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November 29, 2015


Dave (in MA)

Has Lurch weighed in on the legitimacy — not a legitimacy, but a rationale that you could attach yourself to somehow and say, OK, that's why the nutbag shot up Colorado Springs?


For the rock n roll nuts here, Palladia is showing some excellent concerts this weekend. Up now Skynyrd then Styx and several other goodies.

Just thought I'd let y'all know.

Miss Marple

Insomnia. BBC is depressingly going on about climate change and Coast to Coast has some guy who is going on about how Saudi Arabia wouldn't exist except for the Buah family and Cheney.

So I am listening to blues on a colliege station.

pagar a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Good morning to all on this glorious morning.
Didn't see Clarice's Pieces, but did see one of the most beautiful rainbows I have ever seen on my walk this morning.

Miss Marple

Sunday Morning Baroque on college radio.

Good morning!


Good Morning! MM,thanks for the link to the Manchester Union Leader last night. I'm shocked they endorsed Christie. The editorial page of the Manchester paper has a long history of conservative endorsements. This primary season has certainly been interesting.

What?  That wasn't easy either?

If only it were as easy as chopping off the head of Charles the First. I quote Max Beloff: 'The history of absolutism is only just beginning to be written.'

England has much thicker shale formations than do we.

MM, there was a fascinating meeting seven or eight years ago, Roger Harriban chairing, which decided for the BBC not to allow dissenting opinions on climate change. It may one day be Exhibit I when challenges to its charter are made.

The Conservatives(Tories) over there are having second thoughts about the waste involved in subsidizing 'renewable' energy, wind and solar, and they've made baby steps toward permitting fracking. They've also got a little better handle on how obeisance to the Green Blob is destroying their industrial infrastructure. Great Britain also came near to national brownouts just a few weeks ago, under not terribly challenging weather conditions.

So, they may be evolving. The BBC will be the last to know.

Miss Marple 2

I like to listen to BBC becaue they have reporters all over the world. Before I switched they were discussing the presidential election in Burkina Faso, first time the exiled president hasn't been running in 28 years. 70% of their population is under 30, so they have a population moving into a totally unknown era.

However, weekends also have a lot of feature reporting, and it seemed like every single one was geared to climate change, no matter how remote. They were interviewing a wildlife photographer and it was very interesting the risks he took to get shots, but then, out of the blue, the interviewer asks, "So, have you seen a lot of changes in nature in the last 20 years?"

"Oh, yes. There are far more desert areas and fewer large animals due to the changing climate...."

That's when I turned. Plus, the guy sounded all of a sudden like he was reading from a prepared sheet that had been handed to him. Grrrr.

Despite their plethora of reporters, you won't hear this from the BBC.

Heh, the Sahel is greening. Higher CO2 is good for plants(20-30 percent worldwide greening from it) and higher CO2 makes most plants more drought resistant.

And now they've discovered blooming coccolithophores(algae for we commoners) since the rise of CO2. My own pet theory is that the 'missing heat' is in the deep alright, silted calcium carbonate skeletons, representing carbon virtually eternally sequestered.

Stop up my ears.

'for us commoners'. Sorry, Ma.

That herd not quite so mad as ours.

The debate has sharpened. Is the risk of climate change so great that it is worth destroying industrial civilization. It's becoming very apparent that it isn't.

The BRICs, primarily China and India, come by the correct viewpoint instinctively, from paranoia about colonialism, and from the visceral need for development, to rise their people from poverty, dungcake poverty. They've participated in the shakedown of the developed and guilt-ridden West because it's convenient, and they don't mind the developed world inflicting poison on itself. But they have no intention of decreasing CO2 output, themselves.

Miss Marple 2


Report on the mood of the Venezuelan electorate. It is NOT good.

Which herd is 'that', and what of Maurice?

Heh, that herd may pause before the abyss.

Oh, that loopy jet stream.

Back when the late Venezuelan dictator, Chavez, imported a hundred thousand Kalishnikovs, I said one of them would be the weapon of his assassination. I was wrong, of course and as usual.

