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October 22, 2015



In the context of the timeline, that email from the beast to its spawn is a smoking gun.

Any world in which it is not seen as a smoking gun is not a world of facts and reason.

Welcome to the jungle.


I don't know how they walk and chew gum, without stumbling,


this is the Rubio yacht and the Ivana rape claim reporter, if memory serves,


My take is that Democrats ( which include virtually all the media ) were never going to admit a single flaw in Hillary's character. Perhaps Republicans are the same from the reverse perspective. But Hillary did confirm and it can be exploited in political ads, that she is so craven that she would lie to next of kin while standing in front of the deceased caskets, and also has no problem lying to the American people to advance a Democrat Party objective.

Both will be extremely useful when we get to the trench warfare...

Cecil Turner

Hmm, maybe the received wisdom about who benefits from these showdowns is;
1. A myth and,
2. A self fulfilling myth, because the GOP's lily livered refusal . . .

"Received wisdom"? I presume you have a brain, what do you think will be the upshot of this particular incident? Will the GOP get Barry to move on defense spending without addressing entitlements and taxes? Will there be a wave of new Republicans elected to congress? Will a remarkable unity suddenly engulf the GOP?

Yeah, color me unimpressed. I'd note the FC accepted Ryan at almost the same time they scuttled the debt ceiling increase. There are a lot of contentious issues in the next few weeks, and having your party fracture lines evident before negotiations start is not a plus.


Too bad the GOPe has not a scintilla of an idea of how to wage trench warfare. Clean togae and all...


yes, that's not an insignificant point, you see how even Commentary has to play 'on the other hand' when it comes to defending Bibi, then again Tobin
wears the Top Men monocle with pride,


no lyle you are mistaken they know exactly which vertebra, the knife goes in the back, oh you mean against the enemy,


Heh, narc.

Old Lurker

Just to have fun...

Dems have a history of yanking a bad candidate at the very last minute and substituting another (Torricelli).

Having won the debate and the hearing, Bill will need a bigger wheelbarrow to get all the new cash into the CCF Foundation for Prepaid Bribes. The next quarter or two should be their best ever.

Reps can expend a lot of energy at Hillary Specific faults, and a last minute sub could be immune to most of those charges.

Biden's speech the other day did not close the door to playing that role.

It is win win for the bad guys:

No matter what, Bill will rake in gazillions now.

If Hillary looks like a winner, then she just goes ahead and becomes POTUS.

If the hag looks bad after a few more quarters, then the party does a Torricelli and the Clinton's have been well paid for running their part of the scam.

And a Biden-Warren-Patrick-Michelle ticket climbs into the ring with a much shorter time frame to take hits.



a better account,


it would be more accurate to say that Hitler and the Grand Mufti were of like minds, which was why
Eichmann was sent there, as early as 1937.


I presume you have a brain, what do you think will be the upshot of this particular incident?

The only way the Rs can prevail is to use the debt ceiling as leverage, and/or engineer President Hissyfit to shut down the government. Of course to make that work they have to have a strategy to sell it to the public, that Barry is the unreasonable one who is causing the shutdown, and preempt the MSM's automatic blame of the Republicans. With the debt ceiling they have to play the game of chicken better than they did last time, by showing that not raising the debt ceiling does not mean the government defaults on debt, it means only that certain outlays have to be canceled or delayed.


it's possible, Rush noted the incongruity of that speech, without an endorsement,


Not that any of the Dems give a shit:


Miss Marple 2

DOJ just closed Lois Lerner investigation with no charges.



Tobin wears the Top Men monocle with pride

narc, the article cited by Tobin basically falls back on the argument that "The science history is settled."



DOJ just closed Lois Lerner investigation with no charges.


Gotta make sure we keep playing by the rules, don't do anything to lose the House or Senate, get a nice Chamber approved candidate for potus. When we have all three, why then ... look out!

Captain Hate on the iPad

Given that everybody here except maryrose knew that absolutely nothing of major importance would come out of yesterday's hearings, is anybody else completely amazed at Rodham's statement of Chris Stevens' sense of humor when talking about purchasing barricades? Nothing says comedy like being left defenseless by your supervisor.


Posted by: Old Lurker | October 23, 2015 at 01:53 PM

Indeed. The Left's pursuit of Antonio Gramsci's incremental strategy of the "long march through the institutions and culture" is coming to fruition. The Marxists' strategies for subversion as outlined by Yuri Bezmenov in those 1980's interviews (Demoralization, Destabilization, Insurgency, Normalization) has also been pursued, and as he said then, the process of Demoralization is over-fulfilled. We're already in the Destabilization phase, and Crisis is coming.

