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November 29, 2015


Thomas Collins

This is a secular religion for Obama. Oil/coal is the devil. Windmills and panels are the angels. Worldwide carbon cap system is Gaia.


Well, that oncoming ice age linked on the prior thread will cement his place as the worst ruler in the history of humanity -- assuming survivors given no heat, no fuel, no food.


Miss M's link from the last thread... a tribute to the genius in Paris:


Jim Eagle

Obama's legacy is sealed in the elections of State governors, legislators and US congresspeople (includes senators) since 2010. No one, even Carter can emulate that.

Yikes. Here comes Manning and the Giants. Time for me to starting to sweat and for JamesD to turn the damn TV back on. Come on JamesD.

Jim Eagle

Unf**king belieavable. Beckham the vacuum.

James D.

Just checked back in. So will me or JiB get our heart broken in the last 4 minutes?

James D.

I think that was the game, right there. Giants can't cover tight ends.

James D.

I think you can breathe easy now, JiB.

Beasts of England

The more that Obama worries about his precious legacy, the more he screws the dems. No one cares about the climate scam, gun control, BLM, transgender bathrooms, Ø-Care, et cetera. People care about jobs, food prices, their electric bills, insurance premiums, and national security.

Every item on his legacy agenda is directly opposed to the good of the everyday American. Cankles won't be able to distance herself from what is going to be an ugly year of presidential vandalism.

James D.

I'd still make all the players walk home from DC. Even if they did show some life finally.

Jim Eagle

Hail to (the first place) Redskins
Hail Victory
Braves on the Warpath
Fight for Old DC.

Thanks for watching JamesD. I feel your pain. But you are still a great guy and even better author. RGIII? Who dat?

Cecil Turner

The good news is, he's about as likely to get a treaty ratified as he is to get comprehensive gun control in the US. The bad news is, nobody knows what he's willing to sign and try to implement through EPA regulation. Jan 2017 can't come fast enough.

James D.

You're not so bad yourself, JiB.

Jeff Dobbs

New thread? New thread...

I am a very bad loser and a major over-reactor.

We're here for you, James. JOM is a safe-space.

The best news of the day is that I am 100% guaranteed that the Cowboys won't lose today. Yay!

Jeff Dobbs

On Nov. 19, Senator James M. Inhofe, Republican of Oklahoma, chairman of the environment committee and the Senate’s most vocal skeptic on climate change science,

There should be a big all caps and bold SIC there.

It's scientism

Captain Hate on the iPad

Just another contest in the NFC Beast!

Jim Eagle

Very effeminate Line Judge in the 49er's game but then it could just be San Francisco. Anyone ever been on Folsom Street?

Beasts of England

As a complement to JiB's comment about all the new rep government officials in the BOzo era, Cankles appointed her leadership council for Alabama the other day. No statewide officers, one US representative, a few local councilmen and school board members, and about thirty people listed as 'community leaders'. I had to laugh. Leading their communities so well that they weren't elected to any positions within their communities!



What a nutjob.

Miss Marple 2


Thanks for bringing my link over! I am so glad I found that!

The science is greatly unsettled.

Sixty percent in the solar article is wrong. The sun, through the eleven year cycle, only varies by a half percent in its energy output. Nonetheless, other manifestations vary by a lot more, and ultra-violet energy is one of them.

Also, what the sun is doing now, and how it will effect us, is something new to our observations. It is in a lull, of sorts, and we shall see.

Miss Marple 2


I wish I could blame it on Mossad, but it seems to be simply bureaucratic incompetence plus refugees going underground.


a FB comment about the Colorado shooting -

Hope ~ "He had no running water or electricity. How did he see videos of the PP drs. discussing baby parts?"

THat is a great point.

from the Gazette - "The reports cited unnamed law enforcement sources, which The Gazette could not independently confirm. It was first reported by NBC News."

Give us the names & position of those 2 law enforcement sources.
The whole "baby parts" meme is from NBC.


Great point Janet!

Miss Marple 2

I still like Svenmark's theory. Can be seen in a 5-part series on YouTube called "The Cloud Mystery."

Increased cosmic rays > More clouds = Cooling

Decreased cosmic rays > less clouds = Warming

Increased solar activity bends cosmic rays away from us, so warming.

Decreased solar activity allows cosmic rays to hit us head on, hence more clouds and cooling.

AND, when we pass through an area of high cosmic rays within the Milky Way, the cosmic rays can't be deflected by the sun as the amount is enormous, so lots and lots of clouds > very cold > Ice Age.

The science is greatly unsettled, and, to skeptics, fascinating.

UV light per se carries little of the sun's energy, but there is a lot of curiosity with its effect on ozone, and subsequently barometric pressure and clouds. That it varies a lot(UV) and that there is poor understanding of the effect of that variance has provoked interest, and may someday be part of the solar link in our projected future better understanding of climate and its mechanisms.

