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October 24, 2015



they just make these names up, this al masri cat, seems to have popped out of nowhere,


I think there is some truth in this,



Ho leeee Shit!


Yes narciso. Bill Krystol makes my skin crawl, so he as the uber boss of GOPe fits. Smarmy bastards all.




a little talcum powder, will cure that, maybe it's the Harvard sheepskin, although the Pod as a Chicago grad, has a similar problem,

Miss Marple 2


Thanks for that link. I think there is some truth in it as well.

I was a democrat until Reagan came along. Grew up in a yellow-dog, union family. I even voted for McGovern!

However, when I started paying attention in the 70's, I noticed how Jimmy Carter was a moron, incompetent, and a loser. I was fed up with thermostats turned down, no Christmas lights, no Olympics, gas lines, beef shortages, high mortgage interes (15% here in Indiana), Panama Canal given away, pardoned draft dodgers, etc etc.

This is when the misery index was invented, by the way.

When Reagan got the nomination I decided to vote for him because I figured he could not be any worse than Carter, and at least he wouldn't be embarrassing.

That is how I became a Republican. And after 8 years of Reagan, I was a conservative Republican.

Trump can get the blue collar vote, I am pretty sure.


the Z man has a way with words, the world has become imminently coarser in the intervening third of a century, yet the Top Men, have chosen to wear even more elaborate mitts,

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Dumbass admits the free market has already solved the Martin Shkreli drug monster problem but is agitated that Shkreli still might make a profit.


this jackalope has helped make it so,


Miss Marple 2


What gripes me is while pretending to be conservative they have stood by while the culture has coarsened.

I was down at my brother's tonight watching an old British comedy movie from the 1940's, called "Molly and Me." (My siblings and I were there for a dinner of bar food and to make arrangements for Thanksgiving and Christmas.)

The movie was hilarious without one vulgar comment or violence. Very enjoyable, and something we don't see anymore.

Everyone is so damned afraid of Hollywood and the press that they won't say anything, while the culture deteriorates, even to the point of vulgar and off-color children's books.

Cultural deterioration leads to societal deterioration, as has been demonstrated over the last 20 years.

It's just depressing.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Another alleged progressive "man" has insufficient shame to not publicly admit what a hopeless, infantile pussy he is; how my 3 year old son gave up his blanky and why it was so much harder for me at 34 to give up mine along with him.
Presumably he still has his f***ing hipster horn rims, his red plaid long johns and his steaming hot mug of lavender tea.

Captain Hate on the iPad

That loud clunking sound was me jumping off the Utah bandwagon. Like cheering for Romney.


it's a bizarre system, you have loco parentis, in the university, where everything goes, where Playboy has zipped up, but Time comes in a translucent binder this week, (well it should for it's content,) but that's not really the reason, it's the obscene premise that fewer mmammograms is a good idea,

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

That schmuck Tarantino was just somewhere explaining how Bonanza and Gunsmoke etc inspired his latest movie, except that in his version the hero is removed, "the moral center" he termed it, to see what happens.

I suspect he doesn't really realize that without the heroic moral center his movies are pointless, harmful bullshit and they are so because he himself is without a moral center.
But he reserves the right to lecture us on morality.


staying on my late weekend rant, kids when they came home had cartoons, some of it was pure marketing like the Transformers, others were more instructional like GI Joe, which figured out Geraldo Rivera, thirty years ago, now one has Springer and the other mutant spawn, yes Mr, Cunningham, I'm looking at you, well they are caricatures of a sort, but not what you would
think as suitable for anyone,

Miss Marple 2


I don't know why Tarantino has to see what happens when a moral center is removed. All he has to do is look around at modern America.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

How Removing Half of Someone's Brain Can Improve Their Life
A procedure revived to good effect by that "perhaps ok" surgeon Ben Carson at Johns Hopkins.

Trump is such an ass.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

It's not nearly immoral enough for him yet, MM.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

I know Kristol has done some really really dumb things lately but are we really ready to prefer the GOPe towel folders at NR to the Weekly Standard?

