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November 22, 2015



Yes, everyone go to war except the army. Genius.


I guess TM is still laid up with his "sports injury."

Captain Hate on the iPad

Can we stop using terms like ISIL which only the JEF and Lurch seem to employ for whatever stupid reason?


"So when a guy with Secret Service protection tells you not to be afraid, listen up"

Hard to imagine anyone less deserving.

buccaneer morgan

Well whatever you want to call the fellow with a PhD in Muslim theology, who calls him by the name of the first caliph he's killed 600-700 in a span of two weeks, you call that containment or a setback.

buccaneer morgan

The caliphate that was the title in tyrant has outgrown the levant or mesopotamia, on nearly every continent there is an affiliate.

buccaneer morgan

So the fellow on the run, effendi saleh, seems to have been an interesting character like the hijackers who perused the south florida establishments.

buccaneer morgan

We would like to oblige you Mr president but you politicize certain incidents and not others, a meth addict is suppose to represent all of the aouth, some who targeted a navy recruiting station is just some random shooting, which never happen in wurope, except they did as they happened downunder a month ago.

Frau Hochzeitstag

Time and TM waits for no man!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Wretchard's latest is a brilliant destruction of Barry's imbecilic "strategy";
The Global "Vietnam" and a brilliant description of the gigantic mess he has created which, in Wretchard's opinion, is much larger than the one bequeathed by LBJ.

Frau Hochzeitstag

Make that "wait" and wait up!

buccaneer morgan

Of course that kerfluffle over the pdb was bogus, there were 70 investigations 43rd jihadism, but no pArticular details to folloe

Buford Gooch

Repost from the end of the last thread:

"But we still can’t close our eyes to the fact that there is a distorted and dangerous stream of extremism within the Muslim world that continues to spread. Its adherents are relatively few in number, but capable of causing profound damage."

Replace "Muslim world" with "Democrat Party" and this describes progressives.


Can we stop using terms like ISIL which only the JEF and Lurch seem to employ for whatever stupid reason?

I love the fact that no one has adopted his terms excepts Bernie, hillary and the nutjob press.


The FOX Panel now on on tape delay up here

Kiersten says Hillary as Sec of State disagreed with Obama and she'll run by telling people she disagreed with Obama.

Will relies he disagrees. Says Hillary was the driver of his policies, especially the debacle in Libya and Benghazi.


Fernandez, after quoting BOzo in 2008 defining his foreign policy objective as "Don't do stupid shit":
"The administration's greatest weakness was failing to realize that inaction was also policy. Not doing something could also be "stupid shit" and passivity was no protection from landing ass backwards in a quagmire"

Yep. Somehow BOzo convinced himself, probably by age 8, that as long as he did nothing he'd avoid any blame.

Carol Herman

Obama won because both McCain and Romney were terrible picks to put at the top of the ticket.

The next big battle up will be Trump's. Either the GOPe loses is propensity to pick losers. Or Trump runs at the top of the ticket in 2016.

Obama's not going to be able to pick anybody. And? The democrats are stuck with Hillary. Or they have to find a way hoping she bombs before their convention.

People don't remember this, but if you go back to the 1950's, you'd see it took a hundred or more ballots for Adlai Stevenson to get nominated.

It even gets more interesting when you go back to FDR. (Like Trump, now, back then the big guys running the democrapic party, didn't like him all that much.) You should have seen the internecine battles to get him to the top of the 1932 ticket. Well? Reagan faced the same stuff back in 1976, when Gerald Ford picked up the nomination.

Then? In 1980 the elder Bush wanted the top of the ticket nomination. Yeah, he got "2nd place" but the California delegation took it badly.) I still think people hate it when a Bush tries to run forward. (And, I'm willing to bet Jeb's chances are even lower than Hillary's.) It's a wonder to me that the press picks these song birds to tout them. (The MSM won't be picking who wins, either.) The Internet can't be conquered by the MSM.



