants and pollsters wastes of money.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

True OL, but the desire to improve one's life never changes.
Perhaps the masters of the universe are smarter than the EBT crowd, but the EBTers are still plenty smart enough to learn if they don't already know, they'll never do more than scrape by even if Bernie Sanders was king. And the middle is certainly smart enough to know they've been going backwards for ten years.
Reagan harnessed that desire for actual prosperity and independence and regardless of how many UN initiatives and Common Core curricula that desire never dies. It hasn't for several thousand years and it seems seriously mistaken to believe it is different this time.

As always this is not a contest for a new human nature. It's a contest between two small minorities over the direction a nation will take. The minority with the stronger will, will see its future come true. The right can make that happen by appealing to self interest of the middle and lower classes who know the handouts they get will never put them where opportunity and freedom will.
At the moment those with the will to win are in positions of power on the left but not on the right.
We'll see if that changes and who has the stronger will. It will not be determined by the masses; the masses will be determined by whether they are presented two competing worlds.
Right now they are presented one by the left and a slightly more modest version of same by the GOPe.


From the lurk unit:

Tell James D that's the difference between hard and soft bucks in political campaigns. Jeb has lots of the latter.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Why Trump is growing on social conservative leaders.


Unfortunately, my pessimism about America keeps getting validated. I find myself less and less inclined to post things here on JOM, even though I still lurk every now and then.

But here's why I think elections won't work anymore. But if peaceful elections don't work, that leaves very few "friendly" alternatives.

1. INFORMATION IS BIASED / WRONG. The MSM, academia, Hollywood, unions and government bureaucracies misinform, miseducate and distract people from getting the information they need to make good decisions at the ballot box.

2. VOTERS ARE STUPID. The majority of the electorate have been so dumbed down, lied to, indoctrinated and brainwashed, and are now so ignorant, myopic and apathetic, that they couldn't make good decisions at the ballot box even if Condition #1 were corrected.

3. POLITICIANS ARE LOUSY. Even if Conditions #1 and #2 were corrected, the people would still just have the same mediocre candidates from the same wealthy, oligarchical and dynastic career political families to vote for, advancing the interests of the elite at the expense of the rest of us.

4. ELECTIONS ARE FIXED. The electoral process itself has become so corrupted and tainted with money, incompetence, bias, hanging chads, recounted/uncounted / miscounted / suddenly "lost" and "found" ballots, and improperly functioning equipment that no one can really trust ANY election results anymore.

5. UNASSIMILATED IMMIGRANTS ARE MAKING IT WORSE. And lastly, even if Conditions #1 - #4 were corrected, millions of unassimilated illegal aliens and refugees are now being allowed to vote in our elections who want to make America into the same kind of miserable hellhole they escaped from, and who will vote for politicians who promise them freebies, government handouts and preferential treatment.

There is still a significant minority of us out here who remember what America used to be, and we remember our history. We know we're headed in the wrong direction.

As our current political leadership and elites - of BOTH parties - continue to allow illegal immigration, unemployment, the national debt, domestic ethnic groups like #BlackLivesMatter, Islamic jihadists, and old Cold War adversaries to run amok and threaten our culture and national security and safety, a significant segment of Americans are going to rise up and resist. There WILL be a revolution or another civil war.

How bloody and violent this becomes depends on how far we let things get out of OUR control.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Another story on the death spiral Barrycare has entered.
These state co-ops failing is not a small matter. This isn't the website losing money. The health insurance policies are themselves dying because the market has been destroyed. People will lose their insurance policies...again...thanks to Barry.

Far from being some new entrenched entitlement people won't give up, Barrycare will have to be repealed because it is an unworkable Hindenberg whose ignition has just begun and will only get more unpopular as it burns. Perhaps the preexisting condition mandate will survive as a separate subsidized risk pool, which is kinda what there was before, and Medicaid may or may not be scaled back here and there, but the scheme as a whole is going to die; the death panel just hasn't scheduled a date to pull the plug yet.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The politics of mammograms.
Do unnecessarily dead women equal a war on them?

Old Lurker

Iggy "The right can make that happen by appealing to self interest of the middle and lower classes who know the handouts they get will never put them where opportunity and freedom will."

Agreed but they had best get about that before, as I mentioned above, the oldsters who know that are all dead and gone, and the masses are left with only with the history as being rewritten today, and without the intellectual skills required to sort it all out. Then the elites will be the only "Latin readers/speakers" and they will all live behind the screens in the cathedrals of tomorrow. Someone here yesterday used the term "new feudalism" and another "all such roads lead to serfdom" and that is where this is speeding.

