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October 26, 2015


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Janet and Ignatz when they write of their faith speak words that most closely resemble my thinking on religion. And neither one are SDAs.--

I don't agree with the SDA doctrine on the Sabbath; either the day or the type, and goodness knows I don't buy into their dietary leanings.
But Paul's admonition was only to beware of those who come preaching another Christ. Neither the SDA nor the Catholics preach a Christ different from the real one; we all worship the one true God.
The Mormons and the Jehova's Witnesses however do preach a Christ very different from the revealed Messiah.



More Trump: If women in the Middle East want to wear burqas, why are we getting involved?

About today's meme regarding a joke Trump made about how ME women don't have to wear make-up. But then there's this.

I bet a lot of Trump fans who were thrilled when they heard him pushing mass deportation will be surprised to learn that he’s willing to readmit many former illegals as “legals.” What’s going to happen when Cruz finally attacks and his ad team nukes Trump in New Hampshire about the coming great deportation and reimportation to come under his presidency? That’s the sort of mistake that might get through the forcefield.
Rick Ballard

"It was worth every penny."

Then why are you complaining, Precious Snowflake? It's unfortunate that you neglected to include any courses on amortization during your indoctrination but you really did pick out your own serf's collar and you had better get used to the tight fit cuz you're going to be wearing it in your rented room in the worker barracks for a very long time.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I think Trump might have the women's vote sewn up, actually; he changes his mind so often they gotta feel a kindred spirit. :)


The Vatican throws in with the UN and EU crazieshttp://news.yahoo.com/global-bishops-call-complete-decarbonisation-2050-155548030.html

Jack is Back! (In Southampton)


There is only one Catholic society who keeps the coffers full and its the American one. Keep giving me reasons to not support your agenda. Priests have never been good at economics. This proves it.

Beasts of England

Exploitation? Sounds like the intersection of free will and bad choices to me...

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Belated congrats to Lewis Hamilton for his second consecutive and third overall world driving championship.

But for a rookie mistake when he took an ill-advised foray into a gravel trap on the penultimate race of the year in 07 it would be his fourth.


this remark along with the clueless one about the house hearings, are more troublesome,

so another surrender on the budget, even the Capitol in Panem, didn't have such a feckless parliament,

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

South Park;
My Safe Space.


Imagine what I can do with the money that I DO NOT GIVE to the Roman Catholic Church.

If the Catholic church wants to go the full COMMIE, I'm not paying for it.


Religious leaders don't have to worry about money so they don't understand it
It is part of the reason they want to spread other people's money around

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Roger Simon is with me on Trump;

I am a Trumpophrenic.

Some of the time I really like the guy — especially when he mocks the asinine political correctness that has infected every inch of our nation from the mountaintops to the ships at sea. I’m also with him in a big way when he talks about reviving America and making her great again.

Other times, when he acts like a kindergartner throwing mud pies at classmates, I want to bang my forehead on the desk until he goes away or at least retires permanently to one of his golf clubs.

If you don’t have a calculator handy, that adds up to just under $700 less than I owed a year ago— $700 out of the $6,000 I put in that actually went toward reducing my debt.

Apparently she took out a 30-year loan, at under 4%, on a $90,000 social studies education education.


I didn't realize it was possible to take out such a long term student loan, but I think that's close to what she's describing.


someone tell wesley lowery,



The readon US Catholics can contribute so much is because of productivity--and a large part of that is readily available, affordable fossil fuel .You will excuse me if I point out there is a large masochistic streak among many Catholics--esp clergy--who think there's something ennobling about poverty and want.


*reason* (not readon)

James D.

The R's need to get in front of the tudent loan issue. Because we all know the Dems will use it, and there are a LOT of votes they can buy with the issue (and our/borrowed Chinese money).

I still favor a Ryan-McConnell bill to forgive loans paid for by confiscatory taxes on university and foundation endowments.

But failing that, they need to get together a parade of overpaid college administrators and Dem-connected bureaucrats who've profited from all the "free" college money from the Feds, and demonize them at every opportunity.

