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October 10, 2015


The Infamous Ignatz

TM needs a benadryl.

buccaneer morgan

yes, you can have too much coffee,


Apologies for a very long transcript, please scroll on by if uninterested. On dog walk General Jack Keane was on with Kudlow, recapping his recent testimony to Congress on Putin/Obama and the Middle East mess. Here's a long, sobering bit of it.

Keane: ...I think the source of it frankly is the President of the United States. Obama, his ideology, is driven by the fact that he really did not want to be involved in another protracted war in the Middle East... At the end of it, when you look at 7 plus years of that, what that clearly is saying to anybody who's looking at this, is that the United States in fact has disengaged from the Middle East and actually has stood down in the face of Russian aggression, also in Europe, in Crimea and in the Ukraine...Specifically the facts are the United States abandoned Mubarak in Egypt; abandoned Iraq; retreated from Yemen and as a result we had to pull out our Special Operations Forces and close our Embassy; we retreated from Libya as well; and we've never, ever done what we should have done in Syria to assist the moderate Rebel Forces who at one time actually had momentum over the Assad Military Forces. So when you look at it, even objectively, the United States has pulled away in the Middle East, and as a result of that in many of the Middle East countries we now have behavior that's extraordinary, because Russia wants to take a strategic role in the Middle East at the expense of the US. Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Kuwait, and Egypt, are all buying arms from Russia. They don't necessarily want Russian equipment. They normally buy US or select European equipment, but they're doing this because of the value of the relationship. Russia is talking about building Nuclear Energy Plants for Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Tunisia, and Egypt, so the Geo-political landscape in the Middle East, where the United States has been the most influential out of the region country, is changing right before our eyes. It doesn't mean that we still don't have some influence, but we have nowhere near the influence we had a few years ago, and it's going to get worse.

Kudlow:...Reading your testimony ...we seem to have no response at all...right under our very nose Russia is retaking Syria and expanding the Russian-Iranian hegemonic goals of the Middle East... How is this possible?

Keane: Yeah. It's really quite stunning. History has proven that aggression unanswered leads to more aggression, and Putin is fundamentally counting on this. He's counting on the President's fear of escalation, and fear of confrontation, so when we continue to wring our hands, when we continue to be dominated by this fear, and we're absolutely opposed to ever instilling fear, then the Russian aggression is not just going to advance in the Middle East, Larry, it will escalate, I am convinced with certainty, in the Baltic's and in eastern Europe. Putin will eventually challenge NATO, try to split it up, Challenge Article 5, he will see the collapse of NATO as as major a Geo-political event as was the collapse of the Soviet Union. That's where we're heading...

Kudlow:...but President Obama has essentially said to the American Military "if there's any confrontation with Russian airplanes we should stand down, we should avoid it.

Keane: That goes back to my premise. Putin is absolutely inside the President's head. He is there and he's been there for some time. He knows President Obama fears escalation, and fears confrontation as a result of it, and when you have that fear, and he has it, and you're dominated by that, then you're paralyzed. And that kind of paralysis is what we're seeing...We're not even taking reasonable measures in the face of aggression. He's pounding our ground force, and we're doing nothing.

Keane:...The Russians put off doing anything until this Iran Deal was concluded, and as soon as it was concluded they put this campaign together to get into Syria, bail out Assad, and stamp down the opposition. And they announced a strategic alliance with Iran which will have huge implications in the Middle East for years to come. Every country in the Middle East will be impacted by that...Iran is a huge winner here.

Kudlow: Months ago you told us that from day 1 In 2009 Obama had in his mind a vision, he would create some kind of detente with Iran, including this Treaty, and that was going to lead to a US disengagement from the Middle East...You nailed it. You were precisely right. My only question...I don't think President Obama understands that there is evil in the world. That some regimes, because of what they believe in, are simply evil and are out to destroy us. I don't think he gets that.

Keane: It's hard to get at that, what it really is. Obviously by his actions and the extraordinary arrogance and an extraordinary amount of naiveness in terms of whats happening, remember, the basic premise of detente with Iran is that they would join the community of nations and then begin to behave like a responsible nation in the Middle East, when everybody, every single ally we had in the Middle East, obviously overwhelmingly Arabs, and Israel, told him that is not true. They will not do that. For 35 years they've been seeking regional hegemony. If you give them the money from sanction relief they will take that money and pour it into those strategic objectives. And look at what they've done. Iran has just made a strategic alliance with Russia and Russia is conducting a military campaign in the Middle East. Who would have thought of that 5 years ago?