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Tarantino might be the most overrated film person ever.


yes, the Standard is still considerably more principled that Buckley's life project, has been,


how does one say, yikes in Arabic, if he takes over


as Dave in Boca, warned us years ago, besides McCarthy, and Nordlinger, it's really on life support,

Miss Marple 2


In my day we had the old Mickey Mouse Club followed by a local show, Cowboy Bob, which showed old Popeye and Warner Brothers cartoons. Sometimes Woody woodpecker (which I didn't like as they were kind of psycho).

At 5PM The Early Show came on here, where they would show old movies. This is how my youngest sister developed a crush on Errol Flynn.

On Sunday Afternoons, Omnibus was on, where I saw plays like St. Joan, Death of a Salesman, and The Crucible. (This was before the rise of NFL Football and Wide World of Sports.)

All productions like that are on PBS now, if at all. Television has become a sewer, and the movies are even worse. It's like everything is being written by 15 year-old boys with an 8th grade education.


Miss M --I honestly can't remember the last time I turned a television. It's not a snob thing, just boredom and ---


yes, he's crass and shallow, then again there are the likes of F Chuck, and Michael Barbaro, who rely on 'that small particle of brain' and that is not due to surgery,

Miss Marple 2


Mostly I have Fox News on for noise in the house, as I do not like silence when I am trying to work.

Do not watch network TV at all. We do watch movies on Netflix.

I would drop cable in a heartbeat except wanting to have news.


sometimes BBC America, has some good programming, but they seems to dine on dreck like Pulp Fiction, too often,


Totally understand the need for some background noise. I have two cats who provide it with outraged purrs when hungry and other more happy noises.


sp this is what our shadow overlord has been doing,


Miss Marple 2

By the way, we have a mayoral candidate running in Indianapolis, Sam Carson. He is the son of the late Julia Carson (congresswoman and the embarrassment of Indiana). He is the uncle of current Congressman Andre Carson, who is a Muslim.

His platform includes legalizing the sale of marijuana for tax revenue, and penalizing violent criminals BY CUTTING OFF THEIR HANDS.

Honest to God. I heard him on the radio today discussing it.

Without irony, he said his plan is called "Hands Off."

I am not making this up.


so who volunteers to be kirov,


Captain Hate on the iPhone

Rupert was a complete idiot for ditching the Asian wife who physically attacked the dipshit who threw a pie at him. Jerry Hall? No fool like an old fool.


Talk about pussy men--just back from a week in Oregon, bookended with Portland. Where we literally saw jammie boy on the street last Saturday.
I have never seen so many neutered males in my life. Guys with hair dos---styles that involve maintenance. Piercings. What is the deal with the slugs in the ears, anyway? Clothing combinations that require thought to assemble. And the socks! Such witty, whimsical socks!!!
I even saw one dad yesterday coloring in coloring book while waiting with his daughters for ice cream. The girls were playing cards. He wasn't entertaining them--it was some kind of adult coloring book.

I know guys this age are seriously underemployed, so they obviously have the time to pursue these endeavors, but don't they have better things to do, like lift weights and watch ESPN? Because right now, they are shopping for socks and jewelry, and deciding whether the blue streak or the purple streak will be this month's choice.

This in a town surrounded by mountains covered with spruce, where real live lumberjacks still turn out truck loads of massive logs that fill semis on I 5. And men fish The Columbia, risking their lives daily to do so.

Is that what living in micro housing in urban areas with bike sharing does to a guy?

I think I've seen the victims of the "war on women," and it isn't a she. Though ultimately, if these are what is going to pass for men, it is women's loss.

JiB, are you taking some NSAIDs regularly, as well as doing the icing?
I'm assuming your kidneys are OK here.
I advocate leaving the narcotics for sleep as you seem to be doing, and the rec to make a nest out of lots of pillows and make sure your arm is well supported is likely to be your best bet for sleeping.

Rotator cuff tears can get better, but yours certainly warrants evaluation. Call the office Monday, explain your pain level, and ask if they'll call you if there is a cancelation--that might make them work you in. Or call your friend tomorrow at home. There is precious little we direct any more, but when the opportunity does arise where I can help a friend or acquaintance expedite the process, I am happy to do so. I don't find that a bother.

