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October 24, 2015


Taxation without representation.

What? Taxes are corrupted?


If the Dems keep this up (and they will), they may learn that self-help Justice does not have all the nice due process considerations of the formal Justice System they are destroying.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

If I forego the representation can I abstain from the taxation?

Lois Lerner for pres of the ExIm bank!

Justice to be determined later, but not denied.

She's still subject to prosecution.

daddy on iPad

In a bar in Singapore and just watched a great Rugby match between The All Blacks of New Zealand and the South African Springboks. Raining hard at the South African Stadium, but the All Blacks held on to a 20 - 18 victory. It's a German Pub with decent beer and the packed crowd was loving it, so the energy was infectuous. Wish you guys were here, as that's the Proper way to watch a Rugby Match.



Can't be. They are playing in World Cup. Twickenham, London. Or your watching old match.

Man Tran

But poor mismanagement is not a crime.

Tell that to the EPA thug that writes you up.

Man Tran

Oops, double negative. So sue me.


So any current Lois Lerner's lurking in the esteemed offices of the IRS, now understand they are free to harass, intimidate, extort, or otherwise mistreat any tax filer they deem a threat to the Ruling Class.

No wonder so many folks are eager to go 'off the grid' to escape in any way possible, state and federal control of their personal hard-earned income.

Miss Marple 2




This is the one I just saw :Rugby World Cup 2015: New Zealand progress to final after seeing off spirited South Africa

It's only been posted for 15 minutes at the UK Tely so I'm guessing it was live and probably played in rainy England, not rainy South Africa. Oh well. Wherever it was it was rainy and night time and a great match.

Miss Marple 2


She was 95, and one of the last of the old-time stars. RIP.

Jack is Back!


I meant it couldnt be in SA unless it was another prior match.

Kiwis are favored to go all the way.

Dave (in MA)

Pete was probably up all night trying to figure out a way to capitalize on his Twitter meme.


I am going to guess that Obama's list of pardons is going to be 10 pages, single spaced just for the scumbags in his administration. That doesn't include payoffs, his coke dealer or any of the other miscellaneous undesirables on those lists.

Jack is Back! (On the Jitnety back to Southampton)


Actually when you add Moochelle's and ValJar's to the list it will be more like 50 pages.


Short of a Lois Lerner swinging from a lamppost, this crap isn't going to stop.

Jack is Back! (On the Jitney back to Southampton)



For Miss Marple, our lurking unto found this write up on the Synchrony GE thing.

Jack is Back! (On the Jitney back to Southampton)

I don't know but there is something about his story that made me laugh and also admire the kid. Talk about entrepreneurial.


Miss Marple 2


Please thank our lurking friend. I was disinclined to do it because they are tied to Sam's Club (and Wal-Mart) through that credit card.

I really appreciate the information, and now that I am confirmed on my hunch, I will hang onto GE.

Rick Ballard

I don't understand. The hugest, most terrible, ginormous hurricane just smashed into Mexico and Mexico is still there.

I'll bet the SkyDragon is just in tears over this failure.


Trump will keep sending storms until the illegales go home.




Noticed Matthew dunn, the British Bourne. And Charles McCarty has new books out.


Well, if a new administration does not step up and prosecute these people, and prosecute the DoJ people who enabled this--or at least disbar them--the best we can hope for it tit for tat from opposing administrations against their "enemies" as they come to power.

We really have reached a point of lawlessness one saw in the USSR and the Warsaw Pact, and one has routinely seen in Latin America up to this day. This is a very big deal. It amazes me how irresponsible, how callow and childish the Democrat Machine is. They seem to not grasp at all what they are doing. It is as though they are openly courting civil war. This is not even juvenile--it is infantile.

Again, we have reached that point; we are not "sorta", "kinda" that way; we are not "tending towards lawlessness". We are that way. We are there right now. Now anytime a Democrat gets into power, this will go on, and actually increase in tyranny.

If the GOP had any guts at all, they would impeach all in the DoJ involved with this, starting with Holder. This will never happen--we will not be hearing about this again, excpet crowing from the media about what a "partisan setup" it all is.

(And you know that all the stonewalling here can really only be explained by this all somehow connecting directly with the WH. Can you imagine what would happen if a GOP administration tried this? We now have an aristocratic class that is beyond the law. Again, not "kinds", not "sorta" beyond the law, but openly, in our faces beyond the law.

This is what Obama has wrought, but he is only really an actor here. They have been working at this for decades.

It will take more than an election to root this out--and this could be said about just about every depredation of the last 7 years.

Yet there is no general outrage, or even awareness.

This is how stupid and irresponsible Americans have become.