Kudlow: Unbelievable...It sounds like your advice to Congress is falling on deaf ears...

Keane: ...Carter woke up when it came to the Iranians and he realized he had made some serious Geo-political mistakes. This President is not going to change, Larry. We have 16 more months and in the National Security Business, 16 months is forever in terms of what can happen in diminishing American Security and our National Interest. I'm concerned about it, to say the least, as are many others.


FOX's Catherine Herridge reports via her Intel sources, that "3 of the Taliban 5 exchanged for Beau Bergdahl have re-engaged with their Terror networks."

State Dept responds that none of them have reengaged.

I know who I'm going to believe.

pagar a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Clarice has the game plan for the leftists.

“run story about the Kardashians instead.”


TM, I love you. Even in the worst of times, you make me laugh.

Miss Marple 2


Thanks for an excellent column. That narrative thing is getting on my last nerve.

I am recovered from the garage sale except for a stiff back from lifting boxes and tables.




What do you think of Cruz' strategy? It's a year where the conventional wisdom and political strategies are being discarded. He's very bright. He may have hit upon the right way to win.


Clarice, aides / consultants putting out smarty pants claims ahead of time.

That aside, getting disaffected people to the polls makes sense. We know the left uses Union muscle and extended early voting days to ship their identity groups to the polls. Perhaps there are people among the 30%* who never vote who would turn out for Trump or someone else who addressed their issues instead of shilling for the Chamber of Cronies. This is a larger group that all the minority identity groups put together.

* I'm too lazy to lookup the turnout numbers, 60% or so in a Presidential year? Thus something like the winning vote total for Obama did not vote.

Miss Marple 2

Here's the National Journal spending several pages to tell us that Trump supporters are non-intellectual George Wallace supporters.

Miss Marple 2


Regarding Cruz's strategy: I just don't know. Like henry, I dislike reading strategy in the paper as I think the element of surprise is important in winning.

However, perhaps they feel like they have to explain what they are doing in order to get donors.

Or, it could be a head fake and they are really doing something else.

I am old-fashioned enough to think that all of this mocro-targeting and such is counter to democracy. It smacks of calculation and manipulation, but that is an emotional reaction and perhaps not realistic in these days of Google and Facebook.


MissM, I'm tired of the "intellectuals," they bore me. Besides, most "intellectuals" are social science / critical studies majors who define "intellect" as unquestioned acceptance of Marxist dialectical crapola. I'd rather talk to my neighbors about welding techniques for hot rod repair any day.

Miss Marple 2

Michael Yon has a report from a friend in Munich:

Jack is Back!

Bravo Zulu, Clarice. Good start to the day.

Electoral strategy is one thing but Cruz is still a legislator with a quiver of "principled" arrows. If any miss their target he may need a different strategy😉

Miss Marple 2


Me, too. My dad only did one semester of college because of the Depression, but he was one of the smartest guys I ever knew.

This disdain for those who work in factories and shops reminds me of the titled classes of 19th century England sniffing that a wealthy marriage prospect got his money from "trade."

I don't like it at all. And another thing, who decided that knowing "critical race theory" was more valuable to society than knowing how to fix a toilet?

Old Lurker

"knowing how to fix a toilet?"

Or worse, have you looked under the hood of a car lately or inside a new HVAC unit?

One of our great self inflicted crimes on ourselves was the encouragement of so many to seek a college degree - at which life they will be unsuccessful and unhappy - rather than becoming really really good and smart technicians.

Jeff Dobbs

TM needs a benadryl.

Heh. I'm guessing TM scheduled some posts to appear yesterday spread out rather evenly (because we rabble like to criticize when a bunch of them get dumped close together), and typepad scheduling screwed it up. When he got home last night thinking he would check in on the 2 or 3 new posts, there were none that had been published. Hence the Typepad Test post before manually publishing the others.

That or TM scheduled everything on Oct 10, 2016, and typepad was blameless.

It's a toss up.

Miss Marple 2

Joe Bastardi the weather guy thinks Allen West should be speaker. Said things would change pretty quick.

I guess so! HA!