Heh, the Gore Effect in Paris, now with KaliSNOWkovs.

Miss Marple 2

Seriously, is it snowing in Paris?

Who's afraid of the big bad wolf?

Oh, no, MM. Just a stupid joke. We can but hope, and by Gaia, if prayers worked there would be snow. Instead, only terrorist attacks.

But I'm very attached to my 'Masque'.

It's funny, a couple of months ago, I picked up on 'The Masque of Paris Nigh', riffing off of 'The Masque of the Red Death'. My reference was to Nature infiltrating the artificial, enforced, gaity of the Dance of the Green Blob. But, so far, no snow, only terrorists.

Which is worse, glaciation or religious terrorists?

Miss Marple 2


I noticed this myself. If I do not orce myself, I can sit at the computer all day, making excuses for why I need to be there.

Most disturbing to me was that I noticed it hadbecome more difficult to read long passages of text, books, long magazine articles, etc.

I have been trying to force myself to spend time off line and reading. What bothers me so much about this is what I think it is doing to kids' brains. My grandchildren are allowed to take cell phones to class and all of their homework is submitted on computer now. I don't think this is necessarily a good thing.


"Planned Parenthood officials say that all 15 staff members who were in the Centennial Boulevard clinic at the time of the shootings on Friday are unharmed."

It is hard to get facts about what happened.

Why is it labeled a Planned Parenthood shooting when the people at/in Planned Parenthood weren't shot?

The story isn't clear yet, but it seems like he went in there & shot OUT at people.

Were the killed & wounded shot before he went in PP or after?
Anyway...it is hard to get any specific facts.

So you won't see.  Face it.

There's a tarentellic element; so we'll see. Besides, the best facade narrative can possibly paste on the beast is what you'll see.


It's Flagtime in the Rockies.

Or not.

He is putty, now to be fashioned into art.

Well, it is.

How about 'The Most Transparent Press Ever'?


Wreaths across America is about 30,000 wreaths short. If you are inclined to donate got to WreathsAcrossAmerica.com/

One of my favorite orgs and they get no government help.

Miss Marple 2



Then there is this -
"Robert Lewis Dear, 57, told investigators "no more baby parts" after surrendering to heavily armed officers at the city's lone Planned Parenthood clinic Friday, multiple news outlets reported. ...

...The reports cited unnamed law enforcement sources, which The Gazette could not independently confirm. It was first reported by NBC News."


Multiple news outlets just reprinted what NBC news wrote....so it is more factually true to say that ONLY NBC news claims Dear said that.

Miss Marple 2

Good catch, Janet!

buccaneer morgan

Paging Gerald walpin to the white courtesy phone,

The method and the means in paris are indistiguishable from Madrid and london, there is little new there, except the venue.

Jim Eagle

Not the same NBC that edited the phone tape of our favorite White Hispanic?

How come no Clarice's Pieces today?

Beasts of England

Just finished perusing the N-M Christmas Book. I think Fendi has a hit with its Peekaboo Monster range and its collaboration with Dr. Dre Beats headphones.

Coolest one-off gift was a Billy Gibbons designed '61 SG in gold metallic with a Flying V headstock. I want it! But not at $30k...

And now back to reality.


Here's the article all others are reprinting -

Planned Parenthood Shooting Suspect Made Comment About 'No More Baby Parts': Sources

by Pete Williams and Andrew Blankstein


The first sentence - "The day after a gunman killed three people and shot nine others at a Colorado Planned Parenthood office, officials tell NBC News a motive remains unclear, but say the suspect talked about politics and abortion."

"At"???...or should it say "from"?

"two law enforcement sources with knowledge of the case told NBC News." - Who? Why not say the names & tell their jobs?

Miss Marple 2


I see AP is running with the same thing under their byline.

Captain Hate on the iPad

No Rove News Sunday coverage this morning as I'll be picking up young Theodore at the pet lodge.