Whatever they do, they need a plan, because the Dems WILL have one for sure.


I don't get that, where is that in scripture?


Jack, I agree with you, as a fellow American Catholic.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Victor Davis Hanson;
Is Trump Our Napolean?
The really interesting question is how Trump created so many True Believer, Paulnaut-like followers who will brook no questioning of Fearless Leader! so quickly.

Should we start calling him The Bhagwan?


Couldn't agree more, James D. Go after universities hard. What, the profs and admin are ever going to vote R?

Rick Ballard


I have no high opinion of the Parliament of Whores but you really must consider the 'exploitation' lamentation by an indoctrinator wrt to the impact of the projections of her deeply held feelings upon those she is charged with indoctrinating. She is counted among those with 'advanced degrees' due to her possession of a Moron's Certificate for teaching. Her prey may look upon her with respect as a font of learning rather than the cesspool of ignorance which she actually represents.

She is a rather good example of an electorate which demands a balanced budget with no layoffs, no program cutbacks and no new taxes, except those to be levied upon "exploiters" who will prove to be as ephemeral as the firing of the single synapse which comprises the totality of her intelligence.


what could go wrong,


frankly we should have capped AQ Khan years ago, that's where the problem seem to have started,


oh come on now, he's more like Boulanger, the French populist of the late 19th Century,


Nathan's? You haven't lived til you've had a Koegel's hot dog with coney sauce. Dr J may know of which I speak.

I read your post aloud to my husband matt, as he was right behind you at the Automat getting lunch in 1964 on his visit to the fair--and he too has yet to figure out how to get "It's a Small World After All" earworm out of his brain.

It had almost disappeared, but a visit to DisneyWorld twenty years ago revived it, and it lives on.

Miss Marple

I assume Hanson thinks Trump is ok if he avoids invading Russia.



Why is it the same group that wants to try to take my guns has almost no interest in keeping nukes from madmen?

An overwhelming majority of the remaining GOP candidates could be relied upon to do nothing.


because, oikophobia, marko, whereas the third world has justified rage, who knows why,



Can anyone else here claim to have had their first job at Nathan's?

Well I can, on Staten Island, although I could see Coney Island from my bedroom.

I moved up from burgers and fries to clam shucking before I had a fateful run-in with the manager.

Jack is Back! (In Southampton)


You wqtch. I see not only Sunday basket donations down but the big ones buying happiness in Heaven for Aunt Jane or themselves just disappearing.

I will continue to support my local school and church but not so much to enlarge the tithe to the Vatican. This guy is off his rocker.


steph-12:30 works and PIB it is.


the House of Conquistador, is always on the defensive.


Miss Marple


Am afraid I agree.

It's very upsetting.

I would be happier if he spoke to us about the poor while wearing a Carmen Miranda hat and squeezing on a bicycle horn. At least the enemies of the Church wouldn't be using him.


dysfunction is defined as not being in lockstep with the regime,



Why is it the same group that wants to try to take my guns has almost no interest in keeping nukes from madmen?

I KNOW!! Where's the 'NO NUKES!' crowd?
Where are all the PBS folk singers that were heroes for being against nukes & war?
What happened to the 'Flower Power" crew?



Cool, RSE. See you there.

I'm gonna head to Biloxi after lunch. Just got another "bonus" pot of money for this weekend. All told I have almost $1000 in free play dinero for this weekend.

And they are giving away a pick of the lot Saturday... Either a Mercedes C300, Audi A8 or a Porsche Boxster and $3K in cash.



I was in middle school during the nuclear freeze era, and clearly they thought the fault was all on Reagan's part, and that was true of the Solon, Lurch, et al, of course the KGB was organizing most of the demonstrations, back then,


This old leftist hasn't gotten the memo that Progressives are FOR nukes now!...well, nukes for Iran anyway.




wonder where he gets such ideas,


Beasts of England

Get the A8, Steph!!