OK, Joe, forecast us a West wind.


The racial disparity in the building trades could resonate with the black community if explained. The black SEIU members make peanuts compared to mostly white union carpenters and electricians. Ever hear uber-builder Trump talk about that? It's a fertile field for some R candidate like Cruz to exploit imo.

Miss Marple 2

O wild West Wind, thou breath of Autumn's being,
Thou, from whose unseen presence the leaves dead
Are driven, like ghosts from an enchanter fleeing....


A young guy, his wife and 2 year old boy moved in across the street last winter.

When I saw him roll an engine stand and engine hoist in the garage, knew I would like him right away.

Sure enough, he is clearly more capable and self reliant than a couple of the "intellectuals" that live in the neighborhood.

When push comes to shove, who would you want on your team??

Captain Hate on the iPad

Cruz has run an extremely smart campaign and is well positioned to snag supporters from other candidates when they drop out.

Miss Marple 2

Captain Hate,

True, as long as his staff doesn't brag about it. That will cause people to stay home.

Miss Marple 2

For daddy, as well as anyone else interested in archaeology:


Cruz is certainly the brightest of the bunch, arguably the most conservative, and I'm sure he's a good election strategist. His personality, though, might be something of a problem; he doesn't mind at all that colleagues view him as abrasive, and I'm not sure that plays well on a national stage. Further, if Dems and he MSM can paint someone like Romney as a fire-breathing reactionary, than Ted Cruz might as well be David Duke.

George Will notes that Cruz would want to improve on the 5.5 pct of African-American votes that Romney won in Pennsylvania, and I think that's truly risible; a ham sandwich would improve on that percentage as long as the Dem candidate is not also African-American! The GOP candidate should revert back to the more "normal" 11% that GW got in 2004 (similar to Reagan's totals, as I recall).

Any energize-the-base strategy runs the risk of alienating persuadable independents, so it has to be done just right (like Lee Atwater did for Bush Sr in 1988). Yes, a Trump or Cruz might inspire some people to finally figure out where their polling place is, but if they do so in too inflammatory a manner they'll potentially drive other voters to stay home for the first time in a long time (or even vote for Hillary!).

The Infamous Ignatz

--...I don't think President Obama understands that there is evil in the world.--

Sure he does. He believes we are.
Less America = less evil.
Though the whole world were a conflagration he would go to his grave believing it.

Miss Marple 2

Based on their study, the one using the most complex words is....Joe Biden.


Joe's really smart and stuff, see? He uses words like "resilience." Trump and Huckabee are stupid because they don't use big words.


 Jack is Back! : h


When we did our Grand Tour with Frederick last year, our final stop before Rome was Pompeii. It was by far the best preserved, restored and interesting (Esphesus was second). There is a house on one of the streets where they exhibit these mummified remains. Amazing.

Old Lurker

"When push comes to shove, who would you want on your team??"

I love and very much appreciate the creativity of DARPA.

But it was guys like Buckeye's neighbor who figured out how to make a tank clear hedgerows so that D Day could succeed.

Miss Marple 2


Pompeii has always fascinated me. My dad had photos he took when he went there while he was in Naples. As a little kid, it was ghoulishly interesting, and as soon as I got old enough I read stuff about it whenever I could find it

I regret not getting to go see it when I was in Rome, but my soon-to-be-ex wasn't really interested in archaeology.

Miss Marple 2

I can't tell you all how much I am looking forward to Tuesday's democrat debate. Since I despise all of them to some degree, I can watch in a relaxed manner to see who destroys who.

AND, we can also mock CNN!


LOL Miss M -- a twofer!

Miss Marple 2

Yep, MaryD, that's it exactly.

Watching them ask those "hard-hitting" questions of Hillary while trying to cover for her and at the same time try to out-do Fox will be hilarious.

I think it will be highly entertaining. I look forward to Hillary fixing the basilisk stare on Don Lemon.

Jeff Dobbs

I don't think President Obama understands that there is evil in the world.

Takes us back to the Saddleback forum in 2008, in which Rick Warren had a little fireside chat with McCain and Obama.

Warren directly asked both candidates if there was evil in the world, and if so what we should do about it.

