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November 07, 2015


Beasts of England

Allie LaForce keeps stalking me. It's embarrassing for her...


Roll Tide!

boatbuilder, Esq., Lord of All He Surveys

I'm withdrawing my candidacy because it is clear that I simply cannot back up my claim that there were two simple reasons that Powerline doesn't get a pass. There were four. How I could have proclaimed such a falsehood is inexplicable to me. The American people deserve better. Go Jeb!


Apparently there's no real consequence under Obamacare if you don't buy insurance http://www.forbes.com/sites/kellyphillipserb/2015/02/26/opting-out-of-the-obamacare-tax/

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I suppose there's a point to these kind of things; How to Solve the Hardest Logic Puzzle Ever, although I'm not sure what it is.


splunge, and I'm not being indecisive.


Why do people find it so difficult to apologize and admit that they were wrong?
To be sincere and tell the truth is seen as a weakness


reminds me of that logic puzzle in a beautiful mind,


Hey Caro!
Always glad to hear from you
Right on the money as usual


well consider how many times are people, agregiously even criminally wrong, and are rewarded for it, Politico was supposed to host a GOP debate at one point,

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Whenever you start thinking medical science is a high tech rocket ship, consider this; we look for new antibiotics by diving into the ocean or the rain forest randomly squishing weird new creatures to see how they kill bugs on their own.
If we can't get enough of the weird new creatures then we can't even synthesize the chemical to see if it works, no matter how promising it seems.
And the FDA approval process has become so expensively byzantine, drug companies won't even try to get one through the labyrinth.

This is how the whole world is looking for new antibiotics as more and more bugs become resistant to existing drugs and tens of millions of lives are at risk.


Note that this attack on Carson is at least the 3rd in the last week. First there was the stuff on the pyramids (who cares?). I liked Burge's response:

David Burge ‏@iowahawkblog Nov 6

.@heyoyayo I agree grain pyramids are a nutty idea. Not socialism-will-finally-work-this-time nutty, but sure, nutty.

Then there was the charge that maybe he didn't actually try to stab someone when he was 16 (which resulted in this comical headline in NY Magazine: "Ben Carson Defends Himself Against Allegations That He Never Attempted to Murder a Child"). Then the West Point thing.


I missed the Iowahawk thing, Jimmyk--thanks for posting it.


The Arkansas game was great as was the lateral thrown in overtime
That is thinking even when you are not on your feet


this seems to be the fellow behind the attack,



how does one say, 'i'm shocked,' in german,


Jeff Dobbs



Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Another Carson crime uncovered;
Al Guardian finds he has a couple of paintings of himself upstairs and...prepare yourself...this supreme egoist prominently displays awards and other memorabilia...I can barely bring myself to say it....in his basement. That's right, his basement! Next thing you know he'll build himself a pyramid....for his Grape Nuts.

A veritable monster being uncovered by our intrepid modern day Jimmy Olsens. Sheesh. Do they have no clue why people hate them or do they not care?


there was a norwegian blogger, not bjorn stark, who used that coinage, he stopped posting sometimes around 2004 I think,

Beasts of England




You celebrating with Allie LaForce?


in answer up thread, Bill O was critiqued for faulty facts, on at least two previous books, but it was by Salon, so no one gave a farthing,


from the Horde's account, they should just put SNL out of it's misery, but I felt that seven years ago,





Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Jeez, that link is pretty damning, clarice, if it holds up.
The part about David Brock sounds not dissimilar to what Dinesh D'Souza did time for.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Allie's a good Ahia girl who used to cover local high school games until a Santa's helper outfit in a local car kumurshul revealed she had gams stretching from Ashtabula to Cincinnati. The rest, as they say, is history.

Captain Hate on the iPad

David Brock is already good at dropping the soap so the transition time should be as long as dumbassdave's attention span.


Allie LaForce keeps stalking me.


May laForce be with you.


See ya later Allie Gator!!!


Carson thanks 'biased media' for $3.5M fundraising haul

It's a Hill story and includes this line:

"Carson reacted with fury Friday, accusing the media of conducting a “witch hunt” against him.

wild or violent anger.
"tears of fury and frustration"

Did anybody see Dr Ben Carson react with Fury?
How about did you guys see Carson react with wild anger? Violent anger?

And these are the Media experts who criticize Ben Carson for "semantics?"


I would happily express some fury if I could get my hands on these dick-faced baboons and strangle the living shit out of them. And I'd probably start out by asking them "Withering Questions," except that only Obama is allowed to be described as asking "Withering Questions", so guess I better just stick to Fury.


Daddy, maybe you could have included a DEFINITION of .....

Ben Carson is a wonderful man and a fantastic human being. He never left people to die in Benghazi. RODHAM did.


LYING IN FRONT OF THE DEAD AMBASSADOR'S CASKET at ANDREWS AIR FORCE BASE. Not 40 years ago, but in the HERE and NOW, Rodham said. ....."And we had nothing to do with THAT VIDEO"....

