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October 26, 2015



Graham just said something that ended with "who the hell are we going to beat!?!?"

I was gurgling a beer and missed it. The crowd loved it.

Anyone catch the whole statement?


Iggy, you crack me up! I will resort to the argument from authority: Back in 2008, there was an occasion where the Hildabeast looked absolutely terrific at an evening event, and the next morning looked about 150 years old. I emailed Lucianne Goldberg, who knows all about this metropolitan and packaging stuff, and she is the one who told me that a one night transformation with today's products is easy-- but like Cinderella's it's gone at dawn.

Don't know how the bats cope.


question, when it comes to too big to fail, and sutton dillinger, why is MF Global never referred,


a one night transformation with today's products is easy

I think she managed to do a 12-hour transformation of her personality for the Benghazi testimony, though the evil still shone through for anyone who looked or listened closely. That would not include the media of course.


so there's this interesting series, on spanish cable, some cross of breaking bad and '24, called el principle 'the prince' after this town in Southern Spain, much like a banlieu, where the CNI,
Spanish intelligence, is hunting a Moroccan drug dealer, with ties to terrorists, and they have put in an detective who is trying to crack his organization,


Muslim truck drivers who wouldn’t deliver alcohol awarded $240K in suit

Great news for Christians unwilling to submit!

(Janet already told us about this days ago.)


What do they get paid for refusing to cater same sex weddings?


Hil looked terrible at the Benghazi hearing
She is old and has gained a lot of weight
She insults the vets self sufficient women and pretends to hate big banks
She is fooling no one but the Dems still believe everyone is buying her schtick
I agree with Lyle and his spot on comments
Anyone taking a pass on voting for President seems like a sour grapes person to me
The evil and dishonesty on the Dem side should totally convince any sane person that the Dem way is the road to ruin and perdition
Another Ocare coop failed today
Circling the drain
Crickets in the media


What do they get paid for refusing to cater same sex weddings?

Muslims? Surely over a $1M!


extra, the judge in question is named shadid, he was confirmed 89-0, three years agom


Oh wait. Did you mean Christians?

They get jail time.


the lesson of all these 'blacklivesmatters' event from Sanford, on, seems to be if you misbehave, you will win all the sympathy, and the authorities will be vilified as a matter of course,


Florida newspaper calls for Rubio resignation over missed votes

Rubio has missed more votes than any other senator this year. His seat is regularly empty for floor votes, committee meetings and intelligence briefings. He says he’s MIA from his J-O-B because he finds it frustrating and wants to be president, instead.

Dumb move.


it's much like the cheese shop sketch,


Jeff Dobbs

New thread.


Marco 'no show' Rubio defends Senate absences as records show Senator Barack Obama missed MORE votes during the 2008 campaign's early going


I guess that is two things Rubio and Obama have in common.


from Extraneus's 6:48

"Napolitano’s complaint on this case is worth a mention also. Your chances of prevailing in court go up considerably when you’ve got the EEOC showing up to go to bat for you rather than just relying on your own attorney. There does seem to be a suspicious pattern of one particular religion managing to get a lot of support from the federal government in cases like this as opposed to some other common faiths."


"Yuma isn't a JLENS, but a TARS"

Thanks for the correction, Cecil. They told me it was for drug interdiction -- looks very similar.

Cecil Turner

You're welcome. I don't know much about the programs, but saw in the news that JLENS was a recent development; and we used to fly around that Yuma aerostat back in the late '80s, so I knew they couldn't be the same.

Mike Giles

Well former cannibals tell me human being has a nice porky flavor, hence the nickname "Long Pig". And last I checked, I cooked my food thoroughly before I ate it, so I'm not that worried about the extra protein from the insects and maggots.

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