The Infamous Ignatz

Hmmm, Barry's DoD ready to make condolence payments to Afghan victims of hospital bombing only weeks after it happened.
Paying muslims no problemo. Somehow though extracting any money from the $150 billion of Iranian assets he's giving back to the terror state to pay American victims of Iranian terrorism, most of whom have been waiting years to be paid, is just not possible.
Yeah, keep telling us he's on our side Dems.


Back in July the 11th annual Netroots Nation convention was held in St. Louis. I think HC skipped it, but O'Malley and Bernie spoke - very briefly as a small cadre of BLM gals shut them both down. O'Malley looked good - tall, fit, and smiley. He sounded very smooth too. I didn't hear Bernie speak, but iirc his beginning with "all lives matter" was about all he got to say before being driven off stage. Bottom line, it wouldn't surprise me if O'Malley "wins" Tues's debate on optics alone.

Beasts of England

@rse: The closing of license offices around the state has sent our local rag - and plenty of dems on the net - off the rails. It's hilarious. I guess all those people who magically need a license today will have to drive to the next county.

As far as the civil rights whining is concerned, there have been tv ads and billboards up for more than a year telling people they needed one to vote. Amazingly, our state is proactive in having mobile driver license vans that serve all kinds of rural areas. Nobody will be disenfranchised.

The Infamous Ignatz

IIRC it was O'Malley who mistakenly said all lives matter and did the furious backpedaling when reminded some are more equal than others.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Rove News Sunday starts with Jim Jordan of the Freedom Caucus. He stresses that Boehner caved to 404 too much and they have to agree on GOP principles. Jordan defends Benghazi committee's professionalism in finding out the truth. Says don't believe the reservist hack who was fired but concentrate on what the committee has done.

Newt says Jordan has made good points and the House leadership was too centralized and punitive. Members have to feel that their constituents are being heard.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Wallace witlessly compares chaos in GOP to McGovern. Newt says NFW.

Newt has no plans to return to Capital Hill.


You're right, Ig. It was O'Malley. And then Bernie got short-circuited too, maybe for having the temerity to suggest he'd like to be able to speak.

Beasts of England

Wonder who will pander to the BLM thugs the most at the dem debate?



You nailed him. And as an added bonus...bad. Thanks for posting the link.

Miss Marple 2


Agree. I think he knows it, too, which is why he complained that there weren't enough debates.

This debate has so many points to watch for:

1. Hillary trying to outmaneuver Sanders on atraacting the lefty vote while trying to look "hip" so she doesn't compare unfavorably with O'Malley.

2. Sanders being a crank and making some dumb remark about a minority group.

3. Lincoln Chaffee coming from Planet metric here to solve everything with liters and such.

4. Jim Webb losing his temper and telling them all they don't know beans about the military.

5. O'Malley might SING!


Captain Hate on the iPad

Panel on chaos. Rove supports Ryan. Susan Page thinks Ryan is the only one for the job. Will thinks Ryan is well placed at Ways and Means and there are others which could do a good job as Speaker; Wallace is apoplectic. Juan: Repubs have to show they can govern blah blah. We need the squishes back. Will says the House is supposed to be turbulent; welcome to the party, George. Rove can't think of any of his favorite RINOs for Speaker so he's all in for Ryan. Will looks amused at Fat Boy's sputtering.

The Infamous Ignatz

George Will's column on Ted Cruz's path to the nomination linked previously has inspired similar comments from lefties to the ones heard in 1979-80 about the Reps nominating the dunce Reagan. They claimed they wanted to run against the unelectable Reagan rather than the moderate juggernaut Bush back then too.

If Hillary and Cruz are the nominees I can see 2016 playing out not unlike 1948 as well, with the spavined old nag in Dewey's platitudinous place and Cruz waging specific and unrelenting guerrilla war.

Vote for Hill;

Agriculture is important. Our rivers are full of fish. You cannot have freedom without liberty. Our future lies ahead.


they have to agree on GOP principles



That was a weird play at second on the Mets Dodgers game last night. Chase Utley clearly took out and broke the leg of the Mets shortstop Ruben Tejada with a very late slide. The entire game stopped as the Mets were concerned about their player. The Dodgers appeal was granted and the runner was ruled safe yet the runnerving never touched the bag. See Joe Torre's comment LUN

Rick Ballard


Using Will to provide a chalkboard for the path to glory arithmetic lesson is interesting. Cruz is making a slight shift away from outsider in doing so. He's adequately funded at the moment but getting some on the fence financial supporters to commit is always helpful.