What can you say about LIBTARDS who KNOW THE TRUTH, yet support THAT BITCH???


Clarice, God bless you and your current PIECES. I had a conversation with my 14 year old H.S.Freshman and Eagle Scout this week. I told him that Dr.Carson was being attacked by the MFM, and that ANYTHING IMAGINABLE to the MFM, would be used to SLANDER, DESTROY or DISCREDIT, Doctor Carson. 2 days later, the MASXIST/LIBTARD "GOTCHA" came to be.
It's a formula, and WE, ARE NOT GOING TO TAKE IT ANYMORE!!!

That should be a song!!!
Clarice, my 14 year old....."get's it".

pagar a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Good Morning, and a beautiful Sunday reading Clarice's Pieces.



Stunning hypocrisy from CNN:

CNN Vets The Black Guy Who’s Running For President: Then And Now


Excellent work, Clarice,

I like how you make your "clean toga" point to non-JOMers.

I could not get the link near the bottom titled "that he was Kenyan born" to open. Sends me to a 404 page.

As for those claiming an equivalent vetting re: Obama and Reverend Wright, see my 05:50 above to demolish that media ie.


...that media lie.


Looks like Paul Mirengoff has decided it's his reputation or Carson's--
he's moved on to Carson's relationship with Manntech, the nutritional supplement company.

Now I get ?JiB's contention that he's "bought"--I find it highly unlikely that he's done all he'd need to do in the past few days to get all three of his columns written on his own--but maybe he's got a JOM commenter equivalent source somewhere???


Bravo Zulu, Clarice.

Jack is Back!

I know I have got a lot of flack here for my "bought" comment but does everyone really think that in this age of social media and the unfettered access to it that savvy political operators haven't figured out how to use it, rig it and corrupt it? Does everyone here know everything, warts and all, of each political pundit and blogger?

I don't think so and it is not beyond the realm of possibility to turn one. Who knows if they have a dark secret that can be exploited or a gambling debt or a coke addition that needs and extra infusion of cash. To think this is beyone the possible or the pale is just a willingness to accept everyone's opinion as legitimate without bias. I don't.

I am not in any way suggesting that this is the situation with Mirengoff but I keep thinking why an experienced conservative blogger so quickly jump the shark? Something there that has not been satisfactorily explained to me.

Over and out.

Jack is Back!

Meet Luke Montgomery, child abuser and serial asshole.



".. Carson's relationship with Manntech, the nutritional supplement company."

The linked article is straightforward and not particularly inflammatory (unlike Esquire's Nov 5 article on the same subject, titled "Ben Carson's Experience Selling Snake Oil Was the Perfect Practice for Campaigning as a Republican"). Still, it's clear the Powerline or at least that writer, must have some kind of an anti-Carson agenda going if they're picking at nits like that; regardless of the semantics of the concept of "involvement" with a company, the article doesn't bother addressing Carson's contention that he personally uses and endorses the company's glyconutrient products. In other words, despite the company being fined at one point for over-stating the products' virtues, Carson still believes in the company and their products. Some scandal.

One of the high points of the campaign for Prezzy this time around has got to be Carson turning the mic onto the press, "so why are you so interested in my college career when you showed no interest at all in Obama's". The clamoring scribes fell silent, it was pretty priceless. Of course, only a black candidate can get away with it, otherwise the "So-and-So Is a Racist" headline is a given.

Carson is the only "outsider" in the race, as Carly ran for office and lost, and Trump cultivated a television style for more than a decade (plus, y'know, the cray cray). I'd prefer a solid Republican with a conservative record at the executive level, but if I had to settle, I'd gladly settle for a candidate who by definition (black conservative) causes liberals heads to spin uncontrollably - at least that would be fun!

CNN's website has a Nov 5 article penned by David Wilson entitled "Ben Carson's success: Is conservative white guilt driving it?". Maybe so, David, because who can really measure those things - but, if so, it's no more a factor than the liberal white guilt that drove Obama's success.


Clarice, a solid piece on Carson coverage. I will use the link to refute the ninnies who think CNN is all they need to see to be au courant

I think an appropriate subtitle would be:



Iggy I think that story is really something. Who's going to prosecute Brock and his buddies?

daddy, the link was to the page on Obama's book cover which says he was Kenyan born.


http://dailycaller.com/2012/05/21/if-obamas-false-claim-of-kenyan-birth-was-just-a-fact-checking-error-why-did-it-take-over-15-years-to-fact-check-it/ .

Jack is Back!

MarkO to the white courtesy phone, paging MarkO:



Look, it's time for the media to do the standard vetting of Ben Carson. But they aren't having much luck, are they. Let's give them some help, OK? here some ideas...

1. Check the sermons of Dr. Carson's pastor. Did he ever say anything controversial, like "I say Gosh Darn, America!!"

2. What was the racial composition of Dr. Carson's patient pool? Does Dr. Carson really believe Black Lives Matter, or were his patients a bunch of rich white guys?

