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November 11, 2015


Dave (in MA)

https://www.youtube.com/results?filters=today&search_query=bartiromo+hillary&lclk=today Someone willing to wade through these can figure out the actual word used.


Rubio is pretty sharp!

He begins his answer by announcing he will answer.


Wading through the video beats poop evidence, and I really dont want to see either truth be told...

Jeff Dobbs

From the article:
Ms. Bartiromo said that Hillary Rodham Clinton had an extensive résumé.

From the transcript:
If she is indeed the nominee, you will be facing a candidate with an impressive resume.

The Times added those accent marks where Bartiromo obviously did not speak them.

Five Pinocchios.

Jeff Dobbs

Hillary's resume is impressive insomuch as it includes no jail time.


Yes, Impressive: Watergate Committee; Futures Trader; Rose Law billing clerk; defender of rapists; Dodger of sniper fire; pantsuit model.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

First Lady?

Does that mean I'm qualified to be a dental hygienist because I can list that I was married to one on my resume?

Jeff Dobbs

It would be more like claiming you are qualified to be the dentist.

Jeff Dobbs

(i mean, i approve of you doing some dental work on some lefties)


Impressive - Hillary Clinton on Gaddafi: We came, we saw, he died




"...Bartiromo called Clinton's resume "impressive" and added that she has "more experience than almost all of you."

I think Bartiromo got Hillary confused with Sidney Blumenthal.
Clinton should have to bring Blumenthal to any debate she is in so he can tell us what he is gonna tell Clinton to do.


The most remarkable thing about Hillary is that she's had so many important jobs, and has not accomplished one single important thing in them.

Thomas Collins

Extensive or impressive, Bartiromo was plugging The Hill's campaign at a GOP debate. On a positive note, the GOP candidates seem to be learning that pushback is the only appropriate response. The candidates appear to have abandoned the approach of meekly answering a stupid question.

James D

Ig @ 9:43

You don't get it.

If you want to follow the Hillary strategy, you don't ask if you're qualified to be a dental hygenist. You just start doing it and defy anyone to call you a liar.

Actually, that's not what you do, either. You don't bother with the actual dental hygeine. You just call yourself one on your tax returns and deduct the cost of dental equipment (don't actually buy any, just deduct the costs on your taxes).

Sorry, I have to correct myself again. The full Hillary option would be to have someone else donate dental equipment to you, sell it & keep the profits and don't report them to the IRS, and THEN deduct the retail cost of the equipment on your return.

Old Lurker

What "jobs"? I will grant you a lawyer with Rose Law Firm, a Senator from NY, and SoS for Obama. But I would add that but for Bill, she would have not been hired for any of those, and her performance in all three was sub par or worse by any effective yard stick.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Very effective defender of rapists imo.


Impressive people need to be reminded when a certain TV show is on.

Impressive people get an underling to tell another underling to fetch their tea.

Old Lurker

BTW, I remain worried about making this all about Hilary as the presumed opponent and then focusing on her record as the reason to avoid her.

It is not impossible that they still plan a Torricelli last minute bait and switch, substituting Biden & Warren or Patrick at the last minute.

So we need to attack Progism at every turn, and use the personal stuff just for flavoring.


Not one single accomplishment can be stated by Senate members or State Dept or her own supporters
Travel g a lot is not an achievement if you don't accomplish something or change an existing bad situation
Making it worse Benghazi and Libya are negative results
Her one skill as a grifter remains intact

Thomas Collins

If The Hill flames out close to the convention, OL, I think it will be Warren over Biden. I also think this would be the result if The Hill gets the nomination and then is forced out by her email activities.


First Lady HC's summarily firing all the WH travel office to install her AR cronies was very impressive. That kind of venality doesn't grow on trees.

Old Lurker

Even scarier, TC...

Thomas Collins

But in a matter of more concern than whether Bartiromo is impressed or extensed by The Hill's resume, The Committee has done the right thing and announced that if Navy is in competition for a top tier bowl, The Committee will delay its final rankings until after the Army-Navy game.


Old Lurker

The thing is, Obama is in total control of Hillary's fate. With a wink, her legal problems can go nuclear on her and she knows it.

So to me it comes down to whom Obama wants in control of his legacy.

Thomas Collins

I agree, OL. I think in a short campaign, Warren will do very well.


HC stripped the WH of publicly owned items she eventually was forced to return. That level of avarice left a vivid impression.




What can be more impressive than going on TV in Pakistan & apologizing for American's 1st amendment rights?

Speaking of which....why give that Missouri prof. a harder time than Obama & Hillary?

