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November 08, 2015



But it is the blue hell model of governance. Shakedown some cash, buy influence with it for getting a bigger office and corresponding increase in shakedown opportunities. Rules and accountability are for saps.

Just look at Hillary. This may be standardized through her (or JEB) with help from the Chamber of Commerce and the UN regionalism crap.


SNL Donald Trump - Opening Monologue - Gets Heckled ‘Trump’s a Racist!’



The ACORN model of government, or should I say Cloward-Pivens fully realized.


Just reading between the lines of the Gail Collins op-ed piece on Hillary, it seems like the left is already discounting HRC's chances of getting elected.


Hey Capt' is it your birthday?

Captain Hate on the iPad

I think it is, Jane, although I don't *feel* any older. As somebody on Zuckerberg told me, the Browns have given me a nice present by not being on my television today.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Shocking that TM asks questions that the Pinch/Slim dimwit can't connect his paltry brain cells to formulate. How the the few remaining press people with integrity stand to be associated with these embarrassments?


HB Captain Hate!


Happy Birthday, CH!


Happy Birthday, Captain Hate!


Happy Birthday, Oh Captain, our captain!


TM, I have become violently ill digesting this story.

What a racket.


Happy birthday, captain

Who watches the watchers indeed.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Thanks all.

Rove News Sunday starts with Michael McFaul saying the Russian plane crash was surely an ISIS bomb planted on board and this is a very real potential problem for this country and runs counter to 404's insane characterization of the JV as a regional problem.

Old Lurker

HB Cap'n.

Now get back to work watching those shows so we do not have to.


I officially hate Donald Trump. He's a bloody traitor to republicans.

Captain Hate on the iPad

McFaul thinks 404 will use an executive action to close Gitmo which would be highly reckless and irresponsible and hopefully the citizens will rise up against that, indicating that Congress will do nothing.


More than you hate the Republicans that go along with the consent decree?


Three Bells for you Captain


Captain Hate on the iPad

Fat RINO Bastard claims that being bumped from prime time isn't a BFD. Says donations are up because of it. Claims dwelling on polls now is a mistake. Discounts that Trump does his act better than he does.

Sends an extremely muddled message on drug addiction; pols should give this a wide berth imo.

Jack is Back!


And on Remembrance Sunday, let us never forget. My FIL once had the privlege of representing the Anglo-Belgian Society and place a wreath at the Cenotaph.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Claims he learned in office to be against amnesty. Says 404 is a radical environmental zealot. Iran deal proves 404 is a horrible negotiator (there's another way to read this). Discounts donk gains in his state.


But, Fat RINO Bastard is showing (fake) compassion -- surely that counts for something, right?

And, HB CH!


Happy Birthday, Captain! Lots of love to you!!

Captain Hate on the iPad

Rove on Trump being on SNL: smart move but doesn't really do anything for him. Julie Pace: says Trump brings some negatives to rest of pack. Kim Strassell, who looks like she got another makeover, said something about Carson's scrutiny which a birthday phone call kept me from hearing. Juan said that Carson's personal story of being an exemplary person took a hit. Rove says that Jeb had a good week but still is in a deep hole.

Beasts of England

Happy Birthday, Captain Hate!!

Rick Ballard

Happy Birthday, Captain Hate!


Many happy returns, Captain Hate.
You rock.


A very happy birthday, Captain. Reading Michael Walsh's The Devil's Pleasure Palace, which is terrific!

Captain Hate on the iPad

Rove says 404 is delusional on Keystone by pointing out the increased pollution which will happen because of not having a pipeline. What is Rove doing by sounding reasonable? Pace agrees with Rove that 404 only is looking at the symbolism on his idiotic legacy. Strassell agrees with a caller that the media rejecting primary candidates before a vote has been cast is idiotic. Juan thinks the MFM should select the next president. Takes shots at Trump and Carson on their ability to answer questions and shills for mailman and Dondi. Pace says for has taken Gitmo as personal. Strassell says 404 has no respect for the law. Rove says 404 should punt on Gitmo to the next president.

