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November 12, 2015



Well from the Driscoll thread,mouth fits better here Milwaukee protestors want Walker to toss Chisolm. It includes an early BLM case "Dontre" but otherwise I agree with a lot of their complaint. Non- prosecution of illegal roadside strip searches, John Doe against Barrett opponents in City Govt, ignoring actual crime in Milwaukee, etc.


Tenure goes right out the window when the inmates take over the asylum
As my dad was the father of 7 children. This was his battle cry
We never did rule the asylum


Chisholm out of office
I like the sound of that


The Left promulgates these anti-liberty rules and laws, then turns to the police to enforce them.

Frustrated citizens pushed to the brink resist or attack the police. The Left turns to the police and blames them.

Art in Newport

Ed Morrissey has the story of Trump’s remarks on this topic from an interview this am on Fox Business

Trump: Mizzou situation “disgusting … their demands are crazy” (apologies if this was already posted)

Has any other candidate said anything?

Jack is Back!

First again and again and again.

Jack is Back!

Sorry, wrong post.

Rick Ballard


What a heartwarming story!

Come, Citoyen Chisolm, the tumbrel awaits.

I wonder if removal for malfeasance would eliminate his immunity from damage claims?

Comanche Voter

Sounds like the start of an American version of China's Great Leap Forward. We'll have the residents enforce the smoking ban and have criticism circles. If some black smoker in Harlem gets out of line with his neighbors, they can send him to the countryside to toil in the fields. But you can't pick very much cotton when your lungs are rotten from smoking.


Trump, Statesman.

Be loyal to the Trump, or else.


Public Housing Nationwide May Be Subject to Smoking Ban

Why stop there?
You must be a vegetarian to live in public housing.
Only electric cars may be parked on public housing property.


Oh phew. I have a golf cart. Does that count?


Trump is truly an ass. He doubled down today on exporting all illegals, said it will be cheap and will do it in 12-18 months. That's 23,000 people a day.

Why would anyone believe him?


Maybe there aren't that many illegals. Not sure where the numbers for all the illegals here comes from. How can anyone know?

Anyway...the choice is to vote for someone that says they can't do it. ..that isn't appealing.
I'd rather vote for a CAN DO person.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I have a suspicion if they knew they were going to be forcibly deported they might just do it voluntarily.
Ask Ike.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I think they should ban smoking in public housing.
They should have a curfew for the residents of government housing as well.
In fact they should have to work for Uncle Sam to live there.
Why, I think they oughtsta haffa work for free to live in Unca Sams big house.
An, when youz gets rights down to its, Big Boss Sam should haff sum o dem folks livin in da big house wit him and steppin an fetchin him sum lemonade and mebbe sum uff dem girlz shoulds hang around for Sam affa dark.
And da ress o dem coons should just shuts up an be happy dey gots a house at all, even if it dun come wit a colla.


Or how about this - if an illegal steps up to be deported..they get to go to the head of the line to come back legally?


Why would anyone believe him?

I believed Romney when he said he would win.


Plus, why do we have to believe him?

Everything that happens in this country is based off of what the group of so called LIVs believe.

If they are convinced a president can give them free phones, education, rent, health care, etc, then what makes them now so wise that they won't believe that a president can give a criminal fence hopper the boot?

Everyone should say hell yes when Trump levels threats at invaders. Let the invaders sort it out.

Miss Marple 2


I see no reason why 23,000 people per day couldn't be sent home. It is quite doable.

Will we do it in those numbers? Probably not. But the idea that we COULD do it will cause a lot to go home, and a lot to either not come or get themselves home before their visas run out.

Our alternative is to let illegals and potentials know that we won't do anything. Then more will come.

I do not want to be in a European situation.

Today, Eric Trump was on Cavuto, and he said his father is concerned about AMERICANS who are out of work or working in crap jobs (my words) because of illegals, and his father is a patriot who cares about the country.

This is exactly right.

Miss Marple 2

AmishDude Retweeted
The Notorious F.A.G. ‏@Ebolamerican 38m38 minutes ago

BREAKING: Swastika Discovered In #Mizzou Library; Premises Evacuated, Campus Police Hate Crimes Unit Investigating

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