Miss Marple 2

Captain Hate,

I was suspicious of the Asian wife until she went ballistic on the pie-thrower.

Now I am suspicious of Murdoch, who I think is getting senile.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Tarantino might be the most overrated film person ever.--

The sad thing is he's technically and atmospherically quite talented but is a hollowed out little boy nobody would play with that someone handed a camera to so he could make movies for all the other hollow little boys.


he was a video store click who mimicked all the grade Z films, others rented,


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Just north and south of San Francisco and it's carnival of lost souls live real live lumberjacks cutting down redwoods and doug firs too.
Balkans on the Pacific.


shockingly the Blair interview was a little more nuanced than the Daily Mail put forth, no matter,
hope he doesn't mind when his leg, gets stuck in the croc,

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--...but don't they have better things to do, like lift weights and watch ESPN?--

At its very essence the difference between lovers of freedom and the left is the difference between secure adults and insecure, self-loathing children.
They try to escape the real world and its responsibilities and so construct the fantasy world where it is a great moral undertaking to compel their neighbors to take care of them.
And they loathe themselves and so the men affect femininity and the women masculinity and pretend those who don't are abnormal bigots.
They hate themselves and the hard world they were born into and the rest of us have to pay the price for it.


a more succinct version of 'looking out for the folks' category error,



note how they have to make Andropov's paranoia, and Reagan's assertiveness, equal.


Since you guys mentioned Eric Cantor's BBC Interview and Mark Levin's commentary on it, I gave it a listen. Here's the link: 10/23/15-Mark Levin Audio Rewind

Click on the 10/23/2015 program and once it starts scroll to about minute 77. It lasts about 10 minutes:

BBC Guy: The bottom line is you had a wartime chest for your campaign of over 5 Million Dollars. You lost to a little known Conservative Professor of Economics who had $300,000 to spend. You should never have lost. No guy in your seniority of your position had ever lost like that before.

Cantor: There was never an instance where there was a crossover sabotage vote like that.


some wisdom even at Al Ghuardian,



that was a such a mackerel slap, you'd wonder if he would get up again, rhetorical.

Miss Marple 2


I think we would have heard about crossover votes if they had actually occurred.

Imagine me hearing that interview at 3:30 AM (insomnia). I about went ballistic.

The cluelessness, the arrogance, were just too much for me.

Glad you got to listen to it.


the house of conquistador does it again,


Miss Marple 2

Heading to bed.


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--I even saw one dad yesterday coloring in coloring book while waiting with his daughters for ice cream.--

Less than an hour later I see a commercial for a Colorama! coloring book for adults, something I've never seen before.
Thank goodness they didn't have any dudes on it but there's always tomorrow.


20 Reasons I hadn't yet considered...



yes, that's mostly true, but ms delgado, was not as sangfroid at all, with the Huntress, who carried much of the same message, when practically nobody seem to care, so I take her words with two cups of salt,


btw, Seth Rogen, should have learned by now, not to gratuously insult 1/2 of his potential audience, then again he might be too stoned to notice,


I hate to tell you, but the sexually confused Urban hipsters do not hate themselves. They are, rather, thoroughly infatuated with themselves. They are absolutely convinced of their superiority.

What they detest is the normal, the rational and the decent. They certainly hate the actual and real culture of the West to the extent that they understand it. They most emphatically hate people like you and me--they think that we are crude, mindless, tasteless, insensitive fools. Some of them love their fake pop culture; some love whatever equally fake, bizarre little alternate culture" they happen to indulge in, often comically, seeing it as a insightful reaction to "popular culture". They have not the foggiest notion of the real human condition, nor our civilizations noble struggle against its downward currents.

They are a singularly ill-educated, ill-mannered, uncivilized lot. They also often hold degrees from some of our best colleges and universities.

And odds are that they PJ boys are not unemployed at all. They probably are pulling down some decent bucks at some startup somewhere, or some middle sized tech company, or working in some business that supports that. They may even have their own firms, or come from some real money.