Don't know any of momma's siblings even though her hometown is just a stones throw away.

All my siblings and in-laws went to school at Ahia State, so moaning and groaning avnticipated at the dinner table Thanksgiving.


Excellent link to Wretchard's latest, Iggy.

(Obama was) "fuming." He felt that the criticism of his approach was unfair. He had clear ideas about how to manage America’s global interests. In his own words, they centered on a single concept: "Don’t do stupid shit."
In fact, after making this point, he reportedly stood up, headed forward toward his own cabin on the plane (Air Force 1), and then stopped. He turned back to the gathered reporters, and, much like an elementary school teacher hammering rote learning into students, he said, "So what is my foreign policy?" The reporters, in unison, then said, "Don’t do stupid shit."

I'm all in for giving Obama the new and well deserved nickname of "President 'Stupid Shit.'" He's earned it.

Miss Marple 2

Regarding Thanksgiving,

The younger ones are liberal or don't express their opinion because the parents are liberal (my 1 brother and 1 sister).

However, younger generation is going to be mostly absent, and that gives us more conservative ones an edge. Consequently, discussions will NOT involve politics but preparations for Christmas, gifts for grandchildren, etc.

We have come to a truce since we are all loud and opinionated. It's sort of a "mutually assured destruction" strategy that keeps everyone quiet about politics.

However, next year might be a different thing, since it will be right after the election.

Frau Ausdauer

I've been wondering if DrJ's 2015 Mudder endurance video influenced our host's 24/7 posting with such detail! It's almost like sitting right next to him.
It requires my endurance, too, to keep up.


...Also for the record Sally Field is a moron.---Posted by: Iggy

...Sally Field gas been terrible as a guest host all along. She really is remarkably ignorant about the history of her own chosen field.---Posted by: James D.

...yes,Sally Field is a moron.---Posted by Marlene

JOM Must not have got the memo.

Beasts of England

A great reply to any lefty relatives over Thanksgiving is: bring in all the muslim refugees you want, but if there's a terrorist attack in the US before the election, we'll be swearing in President Trump. That should shut it down.


My fav is how Kerry still refers to "Daesh." It used to be sooo French to do so: France says the name 'ISIS' is offensive, will call it 'Daesh' instead. I suspect, however that even in France, that's sooo 2014, to wit:

What's in a name? When it comes to how to refer to the extremist group that has terrorized Syria and northern Iraq and violently imposed a caliphate, a lot.

The Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) is a bit of a misnomer, says France, as it lends the imprimatur of Islam to a group that the vast majority of Muslims finds despicable. "This is a terrorist group and not a state. I do not recommend using the term Islamic State because it blurs the lines between Islam, Muslims, and Islamists," France's Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said in a statement. "The Arabs call it 'Daesh' and I will be calling them the 'Daesh cutthroats.'

The name Daesh, according to France24, is a "loose acronym" for "Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant" (al-Dawla al-Islamiya al-Iraq al-Sham). The name is commonly used by enemies of ISIS, and it also has many negative undertones, as Daesh sounds similar to the Arabic words Daes ("one who crushes something underfoot") and Dahes ("one who sows discord").

M. Fabius is not being nearly so delicate these days, as his global advance work on COP21 apparently now includes making intel sharing arrangements on the real worst threat to mankind. I must admit, however, that I almost prefer "Daesh cutthroats" to Hillary's "radical jihadists."

I also think that the fact that ISIS lays claim to statehood on the basis of conquered territory has all kinds of interesting implications. Among other things, I wonder if that has ramifications of any official sort where the "laws of war" are concerned. Can anyone here speak to that issue?



In our family it is 6 to 2 amongst the adults and 7 to 2 amongst the off-spring in favor of the conservatives.

Most of the chatter will revolve around sports, where everyone wants to go for vacation and bragging about the kids. Same stuff, different day.

James D.