And that's a wrap.

jimmyk on iPad

'“He’s been enormously generous with his own funds,” said Elizabeth Glazer, who heads the mayor’s criminal justice office. “He sees this as a joint venture.”'

Wow, the leftist mindset in a nutshell. His own funds? Like it's his personal assets? "Generous" is not the first word that comes to mind when someone spends the citizens' money without any checks and balances.

jimmyk on iPad

And Hapy Birthday, CH!

Captain Hate on the iPad

LOL jimmyk; like one penny came out of his pocket.


Now PATRIOTS Under Microscope For Winning 19 Of Last 25 Coin Flips...


Another chance for Goodell to do something stupid.

Miss Marple 2

Happy Birthday, Captain Hate!

You're my oldest friend on JOM, and thanks to you I found this place.

Enjoy your day!

Miss Marple 2

This looks promising:


Comanche Voter

Ah government as a criminal enterprise, shaking down institutions for substantial sums of "revenue". And the chief thug gets to distribute the boodle.


Found another pic of Punahou Barry--from 1979 when his team was state champions:https://scontent-iad3-1.xx.fbcdn.net/hphotos-xta1/t31.0-8/11892358_1629467677332127_8262787624130109490_o.jpg

Captain Hate on the iPad

Thanks again all.

Miss Marple, when we were both posting at that other site, I thought you'd enjoy it here; I just thought we'd always be there. Oops.


Trump went on MTP and talked about every single "scandal" facing Carson and how he feels sorry about how disqualified he is for president.


Yale President Salovey doubles down on stupid. Tosses the Sillimanite Master & wife under the bus. (Tour guide mode, the picture is Vanderbuilt Hall archway on the Old Campus. The freshman dorm I was in).

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Impossible mental exercise of the day; imagine this imbecilic WaPo TV critic blasting SNL for the love fest when they had Hillary "Walking Punch Line" Clinton on SNL the way he blasted them for having Trump on.

Rick Ballard


Did you expect anything else from the YUGE talking dung pile?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Happy Birthday Captain and thank you for the many times you've watched those talking DC bonobos on our behalf.


OT... how about a Sunday morning quiz. RIP,Gunnar Hansen who died at his home in Maine. The actor played an iconic movie villian. What movie?


"Rove says that Jeb had a good week.."
Based on what, I wonder. I'd like to see him have a good week, but I haven't seen anything except negatives in the news for forever.

"Takes shots at Trump and Carson on their ability to answer questions..."
I thought Carson proved the other day that he's pretty adept at answering questions, not to mention turning it around to demand answers from the "journalists".

"Trump went on MTP and talked about every single "scandal" facing Carson and how he feels sorry about how disqualified he is for president."
Here's Donald doing his thing (I know there's a way to add pics, just don't know how to do it):

Miss Marple 2

Trump is digging his own grave due to believing his own press.

A lot of people were willing to give hm a pass on stuff due to his ability to fight.

Showing everyone that he has no judgement and will participate in character assassination will cost him a lot of support, except amongst the truly desperate and/or clueless.

This is why I cautioned about attacking his supporters, as they need to be able to find somewhere else to go. It's one ting to go after McCain; it's another thing to go after a truly decent man.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

We haven't come close to dredging to the bedrock of Trump's ill tempered potential.
If he fades further it'll be a veritable Johnstown flood of childish invective and ranting tantrums.

It's quite enjoyable when he bashes the right people and seemingly inadvertently gets a policy matter right, but that should never blind us to the inescapable fact he's got at least a half dozen screws loose.


Happy birthday ch.

Captain Hate on the iPad

hrtshpdbox, I saw a TV ad for Jeb which impressed me in terms of directly hitting the right points to be made. It might be the best ad I've seen for any candidate lest I be accused of faint praise. Maybe too little too late, although as Strassel pointed out there has yet to be one vote cast.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

That groveling Yale big cheese brings back the revolting images from my youth of college prezzies tearfully apologizing or actually joining with the New Left gangsters of the late sixties and early seventies taking over the asylums.

The difference now is we have emoji gangsters who don't even have the hormonal glands to act like schoolyard thugs and instead stage crybaby-ins where they threaten to turn blue if their collegiate prep for life isn't a seven year, race appropriate Chuck E Cheese experience.