It may be true that as they age, they will develop some very real self loathing; it may be true that their is some deeply repressed self hatred in parts of that demimonde, but no, they do not hate themselves at all. This is not at all what motivates them--they are not that deep.

There has always been this element, but they have been marginal, and always in contrast to real society. This is different. The Left has created for them this whole world completely and wholly cut off from any real and substantial sentiment, culture or true civilization. They have been taught this, and taught little else, since they were 4 years old. This is what happens when you let the Left take charge of "culture", or at least the Left of the West.


No surprise about IRS after Obama signaled not a smidgen of corruption
First Lies about Benghazi then IRS targeting to get reelected
Craven dishonest illegal persons one and all

It wouldn't surprise me if Lois Lerner's next move was to bring a Law Suit against that reporter kid who chased her with that camera asking questions.

Stalking? Unwanted contact? Invasion of personal space? Whatever.

I think she could make up any charge she wanted and some DC Judge and Jury would probably buy it.

Captain Hate on the iPad

I assume Steph celebrated Georgia Tech upsetting the Crims until very late.

James D.

From a WaPo profile of the new Dean of the National Cathedral:

"I don’t want to be loosey-goosey about it,” he says, “but I describe myself as a non-theistic Christian.”

Hall believes he has more in common with leaders of reform Judaism, who also focus on things like marriage equality and gun control, than he does with some of the more conservative members of his own tradition.

"Jesus didn’t try to convert. He just had people at his table.”

During seminary he got divorced after six years of marriage. He also met his current wife, Kathy, a librarian, there. She was married to another seminarian. “It’s not as tawdry as it sounds,“ he laughs. “A priest and a librarian,” he says drolly. “We’re like a fun couple.”


James D.

I just noticed that article was 2 years old. Instlinked to it today, for some reason.

James D.

Instapundit linked it, I mean.


Clarice's latest:


pagar a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

An outstanding Pieces, Clarice!

James D.

Great Pieces,Clarice!

If disheartening, because I think ultimately the lies won't matter and won't stop Hillary from becoming President next November.


From Clarice's Pieces today,

A quote of Judy Woodruff included this:

"All too often conservatives think that the prize goes to the fittest. In truth it often goes to the most ruthless."

I wonder who is more ruthless, Hillary or the Donald??



Jack is Back! (In Southampton)


I am taking Aleve. Icing the shoulder. No Oxycodone but I do have them left over from my knee surgery. Not ready to be drugged while I am here with Frederick and no Mrs. JiB who is back in Florida. Have a "My Pillow" for excellent neck/shoulder support. Its impossible to sleep on the left side which I prefer and seem to default to in my sleep which wakes me up with stabbing pain:)

The Ortho I have appointment with is a friend of a friend and I have his cell number. Thinking about texting him and describing the pain level to see if he can fit me in to his surgery sooner than the 2nd of November.

I also have been using one of those electric pulse shoulder patches a few times a day and those pulses seem to help. But thanks for the advice.

Clarice, great pieces. Brings relief, also.

So, the MFM have bought the Hillary story, hook-line-sinker. But I wonder what they will do when Gowdy releases the witness testimony. Ignore it or spin it away as history?


Ignore it.

Despite this, she was happy to demonize an innocent bumpkin who’d dared to make a ridiculous video to get herself off the hook for failing to secure the facility despite dozens of ever increasingly urgent requests for assistance in Libya. Others in the administration were happy to go along with the fiction to protect the re-election of Obama who’d bragged that Al-Qaeda was no longer a threat.

I think she had the same motive. She sent the email to Chelsea 45 minutes after learning of the attack. She supposedly spoke to Obama 15 minutes after that. That's when the video lie took shape.

This was Obama's doing.

"We can't say it was a terrorist attack. Remember: Al Quaeda is on the run."

By going along with that lie, she saved his ass, and he owes her bigtime.


Oh, and great piece, Clarice. I'm looking forward to the ad.

"Do you want this lying hag in charge?"

Jack is Back! (In Southampton)

Back to Clarice's Pieces and the parallel Hillary's Benghazi role and testimony has with Rathergate. Both were like the attack on Benghazi and Dubya, well planned lies to advance a political narrative and objective during the closing weeks of a POTUS election.