A victory by Hillary and GOPe will cement the outcome.


you betcha,



there was something that didn't ring right with that plan, how could curtailing the flow of information on a condition as deadly as that, seem

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Agreed but they had best get about that before, as I mentioned above, the oldsters who know that are all dead and gone, and the masses are left with only with the history as being rewritten today, and without the intellectual skills required to sort it all out.--

That's where I disagree, OL.
You can stuff a kid's head full of crap but he sees and feels the real world, just as a family working the same job sees themselves going backwards. That's why after 70+ years of absolute indoctrination by the Soviets the citizens tossed them out by popular revolt.
The left has to lie because it can't deliver what it promises. When it doesn't the people don't trust it regardless of the propaganda.
Doesn't mean they won't triumph for a time, but it inevitably crashes down around their ears.
It can still be stopped if the Cruz's and McClintocks of the world can shake the dust of the Boehners and McTurtles [we've used that name so much I can't even remember his real name :)] off their feet, but I do agree that is doubtful.
As fdcol says; hard to see this not ending in some type of rebellion.

Dave (in MA)

Posted by: DublinDaveForever

Monkeys with smaller testicles roar loudest.


Iggy-your point is why the current actual focus of education reform all over the world is trying to game how that reality is perceived. To foster the likelihood that false attribution of causes will occur that are politically useful for the transformationalists. That likely effects will not be foreseen. That inapt comparisons will become the norm and especially that students will come to believe that the real world will work as their virtual reality does.

There's even an alarming word for it--contextuating orientations. All of this was laid out decades ago by a sociologist writing about a theory for societal guidance of the US and other countries including the USSR, China, and the Old Soviet bloc.

It all starts with internalizing false Images of how the world works and training collectivist values until they are a matter of habit. It is what Common Core does when the rhetoric gets stripped away and the mandates examined instead.


The point made consistently is that the Soviets knew they were being controlled. This is intended to be both more effective and invisible.


the scenario of Panem in the Hunger Games, suggests some massive conflagration ala the Russian Civil War, led to the regime that arose,

Miss Marple 2



that's just one part of it,



well it's substantially true, so what is the point,



Eh, I still think the 70s were worse.

And we came out of that.

Although maybe I just really hated the color avocado, and shag carpeting too much.

That and hippies.

Old Lurker

Iggy yes in the very long run the cumulative force of enough capable, thinking individualists will throw off the yokes that hold them back, but the human experience is that cycle is measured in thousands of years, not dozens.

I think, as RSE documents, that the teeming world masses, including our own, are being prepped for a very long haul in the wilderness. Humans have seen this movie before.

Nobody here laughed at my joke the other day from the voice in the future: "What did liberals do for light before candles were invented? Electricity."


People--some--make career out of depressing the Republican vote.

Reagan won on optimism.



Well Putin sure has limited Israel's independent pathways.

Putin's blocks nearly confirm Iran's nuclear ambitions.


have you followed the lun, I provided,

Old Lurker

Alg "Eh, I still think the 70s were worse. And we came out of that."

I think that is as accurate as my boomer peers saying "My Ivy League College did well for me, so I am sure Junior will be fine there..."

The nuts of the 60's & 70's are running the show now, and as the saying goes, they have forgotten nothing and they have learned nothing.



You have it pretty much correct.

The Commies and twisted little queers are in charge.

Enjoy your stay!


The meaning of the Hunger Games rests in understanding where the last arrow flew.


Old Lurker

You still have a chance to defeat Hillary.

And the hippies will die.



The Obama spied on Israel one?

That one?

I'm just going to assume that one--makes the most sense.

Off to take a look at it.


The Chitown Lurking Unit found Beasts' dinghy.


The sourcing for what we were doing...lots of people need looked at in the region.


From narc's 12:51, apparently Bibi is responsible for idiots intentionally misrepresenting his point.

The worst part of this was that many people interpreted Netanyahu’s statement as somehow absolving Hitler of responsibility for the Holocaust. This led some historians to denounce him as a conducting a “defense of Hitler,” calling him a “Holocaust revisionist” and even a “Holocaust denier” as one Hebrew University professor told the New York Times.

I'm sure those "academics" have no political axe to grind /sarc


And it seems the MSM slant on the Benghazi hearing is that there was "nothing new." That saves them from having to do actual journalism. Since there was "nothing new," they are free to just report on the politics as they see it. As for nothing new, I certainly was not aware that Hillary blatantly said one thing to her family and internally, and another to the public about the attack.


My best guess as to what Obama thinks--or his policy makers is that they have some idea that they can burn it all down and then control the outcome.

