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October 24, 2015



well his jaw would likely lock in a permanent position, if he were so inclined to be contemplative,

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

LOL, lyle.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

That was a great essay, Steph.
I love the prog dopes in the comments not comprehending that their after-the-fact dissembling and application of the old healing balm doesn't mean s**t to anyone.
IMO they're slowly waking a sleeping [and well armed] giant and are deathly afraid of it but still hope it can be swayed and pacified like the hapless dopes in DC.


pne wonders how much volodya is behind this influx,
under a false flag of course,



It was wasn't it, Iggy. How mad are the nominally awake? Awake enough that my non political Uncle is registering everyone he can find in his little town to vote and guaranteeing them a trip to the precinct.

Retweeted Christopher (@DualFed):

@DanRiehl @Simpsonreport It is hilarious that Romney, who just took credit for Obamacare, is conservative enough for them but not Trump.



"That was a great essay, Steph.
I love the prog dopes in the comments not comprehending that their after-the-fact dissembling and application of the old healing balm doesn't mean s**t to anyone.
IMO they're slowly waking a sleeping [and well armed] giant and are deathly afraid of it but still hope it can be swayed and pacified like the hapless dopes in DC"



Well we have seem the results in Switzerland and now poland, insider regimes are at risk, no matter what hue, conventional Tories are just as threatened.


As we've seem in Canada and even australia, trumbull is weak vegemitr but still.


There are some insider reports that the GOPe is threatening to go third party with a new candidate if Trump or Cruz or Carson are inevitable.

LOL Good luck when all your voters reside in the beltway and all the non GOPe don't.

Yes they really are that stoopit.


That's dialing to 12.

Jack is Back!

Happy Birthday, guess who?

68 years of one lie after another including the first primal scream.

Miss Marple 2

Good morning, all!

James D

Good morning MM (and everyone else!)

James D

Stephanie @ 1:00 - that wouldn't surprise me a bit.

James D

The Romney article linked last night is amazing.

He's completely forgotten his own campaign. The people he wants to "reach out to" are the ones who painted him as a ruthless, dog-killing plutocrat whose only goal in life was to fire as many people as possible while rolling around in his Scrooge McDuck-esque money vault clad only in his special Mormon underwear.

They're also the same people who, in his own words, are basically unreachable because they're entirely dependant on government handouts.

Yeah, I can see where there's a lot of commom ground available there.

“There was a time when we all got the news with the same facts, if you will,” he said. “We had three networks we watched for the evening news. Most of us got newspapers. Everybody in the middle class got a newspaper, so we got the same facts whether we agreed or not with them.”

- See more at: http://newsbusters.org/blogs/nb/jeffrey-lord/2015/10/24/what-romney-decries-rise-conservative-media-end-liberal-media#sthash.arRYmt2j.dpuf

Things would be better if we were all given the same set of facts, James.


Ext, you forgot the scare quotes on "facts"


Howard Kurtz:

Jeb Bush’s campaign is now openly floundering.

The media have held back on criticizing him because he raised a huge war chest and therefore was expected to surge later on. Because we’ve never quite let go of that somehow, some way, he would become the front-runner. Because he’s a Bush.

Is that really the reason, Howie? It's ok, we know.

Jack is Back! (In Southampton)

Just heard the Trump "Seventh Day Adventist" comment.

The guy is the biggest jerk ever to run for POTUS. Not even close. He is getting nearer to the Jesse Ventura phenom. His demise cannot come soon enough to rescue us from the infantile idiocy of this clown.


Facepalm with An old one,


And he was speaking with Axelrod the dark wizard of propraganda, we've run out of fish to slap him with.


narciso-what do you think the implications are of a Paris SDG Youth Summit tied to UNESCO and sponsored by the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Al Saud Foundation?

Which one is he? Is he the one where Giuliani returned the check?

Also in 2013 UNESCO launched the Rapprochement of Cultures Decade sponsored by Kazakhstan. Not publicized at all even with my paying attention.

I guess all those resettlements here will help, huh?


No, that's the lad who is fumbling in yemen. Prince talal is the moderate one, who bought trump's yacht and the plaza.


Sustainable development makes me grab my cutlass.


Relatively moderate, and Prince Ahmed is waiting in the wings.


Poke around in the links I put up this morning and anyone without kids will be glad. Ties closely with the ed initiatives WH launched over weekend.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Weird story on the unreliability of DNA tests in "chimeras":
A twin that never develops and is absorbed in utero by the other twin who is born, imparts its own DNA to some but not all parts of the survivor's organs.
Much more common than once thought.


I preferred the brisnan version of blair in the ghost to this blanc mange who has opened this pandoras box, of course he doesn't look at his Saudi partners they can't have anything to do with it.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki


When the governed are no longer represented and are instead ruled the people become dangerous and the situation becomes fluid.
There is a large undercurrent of quite rational anger surging through the country at two parties who seem bent on dissolving our national borders and micromanaging every aspect of our lives while hobbling our economy, enriching their cronies and watching or encouraging the rising threat of our international enemies.

History is replete with men much more perceptive than the dullwitted oaf Daveyboy shocked one day to find the two legs have risen up overnight to put the cloven hoofed four legs back in their place, violently if necessary.

Beasts of England

I think that this cool, damp Monday morning calls for firing up the Bacchanalia Bus and heading to Lynchburg to see Mr. Daniel and Old No. 7. I don't think I've dropped in since they added the visitor's center and made it a wet county. Woot!


Well dobby is stupid, but only when compared to Tommy boy Schultz or Marie larf


Its turtles all the way down.


I don't know anything about the Seventh Day Adventists. Is this a good summary, JiB?



A song for Hillary’s birthday - October 26, 2015

Happy birthday to you,
You dried up old shrew,
May the ghosts of Benghazi
forever haunt you.

FB post that made my day!


Iirc SDA, like other evangelicals, follow the bible alone, i.e. no books written 150+ yrs ago by Miller and White are viewed as "scripture", or likely ever were. That bishop's take is very misleading imo. Almost every doctor's waiting room I've been in for many years, including last Thursday, has a blue, hardback copy of Bible Story for Children on display. If SDA were an unbiblical, anti-Catholic "cult", I doubt that would be the case.


The Bible Story for Children is a colorful picture book that could influence any child and become a starting point towards a Christian life.

No such thing as bad advertising.

I was more interested in the notion that SDA may think the Pope is the Antichrist.

The author of that piece:

Otherwise indistinguishable.

As with LDS, the SDA I"ve known have tended to be good people, disproportionately to the general population. True for Christians in general, too.

My brother once told me that all the world's people are divided into two classes, good people, and bad people.


Brom seems to give undue weight to SDA books written in the 1800s, which have never been given the weight of scripture like, for instance, The Book of Mormon or Pearl of Great Price. He seems to fear/resent the missionary success SDA has had worldwide, especially "in Catholic countries".

I researched SDA beliefs when I began home-schooling 30 yrs. ago, and examined their wonderful God, Creation, and Me kindergarten curriculum built around a study of the seven days of creation (light, land, water, air, etc). I've kept only a few very best-of-the best materials from my 20 yrs. of home-schooling, and God, Creation, and Me is at the top, along with my Open Court Headway Reading curriculum, both no longer available new.

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