I can't wait for the Redford movie on Benghazi to set the record straight.

Miss Marple 2

I wonder how long it took the creeps in the administration to search through You Tube looking for a video they could blame the violence on.

My bet is that they did a search and this was the first one they found. "Look boss! I've got one! We're saved!"


"By going along with that lie, she saved his ass, and he owes her big time"

That what Bill was reminding Zero of on the golf cours.

Jack is Back! (In Southampton)

The grand Mufti of Jerusalem wasn't the only one giving Hitler advice. Noel Coward wanted Hitler to bomb Hollywood.


Centralcal on iPad

Great Pieces, Clarice. Sure wish there were better endings to these sordid tales.

Beasts of England

Dang, rich. Thoughts and prayers for you and your friend. Hang in there, buddy...

Miss Marple 2


Gee, can't imagine why Britain won't take them in.


On james D's link, Maybe Instapundit linked it now because the Episcopal Church is using its institutional control now more than ever to push a radicalizing social agenda.

That at least is Red's interpretation of what she has seen over her years at a university with ties to the Episcopal church. Each year the push has become more overt whether the students or profs want it or not.

Miss Marple 2


Rape of women and children in migrant groups is a serious problem, the UN says.

So by all means let these people into your country.


I've been re-posting old links about the IRS on FB & googling old stories.
It is really something that Lerner is being let off with no consequences.

from May 2013 - "ProPublica on Monday reported that the same IRS division that targeted conservative groups for special scrutiny during the 2012 election cycle provided the investigative-reporting organization with confidential applications for tax-exempt status."

June 2013 - "In March 2012 the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) published a confidential tax return of the National Organization for Marriage which opposes the HRC on the gay marriage issue. Where did it get that return? And does it matter that HRC head Joe Solmonese was serving as a national co-chair of President Obama’s re-election campaign?"

from NRO May 2013 - "Third, and perhaps most troubling, those tea-party organizations were sent letters of inquiry demanding information that would seldom if ever be demanded of any other applicant in the process. The IRS demanded lists of donors, names of spouses and family members, detailed information about political views and associations — all of that “under penalties of perjury.” Many applicants dropped out of the process. The questions were remarkably invasive: For example, the IRS demanded to know not only whether political candidates participated in public forums conducted by the groups, but which issues were discussed, along with copies of any literature distributed at the forum and material published on websites. (The IRS has been less forthcoming with its own materials related to this investigation.) If the organizations collected dues, the IRS demanded to know how much they were. It demanded everything down to the résumés of employees. The inquiry was not limited to members of the organization, its executives, or its directors, but included even their family members: The IRS demanded to know — again, under penalty of perjury — whether any of their family members might be thinking about running for office. Its demand for the names of all donors — and all recipients of grants — is in violation of IRS policy."

Read more at: http://www.nationalreview.com/article/347987/irss-tea-party-targeting-kevin-d-williamson


Spread the rapists is part of the regional govt thing here too miss m


I just noticed that article was 2 years old.

Thanks for pointing that out, James.

It was something to read that article last night & then read about Kerry pushing "prayer purity".

"Kerry's statement that Israel would enforce its long-standing policy under which Muslims may pray at the site but Jews, Christians and members of other faiths may only visit but not pray

"Second, Israel will continue to enforce its longstanding policy on religious worship, religious worship at the Temple Mount/Haram al-Sharif, including the fundamental fact that it is Muslims who pray on the Temple Mount/Haram al-Sharif and non-Muslims who visit," Kerry said."


Where's the "prayer purity" for the National Cathedral? Why were Muslims invited in to have a prayer service?


Rick Ballard

Great Pieces, Clarice. The ad should have a Clinton sounding voice over reading the email content to Chelsea and the Egyptian as it scrolls. I'd rather see it on You-Tube for transmission via Fecesbook and links via Twitter than run on TV.

Captain Hate on the iPad

So Rodham takes a bullet for 404 but in the process it gets revealed that she's been running everything through Needledick Rasputin. Guess which item 404 fixates on.