And from the Bubba file:


jimmyk on iPhone

I think the way student loans work is that you don't have to pay more than some percentage of your income. And then if the loan isn't paid off after some number of years the rest is forgiven. So that whiner will probably never pay the loan off, we will.


You know what. We here don't seem to understand our opponents in the LIBTARDOCRAT PARTY. They have NEVER held any positions of principle. They have always enjoyed a MORALS free existance. The pathetic ALAN ALDA-esque phonies, NEVER DID ANYTHING FOR PEACE. They smoked pot, rutted, murdered the offspring, and found new causes to demogague. What principles has OBAMA or RODHAM ever actually fostered??
The LEFT is like a HEROIN ADDICT. They rob steal, lie, prostitute themselves and continue down a path of death destruction and failure. There is no turning back, until they are TURNED BACK.
Unfortunately, the GOP isn't smart enough to be out salvation. McCain and his "my dear friend from across the aisle" BULLSHIT, is what I am talking about.


this is mr. vegemite,


jimmyk on iPhone

Haven't been able to post all day from iPhone/iPad. Anyone else have that problem?

Anyway, the WSJ seems to buy into Barry's "profit is overhead" nonsense, though perhaps it's just sloppy writing. From an editorial:

"ObamaCare sets an MLR floor of 80% for patient care, with one-fifth left over for overhead like administration and profit."

They should have added a second "for" before profit.

On substance, the editorial points out what others have been dying recently, which is that the 404care death spiral has begun.


Appears Harbaugh still hasn't figured out the rule book!


yes, it's a confederacy of dunces sometimes over there,


Jack is Back! (In Southampton)

Okay, one more time. How to take back America one congressional district at a time. Everyone wants to bitch and complain but this is how to do it.



it's like ground hog day, every time it's a new experience,


If you know military history--Hanson comparing Trump to Napoleon...

that is NOT an endorsement.


one of the ones I referenced this weekend,



shirley they can't be serious:


Jack is Back! (In Southampton)

Trump is such an iditot. No wonder most of his suits are settled out of court for princiely sums. Embarrassement as a so called businessman is not something he can tolerate. What a jerk.


yell whatever, the notion that he thinks it's imposing for us, to insist that women are not
chattel, in the gulf states, north africa, and increasing Eurabia, re events in Antwerp today,
is more disconcerting,


Soon we will see headlines saying....



Victor Davis Hanson on Napoleon 2003:

Why do so many western intellectuals excuse thuggery and whitewash the crimes of megalomaniacs? I have received more angry mail, for example, over a brief article I published a few years ago called "Alexander the Killer" than about anything I have ever written. And the myth of Napoleon, like that of Alexander the Great, is also deeply enshrined in our collective romance—to question either risks real outrage.

Both dictators were eerily similar in ways that go beyond being military geniuses who ruled entire continents by their early 30s. In each case ghastly records of slaughter were carefully masked by a professed concern for the arts and sciences—e.g., silly tales of Alexander sleeping with a copy of theIliad under his pillow and his real efforts to bring a legion of Greek natural scientists with him eastward; or Napoleon's patronage of Vivant Denon (author of the monumental 24-volume Description de l'Egypte) and his gifts of Egyptian booty to a generation of French scholars. Like Hitler's Speer and de Gaulle's Malraux, Denon was one of a long line of gifted toadies dating back to Alexander's Callisthenes, court intellectuals who simultaneously worshiped and loathed the powers that be, who at least noticed them.

Napoleon and Alexander were money-driven thieves par excellence, perhaps the difference being only that the looted imperial treasuries at Susa, Babylon, and Persepolis yielded more specie than the Swiss banks at Berne. The Great's "Brotherhood of Man" was about as genuinely utopian as the Code Napoléon. Both strongmen dazzled their immediate circle with lapidary self-infatuation—for example, Napoleon's "At twenty-nine years of age I have exhausted everything. It only remains for me to become a complete egoist." Or Alexander's reply to Parmenio's urging before the battle of Gaugamela to take the terms offered by Darius III: "And I would accept them too—if I were Parmenio."