3. Let's see Dr. Carson's high school permanent record. Every real bad kid has stuff on his permanent record. Did he ever skip study hall? What about detentions? Did he have a lot of those? Either the Dr is lying about his bad kid cred, or he is unfit to be President anyway.

4. Did Jesus really pose for that picture with Dr. Carson?

This should keep the vetters and Poltifact sorts busy for a real long time. And hey really do need help. It's not like they have ever vetted a black candidate for President before. (Well, there was Herman Cain, but he was barely a two week blip.)

Miss Marple 2

Clarice, Thank you for the article on the attacks on Carson.

Down in the comments I see a new argument surfacing: he's smart but he's a specialist, not a generalist, so he's unfit to lead.

Boy, they are pulling out all the stops.

One would think Trump would have learned from his own example: there are voters who will support a candidate purely out of spite.

Oh, link to Clarice's Pieces:



I could not get the link near the bottom titled "that he was Kenyan born" to open. Sends me to a 404 page.

Same for me.

Great link though (your 8:27) so I hope Am. Thinker can correct it.

Miss Marple 2


Cameron wantsto bribe African countries to take their citizens back.

Commenters do not think this is a workable plan.


Did that story ever make it into the MFM back in 2012?

Breitbart & Daily Caller covered it.

But how about the alphabet networks?...The View?...assorted talking head shows?...the dead tree propagandists?

After years of Americans that asked questions being ridiculed...you'd think that would have been a story.

Miss Marple 2

For the music aficionados here, the University of California at Santa Barbara has digitized (and put on line for free) 10,000 early 20th century wax cylinder recordings.


Beasts of England

Conservative white guilt? No such animal.

Liberal white guilt is a given. Which is how BOzo was left unvetted.


Re: James Files JFK allegations. A very old story, and always best to check out the snopes of JFK info i.e. Prof McAdams pages:


Miss Marple 2


Let's see Shep Smith's phone records.


Ben Carson is the complete opposite of a politician and the media and establishment don't know how to react. Think about him talking in his calm,soothing and professional voice to parents of a child about to go into surgery. Politicians usually don't speak in a calm and rational way,they too often spew BS or in one case,cackle. Rand Paul is a doctor who also performs surgery. I think his aloof demeanor comes from the concentrated effort of performing delicate surgery.
The media attacks on Carson will only discourage other citizens from venturing into politics. Maybe that is why the media,the establishment,our "betters" recoil when a non-politician tries to enter into the political fray.


The media attacks on Carson will only discourage other citizens from venturing into politics.

That is a great point, Marlene.

How dare a commoner try to enter the elite political class.

The MFM's treatment of Joe the plumber had the same effect for me regarding speaking out.
Just shut up....or the MFM will ruin you.


A black man who was head of his ROTC unit while a DETROIT High School student. Goes to Yale on SCHOLARSHIP, University of Michigan Medical school, head of pediatric neurosurgery Johns EFFING Hopkins University Hospital. Raised in poverty in Detroit, by a loving mother.
Obama a drug abusing narcissist, sissy whining bitch on the BENCH at a PRIVATE h.s. in Honolulu, abandoned by his Mother and 2 dead beat loser Daddy's. Mentored by renowned dirt bag and Communist Frank Marshall Davis. Goes to POCKEEESTAHN as College student, hangs with TERRORIST BILL AYERS, claims to be born in Kenya in his own books press release, lies every time his Barney Fife looking mouth opens. Jeremiah Wright is called his "Spritual mentor".

Which one does LIBTARD media "attempt" to vet and smear?


The AT link:


The link Clarice posted here:


Wonderful Pieces, Clarice!


Great Pieces, Clarice.

I heard Dr. Carson used "which" instead of "that" in a restrictive clause. And he split an infinitive.


LOL jimmyk! Perfect.


They aren't attacking Dr Carson because he is black, they are attacking him because THEY ARE MARXISTS. They MUST destroy their enemies. WE and Doctor Carson ARE their enemies.


Great pieces clarice, I suggest shock collars on the clean togas, although they could get some nasty burns.


Birthers hear you, Gus.


OMG! Jimmyk.

I sent in the original link--I don't know why it was changed (and to a non-functioning one). I'm sure when someone there wakes up it'll be fixed.


A sniper younger than oswald how likely is that.

Jack is Back!

It gets sillier and sillier. We need to stop funding journalism schools.


Allow me also to do the research for the Wall Street Journal reporter.
Here is a syllabus for the class you claim never existed.
Still waiting on the apology.

'Perception' Syllabus


Technical glitches and uncovering Obama's past are more synonymous then other things we have discussed around here, Clarice.


Texas Liberty Gal

Did anybody watch Trump on SNL last nite?


I watched Trump on SNL--recorded--this morning.
What do you want to now?

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