That is the height of arrogance, and always the mark of a liberal and or communist because for them out of chaos comes control.

Beester on iPhone

...the last arrow....delicious SBW. Would be a great name for a blog. OL your joke was funny in a gallows way. I don't post or discuss much for the reasons 1-5 that fdcol63 cited and for the rage I feel for the mind arsonists. Allow me a personal story, my younger sister is mildly retarded from birth trauma. Yet, with her handicap was able to read, write (in cursive!) and, for a number of years, hold an accommodated job. All of you recognize the heartache that people like her go through--tough row to hoe. Now the common core and WIOA advocates want to intentionally cripple minds and souls. They know what they are doing. They are evil. They should be doomed to digging rows with their teeth for the rest of heir miserable lives. I hope that more individuals and tea parties with their local and state organizations can start challenging the arsonist agenda.


that is a pretty yuge thing, in my book,

Rick Ballard

"they have some idea that they can burn it all down and then control the outcome."

Putin and his cronies were quite successful in doing so in Russia. The populace was effectively disarmed and the state security was retained to manage dissent.

I don't doubt the Fascist Party desire to achieve the same outcome but I do doubt their survival of the civil war which will result.


At the same time they might want a return to The Cold War--because that at least contained the Middle East in their opinion.

It also gives the excuse to ignore things like genocide and absolute evil--like ISIS.

So that is attractive to them.

Frau Pfui Deuvel

rse - update from Cleoville...
The Wise Latina's recent book was summer reading for all incoming students at Pomona College, and the associate justice visited yesterday for a speech at the college. Prior to speaking, she held a special "what could be described as a master class for about 30 students."

Our local McClatchy rag quoted one of those invited to the special class:

Sophomore Teofanny Saragi was among the students who got to be in the classroom with Sotomayor.
"(She's) kind of like a role model, but even more personal than that. She's a refection of how far you can make it, and how far you can use institutions to your advantage to able able to leverage your identity as a person of color," she said. (Inland Daily Bulletin)

Perhaps Princess High Cheekbones can visit next.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Reagan's optimism prevailed over all the depressing doom and gloom. That should never be forgotten even after the commiecrats and RINOs have squandered everything he accomplished.


well it's not like there was a tradition of personal self defense in the previous regime,



I was thinking more along the lines of Obama's Arab Spring and other power evacuations.

Also Obamacare--that was written in such a haphazard way that I doubt they cared about the outcome other than to gain some control over the healthcare industry--which is now a significant portion of our economy, and ultimately to gain control over the voter. If you don't have your health, you don't have anything--that is a platform for their strategy.


Meantime back at the ranch, a second poll out with Trump trailing Carson by a significant amount. This poll paid for by the Des Moines Register is done by Seltzer and Co. Ann Seltzer is regarded as someone who knows Iowa and Iowans well, and has an excellent track record.

Folks we may have a track meet on our hands finally.

James D

Sophomore Teofanny Saragi

Words fail me.

Old Lurker

Tru Dat, Cap'n but he had a very different demographic behind him per my comment above, and he had an entirely different Balance Sheet (ie debt and unfunded promises) and Income Statement (ie total Govt Spending as % of GDP). Plus he still had enough of his peers who hated Communism and were willing to fight it.



Benghazi was some disgusting pivot point. When Obama won the military was left out in the field so to speak, and they are trying to hang on like those brave men in Benghazi. I hope the electorate does not leave them to Hillary.


deja vu all over again,


he has been pretty feckless but still

Miss Marple 2

I would have been stunned if Trump had maintained a lead in Iowa. Carson is more an Iowa type candidate.

Last two winners of the Iowa Caucus were Rick Santorum and Mike Huckabee.


I certainly was not aware that Hillary blatantly said one thing to her family and internally, and another to the public about the attack.

Yes. How can that not be big news?

Seeing that the POTUS got up in front of the UN on Sept. 25, 2012 & said - " The future must not belong to those who slander the prophet of Islam." in reference to THAT video...
...& made an ad for Pakistan apologizing for OUR 1st Amendment rights!


yes, you hear on the spanish cable networks, bush was supposed to win Iowa, Bush's have never won Iowa, and someone like Trump, who really is following Silvio's playbook can do respectfully there,

Miss Marple 2

Actually, narciso, one Bush DID win Iowa.

George W. Bush won it in 2000.

His father won it only when he was the incumbent and unopposed.


well it's awkward for them, every thing they said during the campaign was Lillian Hellman, why would they want to remind people,

of course you have Byron York et tu Byron, who seems to make the same conclusion,


I stand corrected, it's a rare thing, and he probably had little or no competition there,

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