Maybe the "no more baby parts" claim, despite any tangible evidence that the nutball ACTED on such a motivation, will force the lazy dickweeds at NBC to sit on their dead asses and watch the PP vids instead of putting their absent credibility in the hands of the EXPERTS who said theres no harvesting baby parts mentioned. Time for some real reporting at 30 Rock, home of Lyin' Williams.

boatbuilder, Esq., Lord of All He Surveys

The PP maniacs (i.e., the Washington Post) are already shouting that this somehow discredits critics of PP, apparently because publication of PP's barbarity makes nutjobs as well as decent people angry, so shut up. Same playbook as the Gabby Giffords shooting.

James D.

If this PP shooter really was a "pro-life right wing terrorist," he was a pretty crappy one.

He was in the facility for 5 hours, and he didn't shoot or apparently even injure any of the workers or patients there.

There were apparently no demands made and no hostage threats, (don't you think they'd have been reported if there were?). Nobody was apparently hurt at all inside the facility, among the very people he was supposedly there to terrorize and kill.

There were no manifestos discovered (surely if he had a rant on Facebook or in his hovel back in North Carolina explaining how Rush Limbaugh and Donald Trump inspired his actions, we'd have heard about it immediately?.

I guess it's too much to expect the MSM to spend even two seconds asking questions like that...

Old Lurker

Thanks for the warning Cap'n.

I will go slit my wrists now.

Captain Hate on the iPad

The MFM's need to protect the Mengeles of PP shows their complete lack of objectivity and humanity.

James D.

boatbuilder - that's precisely the logic that the MSM used for refusing to show the worst 9/11 images (people jumping, etc).

We can't show what the bad guys actually do, or the terrible toll it takes, because it would make people angry at them.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Speaking of Saint Gabby, her usefulness expiration date must have passed because her organ grinder husband doesn't trot her out any more. Maybe he's perfecting his dog's seal killing skills for his next carny act.

boatbuilder, Esq., Lord of All He Surveys

My Hartford Courant covered this on the front page like it was 9/11; "3 KILLED AT CLINIC!", huge photo, top 2/3 of the front page, 2 more articles in the first 4 pages. Top of the front page and another piece (both WP) inside Today.

Anytime innocent people are killed it is tragic, but unfortunately it happens fairly often.

No agenda there. Right.

Miss Marple 2


Captain Hate on the iPad

Three is a slow day at PP.

Captain Hate on the iPad

On topic, the stonewalling between gubmint agencies has the stench of Gorelick permeating it.


Here is the real link:



The narrative is in motion. It doesn't help that the guy looks bat sh*t crazy. I heard Chris Wallace in his F&F promo call the shooting domestic terrorism. So,even without CH's play by play,we know what to expect.

buccaneer morgan

He already got his ride up on the space station as reward.

It is striking though they took out foggy bottom' ig, though.


On topic, the stonewalling between gubmint agencies has the stench of Gorelick permeating it.

The stonewalling is at every level of government. It is happening with the Fairfax County school board/transgender story. They won't release FOIA requests. The school board even took the case to court to stop the release of documents (or at least delay).

Why should "We the People" have to beg for info? We pay the salaries of these people.

Beasts of England

Three killed near the PP facility is terrorism, but 15 killed in Chicago over the weekend is ________?


a friend on FB brings up a good point.

Did the shooting start at the bank?

"Instead of being a pro-life guy, he might have been a 'Feel the Bern' anti-banker. Chase received TARP money, after all"

Perhaps he went into the PP for refuge. As long as speculation is okay...why not weigh THIS possibility?


Janet, he shot OUT of PP not into it.


I'm still so amazed by the Union-Leaders's endorsement of Christie that I had to search their endorsements in previous years. From 1948-2012: Dewey,Taft,Nixon,Goldwater,Nixon,(John) Ashbrook,Reagan,Reagan,Dupont,Buchanan,
Eisenhower must have been unchallenged in 1958?