In the prevailing, alarmist, narrative, CO2 has been made the most important 'control knob' of climate. It isn't.

For instance, in the paleontological record, CO2 rise trails temperature rise by an average of 800 years, somewhat as if it is showing the gradual outgassing of CO2 as the oceans warm. Whatever the explanation, CO2 ain't the control knob.

'Control knob' comes from the models, and we know they are wrong, and wrong most likely from exaggerating positive water vapour feedback. Indeed, clouds, manifold in their effect as they are, may even be a net negative feedback on temperature as CO2 rises.

Dave (in MA)
Very effeminate Line Judge in the 49er's game but then it could just be San Francisco
Miss Marple 2


It's amazing how the democrats like to blame everything on videos, isn't it?

It's like videos are black magic or something.

You don't even have to SEE the video to be affected!


Give us the names & position of those 2 law enforcement sources. 

The buffoon Trump is required to give us every last bit of corroboration of the 14 year old story of the dancing cavemen of NJ. But here? Anonymity is thy name.

Jim Eagle

Wow. Jimmy Graham out for Seattle. Say what you want but that guy is one hellva football player and he will be missed and could decide the game for the Steelers.

Unsettled yet?

The satellite temperature series show atmospheric cooling over the last 15-20 years. It is very slight cooling, and contrasts greatly with the models and the surface temperature series.

The attack on the satellite series is that they are adjusted, but they represent a much steadier, and more reliable though very short, series of data than the now notoriously, possibly corruptly(see NOAA and Lamar Smith) adjusted surface series.

Jim Eagle

Now that I am back in Long Island, I want some global warming, Kim. So, please don't be such a party pooper, okay.


coral davenport, is the environmental trapper keeper reporter at the timr, she (I'm assuming)
is the high priestess of the skydragons,

Oh, convection, and albedo; what it is we do not know.

Miss Marple, Svensmark is not debunked. My impression is that cosmic rays may be part of the answer, 'cuz clouds are surely a lot of the answer.


at Daily Mail - http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3338758/Mother-supporting-friend-procedure-Iraq-war-veteran-named-victims-Planned-Parenthood-shooting.html

"Dear, 57, burst into the clinic in Colorado Springs on Friday armed with an assault rifle before opening fire on patients and staff, according to an affidavit."

then at the end of the article -

"The regional head of Planned Parenthood said none of the clinic's 15 employees at the clinic on Friday were hurt. Vicki Cowart said the group was tracking down patients who might have been headed to the clinic Friday afternoon, but hadn't discovered who the victims were."

This story is almost impossible to put together.

Jim Eagle

is Big Ben Roethiesberger the most overated QB in football?


it's like when prometheus stole fire from the gods, he didn't create it, he just acquired it,

Ask the plants.  Really, talk to them.

Heh, Jack, remember: 'A warmer world sustains more total life and more diversity of life'.

I like to joke on the climate blogs about all the trouble I got into for writing 'supports' instead of 'sustains' once.

So, I certify.

Er, listen to the plants. Much more socially acceptable.

But myths.

Yes, n, we are all Prometheus, and guilt gnaws at guts. All completely unnecessary, after all; CO2 is plant food and the power of man's red flower has created a resilient civilization.

Jeff Dobbs

Hope ~ "He had no running water or electricity. How did he see videos of the PP drs. discussing baby parts?"

THat is a great point.

I don't know. The only news reports I've seen that said he had no water or electricity was limited to his shack near Asheville, NC. He's lived a bunch of different places. I haven't seen that all those other places had no electricity.

I think it's a weak defense to cite the lack of electricity - one that could easily be debunked, with no real effect on the facts of the whole incident (with electricity he'd still be a nut without a well-defined "right-wing" ideology tied to Republican policies and politicians).

But assault rifle.

Watch the narrative of Colorado evolve under your eyes. 'No more baby parts' was a tactical error. Won't hear much of that anymore, I'll bet.


well I'm speaking of the arrogance where we think
we are be all and end all, when we are mere puppets to forces, that could crush us in a nanosecond,

the Sun is so great a force, that to deny it's power is rank foolishness


a charming oracle she is,



This story is almost impossible to put together. 

Not hitting anyone is easy to explain. Planned Parenthood probably assisted him in shooting blanks.


has attended all the proper shrines,


Captain Hate on the iPad

The Stoolers would be terrible without Rapethisfurburger.

Miss Marple 2


Quite true not to hang the defense on lack of electricity.

However, it seems like someone should have asked that question, doesn't it?