In the end, their real legacies were millions dead and empires that crumbled the second they were gone. I suppose the only real difference was that Alexander loved horses and named a city after his steed Bucephalas, whereas Napoleon rode to death dozens of mounts and exhausted Europe of its horseflesh.

Paul Johnson's polemical Napoleon, an entry in the Viking/Penguin series of brief biographies, is not impressed with the little corporal or anything he did. After all, the military record is unquestioned—17 years of wars, perhaps six million Europeans dead, France bankrupt, her overseas colonies lost. And it was all such a great waste, for, as Johnson shows, when the self-proclaimed tête d'armée was done, France's "losses were permanent" and she "began to slip from her position as the leading power in Europe to second-class status—that was Bonaparte's true legacy."

Lest we think Napoleon perverted the French Revolution's idealism, we should remember that he in some sense embodied the very brutality of that entirely unnecessary event. As Johnson notes, "The example of Britain and the Scandinavian countries showed that all the desirable reforms that the French radicals brought about by force and blood could have been achieved by peaceful means." Still, Napoleon is inexplicable apart from the Great Terror, which elevated him from a minor artillery officer to First Citizen who could handle the mob "with a whiff of grape shot," and yet when needed could mouth the appropriate slogans of fraternity.

So why do we need another critical biography of Napoleon—purportedly the subject of more books than any figure except Jesus? His ephemeral military accomplishment is well chronicled. The sordid tales of how Napoleon betrayed most of his friends and abandoned thousands in Egypt and Russia are two centuries old; so are revelations about his bloody edicts in Spain and his barbarity against the Swiss, Iberians, and Italians. Most sober military historians concede that the less glamorous Wellington was the far better man and, ultimately, the more astute general.

But Johnson's intent is more didactic and timely, for he wishes to provide a Plutarchean moral tale of sorts for our own age. And after the Iraq war and our recent problems with France, we need it more than ever. Johnson shatters all our illusions that there was anything noble or idealistic about Napoleon, and then he seeks to explain why the petite dictator still does not receive the opprobrium he deserves. "At the beginning of the twenty-first century, if we are to avoid the tragic mistakes of the twentieth," Johnson warns, "we must learn from Bonaparte's life what to fear and what to avoid."


Indeed Napoleon's enduring resonance in some parts of contemporary Western society tells us as much about ourselves as it does the self-proclaimed emperor. Johnson's matter-of-fact chronicle of executions, grotesque battle losses, betrayal, and outright lying—stripped of Napoleonic fluff and bluster—reflects deeply-rooted Anglo skepticism about messianic killers, as the principled careers of Englishmen like Edmund Burke, the Duke of Wellington, Winston Churchill, and most recently Tony Blair attest. In contrast, for the insecure, megalomaniac, and duplicitous, Napoleonic power holds an eternal appeal [...]

Johnson dismantles all such napoleonic mythology. It is not a difficult task. Napoleon's 1798 expedition to Egypt was an utter disaster...


well if he drops in New Hampshire, that might be so, who am I kidding the press is as predictable
as chimps in a menagerie,


the Great Upheaval, has a good character sketch of the little corporal, up until 1800, but still.


words fail,


Jack is Back! (In Southampton)

The media will keep Trump front and center to show what a bunch of illerate bumpinks are on the right. He is going to be personally responable for dragging down the most qualified menu of candidates in years.

I wonder who a life long democrat and progressive crony capitalists is working for?

He is a stalking horse for Hillary and in the next few months it will dawn on everyone.

Jack is Back! (In Southampton)

Off to bed. Slaap Lekker, Tots Morgen.