There's still a good amount of football left to go, but it's been a great afternoon for the Giants so far:

Eagles getting blown out (at home, by a team we beat on the road 2 weeks ago)

Redskins getting blown out

Jets losing by two TD's and their best player is likely out w/ a concussion

The only less-perfect note is the Cowboys are leading, but it's a one score game and plenty of time for them to blow the lead yet. And even if they do win, it's probably too little too late for the season anyway.

Can't ask for more than that from a bye week.


I still say when Kerry started his Paris speech last week in French that I detected a slight North Vietnamese accent.

Jeff Dobbs

The only less-perfect note is the Cowboys are leading, but it's a one score game and plenty of time for them to blow the lead yet.

And . . . just like that it's not a one possession game.

BTW, Dallas leads time of possession 33 minutes to 17. Past losses have often happened in no small part because the defense was gassed. That shouldn't be a problem this week.

And even if they do win, it's probably too little too late for the season anyway.

Well I ain't gonna even try to say you're wrong there.


I like the term Salafists even if it's not common knowledge, because it correctly identifies AQ, ISIS, etc. as a movement or school of thought within Islam, not just a handful of renegades. Though even that leaves out the Shiite jihadists.


I'll be having Thanksgiving with 12 old people. 1 hillary supporter, one welfare queen, one unknown, and the rest conservatives.

I might be relegated to the porch if I can't keep my mouth shut.


I love the fact that no one has adopted his terms excepts Bernie, hillary and the nutjob press

and a preferred foreigner...

Rubio Comments On Obama’s Lack Of ISIL Strategy

“As I have been calling for since ISIL’s initial gains in Iraq last year, we need to increase our targeting of ISIL’s positions in Iraq and Syria...


Chris Wallace needs to retire. He is a terribly interviewer.


I liked how the first words out of Rush's mouth were words immediately correcting and shutting down Wallace's opening comments about listeners hating him. Rush shows how it's done---"Don't buy their premise."


Just read Clarice's latest.

In line with that, worth noting that Momma told me yesterday that it's time for this "filthy white f**k" to send Dartmouth another Tuition Check for $22,000.


Whoever thought that after 9-11 Americans would have to be fighting the federal government to stop importing Muslims?
American citizens are having to BEG them to stop while they call us names.
I just can't believe it.

We've had protesters outside the White House chanting allahu akbar.
It really is unbelievable.

Why in the world did we implement Homeland Security or all the TSA crap if we were just gonna let Muslims flood in????


No new thread yet, but getting ready for it.

First! Zero!

Jack is Back! (On Alert!)

I don't understand. If calling Daesh is an insult to the ISIS kids then doesn't that violate Bozo's admonition not to get these guys all riled up or they'll want to kill you? It would seem to me that using Bozo logic we should be calling them The Magnificent Holy Alilance of Islamic Thought in The Wondorous Caliphate.


Negative one?


This shit is simple. If VIOLENT TERRORISTS were seen leaving MASS every Sunday, the MFM would call them CATHOLICS.

Smell what I'm cooking?


buccaneer morgan

It sounds like an insulting one, but it means the same thing and is grown to franchises in the caucasus kavkaz, Egypt masri and the Niger river delta.

buccaneer morgan

The branch that carried out these attack are the Libyan brigades of the prophets, how about them apples.


Regarding colleges:

You will remember that former Governor Mitch Daniels is now president of Purdue.

A bunch of these goofuses wanted to meet with him...

Miss Marple,

Just googled the Purdue Campus newspaper to read some of their nonsense. Lot of articles there about Students demanding this and that and Racial Healing etc. I noticed this article Purdue faculty support student demonstration that has a long, long list of moron teachers that support a Student Walk­Out and Demonstration.

Went through the list of about 100 teachers who signed in support and was nice to see that my old College Roommate (Classics Department), and Bro-in-Law (Head of the History Dept) neglected to sign.

I'm thinking there is probably an ongoing conscious decision of whoever is at the top of organizing all this shit (Soros/Bill Ayers/Al Sharpton, etc) that they need to get this ball rolling while they still have Obama in Office to support them.