Jack is Back!

Texas Chainsaw Massacre.


hrtshpdbox, I saw a TV ad..

Thanks, captain, I've gotta hunt that down. Meant to mention in my earlier post - Happy B-Day!


Jack,you are correct!


Getting alumni reports plus attending college programs for potential freshmen next fall, many of the top ten colleges or national u's are touting now that they have their % of URMs (Under Represented Minorities, which includes income) in the 40-45% range of their incoming classes now.

Basically URMs are now way overrepresented and then, unfortunately, the presence gets used as an insistence that the nature of coursework must be changed. My alma mater both acknowledges different standards and the ability to attend for free and then sends out initiatives where all students must take affirmative actions to erase any belief of intellectual inferiority.

I saw that and remembered the area admissions counselor, who had both a jd and a black studies masters from ohio state, reassuring applicants not to worry about the list of all books read in the last year as part of the application. "They were now counting everything that was within two covers."

I don't think I was supposed to be attending as a potential parent without identifying myself as an alum. Ooops.

Mike Giles

You should have put the junior after his name. I'm old enough to remember the Carter Regime and his father - who is dead. For a moment there I thought the dead not only voted in NYC, but actually served.


The city needs new rules. And a new watchdog.

But instead they have a commie mayor and a legacy entitled DA. What could possibly go wrong?

Rick Ballard

I sure hope every victim of crime in NYC gets a chance to read about Vance Jr.'s subsidizing programs to help police treat offending bums with greater respect and deference. It's a shame Vance Jr. (and the crooks in Albany) didn't have any money left for victims but I'm sure every victim realizes the importance of police coddling offenders.

boatbuilder, Esq., Lord of All He Surveys

"Nice bank you got there. Shame if anything were to happen to it.."

Centralcal on iPad

Just passing through to wish Capt. Hate the happiest of birthdays!

Sic Semper Tyrannus.

It's a stretch, but there is 'taxation without representation' in here. That ripped off bank money came from people all over the map, geographically and ideologically, and it is funneled through a progressive gate to progressive causes.

Oh, sit down!

Shedding the backpack at Yale was an evocative moment. Don't you believe in devolution?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I'm no fan of big banks by any means, but I'll wager a large portion of that $800 mill was extorted loot rather than actual payments and fines for real wrong doing.

Frau Klimawechsel

Oh, kim...save me from Bill Nye, the science educator, whose new books tells how to deal with AGW deniers. If fossil fuels are taxed enough, it will make wind and solar cheaper.
As Clarice sometimes sez, "Just shoot me."


Happy birthday Capn'. Sorry about Wisconsin beating "our" Terps yesterday.
As for Cyrus Jr.. Doesn't it seem that picking businesses to SHAKE DOWN, then being REALLY GENEROUS with those businesses funds would be the DEFINITION of conflict of interest. Vance has a PERSONAL REASON for SHAKING DOWN the business. HE GETS TO SPEND THE LOOT.

Miss Marple 2

Who is going to get to spend the money from the Volkswagen fines?

Frau Klimawechsel

Is Vance Jr. related to Willie Sutton?

Tempest?  Fugit!

Heh, Cap'n Haha, notice there was a tanker derailment almost immediately.

Frau, I frown on Nye. He is either very much a bad person or he's a complete fool.

Trying to keep it simple, today.

Frau Klimawechsel

Aye! An extra ration of rum all around to toast the Captain's birthday.

Man Tran


I went to the link that someone posted yesterday and assuming the pix were really from the BNSF derailment, it wasn't a tanker train. It showed auto rack cars and mentioned one tankcar. Crude oil is generally in unit trains, not in mixed freight. Doesn't take away from the folly of pipeline being nixed, just shows again how sloppy the MSM are.


pagar a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Happy Birthday, Captain Hate!


Many Happy Returns, Captain!

The imp was laughing at some other joke.

Ah, TNX for correction, MT. It was awfully convenient.


HB, CH. Thanks for the many belly laughs you've provided me over the years.

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