As Charles Krauthammer said yesterday on Fox News, "We're living in an age where what you say and its relation with the facts is completely irrelevant."

We have a vastly different culture and electorate than we had during the Reagan years, and we're now living in a different paradigm. We simply can not expect that what worked then will necessarily work now.


Yep, that's comedy gold, CH. GOLD, I tell ya!


yes, that is a frightening insight, it speaks of sociopathy, I mean that level of detachment from impending doom,


we can now focus on the crisis of the age, bill cosby and his reign of terror,

Miss Marple 2

I could make a good tv ad against Hillary with some selected quotes, all on video:

That was just Chris joking, showing his entrepreneurial spirit. (Cackle, cackle.)

What difference does it make?

We came, we saw, he died. (Cackle, cackle.)

I suppose I could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas.

James D

Of course to make that work they have to have a strategy to sell it to the public

This is the part that's missing. Even granting that the MSM is 100% against our side, there's plenty that can be done.

Again, I'd point to the 2nd Amendment issue. The NRA keeps winning, both legislatively and also in the court of public opinion. How are they doing that? Why can't the GOP learn some lessons from them?


I'd say American culture has been the exception, not the rule, in world history. Traditional American culture may survive the reprogramming and re-population going on now ... but for how long ... when the left is for all practical purposes free to poison the culture at will.


Yuri Bezmenov:

"As I mentioned before, exposure to true information does not matter any more. A person who is demoralized is unable to assess true information. The facts tell nothing to him. Even if I shower him with information, with authentic proof, with documents, with pictures. Even if I take him, by force, to the Soviet Union and show him concentration camp, he will refuse to believe it until he is going to receive a kick in his fat bottom. When the military boot crashes his, then he will understand. But not before that. That is the tragedy of this situation of demoralization."


OT, but I went to the dermatologist yesterday to have a growth removed.

In spite of the requirement of electronic medical records, I had to write out on paper and twice answer orally information that they contain. For many I simply stated that they are in the EMR. So much for increasing the efficiency of the medical delivery system.


Captain Hate on the iPad

Oh Miss Marple, that might frighten those always valuable undecideds. Better to go with something nonjudgmental such as "she's just like me but likes kittens instead of puppies", That should work.


I must admit, I am pretty demoralized as well.

Rick Ballard


I'd suggest waiting until after Super Tuesday. Ephemera are often proven to have been ephemeral.


there's plenty that can be done

I'd say the first one is to take a page from Trump and be brash.

"Hillary lied. She's really a disgusting liar. She liked right to the faces of our dead soldiers's parents."

"Of course he vetoed the bill. Obama couldn't care less about the military, or whether our servicemen get paid."

Statements like these would get covered, because the MSM would think they'd be held against the speakers. Like they thought with Trump.




DrJ,I have had follow-ups since my kidney stone incident and I have recited my info so many times that I finally asked a registration clerk,isn't all this in the computer?! I also am annoyed that the nurses and doctors spend more time looking at the computer than at me. Hello! I'm the patient.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--The point made consistently is that the Soviets knew they were being controlled. This is intended to be both more effective and invisible.--

Yeah, but that only works until they cut your EBT in half or your SS check bounces or you can't find a doc who takes Medicare.

And that kind of thing doesn't rotate on a thousand year cycle.
In 1939 Hitler promised a 1000 year Reich and ten years later Adenauer and the Germans had bulldozed the last remnants of it, including his grave, under the earth.

In 1979 the USSR stood astride a quaking free world led by Howdy Doody in a cardigan.
Ten years later the Berlin wall fell, Yeltsin rode into town on a tank and the dunce Reagan was vindicated.

James D

Exactly, Ext!

It would also provide someone and something for all of us out here who know that Hillary's a damn liar and Obama doesn't care about the military, to rally around.

Part of the point of getting those statements out there in public, and even more importantly not apologizing for them the moment there's pushback, is simply to make it acceptable for others to say those things, too.

Miss Marple 2


Perhaps they have run into difficulties with the computer records.

Like when I went in for my blood pressure check and the nurse asked me how I was recovering from my surgery. They had me down as having had a quadruple bypass! The only surgery I ever had was a knee realignment!