“I need some muscle over here.”

Thomas Collins

Speaking of Daughter of Sacajawea, Squaw Warren apparently has no sense of humor.


I hope this group keeps running the ad, and runs a follow up ad in which the phrase "Comrade Warren" is uttered.

Thomas Collins

I hope the prof keeps her regular faculty appointment, Janet (she's apparently resigned from a special appointment that lets her do something she couldn't without the special appointment; academia's rules are tough to follow). I am so looking forward to travelling to Mizzou and attending her lecture on marginalized fans of Lady Gaga.

buccaneer morgan

Bartiromo was part of the Clinton foundation shindig for journalist. By comparison recall how they disdained Bush sr's resume, just because.

Spree Feech.

We need some muzzle over here.

Old Lurker

THIS is what we need to see here:



It's Un-FA-IR for you to hold the NYT to your high standard of wordsmithing, TM


Maybe Hilllary's showing the first sign of profontal dementia:Laughing at tragic events--


We need some muzzle over here.



I erote a long reply to appalled on kasich and jeb's tone and what it sounds like to me on the new defunct thread. reposting

Appalled-I am saying that the Learning Cities/Lifelong Learning materials mentioned in this new post http://www.invisibleserfscollar.com/harnessing-the-willingness-of-the-populace-to-fill-its-role-in-these-plans-via-deceit-at-all-levels/ hype the importance of 'Leadership Training' for those involved. That it is a crucial component of the vision.

Remember my Axemaker Mind metaphor? For one thing it is what phonetic reading creates magically like an elixir and it completely gums up the ability of this Tavistock behavioral science conditioning to take hold. I am not inferring that. The materials over the years confess that as what is really the cause of the disdain for lecturing, textbooks, and facts.

You read a lot and so do I. I seem to remember you are an attorney. Working with language, offensively and defensively, is what we do. We are harder to get at than most. We inherently look for a conflict of interest guiding most statements of officials, but most people don't. I had noticed that people I have known for years develop a change in voice tone and a tendency to believe that they are part of something bigger. It turns out to be these retreats and management training.

Someone I know by correspondence was at Stanford during the era of the 70s when Rogers & Maslow's theories were being used ON students and she says it scarred her for life. Recently a parent telling the story of private schools pushing trust circles where the student is told to close their eyes and let others catch them was discussing her son's resulting broken nose and the principal's lame response. The former Stanford student recognized the practice as something Rogers pushed as well.

I heard it and said that I knew they used that in Leadership Sandy Springs because I knew people who had done it. I also knew GPEE and its state level leadership classes hypes each member revealing "I used to believe x. Now I believe Y." and telling everyone what has changed.

I am saying that both jeb and kasich have every tell of having done these kinds of retreats and leadership training sessions.

Brain washing is not the right term. The term regularly used is framing. It is brainwashing though when it is the primary focus of Preschool-8, those known maximum brain plasticity years.

buccaneer morgan

I'm reminded of the German rep of spectre who is rattling out projection, while an impudent board member is having 'his accounts settled' so to speak.


Interesting trend over at my left wing website. The Bernie people are bitching about "right wing media bias", because Hillary is getting more favorable coverage than Bernie,

As funny and pathetic as that is, I've never heard one of them admit media bias before.

It's like stupidity on steroids.

Cecil Turner



That laugh at Fiorina being strangled is the tip of the iceberg
Hil's is the real war on women
She sees women like Huma and Cheryl Mills as gofers and her front guard
Protection crew
She will throw both under the bus to save herself from consequences of top secret emails
Now that we know Clinton campaign lied about Clapper and the classified emails we know they are run I g scared
I don't think Obama is going to cover for Clinton
It would hurt his legacy if she gets away with murder and her responsibility to protect our ambassadors
She is playing the victim here trying to deflect responsibility
Obama gets tarnished by her if he bails her out

Rick Ballard

Perhaps the NYT airbrushed "impressive" because they understood the ironic intent of Bartiromo using it wrt Red Witch? She certainly elicited the intended response from the crowd and candidates and I would never expect to see the NYT acknowledging the justified derision that "impressive" should illicit wrt accomplishment by Red Witch in any area other than enabling rape.


"I used to believe x. Now I believe Y." and telling everyone what has changed.

Sounds like Baptist revival meetings.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Over on the Cracker Death Rate thread I posted a comment on the little bastard Andrew Gelman, the subject of the thread, libeling at his blog Ben Carson as a "pathological liar" over the Yale-Perceptions-quiz story which has now been substantiated.
So far my comments on his blog are "awaiting moderation".
I'm gonna hound that fuzzy headed little shit til he apologizes.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I realize that first sentence is almost incomprehensible, but give it time, it'll make sense.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Noted Dumbass Doubles Down; Looks Twice as Stupid.


