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November 06, 2015


Jack is Back!

Just gave Ben another donation and an email to fight back twice as hard and with gloves off including legal action. If they do I have more to give. If they rollover then I am done giving to any GOP candidate. And true to his form as a jerk and school yard bully Trump is on the attack - on Ben not Politico.

How can any of you folks here stand that asshole.

Every candidate should come out and support Carson now because if they don't they are next.


Stay puft still can't get a clue.


™ yours is a particularly outstanding post today.


Trump is merely doing what Fox claimed to be doing after the first debate flap.

He is preparing candidates for the Dem onslaught.


Every candidate should come out and support Carson now because if they don't they are next.

Precisely. I thought at the last debate they'd figured this out. I'll bet Cruz at least defends Carson.

James D.

So all the photos and transcripts from the Greg Hardy case got published today. I wonder if Jerry Jones will still be calling him a "leader" who has the respect of all his teammates this weekend?

Also, I will bet cash money that it's like Ray Rice all over again - Goodell had access to all of it, and thought/hoped it would never come out and the issue would just go away quietly.


Hillary lies and the media yawn
According to Ed Rollins Hil's lying is already baked in the cake

Jack is Back!


So libeling someone and lynching a black conservative in public is the Dem strategy? Gosh, I hope so.

Don't know where Politico is located but I truly wish a Charlie Hebdo on them. I do.


So libeling someone and lynching a black conservative in public is the Dem strategy? Gosh, I hope so.

Nothing new there, as Clarence Thomas knows. They do the same with conservative women. For some reason blacks still vote D and many women still think the Ds really care about them.


Expect Politico to find a pubic hair in the autoclave.


Still covering for red queen, like that fulsome bio from some years ago.

Jack is Back!


This is different. This is a news orgainzation (again I use the term very liberally) that has purposefully decided to lie and present a story that is a total fabrication in order to destroy a potential candidate for POTUS who is a threat to the criminal organization knows as the Democrat party and the windbag BS artist they supprt - Trump.

No socieal media back in Thomas' day plus he survived, thank God. Cain had some smoke, not necessarily burning embers but not the same as this. Anyone who has ever read Gifted Hands knows that Politico and all the rest who buy their fabrication are reaching and co-conspirators in the destruction of Carson's credibility and stature. A pox on all their houses and especially Trumps.

He can be a stand up guy and come to Ben's defense but he can't because he probably doesn't even want to know about a guy who earned his way to credibility instead of inheriting and then stealing it from others.

Over to you, TK.


I think Trump's mistaken if he thinks jumping on Carson is a good idea. It might get him some brownie points on the left, but I don't think Republican voters will look kindly on this, especially if Carson vigorously and successfully defends himself. It would be a good lesson for Rs if this ends up hurting Trump more than Carson.


And JiB, I'm not seeing much of a difference between this and Clarence Thomas. Yeah, Anita Hill started it, but the MSM ran with it and treated her like royalty.


Is CNN the same news organization that put Candy Crawley on the debate stage?


Candy Crawley

Heh. Candy "Creepy" Crawly.

Garden slug with arms and legs. Remember how quick that little jugeared punkass faggot ran to hide behind her muumuu?

pagar a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

"Does anyone seriously think this is practical?

Does anyone seriously think holding Tesla stock is a long term play?

IMO, who ever said "there is one born every minute"


"Tesla's shares climb after earnings report"

Miss Marple 2

Of all things, Jeb Bush was on with Cavuto and said if it came down to going with Politico or Ben Carson, he was going with Ben Carson.

One point for the hapless Jeb, who at least can stand up for what's right in this case.

Five demerits to Trump who has misinterpreted both his popularity and Ben's.

Unless he revises his statement and apologizes, I will be withdrawing any possible support of Trump. I will support Carson. Cruz, or Fiorina.

(For me this is all academic since I don't vote in our primary until May.)

Beasts of England

Trump is only hurting himself by joining in the attacks on Carson. Bad form for a variety of reasons and certainly myopic. I understand substantive policy disagreements, but the rest is detrimental.