Someone else's records got transferred from the hospital to my file. Which is why I probably couldn't get private insurance back in 2008.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--I presume you have a brain, what do you think will be the upshot of this particular incident?--

Thanks for the gratuitous insult.
If the GOP is serious the upshot will be as it was when they were serious about Bush's tax cuts; Barry will fold over his whining issues and the GOP will make a couple of concessions and a deal will be reached independent of domestic spending.
Because we have the worst poker players in the world running congress we may not get that much, but that means you change players not how the game is played.
Even with these clowns we will almost certainly end up with a better deal than if they had simply given him what he wanted in order to pass it on the first try.


Imagine my surprise that Obama's DoJ is not going to charge Lerner. I guess they don't have the authority to give her a medal.


MM,we had to transfer all our medical records from our northern Maine providers when we moved here. What a PITA. Those older records were never put into the system here. My primary care provider was flipping thru pages and pages of my records to retrieve info. But all the current info is in the system,because the provider practices here are all part of the hospital monolith. I really have no complaints,but anytime you become a patient,you've got to be proactive.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

In contrast to Paul Mirengoff who I linked earlier and who thinks Ryan could be a disaster Matthew Continetti asserts we are seeing phase 1 of the Ryan revolution.


I must have missed this yesterday,Howie Carr just played the audio of Hillary's coughing fit. Is she drinking AND smoking?



a very large slice of our population which had lived through the good times and bad times died. They were better educated in real life realities and perhaps readin & writin than the population is now.

Yesterday I was tweeting about Hillary's lies and I had one dude who'd caught a retweet replied to me that he couldn't wait for me and the rest of the boomers to die.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Jews suing FaceBook for pages like "Stab a Jew"

Perhaps some of our lawyers can weigh in on free speech issues. It would seem speech inciting others to violent crimes is a bit of a grey are of protection; kind of like shouting fire in a crowded deli?

Jack is Back (On the Jitney)

Test from the Jitney👻


And mcfaul never stops removing doubt re volodya.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

From a couple of months ago; This Is the Best Email in the New Trove of Hillary Correspondence;
From Huma Abedin to Hillary;

Gore just called saying he hasn't heard from you. He's expecting to hear from you tonight.
I'm sorry.

Poor Algore; no matter what he does he'll always be the fat kid wearing the knickerbockers and the kick me sign.

jimmyk on iPhone

"Perhaps some of our lawyers can weigh in on free speech issues."

Not a lawyer, and don't know about the grounds for a lawsuit, but I'd be willing to bet that Facebook is more tolerant of a "Stab a Jew" page than of, say, a "I Hate Muslims" page. Not sure they have any obligation to be evenhanded, but I'd be curious to know how they handle these things.


Iggy-that Continetti piece is not helping and Newt Gingrich was not EVER a Conservative.

He was, however, interested in futurism going back to when he was still a history prof at a third rate state school.

Hoping Ryan isn't interested in that. My problem is that he wants to govern people and use public policy to solve problems and he seems to believe the House can become a beacon for good governance, which to me means they intend to meddle even more.


I'll be gone for awhile. I wanted the throw something out there for the conspiracy crowd to chew on while I'm away.

Anyone else think this:


has something to do with this:




http://www.enterstageright.com/archive/articles/0701thirdwayp3.htm talks about Gingrich and what he believed. I has always heard this from Georgians in meetings with him or people who knew previous wives.

When I pulled this though, it was talking about Mark Satin too. It was his New Age Politics book I cited in my most recent post because SRI had cited it when they finally published their futurist study that started in 1968 commercially in 1982.


The fallen soldier has a name. Master Sergeant Wheeler. And he was Delta Force, so the badest of the bad @sses. I wish Zero would be honest on this though. We dont send Delta Force in to stand around in logistical support of Peshmerga forces. Something else was going on.


GMax-maybe that should read shouldn't send, instead of don't send.

Retired benning people living in atl area are saying that the cutbacks are to hit special forces too. Hopefully that is paranoia because it is an increasingly dangerous world.


I'm of the "avert your eyes" category. If you don't like what is posted, don't read it. It's the hypocrisy that bugs me.


More undercover videos have been leaked.
Here's a link to see them (uncut, so they are long)- http://www.lifenews.com/2015/10/22/hackers-release-shocking-planned-parenthood-videos-we-cant-stop-selling-baby-parts/

Matt Walsh wrote this great piece on FB about them(not sure all can see it)

an excerpt - "...But there's just something about watching these women sit in folding chairs in nondescript hotel banquet halls, under florescent lights, with a tray of snacks on the table in the back of the room, talking calmly and even excitedly about stabbing children in the head. It sends chills down my spine. I feel like I'm looking right into Hell itself. And, in some ways, I guess I am."


It's the hypocrisy that bugs me.