Waiting for apologies from progs is futile
They don't care about the truth
They want to see how far their lies will travel and what dummies will believe them
I refuse to listen to any BLM garbage for that reason
An imaginary ax to grind which just elevates hate speech to an intolerable level
If it comes on tv I change the channel just like I do with Obama Hillary and at times Shep

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Andy McCarthy on university [re]education [camps]; Just Say No.


Who do you want to win the O'Reilly v Will fight?

buccaneer morgan

Reading between the lines, they wanted a compliant apparatcik, chuck Henson rather than an ambivalent outsider, re the Wolfowitz purge at the world bank.

Old Lurker

Jane, there are reasons to dislike them both. But Will has some redeeming qualities while BOR has none.


Read it twice or thrice.

Very impressive resume, unfavorably so.


Previous thread: philosophers

Not all philosophers are bad. Karl Popper, for instance, explained that science is not about verifying truth, but about pruning away what is demonstrably false.

The real problem is not that there are too many philosophers, but that too many suffer from Philosopher’s Disease, where they come to believe they are correct because they are philosophers.

When I point out evidence to one, I know that it will be discounted because it contradicts their Official Conclusion.

Spare me from those who believe they are philosophers, and especially those who faux depreciate themselves by saying they are only philosophy teachers but who philosophize with abandon.


OReilly will fight to the death for his book legacy
Will just seems to want to remain relevant
Much ado about nothing
A distraction from the real world
Politico desperately wants to revive Bush's campaign
This is why we can't allow Dems to pick our candidates
I am stunned that progs are all in for Billary
Another loser


Old Lurker
I disagree
All proceeds from the sale of ORely's books go to charity
Who died and left Will boss

buccaneer morgan

I mid toward will, O'Reilly is putting forward a series of parent lies.

Jeff Dobbs

maryrose, if all proceeds from an Al Gore book went to charity, would you consider it worth defending on that basis?

It's the content of the book that is under debate, and to the extent that O'Reilly is misrepresenting history to belittle Reagan, I don't care one whit if the proceeds are going to the Sisters of the Poor *AND* O'Reilly is personally matching those funds out of his own pocket.

Old Lurker

I was interested in reading that story a few days ago about the split inside Fox between the guy who runs the shows > 7PM vs the guy who runs the "news" show up to 7pm.

BOR is the star of the former, and Will is a heavyweight in the news division.

Both heads are vying to replace Ailes and hate each other, it was said. The story suggested that the Will - BOR dustup is a placeholder for the war between their respective bosses.

True or not, I liked the story.

Of course if they had wanted a battle between equal A**holes, it would have been BOR vs Shep.


Jeff Dobbs

And in critically important news, Ronda Rousey says she's gonna vote for Bernie. Boo!

But she also says that if Hillary gets the nomination, she won't vote for her. Yay!

But that certainly doesn't mean she'd vote Republican - she said she'd vote third party.

Like she did in 2012 when she voted for . . . Roaseanne.

#thatwasawildride #trainwreck

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Who do you want to win the O'Reilly v Will fight?--

The truth.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Update on Andrew Gelman;
He asked for a cite and that he'd be happy to correct if appropriate.
I provided the buzzfeed link and told him of the FB story Carson had provided about "Perceptions".

I suggested actually looking up the facts might be useful prior to defaming someone.
"Happily correcting" after you irresponsibly smear someone is hardly satisfactory.

Old Lurker

OK, Political has declared the race over:

"Bob Dole endorses Jeb Bush"

Old Lurker



When did Hillary morph into Phyllis Diller?


buccaneer morgan

Yes it's a proxy fight as everything, Sherman doesn't care about the underlying facts.

buccaneer morgan

I'll wait for Mr. Peabody's opinion.

Captain Hate on the iPad

When I think of comedy club sensations, Princess SummerFallVagasil comes right to mind.

Will can be an insufferable prig but O'Springer is in the Ailes hat trick of retards along Shemp and Jerry Rivers.

Rick Ballard

"it would have been BOR vs Shep"


If they were both trapped in a burning building and you could only save one, would you nail the doors shut before the windows or vice versa?


Rush pegged Bill O'R perfectly years ago - "Ted Baxter". I don't understand his popularity or longevity, but the ratings indicate many others do.

Thomas Collins

Don't mess with Ronda, Jeff. At least one of your arms won't be cradling a pool cue for awhile if you do.



