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November 16, 2015







Happy birthday dear leader. Many blessings and lots of bubbly for your special day.

Miss Marple 2

If this catches on, black-owned businesses will end up losing money.

1. Black customers are currently not spending as much as white customers.
2. When you become a preferred black business, a certain number of whites will stay away, either for political reasons or because they are nervous about gang-bangers. (Right now I don't know the owners of the businesses I patronize.)
3. Maybe black businesses don't make as much money because they either sell inferior merchandise, charge too much, or give poor service. lot of black people are not going to give businesses their hard-earned money if they are a crummy business.
4. The whole thing is stupid. What if I started a "whites only idea of business patronage? RACISM!


So much spending, so few jobs produced. Plus the jobs aren't net.

Reminds me of porkulus and Krugmanomics.


There just arent enough black run businesses to satisfy the needs. I applaud the idea of having skin in the game ( black, or white or green with stripes ). There was a time when there were plenty of middle class black businesses. The oh so caring nature of prog programs took a broomstick to that, though.


Guess which way the gale is blowing? Opposition to insane Zero policies, its not just for Republican Governors any more. Nope. Maggie Hassan( last understood to be a Democrat running New Hampshire )has climbed aboard the citizen safety train. Bet that makes it awkward for her at the next prog fundraiser...


The blacks in Atlanta when Maynard and Andrew were mayor tried this and advocated using $2 bills to pay. Didn't work out so well. First of all, there was a shortage of $2 bills, secondly, not enough blacks were using actual cash v EBT cards. But Maynard and Andrew were giddy with the optics as it showed they cared.

Funny, too, cause many middle class blacks made it a point to use white accountants, insurance agents and such as they bragged that it was a 'status' symbol to be able to afford to have whites doing their business. Julian Bond and Ralph David Abernety were particularly hypocritical braggarts of this "status."


If black consumers really spent $913 trillion dollars in 2008, the probem of black poverty has pretty much been eliminated.

“The gist: Although caveated as a soft number, $913 trillion is the total spending by black consumers in the US (2008).”


This would only work in large cities.

James D.

These are private citizens acting privately to advance a perfectly legal cause they believe in, and more power to them.

No. They are racists, and they are scum, and they are preaching a divisive and hateful message, and they can go fuck themselves.

Sorry. My tolerance for racist, or racialist, or race-whatever-ist crap has been all used up.


Category 4 Hurricane it seems.

Politico has a running count and we have missed a few, including a second Democrat Governor:

What started as a trickle of opposition turned into a deluge by late Monday as GOP governors from Texas, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, North Carolina, Arizona, Maine, Massachusetts, Wisconsin, Indiana, Mississippi, Illinois, Ohio, Louisiana, Arkansas — and Democratic Govs. Maggie Hassan of New Hampshire and Steve Bullock of Montana — joined Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley and Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder in refusing to accept refugees from Syria.

That is 19 Governors and the day is not over yet. Gusts up to Category 5


Happy Birthday, Tom! Many blessings to you and your family.

Did you all see Tulsi of Hawaii wants to curtail visas of the French and Belgians. No mention of Syrians, though, so guess we can't add her state to the list of the others not accepting refugees.


John Nolte ‏@NolteNC 1m1 minute ago

CO, VT, CT: Dem Governors Want Syrian Refugees - Breitbart http://www.breitbart.com/national-security/2015/11/16/co-vt-ct-dem-governors-want-syrian-refugees/ … via @BreitbartNews

California will be next - I can just hear Jerry Brown now, inviting all of 'em in. San Francisco, L.A., Sacramento would be great cities to settle in.

Miss Marple 2

Not on the thread topic, but a good read:



19 = good. Keep it coming.

Beasts of England

I think that should be $913 billion.


What if the business owner is HALF BLACK, you know??

Do I give that bidness FITTY CENT??


increase spending with Black professionals and firms from 3 percent to just 10 percent

That seems well nigh impossible anyway. Considering a big chunk of spending is on housing, transportation, utilities, etc. that is not discretionary or switchable (go to a black-owned grocery store?), the whole idea is farfetched.