Beasts of England

Trump doing a great job on Meet the Press. Dickheaderson can't trip him up.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Dennis Ross is calling 404 a dunce for his Putin comments who is cleaning his clock. Stephen Hadley agrees that Putin has restored Russia's power while 404 has been playing golf. Ross says the choices developing in Syria are terrible. Hadley says 404 is overmatched by Putin into a nonsensical excuse for a policy. Ross says a no fly zone is the only option and Hadley agrees. Hadley says we have to lead an international effort to assist ME countries sheltering Syrian refugees.


I was watching real time and thought Utley was going to he the injured player.


No way BOzo is "leading" anything military=related, other than rhetorically.

Beasts of England

Carson on MtP is running circles around aforementioned dickhead. Carson won't be bottled up, returns to the Consitution and founders to shore up his positions. I think his calm demeanor greatly obscures a very tough guy.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Will: Rodham is probably smart to shift to the left against Bernie. But people are looking for authenticity which she doesn't have. Pace: Rodham's main debate opponent is defining herself. Rove about the Truth movie: should be called the anatomy of a smear. Even CBS people say the movie is a pack of lies justifying forgeries. Juan: Redford will just erode trust in the MFM even more. Even Wallace's commie father told Rather he should resign for this.

And that's a wrap.

Jeff Dobbs

Hey Sue - Arlington is gonna be a mess tonight with Cowboys and Rangers both at home today, against the Pats and Jays respectively.

I wonder how many people are going to go to both games?

If you could only pick one team to win today, which would it be?

Beasts of England

The show I was refering to earlier was Face the Nation, not MtP.

Jeff Dobbs

Is this the Utley-Tejada play?


I'm pretty sure most Southerners generally agree with Ben Carson on things, especially on gun ownership. I can't imagine living in CT where a gun-wielding miscreant enters an eatery, robs the owner, then proceeds to rob the patrons until a legal gun owner shoots him dead, only to find himself under investigation for murder. That kind of nonsense doesn't compute imo.

Beasts of England

Hugh Hewitt can eat shit and die.

Beasts of England

Dave Brat is awesome. He is kicking some GOPe turd square in the teeth. The GOPe idiot is now calling his side the governing wing of the party. Good grief.


Good morning to you all!

Great insight, clarice, and true. When the news doesn't fit the narrative, change the subject.

Posted a comment on Salon calling Michelle Malkin names and a leftist acquaintance screamed back about how the right has been calling Obama names for years.

The difference is that the right has attacked him as a liar, a deceiver, a Marxist, and a violater of the Constitution while the left acts like a 12 year old child who just learned a lot of nasty terms for people who are different.

I don't know of any of us who have used racial epithets the way the Leftists have. It truly is racism.

The vast majority of police investigations have exonerated the cops involved and yet the BLM movement has gained credibility.The chants of "Down with the USA" are coming from Americans as a dictator who has been unafraid to shoot down airliners and invade neighboring countries has now created a true axis of evil.

We are being eaten from within as our enemies prosper. What the hell is wrong with us?

We are a multiracial, multicultural society which should be celebrating our unity as well as our diversity and instead we are being torn apart by race baiters. Crime has been down for 30 years running, including murders 35% down, and yet there is a phony gun control agenda.

We have the facts on our side. We have the Constitution on our side. We have a history of failed policies and programs such as the War on Poverty and the War on Drugs. We have a war on the family.

And yet no one in the bubble seems to be paying attention.

We have to do better.



The Rangers. My youngest daughter is going to the Rangers game.


She tailgated the Tex/OU game yesterday. She has friends that tailgate Cowboys' games. Last I heard she was going to see if they were there today.


That kind of nonsense doesn't compute imo.

Not clear from that article that the police are actually considering charging him.

"Police are investigating the fatal incident as a homicide."

Homicide doesn't mean murder, and it may be they have to investigate it as such whenever one civilian kills another. Unless it turns out that the robber was shot in the act of surrendering, I can't believe even in CT they would charge him. And if they did, I would hope even in CT one could not find a jury that would convict the guy.

The Infamous Ignatz

Excellent comment at Powerline about Wright;

Jonathon Gentner · Brisbane, Australia
There is no real country of Palestine. There has NEVER been a nation called Palestine. "Palestine" is a corruption of "Philistine". Why Philistines? Who were they?