Take care Jack.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Imagine Daley lecturing the GOP on dysfunction when his own party's candidates consist of a woman whose mere mention brings forth the word association "liar" to a substantial majority of Americans, whose second place guy is a petrified, pre Cambrian socialist and whose third place guy can't decide whether his greatest accomplishment is presiding over the disaster of Baltimore and Maryland or looking at himself sideways in a mirror with his shirt off.
Meanwhile the head of the party has presided over an unprecedented disaster abroad, a moribund economy on a Federal Reserve iron lung, whose signature accomplishment Barrycare is one of those Mexican cliff divers practicing while the tide is out and who has almost single handedly made the GOP a majority party nationwide.

The GOP is dysfunctional, but compared to the Dems seems composed of only Disraelis, Churchills and Reagans.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

-- He is going to be personally responable for dragging down the most qualified menu of candidates in years.--

We'll see.


he goes after the Huntress, because the Top Men share a nearly equal contempt as the Dems, for having spoken truth to power.


The LEFT is so beyond redemption and repair, that they DO NOT CARE that RODHAM is a FILTHY WHORE. They don't care. We have lost our country. Bill Clinton was LITERALLY RAPING and pillaging when our PAJAMA BOY GENERATION was eating PUBLIC SCHOOL LUNCHES, that are now NOT APPROVED of.
They have NEVER been taught RIGHT V WRONG. They have been PUBLICALLY PROPAGANDIZED from kintergarten to adulthood. And what has the GOP done???? JACK DIDDLEY.


And the myth of Napoleon, like that of Alexander the Great, is also deeply enshrined in our collective romance—to question either risks real outrage.

Interestingly they were both relatively benign, even benevolent, to the Jews.


yes, both were tyrants, but were not possessed of that particular bloodlust,



yes, Razorback Borgia, was a bane on our existence,


9:45 Narciso....it's simple. The HUNTRESS, not only spoke TRUTH to POWER, she spoke TRUTH to the ESTABLISHMENT. She was the MONSTER that threatened the GOP ......ERIC FUCKING CANTOR wing. The ESTABLISHMENT had no room for a CONSERVATIVE STAR/RIVAL.
Boner and McCakeHole, are the STARZ. The HUNTRESS had to be eliminated. And she was so, so, so, so "uncouth".


just more of the theatre of the absurd,



So we are left with a 100% COMPLETELY corrupt ADMINISTRATION, whose JAYVEE, Juvenile delinquent rank and file, is 100% propagandized and 100% Marxist. Retarded beyond measure, they march forward, NOT UNDERSTANDING, that DEAR or EAR LEADER is leading them straight to HELL. We have allowed our NATION and our INSTITUTIONS and our HIGHLY PAID GUBMINT workers to be over run by GARBAGE. Brain dead, highly paid ASS-WIPES.


Hot dogs? Ugh. Bockwurst, Bratwurst and others (preferably from Saags) -- yum!

Your daily piano -- Horowitz playing the Rachmaninov Sonata in B flat minor:


It is a Columbia recording transcribed to youtube, so the audio is not perfect, but it is good enough.


sublime, dr.j.



From........Usingers of MILWAUKEE.


I don't get the Trump bashing.
All the candidates can do & say whatever they want. If they've got some great plan or idea, then....DO IT or SAY IT.
Cruz is my candidate, but I don't get the hatred for Trump.

IF anything, the over-the-top bashing makes me empathetic toward Trump because I can relate.


overreacting, the way even Dr, Hanson has done, is besides the point, I do raise some objections to his train of thought, on at least two points,


Saags is located in San Leandro, CA. It is an industrial district of Oakland.

Horowitz was a quirky fellow. He had a nervous breakdown in the 1960s; some say it way caused by his wife -- the daughter of Arturo Toscanini. That was a marriage of convenience, as he was gay.

One of the places he played, once he came out of his funk, was Ann Arbor. He loved the audience, and we loved him back. His are the only concerts where I have seen the audience give a well-deserved standing ovation before he started playing.

This was a week before May Festival, when Ormandy and Philadelphia took residence for a week,


Are any Dems being asked if they disassociate themselves from Ellison's statements? Why not?Every time there's a crackpot statement by any Republican anywhere the media underscores it by making every Republican promise to hang him or something.