This is great. http://directorblue.blogspot.com/2015/11/feudal-america-totalitarian-marriage-of.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+DougRossJournal+%28Doug+Ross+%40+Journal%29


If calling Daesh is an insult to the ISIS kids then doesn't that violate Bozo's admonition not to get these guys all riled up or they'll want to kill you?

Excellent point, JiB. Negative 2.

Eric in Boise

I like the term Salafists even if it's not common knowledge

we should be calling them The Magnificent Holy Alilance of Islamic Thought

I'll just stick with the time tested "carpet pilots", myself. Not terribly nuanced, but it has the added benefit of getting rid of less-desirable Thanksgiving guests. So there's that.

buccaneer morgan

Back around 2006-7, there was this attempt to discontinue jihadist for some other term, did we stop using kamikaze because of it's implications


The kamikazes generally went after military targets, didn't they? Downright civilized compared to these scum.

Miss Marple 2


Vlad isn't messing around. 150,000 ground troops and a race to get the oil and gas.

One thing you do NOT hear in Russia:

"No blood for oil."

Miss Marple 2


I am sure there is lots of caterwauling in the paper. Daniels doesn't care about that.

What he will NOT tolerate is disruption of classes, destruction of property, and demands for firings and curriculum changes.

James D.

daddy @ 4:21

Purdue ought to fire every single professor who signed that letter.

Frau Ausdauer

JMH @3:26 - Back by popular demand!

Your last thought is very interesting. Since the Daesh cutthroats wear uniforms and have a "government" and leader, doesn't that change the rules used with the al Qaeda? Yes, we want to know before we put underwear on anyone's head.

Frau Ausdauer

Miss Marple - I never thought I'd be cheering for a former KGB officer.

Come to think of it, Putin is flexible. Our fella is the stiff one.



Read your remarks about Purdue. I would add financing next to Soros name.

If there was ever a mofo that deserves a visit from Mitch Rapp, he is the one.

Probably have some goons outside my front door in a half hour.

Miss Marple 2


Me either. But someone has to do it, and apparently Vlad sees an opportunity to not only save Western Civilization but enrich Russia.

Fine with me, since we apparently have a bunch of cowards and/or Muslim sympathizers in charge over here.

Miss Marple 2

I see the Colts led by the old guy quarterback won again, beating the Atlanta Falcons.


I notice almost all of those Purdue professors signing the letter are in humanities or the softer social sciences (Sociology, Anthropology, Psychology). Plus a bunch that don't even appear to be faculty, like people in counseling services. Just a handful of oddball science/engineer/econ.

Seems to me that title "Purdue faculty support student demonstration" is rather misleading, since I'm sure the signers overall represent only a fraction of the faculty. Kind of like those headlines "Muslims rally against terrorism."


Two weeks after the mythical Duke Lacrosse Rape Hoax saga began, 88 Duke professors signed and posted a letter of support for the lying non-victim Crystal Mangum, currently serving time for killing an older man she lived with.

Via Wiki: "The department with the highest proportion of signatories was African and African-American Studies (AAAS), with 80%. Just over 72% of the Women's Studies faculty signed the statement, Cultural Anthropology 60%, Romance Studies 44.8%, Literature 41.7%, English 32.2%, Art & Art History 30.7%, and History 25%."


As I catch up with what Obama said in Manila, Malaysia and Indonesia, it strikes me that he is saying pretty much exactly what the BLM Campus screamers are hollering:

---White Christian America is the problem, especially Conservative Whites since they're racist;

---that they're afraid of anyone who doesn't look like themselves and that it's time for these White Conservative Christian racists to open America's door wide open to peoples of all other races and colors, and

---that White Christian America needs to start coughing up all the dough they made from their previous sins and hand it over to these peoples of color

I think it's no coincidence the words coming out of Obama's pie-hole mirror the words coming out of the BLM screamers at Dartmouth, Yale, and Missou. It's an intentional strategy.