They were a bunch of non-Semitic, (that would also be non-Arab to most normal folk), raiders from a bunch of islands near Greece. Their name is not an "ethnic" name but derived from "Peleshet", from the verb "pelesh". Thus; "dividers", "penetrators" or "invaders". Getting the picture?

Why was the home of the Jews, (Judea) called Palestine? Ask the Romans, Emperor Hadrian in particular. After Masada and several other unpleasant incidents, Hadrian decided to obliterate the name of Israel and Judah from the face of the earth. (Sound familiar?)

So he renamed the place Palaestina, after the historically well known, but by that time defunct, bunch of sea lice. There is NO record, ANYWHERE, of the name "Palaestina" before its imposition by Hadrian.

Heh. The louse doesn't fall far from the sea.


So I come back from something like 12 hours away from the computer, and there are 17 new threads, Clarice's Pieces, and typepad is slow as molasses. So I have to get this all out in one post.

Congrats to Jane on her move and getting connected.

Great Pieces, Clarice.

Utley's slide was borderline dirty because it was late, but he was within reach of the base. I hope they don't make a hash of the rules because of the injury the way they did with catchers at home plate after Posey's injury.


You're right, jimmyk, but I'm reading it from a life-long Southerner perspective where the words "investigating the fatal incident as a homicide" in that situation seems bizarre. If it occurred here, I'd expect to read "Armed hero saves fellow patrons, and police are now investigating where the deservedly dead robber obtained his gun."


I agree, Deb, the tone is all wrong, and no doubt the hero is sweating it out instead of being given a parade. But Jake, Deb, it's Chinatown Connecticut.

Beasts of England

Cankles said she is now against the TTP based on what she has recently learned. In the next sentence she says she hasn't seen the text. Even she wasn't believing her own lie - and she has a pretty low bar. She's feelin' the Bern.


Debin NC

Most of us in Ahia think the same way, except those in the metro blue hellholes and the hallowed halls of academia.


CT, #2 behind #1 IL, in states whose residents would leave if they could, per recent Gallop poll.


and news editor's offices.

The Infamous Ignatz

New thread....for some reason.

The Infamous Ignatz

Wanted to relink WaPo house nigger conservative Jen Rubin's defamatory column on Ben Carson so none of us forget just what kind of creeps are on "our" side.

Pretty sure clarice could easily kick this scrawny little dolt's ass. What are you waiting for, clarice? I'll hold your coat.


matt-in a little over a week I am headed to an evening program at the prestigious Coke endowed U in atlanta's law school done in conjunction with the group fetured in my link to Beasts yesterday. he kindly brought in the facts to refute the false narrative earlier in this post.

The program is all about using Ferguson to advance the living justice agenda nationally. The program I was at Friday called the School Justice summit put together by members of the juvenile Justice judiciary, the Ga Bar, several members of the state supreme court, and school district admins featured quite the duplicitous narrative from a deputy super at Ga DoED to justify what they want to do in the classrooms.

Frame the orientation is what the systems thinkers and cyberneticians call it and as we have been exploring it in education on my blog. It is just as enthusiastically used on adults through the media because controlling the image of the problem is crucial to how most people will interpret and perceive events in the future.


Thanks for the re-link, Iggy.

Kick her ass, Clarice.


Thanks, Iggy--I've (not) been training for the marathon, but it's apple season and I think I'd rather bake some tarts or something..and then there's my sock drawer to be tidied up.


I shall attest that the neurosurgeons who have the testicular fortitude to take a rotary saw to another person's skull and then go poke around their brains knowing full well the possible consequences of doing so are most definitely tough guys Beasts.

And the ones that can take children from their parents' arms and do that are the very toughest.


Michael Yon has a report from a friend in Munich:

Miss M,

Thanks for the Michael Yon link to the observations by his friend of Arab men overrunning Munich. In downtown Paris they put us up at 3 different hotels, depending on if we lay over 1 day, 2 days, or more than 2 days.

For years now our nickname for our least favorite, the 1 day Hotel, has been "Abu Dhabi," and that's before any of this swarm of "Syrian" refugee's even began. As Steyn says, "Demographics."



Good link to your VIMH post on Obama and Evil. Thanks.

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