They just take the narrative and run with it, even if there are hundreds of loose ends and inexplicable contradictions.


crossing the streams, things you never do,



ot, why are so many films, shot in the dark lately,
the resolution on the screen, won't help if there is no light, only that woody allen (i know) film with emma stone, was totally shot in the light,

Jim Eagle

Steelers suck.


the past is not even past



how's that working out,


Captain Hate on the iPad

Listening to Opie is painful.

Jeff Dobbs

I spent the summer of 1991 based out of Colorado Springs. I played on a missionary baseball team that would go on to Europe. But we spent about a month in the Springs training before doing so. All the players were assigned to host families. Looking at the maps, my family was a couple miles away from the Planned Parenthood facility as the crow flies. Probably more like 4-5 miles to drive.

When we lived in Denver, Southwest only flew in to the Springs. So I'd make that hour and a half trek a few times a year picking up or dropping off family and friends at that airport.

In the summer of 1991 we got to tour the Air Force Academy. The two things I distintcly remember are the chapel and walking out onto the football field. We also got to tour the Olympic training center in the Springs. I got to meet powerlifter Mark Henry. AKA Sexual Chocolate for those following the WWF at the time. He's 6'4" and you know how I feel about guys who are 6'4".


well that would be a legacy of sorts,



ave le crt, (that's their disturbance suppression unit)



Has anyone seen a timeline of the Springs shootings and where the victims were when shot?

Man Tran


Svensmark is not debunked.

Leif does a pretty good job of beating him up, but I consider that just healthy fisticuffs in the trenches.

To be determined later.

Politics makes strange bedfellows, n; in this case sinister bedfellows. The Left is just nuts, bulging with bravado and foolishness.

Oh, yes, Man Tran; I've a lot of faith in Leif. I once compared his temperament with that of Ol' Sol. Delightfully regular with occasional outbursts. He has spent a lot of time looking for the sun/climate connection, and he's very knowledgable about the sun, so it's fairly easy for him to expose the holes in many imaginative and speculative scenarios.

But we don't understand the links well, and imagination plus a little more will eventually get us there.

The presumption of the Left, to take our meager understanding of the processes of climate, and to try to inflict international power on us with the club of a narrated science, will ultimately damage both them and science. I'll regret one but not the other.


can you dissagregate the impact of cosmic rays, from the general temperature measurements,

Miss Marple 2


Miss Marple 2

I keep reading all this climate stuff and I am getting COLD!

Quick, Jane, post some stuff about warm weather where you are!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Who cares what this lunatic thought?
If that freak shooting three people discredits or should silence the pro life side then we shouldn't have heard a peep from the green weenies since Ted Kaczynski was blowing people up, right?


I remember when Rush had one of those contests, try to tell if if it was Earth in the Balance, or Kazynski's manifesto,

Miss Marple 2

Speaking of green weenies, here they are trashing the memorial to the dead at the concert hall in Paris:


Prediction: Denver gets pasted tonight. That is all.

Perish that thought to the dark and deep.

I don't know, n, but don't think so. Cosmic rays effect some Beryllium(I think) proxy and the record is unclear and debated.

Weather is always a distraction, Miss Marple and virtually anything can be made of it. But increases in severe weather manifestations of any type are simply not being seen.

What you are seeing is the false exaggeration of any remarkable weather event into an extreme event proving man's guilt. It's all quite psychotic, except that it is a throwback to the pre-enlightened age.

Perhaps enlightenment was the psychotic break in the human condition, and we are just now coming back to normal.


Rationale for my prescience? Climate change, what else?


no this is the endarkening, they assume a premise, then conjure the alchemy to justify it,

Shocking electrons.

It surprised me, n, in this day of instant communication, that we would be so susceptible to narrative.


I noticed this, while waiting for the Honeland reruns,


the US Atty seems as sleazy as Bhaara, perhaps as corrupt as Client no 9

And that toad, Fitzgerald.

By the way, where is Giuliani?


I find it fascinating that you'd find it surprising, Kim. Memetic theory and instant communication seem more than a bit copacetic.


ah yes, you left one out, the Dragon Slayer of Martha Stewart,

Oh where oh where has my little doggone?

I was ignorant, lyle, but less so now.


in point of fact, Dershowitz might have been on to something, back when he recoiled against Den of Thieve's portrayal of certain of Guiliani's targets, the author of that tome, would follow the Plame narrative to the letter,


If you used to be or ever were "ignorant," I'm joining OL back on the ledge. Please, no.

Miss Marple 2

What amazes me is how susceptible the professionals are to the narrative.

It never seems to occur to GOPe or the consultants that

1. The media colludes behind the scenes
2. They just make stuff up.

In addition, they never seem to understand that the left has minions who are also given the narrative and, like lemmings, march lock step onto Twitter and web site comments.