So if any Vets think Hillary will pay any better attention to their needs than Chris Steven's, they are in for a nasty surprise.

buccaneer morgan

Ray locker reveals that woodward is all set.

buccaneer morgan

Particular with regard to butterfield.

James D

Buckeye @ 12:24

If anybody whose last name is not Clinton thinks Hillary will pay better attention to their needs than Chris Stevens', they are dumber than a box of turtles.


Roger that James D!


Thanks to all Vets everywhere and especially JOM. It can never be said enough or as heartfelt.


For MM's comment and link re the Pyramids and heat generated I would like to add this observation,

We own grain elevators in the north part of the county for storing wheat close by the fields where the wheat is harvested.
That grain does generate a lot of heat. Some of the heat comes from bugs - don't cringe but its a fact of life.

We had to use some pretty strong chemicals to keep those bugs at bay so to speak because the most of the wheat was stored for many years and was in a program for a reserve of sorts in case of catastrophe.

James D

Speaking of the way Dems treat their friends (or perhaps lackeys is a better word), I sometimes walk by the Washington Post building if I have to go by the CVS on my way to the bus stop after work.

They have one of those electronic news crawl signs on the building. There's only one item on it every day:

"Washingto Post reporter (forget his name) held prisoner in Iran for 475 days." The count updates every day.

Right there is the care and concern that Obama and his administratino have for the press that is 93% Democrat, that does everything in its power to bias coverage and throw elections to the Dems.

Obama literally leaves their fellows to be tortured by Iran; he sits on his hands while ISIS behads their friends; he wiretaps them and sends the FBI after them...and STILL they unhesitatingly, unthinkingly support him.

They deserve every bit of pain and misery and prosecution and horror that befalls them.

buccaneer morgan

Jason rezian, should be as well known as Terry Anderson. Odd how Reagan is rebuked over Iran contra, when the adminstration is doing a deal a millionfold worse.

Dave (in MA)
Ronda Rousey says she's gonna vote for Bernie. Boo!
That's what happens when you get hit in the head a lot.

and STILL they unhesitatingly, unthinkingly support him.

Think of them as a click of junior high school girls, full of self doubt, anxiety about fitting in with the "right" group, and looking for validation while raging with pubescent hormones. Viewed as such, it makes some tiny bit of sense. But the junior high school girls are probably still smarter than any journalist.


Too funny, Dave.


For Veteran's Day:


Worth a click.


Third and fourth from the bottom our my faves.

buccaneer morgan

Great pics Lyle.



Key line that I lustily endorse:

John Kasich should be deported right behind Jeb Bush.


Why does this bitch need "muscle"? Doesn't that undermine her Proud SJW Feminist Cred?


In other news (WSJ):

Theranos Loses Key Deal With Safeway

Safeway and blood-test startup Theranos are negotiating to dissolve their partnership after a $350 million deal to build clinics fizzled. The grocery chain built more than 800 clinics but never offered blood tests.

This is in addition to the one they already lost with Walgreens. I don't think the Company valuation is $9 billion any longer.

buccaneer morgan

She is a zampolit, much like the new guy henson, regardless of who the figurehead is as president.

Miss Marple 2


Thanks for the link to those pictures.

I poked around on that fascinating site, because the writer has a lot of interesting things to say about the state of the contemporary art world, which he feels is run by elitists and becoming divorced from the public.

Bookmarked the site for checking in on every so often.

buccaneer morgan

The ap fact check is equally truthy


I don't think the Company valuation is $9 billion any longer.

Droll understatement of the day. Ms. Elizabeth A. Holmes, Chief Executive Officer and Glamour Girl, hardest hit.

Before anyone calls that sexist, ask yourself this: Do you really think this woman would be hailed as the "female Steve Jobs" if she looked like an ogress? Me, neither.


You're welcome, MM.


Has anyone posted a link to this video? (Sorry in advance for the microaggression of linking to Powerline. I saw it first at Ace but can't link from this PC.)


buccaneer morgan

So Peyton head the circus ringmaster in the muzzy melee was An intern with Rahm and visited Obama back in 2011. Courtland Malloy doesn't care.

buccaneer morgan

Mizzou melee, no disturbing the narrative.

Right about me. Holmes.

buccaneer morgan

Besides being a fraud, she's an un original shill.

buccaneer morgan

From her Twitter feed.


Mizzou Muzzle

Frau Glotzkiste

"First Lady HC's summarily firing all the WH travel office to install her AR cronies was very impressive. That kind of venality doesn't grow on trees.

Deb - hit to the crux of Hillary!'s existence.

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