Yes, great Pieces indeed. I would still like to think some lefty journalist with a tiny glimmer of integrity (or even just raw ambition) would shred Hillary. Maybe a Bob Woodward (who has shown a willingness to be honest at times) or even Maureen Dowd (who has been a critic of the Clintons). Just launch into an "emperor has no clothes" tirade that would get rid of her once and for all. It's amazing to me that they've all moved in lockstep. MoDo's column was somewhat critical of Hillary, but spent as much time ridiculing the Republicans.

The best revenge would be for her to get the nomination and then lose badly, largely on character.

Captain Hate on the iPad

The Repubs already have enough arrows in their quiver to destroy Rodham, who is only supported by a gaggle of bitter men hating crones. The only thing that screws the GOP is to nominate another tomato can that nobody wants and people stay home in disgust. Again.


Ron Fournier seems to be having trouble being a Hillary cheerleader. I don't know if he can hold on though...

"It took more than an hour be­fore CNN’s An­der­son Cooper asked Clin­ton about the cov­ert email sys­tem she es­tab­lished as sec­ret­ary of State in de­fi­ance of fed­er­al reg­u­la­tions, sub­vert­ing the Free­dom of In­form­a­tion Act, thwart­ing con­gres­sion­al over­sight, and jeop­ard­iz­ing U.S. secrets. And, even then, her chief rival offered Clin­ton cov­er." ~ Ron Fournier, National Journal


That seems to be the most logical path, yet the top men insist one another pound of blanc mange.


True The Vote still has a lawsuit against the IRS and Englebrecht is not going away
If we get a Repub president we need to purge State and Justice if they had any knowledge at all about IRS scandal or Benghazi
Reason : Lies and cover up

Keep us posted prayers for all involved


Aj Delgado is the Latina nicolle wallace, they have a mean girl in every hue, it seems.

Centralcal on iPad

From Twiiter by Jim Geraghty:

@jimgeraghty: Bob Woodward just said "it better bother us" that Hillary was telling Chelsea the truth about the Benghazi attack and the public a lie.

For Jimmyk

Miss Marple 2


This way no one will know if they're learning anything.


Has anyone heard from rich ? What a terrible situation.


Well those tests are like the hockey stick, it doesn't measure what it's supposed to.


Thanks..Maureen Dowd does slam Hillary at the very end of her column which begins, naturally, with a slam on Gowdy et al. We could write her idiot columns in our sleep..

Captain Hate on the iPad

Slick just gave Katie Perry a hug in Iowa and pretty much ignored his "wife" after that. Ben Carson being interviewed by Chris Wallace.


In regards to the Benghazi video and IRS / NSA activity, some questions from our lurking friend:

One observation from the dummy regarding "the video did it" lie: just how long did they have that teed up in case something did happen on 9/11?. If that video was only viewed a dozen or so times before that, just who in the administration were of that first 12 to actually see it, if they actually did? Aren't they also exposing their internet sweep capabilities with this lie?

That seems to be the bigger elephant that's sitting in the room.

Wasn't it countered as a fundraising video after the WH meme was promoted? Where does that play in? Smells very Lois-y....

Just how far did they go in their opposition research efforts using sweeps and IRS status to have this at the ready? And what else do they have prepared and against whom?


Yes, the shawwal offensive, only works with lots of prepwork, I imagine the late drumheller had something to do with it.


Interesting, but I bet it was the work of some kiddo lower down who was asked to find something to tag anything that happened on 9/11 on and this weak tea was all he could come up with.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Carson is irked by Trump's insults but won't respond in kind despite Wallace's goading. Carson is really running positive ads including offering health savings accounts instead of Medicare and Medicaid. Wallace is asking extremely detailed questions to which Carson is responding patiently. The entire interview was taken up with minutiae on one topic. Very poorly done by Wallace.


Sid by himself has always been a tool of the dgi, the politburo preferred thinktank, the foreign security services now.


That goes back to his work with Phil agee, forty years ago.


Hil's connection to Sid is her Achilles heel
The fact that she had him on speed dial and Stevens on nothing is very bad optics for her
600 requests and no response and blaming Stevens for not asking it to be shut down looks like dereliction of duty

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