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November 14, 2015


Frau Steingehirn

Our very own Maroon-in-Chief...ugh!


Well, Obama does have his campus #blm army to congratulate. And his bleg for cash to bring to the sky dragon appeasement conference. He can confirm his hotel room with Hollande any time.

Jack is Back!

Reposting from previous thread:

Talk about "pathological". Kerry believes you can have a cease fire in the Middle East? He's moar delusional than even I thought he could be.

Mrs. JiB says what we have here is a reactionary West versus a visionary West. We are always reacting: 93, 98 and 2001 bombings of the WTC, USS Cole, London 7/7, lone woves, Je Suis Charlie,etc.

There is no forward thinking no coordinated strategy, no sharing of G2. We have an EU with a crippling bureaucracy, a single currency but not a single intelligence or counter-terror agency. Each country is on its own. Totally independent without any discipline or requirement to share information or create a strategic plan for pre-empting these attacks.

Everyone is on their own and the Jihadis know that. At least they work together and share information and even targetting. Our doctor friend in Malmo emailed me this morning and is disgusted in her own country. They still think it is socially responsible to open their borders and arms for the refugees but the rank and file swede is now eyes wide open.

The next few weeks and months will be telling. Does Europe and America and the West as a whole have the fortitude and willingness to finally confront the evil that exists. We won't until January 21st 2017. But wil the others?

Beasts of England

Syrian who migrated through Greece identified as one of the ISIS killers in Paris.

According to The Guardian

Jack is Back!

BTW, did anyone else notice how Kerry is using Daesh instead of ISIL or ISIS? I am surprised he doesn't give his news conferences in French. The man is a total jackass and is using Daesh to show how hip he is and how everyone else is stupid.

Jack is Back!


Its Sint-Jans- Molenbeek near Brussels not Molenbeek which is further away. Back in January the cell was in Verviers toward the southeast. They will trace the arms to the Gare Zuid district of Brussels where the largest arms market in Europe exists.

buccaneer morgan

Daesh is arabic, but it is the transliteration of isis, three of the attackers lived in molenbeek.


OT but has anyone here seen Hamilton on B'way?

Diva wants us to get tickets but it appears to be sold out well in advance.

Beasts of England

Demtards have a presidential debate tonight. Holy cow will that be a clusterfuck of avoiding mea culpae. Hillary the relative-hawk will be spinning at 78-rpm. Cue my Schadenboner.



Kerry started the presser in French.


rse, Rob Long said Hamilton was just fabulous.

Beasts of England

The Rep oppo teams and PACs should have their DVRs on high alert for the debate. Bernie will absolutely have them tacking left and making all kinda of ridiculous 'Muslims aren't terrorists' statements and every one of them should be broadcast repeatedly.


Hamilton is quite on the edge musically. Rap or hip hop. But Terry Teachout gave it top marks.

buccaneer morgan

He speaks gibberish in any tongue.

Jack is Back!


No they don't. They lived in Sint-Jans-Molenbeek near Brussels. Molenbeek is near Leuven. There is a difference.


It is showing sold out until mid-April and hip-hop is one of the 7 dance classes diva takes weekly.

She had a lesson with kathy deitch this am and I am guessing she said something to her.

buccaneer morgan

Well I'm just going by the Irish times and the mirror, I stand corrected.

What they need is something like the cni in spectre or a beefed up European anti terror taskforce.

Jack is Back!

Hamiliton is not for kids unless you have already exposed them to four letter words and hip-hop/rap grundge music vocabulary. You can get tickets if you know the local sources. But you will pay through the nose. I was shocked to learn they were setting aside up to 20K tickets for school kids. I guess certain schools and families have differnt moral vallues for their children.


jib-when you have a performer they get exposed to shows I would prefer they not be exposed to. You can imagine how pleased I was that her audition mt group did urinetown last year. Chicago is her favorite musical.

She will not let hubby or I watch her. She says it makes her nervous. Same with siblings. Sometimes she lets my parents come watch. They saw her as Prospero in The Tempest for the WS Festival. My mom called me later and asked if I knew she had memorized the whole play.

I censor more than hubby. He always wants to trust her and be the indulgent one. All of my kids know I do not particularly care if they are annoyed with me.


I still recall how surprised I was when my sister dropped the f-bomb in front of my parents almost 50 years ago.

Frau Steingehirn

"Kerry stared the presser in French"

Gag me avec une cuillère!

Jack is Back!

Looks like "Imagine" has replaced "You Have A Friend" but neither will beat these bastards.



LOL, Frau! Perfect.

Comanche Voter

Old "Zenshis Khan" Jean Fraud Kerry is at it again. And while our host says that the lights are on at the White House again (and Obozo stirred himself to call) the elevator never quite gets to the mezzanine in either Obama's or Kerry's head.


Kerry's made a career out of memorizing names and practicing pronouncing them in sota foreign tongues.

well, what can I add--Europe didn't want a cowboy president or US leadership and it got its wish in spades.

Frau Steingehirn

Airing of the grievances is being replaced by wringing of the hands, clarice.


There's rounds of golf to be played. First things first.

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