I'm not a lawyer, and it might have just been a myth, but ages ago (late '90s) I was taught that exercising editorial control over the contents of expression on a site opens the proprietor to responsibility for what is allowed to remain.


Jane-what are you referring to?

Avert eyes from what?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Anyone else think this:

has something to do with this:--

I doubt it. The push to reduce mammogram screening existed long before PP's well earned travails.

Beasts of England

Just rolled in to the big city to enjoy an anniversary wine dinner at Galley & Garden - a restaurant in Birmingham that a buddy of mine (James Boyce) opened up last year and is competing nicely with Frank Stitt. No easy task.

Five course on tap, and ignoring the appetizer and dessert courses, the second through fourth are: roasted Maine diver sea scallop with fennel gnocchi; pan-seared Sitka Bay king salmon with Littleneck clams; and a prime filet with porcini mushrooms and foie gras.

Some great wines paired with each course, of course, but there's an '09 La Grave Figeac, St. Emilion served with the filet. I plan to guilt the younger Beastette out of her glass - since she's not of drinking age. :)

Miss Marple 2


Enjoy your dinner! Sounds wonderful!

I so enjoy reading of your adventures. It's a life-style I am unacquainted with, but I do get a sense of joie de vivre when I read your posts.


Yum. I was out with friends the other night and numerous higher end chains have gone under in last several weeks in atl. I so do not believe the story about accidentally getting assigned the lease in a divorce. Anyway, so many of the moms of students my two oldest went to school with get divorced after high school. Then the lovely restaurants they used to want to go to seem too expensive.

My lawyer friends are too busy and my family always wants me to cook. I even did filet with a brandy cream mustard sauce for my 25th at home. I did go for a brunello to go with it though. So smooth.


I'm not Jane, but my response assumed she was talking about the vile Facebook page.

Miss Marple 2


Found in a book. Fascinating story!


RSE, I'll take your filet with brandy cream sauce any day, and up the ante with a Chocolate chess pie


Beasts! Maine scallops,enjoy! I actually saw a car with Alabama license plates today.


RSE, we really need to do a lunch soon. It's a pity those places closed. Buckhead Life is offering their 20% bonus on gift card purchases again...

Or we could do the new Varasano's Pizza at Perimeter. I'm about cajuned out after the last trip to Biloxi.

Are you in town next week?


For Jane.

This is what I was referring to yesterday when you asked about the FBI:

How corrupt are the FBI and DoJ?
They brought 14 charges in this case.
Eight were thrown out before the trial because the FBI lied to the court and defendants.
Of the remaining six, the jury could not render a verdict on three and issued acquittals on the other two.
They handed down only one guilty verdict, a violation of Sarbanes-Oxley...
...which could be thrown out on appeal because the jury was not told the law their verdict was based on covers bankruptcies, not campaign reports.
This was nothing more than yet another petty attempt by the FBI and DoJ to target and harass conservatives.
Perhaps it's time to bring criminal charges against serial abuser Richard Pilger.


Beasts of England

I'm not sure how I'll know they're from Maine - I'll have to ask them! :)

Thank you, Miss Marple. It's just the first day of my ten day Birthday Bacchanalia!! Woot!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

So what's the anniversary?


The case was "investigated" and brought by Richard Pilger, the DoJ official who worked with Lois Lerner to target Tea Party groups.

The other original principal in the case was forced out of the DoJ for misconduct.


Stephanie, does this Pilger guy email a Kevin Kennedy in Madison? Same tricks as the GAB it seems. And Lerner was in the John Doe email chain.



We shouldn't of course, but I am of the distinct conviction that we don't send Delta Force except to do stuff of extreme mayhem. So this is of a piece with Zero's Natula Natula Video fantasy. He aint telling us the truth. My guess at this point, we thought there was an American held there...


So, Bezos has been demonized for insufficient focus on lefty issues. Knocked down by Harvard Business Review to #87, based on new criteria that would otherwise have left him at #1, where they had him last year.

Today, Amazon was up over 6%, based on "surprising" quarterly results.

In the past, our ranking was based exclusively on hard stock market numbers. We looked at total shareholder return, as well as the change in each company’s market capitalization.

We liked the fact that the ranking was based solidly on data and not on reputation or anecdote. Yet it also felt incomplete, because it failed to account for the many aspects of leadership that go beyond mere market performance.

And so this year we’ve tweaked things. We’ve added to the mix a measurement of each company’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance. For this we relied on the calculations of the investment research firm Sustainalytics. We now weight long-term financial results at 80% and ESG performance at 20%.


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Good little lib Bezos will have to give more blood if he wants to remain more equal than others.