Jim Eagle


I thought "THAT Kelly" was his brother? No?

buccaneer morgan

To my recollection, no,

Thomas Collins

If someone from the current second tier could pull off the nomination, it's Christie. Terrorism is going to be on the minds of folks in New Hampshire. And as the primaries get closer, it's Christie, not Trumpster, who is going to benefit most from that.

Jim Eagle


Both are ISS astronauts but its the brother who is there for a year now.

Miss Marple 2

Thomas Collins,

You might be right but wasn't there a kerfuffle about him supporting a mosque or naming a Muslim with questionable ties to a state position?

My memory is foggy about this, because I think it was in his first term.

Jeff Dobbs

Well, if Congress is unhappy now, wait until Hillarity! is President. Little Ms. Sunshine Law she is not.

There may come a day when a story about Inspectors General is written, and I don't refer back to the fact that the State Department did not have a permanent, Senate-confirmed IG for the entirety of Hillary's tenure there . . . but today is not that day.

Hillary got away with ethically troubling - and most likely outright illegal - behavior while Secretary of State when Obama was her boss (thanks, Obama).

Now just imagine what Hillary could get away with if she were elected President and effectively had no boss.

Well. You can rest assured that Hillary has spent her entire adult lifetime imagining that very thing.


To answer your questions about my trap shooting, JIB, namely,

" What flights were you using? Right to left - left to right or short or high? What angles? "

it was a five station 16 yard trap setup. I have no idea what angles- depending on what station you were at, the birds were either going left to right, right to left or straight out and rising--hope this answers your question.

Centralcal on iPad

Janet and Jane: The story in the Daily Mail makes a statement early on that the shooter burst into the PP facility and opened fire on patients and staff.

Where do they get this information? Of course, they don't mention any victims that were patients or staff, only the police officer who has been identified.


Janet @9:59, has there ever been a more useless law than the Freedom of Information act? Every time I have ever filed a request, it comes back marked up with the most moronic comments conceivable by some barely literate bureaucratic hack.


buccaneer, that is his brother Scott in the Space Station.
Mark is a retired astronaut and Gabby's spouse


FOIA & Congressional hearings. :(


Multiple news outlets just reprinted what NBC news wrote

Not the same NBC that edited the phone tape of our favorite White Hispanic?

Tell more about how many reporters touched the purported birth certificate.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

A little black comedy from that link to Venezuela's woes;

In Barinas, critics contend the once poor Chavez clan behaves like a royal family, buying up large ranches and wielding undue influence.

State lawmakers have filed over 200 complaints to the comptroller's office in around two years, said opposition state legislator Simon Archila, leafing through a folder filled with denunciations. No charges have been filed.

Israel Chavez, a cousin of the late president now working on his brother Asdrubal's campaign, says the accusations are lies.

"I don't have a mansion. I queue up like everyone else," he said in a Sabaneta campaign center, predicting the socialists would sweep the state.

Vote for us! We stand in the miserable lines we made with you! [oh, and we're lying; we really don't]

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Don't know if this was mentioned but there is no Pieces because clarice is traveling and out of town this week.


at Instapundit - "IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: Walter Olson: Some Highlights Of The Student Campus Demands."


Compare the MFM coverage of this nonsense & the legitimacy given to their demands, to the coverage given to the undercover PP videos.

Whining, moaning, perceived slights,...vs video proof of criminal activity.

The faux "problem" is legitimized & people lose their jobs. The real criminals get the MFM covering for them & nothing happens.


Chuck Todd is demanding that Trump must bring factually concrete proof that towelheads were dancing in the street. "We can't just go off of you saying it happened, Mr. Trump!"

If I was a tweeter I would send Todd and Trump the Wayne Allen Root story of Obama saying he went to Columbia.

Rick Ballard

I don't know whether to file Abengoa's bankruptcy under OPM Famine or SkyDragon. The WSJ report put potential exposure at €16.9 billion while Bloomberg is peddling the €8.9 billion number and I've seen reports of €22 billion.