Beasts of England

Gay versus Muslim immigrants equals intersectionality. I'll have to reference my official DNC Victimhood Hierarchy Pyramid to see who prevails.


Ahhhh yes, CT Drunken Danny

Someone's knockin at the door, somebodies ringing the bell, do me a favor open the door and BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOM!!!




How do you deteine if the business is owned by black or white? And do Hispanics count as white?


Determine if...

Miss Marple 2

Picked this up on Twitter. The poster commented that the left wants us to think that forest fires are due to climate change.

Possibly, that is a false narrative.



Sue, we can't even determine that a GUY with both TWIG and BERRIES is a GUY anymore, but we can determine that George Zimmerman is WHITE HISPANIC.


Now 20 I think: Add Kansa shttp://cjonline.com/news/2015-11-16/sam-brownback-joins-chorus-governors-seeking-turn-away-syrian-refugees?utm_source=cjonline.com&utm_medium=link&utm_content=homepage&utm_campaign=latest-news-widget


There used to be a funeral home in town that only blacks used. The name of the funeral home was White's Funeral Home. I always found that funny. It went out of business and now we all use 2 funeral homes left in town.


Someone tweeted a picture of the U.S. with Interstate Highways marked and this:

"This is a map of the interstate highway system. It connects the states that will accept refugees to those who won't."


Surely all of the R governors will join in eventually. Except maybe Christie.


"This is a map of the interstate highway system. It connects the states that will accept refugees to those who won't."

Of course. And the President can veto any laws passed by a GOP Congress. Same concept. But you still have to push back and make them own it.


So businesses are moving out of Connecticut & Syrian refugees will be movin' in.
*Borgeson Universal leaving Torrington for South Carolina - http://www.registercitizen.com/general-news/20150827/borgeson-universal-leaving-torrington-for-south-carolina

*Goodbye, Connecticut: It’s just too expensive here - http://m.journalinquirer.com/mobile/opinion/other_commentary/goodbye-connecticut-it-s-just-too-expensive-here/article_7aa52808-8930-11e5-9aa1-8b1a9ec391af.html

THe second link is really good.



Thanks to the great press conference coverage. Caught about three minutes of the petulance when I walked through the nurses' lounge.

I'm glad his momma is dead--he shames her. Though, she didn't actually raise him, so there's that.


Connecticut and California are blue hells. Hickey may regret that statement more than the gun legislation that triggers the backlash in Colorado leading the Cory Gardner lansslide win. There is a reason Democrats in other purple states, i.e. Montana and New Hampshire want no part of the stupidity of Zero...


RE: These dumbass leftists showing their asses on TV and in print about "refugees"

All they had to do once the news of the Paris attacks broke was to pretend like they were never in favor of importing jihadis. It wouldn't have been the first time these liars ever lied, and what could possibly be the cost of putting a little daylight between themselves and the lame ducks of this administration?

But because they fell all over themselves rushing to virtue-signal their undying fealty to Obama, Jarrett's punkass little pet faggot had no choice but to double down.

When ISIS launches a coordinated attack in this country over the next few months, it will be 1861 again.


"Of course. And the President can veto any laws passed by a GOP Congress. Same concept. But you still have to push back and make them own it."

I totally agree - it's just a reminder not to feel any false sense of security if you live in one of these states - once they're here they can go anywhere. According to what I read today - they want to go to Washington, D.C. next....


a bit from Dr. Ben Carson statement on FB - "This morning President Obama announced at his press conference that it was our responsibility to accept these refugees. He is wrong. He took an oath to protect and defend this country"


Math that matters:


Jack is Back!

Vatican closer to joining the fight.


How many divisions does the Pope have? Of even Air Support?

Captain Hate on the iPad

Mercifully I missed the purple lipped retard's presser. Was today the day that the MFM decided he was too Costanza for them to defend anymore?

Jack is Back!


From my read, yes. Especially the foreign press.