Daddy, it's been ongoing for 7 years. The Black Panthers in Phil., Gates in Cambridge MASS., St Skittles of Purple Drank, Ferguson, on and on and on, this is Occupooop turned BlacksPoopMatters.


Loved this line from Shrillary's talk before the CFR:

"A key obstacle standing in the way is a shortage of good intelligence about ISIS and its operations. So we need an immediate intelligence surge in the region, including technical assets, Arabic speakers with deep expertise in the Middle East, an even closer partnership with regional intelligence services."

She wants Arabic speakers with deep expertise in the Middle East,in other words better interpreters working for State.

That's rich from the woman who handed the Russians a button that was supposed to say "reset" and instead said "overcharged."

buccaneer morgan

That's what critical race (bell, ogletree), and legal (unger, tribe) is all about.


JMH! Glad to see you here. I like the Daesh Cutthroat designation as well. The war they are waging certainly pays no attention to any laws of war as they have existed in modern Western Civ. Even if they call they themselves a "state", I don't see them signing a Geneva Convention.


Mrs. Buckeye was up later than me last night.

She watch rhe Austin City Limits Americana Music Festival 2015.

Said it was excellent. Can be streamed from ACL site. Im going to watch it after my baked acorn squash dinner:)


I mostly switched to getting speed out of my airplanes, because there wasn't any speed tax issue up there. 40 kt increase in my turbo'd Bonanza and 60 kt increase in my turbine conversion Malibu.

Posted by: Man Tran


Was interested to read that in the 1920's once Jimmy Doolittle left the Army and joined Shell Oil, that he was instrumental in coercing Shell to spend tons of money to invent a better Aviation Fuel that nobody at the time wanted (100 Octane), then immediately pressing his Military connections to start designing much more powerful engines that would thrive on 100 Octane, which they did to the great benefit of both Shell and to the performance of Military/Civilian Aircraft. You probably knew that but I found it fascinating.

Also an interesting discussion in his book about how California gasoline was better for engine power than the gasoline from the wells in Pennsylvania. Doolittle mentions how he noticed that one of the early 1920's World Speed Racers was consistently beating everyone else because he was always importing California gas to East Coast Air Races, whereas everyone else was using the local Pennsylvania based gas, and the Cal gas was a much better fuel per compression and firing, etc.

Nowadays I suppose Doolittle would be considered Public Enemy Number 1 by the AGW crowd, for his importance in improving fuels and thereby encouraging millions of Americans to partake in the new travel opportunities that arose as a result of his efforts.

Miss Marple 2


Two of his statements about the EPA and refugees are pretty good, but #3 is a red flag for a lot of people and it got the headline. It was not necessary to blab about an internet sales tax, but this guy doesn't know when to quit YAPPING(using his ad's own words for added snark).

He is a terrible candidate.


MissM, JEB wants to feed the government at all levels... not reduce it.


Miss Marple, I love JEB'S gesture of "Yapping", he looks like a wimp.



Opens the door wide for Hillary and the Dem's to push it.

Is there a list somewhere of the bad ideas Jeb's put out that the average Conservative is opposed to? I'd like to see it in bullet points just as a reminder of what I don't like about him other than his mediocrity as a personality.

---Internet Sales Tax


this was the transcript that nyhan refers to, this is six months before the congressional debate on Iraq,


Miss Marple 2


Every time I see that ad I want to shoot my television. Then I think about how much I despise Mike Murphy. LOL!

Why is he in a shirt with no coat and tie? If he were in a sweater or sweatshirt or something, maybe, but he just looks like a guy who took his coat and tie off in a lame attempt to look like "one of the guys."

Terrible ad! Don't get me started!!!

Miss Marple 2


Common Core!

Miss Marple 2

I actually just put up a poll on that Jeb Bush ad. I am @MissMarple2 on Twitter, if anyone wants to vote.