Both the WSJ and Bloomberg neglect to mention the cause of the biggest bankruptcy in Spain's history. Abengoa built SkyDragon nets, lots of SkyDragon nets. The owners of the SkyDragon nets based the income models used to defraud convince bond buyers and banks to finance the netting upon government subsidies which were found to be hysterically unsustainable. Spain and other EUnuchs have cut the idiotic subsidies to the point where payments can no longer be made to bondholders, banks and suppliers and the card house now collapses.

It's a great way to start to Paris Idiocracy Week.



If you have only been out twice, don't get psyched out over your scores. It is going to take you a while to even get comfortable with a shotgun in your hands.

If you aren't working with any instructor, now is the time, before you develop bad habits.

The difficult thing for many people is learning the difference between aiming a rifle and "pointing" (Iggy will know the correct terminology) a shotgun. Really is quite different in my mind.


an instructor



Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Someone linked a Matt Ridley piece in Scientific American essentially endorsing and almost wholly relying on the IPCC's most recent findings to note they predict a very long time before anything bad happens from climate change.

Noting this of course is very, very bad news for many of the True Believers and they let it be known in the comments that Ridley was scum for believing the IPCC, Scientific American was scum for allowing an opinion that took the IPCC at its word and oh how far it had fallen, not because it had published dissent, but that it hadn't. Just believing the sky might actually fall, only a little further down the road, is now anathema to the chicken little, Luddite left.
Many announced they are cancelling their free internet subscriptions.




Chuck Todd is demanding that Trump must bring factually concrete proof that towelheads were dancing in the street. "We can't just go off of you saying it happened, Mr. Trump!"

Ask him about the Kill the Bill rally. They all believed Rep. Emanuel Cleaver.



Siemens continues to invest heavily in their Skydragon net racket. I suspect they have had the luxury of building net farms in rich countries instead of Latin America.

Captain Hate on the iPad

F Chuck is so funny when he pretends he and his fellow clowns fact check everything.


Dan Rather heard the reports:


TK, which typewriter word processor did Rather type that story on?


He told the story live while nuzzling Letterman.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

-- Really is quite different in my mind.--

They're pretty much the opposite to me Buckeye.
One is concentrated thinking and if a long enough shot or a windy one or a steep angle, concentrated calculations.

The other is either enough practice for it to become automatic or you're just a natural and it was automatic from the get-go.
When I was a young lad, Band Tailed Pigeons used to appear in numbers here in CA that seemed like the Passenger Pigeon era.
I was an excellent shot my first few years but then I started reading how-to columns which always seemed to say 'double your lead'.
Well, next time I went out I was perfectly situated in a flight path but missed my first couple of shots. So, falling back on my well meaning magazine instructors I doubled my lead and kept missing and then redoubling. Pretty soon I was launching shot Nor-NorWest just as the birds appeared in the Sou-SouEast sky, hoping somehow my bracketing would intercept their flight path.
I went 0 for 13 that day and upon reaching GHQ promptly tossed every Outdoor Life and Sports Afield in the house.
Went back to zenning out and had no problem.

"Pointing" works for me. Just as you point your finger, your shotgun should become an extension of your arm.
There are several different methods and schools for how to shoot.
The most important thing is to get a shotgun that fits perfectly and find the method you're comfortable with.
The second most important thing is to stop thinking about the mechanics.
The third most important is to to stop keeping score in your head especially if you're missing.
It's a lot like swinging a golf club. If you're thinking about it you're probably going to be spending a lot of time in the weeds.


Ig, I was told to fix my dominant eye problem to become a better shot.

Not having known I had a dominant eye problem while I was hitting the clays, I promptly started missing everything when I started thinking about it.

I think it was a trick by my competition. ;-)


Good advice, Ig.

Trap shooting has always been for the more anal retentive. The birds are always heading out and so the window of hitting decreases exponentially with every second you wait.

The quiet you hear at a trap shoot is nothing like skeet or sporting clays. And I have found them to be very sensitive to any distractions.


Brit Hume thinks calling Trump supporters "fools" will wise them up.