How long have we been pointing this out? At least since 2003, when the "No blood for oil" got started.

Are they stupid? Naive and clueless? Or working with the left?

I don't know, but my patience on this inept handling of the media is wearing thin. The only one who seems to have grasped it is Donald Trump.


I don't we were ever ignorant, but we took certain assumptions for granted,

Ignore the millennial at your perennial.

Personally, I think the sun somehow drives the great ocean cycles, and they are on millennial scales.


Feed the meme (WSJ):

Planned Parenthood Shooting Escalates Abortion Debate

The shooting at a Colorado Springs, Colo., Planned Parenthood clinic that left three dead reverberated among activists, lawmakers and presidential candidates already entrenched in clashes over abortion.

Facts? Do those matter in politics?

FWIW, the fellow sounds like a paranoid schizophrenic to me, as far as I can tell from what has been reported. And I'll agree with Obama -- he should not have had access to a weapon. But not because of the weapon.

The example he set, though, has been evil.

Giuliani entrapped Boyd Jeffries, but otherwise has done a lot of good.


on that showtime special, they gave voice to the 'Bush knew' notion, I asked the question on the previous thread, what could he have done, the FBI
was looking for Awlaki's acolytes, but it didn't occur to look them under their own names, had we nabbed them, they would have insisted it was just
a misunderstanding,


Has anyone seen a timeline of the Springs shootings and where the victims were when shot?

No, Buckeye.

This was at the Daily Mail link -
"Stewart's sister, Temprest Lloyd, said that her brother was outside the Planned Parenthood clinic making a phone call when he was shot, according to CBS Denver."

and these were photo captions - "Jennifer Markovsky, 36, of Honolulu, Hawaii (pictured in a family photo), was one of three victims who was fatally shot after a gunman opened fire in a Colorado Springs Planned Parenthood on Friday"
"Markovsky (pictured on Facebook), who has a daughter and son, was at the clinic supporting a friend through a procedure when she was killed"

In the clinic??...I don't know. It doesn't seem to jive with what PP has said.

I'm not saying I know what the story is, just that the reporting is awful.


What amazes me is how susceptible the professionals are to the narrative.

Stuff birthers say...


Miss Marple 2

No one should ever believe the New York Times. I am going to give you an example of how they write a story. (This is something I made up as an example - do not take it as truth.)

"Republican insiders are concerned that the backlash from GOP governors' refusal to host refugees will harm their chances in the 2016 presidential election.

In interviews with those privy to polling information, there is a "softness in the numbers for blocking refugees" said a political consultant who declined to be identified.

"Of course I am concerned," said Senator Ted Cruz when asked about the refugee attitude.

Cruz and others are leery of getting too involved in the situation, a university expert said, because Muslim voters could be seen as victims.

"Even if they are refugees, you have to follow the Constitution," said Senator Rand Paul, demonstrating the growing divide in the GOP.

Several pollsters said they hadn't seen evidence of this backlash yet, but they had not been asking questions about it and are going to poll on it next week.

Muslim voters, while a small group in the country, have allies within the larger electorate, and are likely to engineer a shift in polling."

There. I made the whole thing up. If you read this, the technique they use is to put a lot of unnamed sources and speculation around a couple of quotes which are taken out of context. However, the impression the reader is left with is that Cruz is worried and Paul wants refugees.

See how this works? I caught onto this during the Iraq War. I challenge everyone to read those NYT stories, particularly the ones about the GOP, and analyze the stories with the technique I just outlined.


now one of the writers in Andrew Ross Sorkin, so abandon all hope who enter here,

Let them nail this thing down once and for all so we can be done with it without having to go through another constitutional amendment. It won’t affect President Cruz one bit and we can spare future generations all of this nonsense.


Does this make Jazz a partial birther?

Dave (in MA)

Just saw that GE ad where Daddy doesn't think Pajama Boy can pick up the hammer.


could one countersue to establish whether grayson is animal vegetable or other,

Miss Marple 2


More pictures plus video.

Miss Marple 2



Dave, even mrs lyle thinks that GE commercial is funny. Symbiosis? ;)

Beasts of England

Why are the climate morons trashing the memorial to the shooting victims? Is there some correlation that I'm missing?


The fabled asshat correlation, Beasts. It's sciency.


I think they were observing Maurice Strong's wake, the only way they know how,

Miss Marple 2

They trashed the memorial for the same reason that the Mizzou protesters got mad when media attention went to the terrorist attacks in Paris.

"I am the most important! Look at me! No one is as big a victim as me! Any attention paid to other groups is bad!!! Look at me, look at me!!"

Dave (in MA)
The fabled asshat correlation
One of the lesser-known Ludlums.
Beasts of England

How do you feel about guys who are 6'-4", Jeff?


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