Beasts of England

Not sure why I comment anymore. I should just chime in occasionally to say that I agree with Miss Marple. :)


Isnt time for some pre game lubricating beverages Beasts? Less than 4 hours to kick off right? My next door neighbor cajun, was in full froth last evening!

Beasts of England

I hope the game is tomorrow night, but I've been lubricating on the lake a little bit already today, GMax. lol



Hydrogen with water vapor as exhaust will one day power vehicle

Went to a seminar years ago on auto fuels and the guy said until the engineers figured out how to keep those vehicles turning into mini Hindenburgs rolling down the highways it would never happen.

Tom Bowler

Hydrogen with water vapor as exhaust will one day power vehicle

So, isn't water vapor the most plentiful of the greenhouse gases? So I don't get why the Global Warmists aren't all up in arms over the prospect of hydrogen fuel cells adding water vapor to the atmosphere. It might become water! Oceans will rise!

But then I once read that climate scientists were unsure about the effects of clouds on climate change. How can anybody say they can predict climate apocalypse without knowing the effects of clouds? Maybe they've figured it out by now, but somehow I doubt it.


I am quite sure that the service academies just like all Universities, are always and forever on the high alert for minority candidates that can not just fill and admission slot, but rather can hold their own and graduate with honor in their class. Its an extremely sought after subset of the economy due to all the blather about diversity on campus.

I would believe any representative of an Academy would tell a high performing minority student that a slot with a full ride is yours for the asking. Or maybe, just say the word and we will start ringing the phones of congressmen we know, this afternoon.


Damn today is not Saturday? You know, everyday is a holiday for us retired guys. LOL

I should know not to trust a Cajun...


How can anybody say they can predict climate apocalypse without knowing the effects of clouds?

It took about twelve years before the free market could figure out how to make a low flow toilet that could reliably flush to adapt to the one-size-fits-all water conservation demand imposed by the overlords in DC. Under the ridiculous constraint, this was a "better mousetrap" holy grail.

That was in an effectively closed system where designers wielded control over surface contours, u-bend design, and introducing water into the bowl. Thermal effects were not even a consideration--it was strictly fluid dynamics.

Anyone selling the idea that he can model the earth's weather is a geek who didn't get swirlied enough times growing up.

With apologies to Hank, Sr: "I'll rub his nose in the bowl three times, but Lord, he's only coming up twice."

Captain Hate on the iPad

Speaking of Greg Hardy and Ray Rice, if video capabilities had always been as they are now, Jim Brown's career would be very different. As it is, the NFL network is playing with fire by featuring him so prominently.

boatbuilder, Esq., Lord of All He Surveys

Wild Bill: If I understand TM correctly, the claim in the lawsuit is not that Exxon "denied" "climate" (I will never understand how the term ever came to pass) but that they failed to fully and properly inform their shareholders of the risk that the government would go completely bonkers. That saves the prosecution the trouble of "proving" "climate change" which as Steyn and others, including but not limited to those who measure and report on the actual weather, have demonstrated to be a tough nut.

boatbuilder, Esq., Lord of All He Surveys

The Boston radio folks (WEEI) and my local Hartford guys (WTIC) are all over Jerry Jones for trotting out his own daughter to prop up the Hardy signing. The man has issues.



I forgot to tell you I did see Thor, and fell in love.

I agree.

Heh, Beasts, I'm waiting for the next buy signal.

It's all about the albedo.

Tom B, an old but goodie of mine, which I roll out over the horizon when the mood strikes me:

I think I've never heard so loud
The quiet message in a cloud.

Hup, two, aw fergit it, hayfoot, strawfoot.

Hmmm, Seventh Day Adventists get drafted into armies. Full scholarship ain't enuff.

Hope this takes care of his military and foreign policy credentials. Jeez, what if he had gone to West Point? Just think where we and he would be now!

Plus, great advertising for the book, as if of those who ought to read it will read it.


Thanks, Jane! He is a cutie. Full of piss and vinegar around our other dogs. He's not quite 2 1/2 lbs and he's gonna stay a little 'un.

He's so proud of himself today for learning how to jump from the leather sofa to the ottoman that he just goes back and forth for the fun of it and puffs his little chest out so proud of himself.

The Imp

Yi, arrgh, san, seur, whoops :)

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