Beasts, congratulations on your birthday bachanal, and please do have many more. Your menu sounds wonderful, my fear is that I would not survive it! LOL


ESG performance. Indulgences from the church or whackos and crooks

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

It would never occur to the dumbasses that Sustainalytics might be a contraindicator of things like environmental and social "performance" because of course there is only one allowed view on both subjects.

"Data" and "performance" are so much better than "objective" and "subjective" since admitting their second criteria are subjective means there might exist another tolerable viewpoint on them which is, of course, nonsense.

Beasts of England

One year anniversary of his restaurant, Ig.


Amazon year to date performance = 93%.

S&P 500 year to date performance < 1%. (Was negative until today.)



Five Points or Mountain Brook?


I don't know Henry. Lerner is involved in both, though.


I'm not Jane, but my response assumed she was talking about the vile Facebook page.


Stephanie, you are not helping my mood.

Miss Marple 2


Sit down next to me and have a glass of wine. My mood is carpish as well.

Miss Marple 2

Clinton supposedly got a huge amount of donations last night.

My theory: they had fake accounts pre-loaded to transfer to her account once her testimony was ended.


I just got up from a dinner of stuffed acorn squash I made all by my lonesome. I put dried cranberries in it which put a smile on Mrs. Buckeye's face.


Steph-I am around next week and one of the BH Life restaurants for lunch would be fun.

You pick your favorite. I find Perimeter at lunch hard to get around because so many of the office buildings in area spill out looking to 'do lunch'.

GMax-the fact that "because it was a named, authorized initiative" he will get death benefits for combat is sick. Special forces die on a mission should always be deemed a combat death and entitled to those benefits.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

If guilty as hell free as a bird Lois Lerner proves anything, it's that absent a dead boy or a live girl Hillary is skating on anything she has done.
And if the dead boy is young enough Hillary could always just say she was shopping for a new brain and who would get upset?

Miss Marple 2

Lois Lerner getting off tells me that the Rule of Law is gone in this country. Your prosecution depends on your political affiliation and who you know.

I am now moving to cash only and barter with my stuff. I will not support this government.


You sold out of that energy stock you were making a killing on?

Miss Marple 2


No. I sold half of it to preserve my gains. The rest still is there, and the company did a reverse split. it is holding its value.

I also gradually switched to stocks which pay pretty good dividends (thanks to Old Lurker's comment on this strategy)so that account will just sit there until I am 70, when i have to withdraw.

I am talking about what I sell. My eBay stuff I will have to declare, but I have a lot of stuff I can sell elsewhere and it won't be reported.

They also have not yet figured out how to tax coupons and buying on sale. Plus I can sell locally through my neighborhood web site for cash.

It's going to take me a while, but I intend to disappear from the radar.


Buried in the report of Texas subpoenas to Planned Abortionhood story was this nugget:

IG Bowen also said the state had evidence that the organization had committed Medicaid fraud.

There is a God and he is an awesome God. Please put Cecile in a maximum security facility.

Miss Marple 2


Cecile will only go to prison if we elect a Republican.

Until then, she skates like Lois Lerner.


GMax: see MM2 at 6:43. Awesome God is dead to progtard true believers. Cecile will never see the inside of any detention center of any kind. Until she gets to Hell, of course.

Miss Marple 2



The Rule of Law was handed down to Moses. It is not dead just as God is not dead.

I want Cecile to lie awake at night, fearing that a government under President Cruz or President Carson is going to come find her...


Miss Marple,

Make mine vodka. I'll buy.


Committed MORE Medicaid fraud

"In fact, in 2013 Planned Parenthood agreed to pay $4.3 million to settle a federal civil suit over claims it fraudulently billed Medicaid for women's health services provided by some of its Texas clinics from 2003 to 2009. Specifically, there were claims that Planned Parenthood billed Medicaid for services that were not provided, including birth-control counseling and testing for sexually transmitted diseases."


and something to consider is that the fraudulent services went into their claims of how many services they provide & how NEEDED they are.



Amen sister. Tell it.


The mailman's son just announced a huge get. Dick Armey ( and I emphasize the word dick ) had endorsed him. Perhaps the biggest horse's @ss I have ever met. John, that is not big get, but I do understand the alternative is nothing happened for you or your campaign today.

Miss Marple 2

Dick Armey is a weasel, so it is fitting he supports the Mailman's Son.


Captain Hate on the iPad

The last I heard of Armey he was trying to co-opt the Tea Party to feel relevant again. That didn't work out so well. Maybe this is Plan B.

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