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November 12, 2015



Too many pieces of Flair?


On one check they tipped $4, on the other a note. A married couple went dutch?



And apparently "no cash" at another restaurant.

Plastic has less communicable diseases than paper...

The customer, identified only as Jenny, apparently came into the restaurant with her new husband and two guests.
The other two must have had their own check and left the $4 tip. (Or at least that's how I understood the story.)

Sounds like the struggling bride wrote the note on the receipt to one of her guests as a bragging right. Slid it across the table and they giggled like fouth graders.

Probably never meant for the waitress.


Well last night me and my 2 amigos hit 3 bar/restaurants and didn't leave a single tip for anybody since in Japan you don't tip. And nobody tried to pick any of us up either:(

Oh well. Maybe we'll have better luck in Taipei. Sayonara.


Rude crude and unrefined behavior on the part of Jenny
Let us hope she never has to wait tables trying to make a living and have to put up with insulting heartless people


Would that we had a Dean Firehose. The collective spine of academic management seems to be made of silly string.

The fate of the UC Davis cop still pisses me off. The activists were told to clear out multiple times. They were then told they would be pepper sprayed, and they were then sprayed.

The sheer timidity and sympathy these people have with the other loons is deeply disheartening.


Actions have consequences
New administrators who don't know how to run the college or university will drive it into the ground
Then Darwin's law will prevail

Comanche Voter

Hey "Jenny" was insecure. Her Daddy only had a single shot shotgun. So she wants to hold on to what she's got, and she's trying hard.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

At least she didn't get knocked out and wind up in jail;
Poor Jenny.

Miss Marple 2

I don't get any of this stuff. Leave a damn tip unless you were given crummy service.

If you don't get a tip, suck it up to you being a crappy waitress or the customers being ingrates.

People are being beheaded in Iraq. Europe is being overrun. People in the US are without jobs and are losing their homes.

Priorities, people!

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