WHO. Is bashing TRUMP??
Who. Is Trump bashing??

Trump is NOT a CONSERVATIVE, nor is he a REPUBLICAN.

Why, does ANYONE believe that TRUMP is a solution or that TRUMP is CONSERVATIVE???

I'll wait.


My fantastic Clarice. Ellison is both BLACK and FAUX MUZZZZZZZZZZZLIM.

He is beyond the MAIN STREAM MEDIA'S intellect.


KEEEEF ELLISON, is on the side of the GODS!!!
He is an example of the LEFTS bias.


well he was repeating the rank idiocy of david grossman, in Haaretz, 'removing all doubt'


Behold the ARAB SPRING

at Drudge -


DOCTOR: Refugees pushing German hospitals to 'breaking point'...

AIDS, syphilis, open TB and many exotic diseases...

FT: End of Merkel era within sight...

Does Obama have to answer for any of this chaos?
Any MFMers want to ask him some questions about his Cairo speech - A New Beginning?
What happened?
Does he have to answer for ANYTHING?



a rare attempt at sanity from rachman,



A New Beginning 6-4-2009

" There must be a sustained effort to listen to each other; to learn from each other; to respect one another; and to seek common ground. As the Holy Koran tells us, "Be conscious of God and speak always the truth." That is what I will try to do – to speak the truth as best I can, humbled by the task before us, and firm in my belief that the interests we share as human beings are far more powerful than the forces that drive us apart."

What a joke.
Next time I hear a neighbor bashing Bush, I'll have to ask them how that Arab Spring thing is goin'.

Rick Ballard


I give Cruz the highest grade for watching the side ring clown show without getting dragged in for a shot of seltzer down his pants. He has a plan and pie in the face followed by a string of third grade raspberries isn't part of it.


he is ignorant in every language, and about every faith,



" the interests we share as human beings are far more powerful than the forces that drive us apart."

Beheadings, crucifixions, burning people alive, raping, slavery, drowning people in cages, killing everyone that isn't a Muslim,...

I don't think we share the same interests.


Great link, narciso.

"During his speech in Cairo last week, Obama referred to the Quran as “holy” four times and quoted several verses from the Islamic text. He also used Muslim terminology, such as the Quranic obligation of “zakat” or charity."

Obama's Cairo speech - "...For instance, in the United States, rules on charitable giving have made it harder for Muslims to fulfill their religious obligation. That is why I am committed to working with American Muslims to ensure that they can fulfill zakat."

Christians get lectured about the crusades.


what marko noted, souter came from the 2nd circuit didn't he,


Dave (in MA)

I checked and re-checked, and no, it's not the Onion:



All of this nonsense is discouraging. So I'll sign off with Gilels playing Waldstein:


Gilels is a German Soviet, but brilliant. Do follow the links to the rest of the movements.


welp, what could go wrong:


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

How many times has Barry referred to the bible, you know his book, as holy, during his presidency?
His life?


Just started downloading the latest and greatest iOS on my iPad.

Why do I have this sinking feeling that I am going to regret it??


We're required to carry company issued and FAA approved iPad's with us on every trip, and required to have them charged to minimum 70%. They are a mandatory backup for all our electronic publications.

Shortly after iOS9 came out we were advised that for our applications there were so many glitches, that we have been ordered not to download iOS9.

Sort of frightening when we actually have to say that something is not good enough for Government work.


must be an import.


Dave (in MA)

you're required to carry something that you're not allowed to use during the flight?


Happen to be reading John Keegan's "The Mask of Command", a good read on military Leadership qualities, and the third of the book I'm well into now is on Lord Wellington. Excellent insights, and a lot of contrasts between how Wellington led men and how Napoleon led men.

Thanks Al for the past of the VDH column since I can't get that link to open at my current location.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Anyone else watching Fargo?
Great cast and shaping up to be a great storyline, IMO.

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