For Porchight:

.@ChrisChristie to @HughHewitt: No #SyrianRefugees In America, Not Even ‘Orphans Under The Age Of Five’ http://dailycaller.com/2015/11/16/christie-no-syrian-refugees-in-america-not-even-orphans-under-the-age-of-five/ … @dailycaller

I think he is a "No" Porch! LOL


Then via Steyn, the "mastermind" worked in a Belgian immigration office. Yup, the cell leader vetted immigrants.


"Jarrett's punkass little pet faggot"

I am definitely using that FTL. Let me know where to send the royalty checks.

Captain Hate on the iPad

JiB, I just saw a two minute clip where he came close to a full meltdown. If he loses them, except for Anderson Cooper who will fight with Reggie for fellatio rights, I don't think the Ferret can keep him together.

Jack is Back!

Mean't to post that about the immigration office job. Mrs. JiB brought that to my attention this morning after she read the Belgian press. There are more bombs and shoes to drop as the Belgia on press like ours get off their collective ass.


Let me know where to send the royalty checks.

I should set up a trust. I'm sure there's some foundation out there for hooers too butt ugly to feed themselves walking the streets.

Anyone else remember this jingle?

"Stanley. We want to help you do random foreign muzzies right."

Frau Steingehirn

Just another guy in the neighborhood -

His last known residence was in the town of Chartres, population 40,000, a suburb of Paris populated mostly with families. Speaking to neighbors there this week, Spanish newspaper El País found shock and confusion. During his estimated three years there, Mostefai had been a quiet, barely perceptible neighbor. “He was very polite, my daughter went to school with his,” one neighbor said.

“He did not speak to anyone,” another neighbor, identified as Corinne, told El País. “Every morning a friend would wait for him on the road by his house and they went to the mosque. I do not think he had a job, but his father worked at the airport.

Was his father a baggage handler, peut-être? This terrorist did not work but was able to travel to Turkey and most likely Syria.


Buckeye!!! The little faggot's got his own jet airplane!!!


Well, as someone pointed out, "refusing" the Muslim colonizers is mostly a political gesture. The Governors cannot stop internal migration in the USA. Given how the NJ side of the NYC metroplex is, and how the Welfare state operates there, a very great many of them will find their way there.

This is really not going to be stopped. One doubts that a new administration would actively seek to deport them, and the liberal courts will in any event tie that up. The Left knows this and this is why they press on. They also know that they will pay very little for it. Sure, they may lose a few elections, but when the tide turns they will have permanent power. in the interim, their various seats in the Nomenklatura and th shadow government--the real government too--are secure.

Of, and the other Dems are not "virtue signaling", they are all in for the destruction of the USA, particularly the White, Christian, middle class. They are the dread Kulacks after all. We are nothing but tax slaves to be sucked dry and forced to submit, and then they will be on to the next victim. There is nothing at all new in this, even the racial destruction is part of it--the only new thing here is the matter of degree. Well, I take that back: what is shockingly new is the supine surrender or doe like cluelessness at the destruction of the nation right before our very eys.

You really must stop buying their rhetoric as that of misguided, vain fools. They mean our destruction--what you are calling "virtue signalling is just a cover for their aggression. They know this: so should the rest of us. Nor is it about "obedience" to Obama. He is merely the creation of their masters. It is obedience to the Party. This is always how it is with Communists for they own all that they have to the Party's political power. Without this power they are now worth very much. They are corrupt and barbaric to the very core of their being. They hate you; they hate America; they hate Western Civilization. They are morally depraved. They are not, however, fools so far as achieving their goals go. They are almost there.

There will be more waves of Muslims, and he will try with Latin America the same sort of flood that is going on now in the EU. This shall happen before the next election.

This is just the tip of the iceberg, and it well may finally and permanently entrench them in power.

The only way out is to completely remove them from power and influence of any sort--not just in politics but in all the institutions they have corrupted. This is a tall order; it is the tallest of orders. I do not see it happening short of Civil War.

I certainly do not see the GOP actually calling them out on this. The GOP, even the Cruz's of the party, still think they are debating "policy". They just fall into the trap of the Left's verbal and emotional warfare.

At this point, it may be that the Europeans will be the ones to take back their civilization. This is a profound irony given the history of the last century.

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