Even 20 years ago, people would be in jail for this sort of thing. 30 years ago they would have been attacked on the street if they had tried this.

We cannot continue like this, no matter how stupid or supine the electorate is. We cannot maintain our prosperity or civil society this way. It will literally fall apart one way or the other. It is amazing how fast this country is falling apart.

pagar a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

narciso, Are you talking about Charles McCarry having a new book out?



Anytime a recipe calls for lard, it's gonna be good.


Yes, that one, it's a new series unrelated to the Christopher's.



Where do you buy lard?


This is how stupid and irresponsible Americans have become.

I just gotta say that when a major newspaper like the WaPo doesn't even report facts AT ALL...how are people expected to know?

"...no one laid a glove on Clinton (she “easily parried barbed questions,” as the cheerleaders at the Washington Post put it) is false."

"... it receives no mention in the Washington Post’s lead story about the hearing. Nor does Hillary’s email to Chelsea."


Most people are not political junkies.
I don't know what is to be done....


another example.

Networks Censor Justice Department Ending Probe Into IRS Scandal

"ABC, CBS, and NBC's evening newscasts on Friday all failed to cover the Justice Department announcing that it would be ending its investigation into the IRS's targeting of conservative groups."


Somebody with a big megaphone has to step in and call her a liar. Then the fact-checkers can weigh in.

As Sue mentioned, Trump is too busy attacking Dr. Carson, so we have to rest our hopes on Caitlin or Kim Kardashian.


Kroger has it, but it is cheaper at the Asian Market.


That will probably become a controlled substance.

Jack is Back! (On the Jitney back to Southampton)


10-4. But the weak party ain't the answer.

The more I read the book "How to Bag a RINO" the more I am convinced it will have to come from young, energetic, dedicated, militaristic (in terms of campaigning) take no prisinoners kind of political activistim.

Its either that or Concord and Lexington deja vu.


I don't know what is to be done....

I'm very close to giving up. The only thing keeping me stopping in is my addiction to my JOM friends. But it certainly seems like it is over.


Some One finally picked on my doc brown, re sanders.

Jack is Back! (On the Jitney back to Southampton)


Can you get over to Palm Beach on Wednesday for C. W. E. Cookes speech at a specaill dinner there? Maybe he will give you some encouragement. Its all on NRO.

Go read "How to Bag a RINO". Lots of encouragement there.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Part of the problem is the GOPe is quite happy to have the IRS target conservatives. This was an opportunity to hamstring an out of control agency which was completely squandered. The outsider candidates should be all over this.


Yes mark Kevin's landmark legal were the first to notice that, they went after Rove last.


She's still subject to prosecution.

I can only see a Cruz administration going after her. Maybe Carly.

Captain Hate on the iPad

This is no time to get wobbly, Jane. Maybe you should move back to Massachusetts.


On the lack of coverage by the WaPo/NYT axis of evil: I might have thought they'd be trumpeting the story and gloating. Is it possible there's even a bit of embarrassment? Or that they fear some backlash?


That is possibly in our bearded Spock universe.


Here's a tweet about PP that I like -

Brant Hansen @branthansen
Genuinely wondering if there was *anything* ‪#‎PlannedParenthood‬ could do that would cause supporters to say, "OK, I need to re-think this..."

It could be used for the Dem/MFM cabal -

Genuinely wondering if there was *anything* #Democrats could do that would cause the old mainstream media to say, "OK, we need to re-think this..."


Absolutely nothing Janet. They consider themselves part of the hierarchy and I'm sure are rewarded for it.

You can't beat corruption with integrity when the arbitrator is corrupt.


I consider Charlie a pretty good friend jib. I also think he is brilliant. But I'm not ready for a day trip yet.


A good friend of mine in Australia had a heart attack and died last nite. I think that is affecting my mood.



sorry to hear that jane,


Whoever wants to be president better start talking about DC corruption and what he or she is prepared to do about it. Those of us on the receiving end of the tyrant's stick are totally fed up.

What good are new policies that don't address how bloated, greedy and incompetent most of our fed gov't has become? - Seriously.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Sorry to read that, Jane.


did I mention, I also applied to the DEA as a translator:



You can get a bonus Narc!


but I wasn't hired, same with a number of other agencies,


Keep trying. Someone will realize your value!

Jack is Back! (On the Jitney back to Southampton)

No, narc makes to much sense to be a govt. employee.


I know it's rocky, but there should be some pretense of shame,



haven't caught up on the thread, but tonight would have to rank about the worst night of my life. not quite the worst, but after a good night of drinking, the third or forth. Probably second. I'm going with second worst. At the very least, the most odd.


and of course there would be a new thread/


yikes, rich, what happened?


Uh oh. That does not sound good Rich.

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