Rush Limbaugh on Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace



A thread with Caro and JMH
You have.both made my day
Now all I need is Joan to weigh in along with centracal


It sounds like you will. be having an interesting Thanksgiving
How are your renters enjoying your old house?


Miss Marple, he looks silly, then he makes the yapping hand gesture, he looks completely wimpish.


---Internet Sales Tax
---Common Core

Keep 'em coming.


I like that Austin Limits show also
It seems like I have seen that Jeb ad a thousand times
My son says he looks like a librarian not that there is anything wrong with that

Captain Hate on the iPad

Every time Steve posts it's like time has folded back on itself.


The Chargers are giving a textbook demonstration of folding under pressure. I don't know if I have ever seen them play worse.

I believe shortly after the last election I predicted that Obama was going to double down on his leftist agenda. This seems to be clearly apparent now.

When it gets to the point that the crazies are calling for a show trial of Ben Stiller for using a character called "All", a character of highly ambiguous sexuality, I think the assholes have jumped the shark.

It is time for us grownups to visit campuses across the country and demonstrate for free speech. Maybe we can wave Peronist or Falangist or Commie flags and mock the hell out of the poor dears.

Street theater can work both ways.


I know it's politico, they link to a more comprehensive view of the disaster that sjm
has become



Happy Belated Birthday Doctor J
I did not know it was your birthday until I caught up on the threads


nyhan, has not gotten a clue in the intervening baker's dozen years"



Dr J--HB to you!


not the most tactful way to express this,


Captain Hate on the iPad

matt, think of the Charger home playoff games under Marty after a bye week for the ultimate in choking dog performances.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Speaking of dogs, Teddy loves the snow.

Miss Marple 2

Happy birthday, DrJ.

Sorry I am so late!



My renters want to buy it, which is good news if they can afford it.


so this makes up 1/3 of the cells,


Miss Marple 2

Apparently they have done a bunch of terrorist raids and arrests in Belgium. Over 60 arrested.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Maybe everybody in Europe needs to never mention anything having to do with the joooos because they almost never come off well.


that's a safe bet, I know what he was trying to say, btw, they haven't tied effendi abbaoud to the museum bombing, have they,


Captain Hate on the iPad

Aaron Rodgers is pretty good at playing the footballs.


raise your hand, who was surprised by this,



Happy Anniversary Mark O!


When it gets to the point that the crazies are calling for a show trial of Ben Stiller for using a character called "All", a character of highly ambiguous sexuality, I think the assholes have jumped the shark.


Earlier today in search of something else, I came across this story from down in your area, about a controversy in 2013 about a nickname for a High School, The Coachella Valley High School Arabs

The Coachella Valley High School Arabs have held their name since the 1920s. According to the Associated Press, the name "was chosen to recognize the area's reliance on date farming, traditionally a Middle Eastern crop."

Apparently the name was a bit of a political hot potato falafal, so there's this update at the top of the linked article:

UPDATE: In September 2014, the Coachella Valley School District board of trustees approved a decision to change the team name to "Mighty Arabs" and adopt a new logo

Go Arabs! Mighty Arabs!

Rick Ballard


Syria and Iraq are bound by Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions regarding treatment of the terrorists. The terrorists are subject to the legal system of either state for the crimes which they have committed. A claim of statehood would come into play only when another state recognizes the independent state and even then such recognition does not bind any other state to recognize an insurgent polity.

South Ossetia provides an example, with Nicaragua, Venezuela and Russia recognizing it and everyone else refusing to recognize it. It's reasonable to assume we will see the same pattern repeated in Crimea and the Donbass as they prepare to become part of the Russian Federation.

Michael (fpa Patriot4Freedom)

DrJ - Belated HB wishes.
Hope you had a nice dinner with one of your favorite Zins.


I'm shocked this is going on,


I guess it will be up to judicial watch to find them,


still looking for that dinosaur poacher I see,


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