I wonder if Hume is working with Stephanopoulos on that clever long term strategy.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I have the same problem TK. I should have learned to shoot right handed.
However I found that the cure was just the same; stop thinking about it. I naturally close my dominant eye when I shoot, which admittedly isn't ideal, but I still shoot fine doing so.

Cecil Turner

-- Really is quite different in my mind.--

Well, I'm a very mechanical shotgun shooter (and pedestrian at it)--as compared to being a fairly good shot with a rifle--but to me there are some significant negative transfer issues between the two.

With a rifle, the main issue is trigger control while holding a steady aim, and the trigger break ought to be a surprise when it happens. With a shotgun, one is supposed to "swing through" and "point" to follow/lead the target, and "slap" the trigger to get the shot off at the right moment. There's also the point of eye focus which with a rifle is on the sight, and shotgun on the target. When going between the two, I notice sloppy trigger work as the biggest problem.


thanks to all for the excellent shooting commentary. The advice not to think reminds of the book, The Inner Game of Tennis which offered similar advice, which, in my case, also failed to work with any measure of success. I hope you all understand that I am not particularly psyched out, just laughing at myself for once again getting into an activity for which I have little natural ability.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--With a shotgun, one is supposed to "swing through"...--

That's where one starts getting into the weeds with different schools and different advice. Trap kinda requires the start behind and pull through method or at least start on the target and pull through. Skeet is more of a start with a lead and maintain it and some people prefer the snap or spot shooting where you simply pick a point ahead of the target and fire away.
As a field guy some variation of all of them comes in handy at times.

Hey, at least with trap you don't have to wear those silly shorts or do all that running back and forth, peter.


peter, are you limited to going to a range or do you have access to private property to practice in a less formal setting?

I was fortunate enough to get in on one of the last bits of free public ground around here where you could go and practice.

It was a game changer for me and my abilities to not have a gallery over my shoulder waiting for their paid turn.

Jim Eagle

'Skins should have at least got a FG out of that INT on Manning but no they settle for a punt and down it on the Gmen's 5 yd. line. You have to take advantage of any TO if you are going to beat Manning.

Warming up the chords, just in case.


My father spent his summers when he was a kid in the hills of eastern Tennessee. Lots of uncles and cousins who hunted birds and helped him get his game on at a very young age.

He put a shotgun in my hands at 11 and was a really patient instructor, and he needed to be! I too am cross eye dominant and worked past it with a shotgun, but my handgun skills have always suffered.

Recently met an instructor who specializes in helping cross eye dominant pupils. She is about 30 and really cute, so I think I am just going to have to invest in my education;)

Jim Eagle

Once again the 'Skins repeat my 01:17pm comment except this time they try the FG and its blocked. Deja vu but not over again.

Man Tran

I got my .410 "rifle" when I was six and used it until I inherited my dad's Auto 5 12ga. You old timers probably remember when Stevens brought out their camp gun, the .22/.410 over/under. It had rifle sights, so I shot it like a rifle. Not only that, but my dad gave me one box of shells per season, so I was Mr Careful choosing my shots. Closer to deer hunting than bird hunting.

When I started shooting skeet, I broke in with the Auto 5 with a new Jap bbl with screw-in chokes. That was too easy, so moved to 20ga. That seems just right, but don't get much practice on our rock out here.

Tuning: tracked down an old timer on Flathead Lake who tuned up a lot of world champs. (Guns to shooter.) My Guerini took the slightest cant tweak, but Mrs MT's Baretta took a new chunk of burled walnut carved from scratch. That's essentially mandatory for ladies for overall body size and shoulder drop.

Cecil Turner

That's where one starts getting into the weeds with different schools and different advice.

If you happen to be, like me, a guy who shot rifles at an early age but never hunted with shotguns until later in life, some discussion of the basic differences is useful. When I started, I was trying to pick a point, aim focusing on the sights, and squeeze the trigger . . . with predictably bad results. Once I learned to look at the target (and perforce getting a good cheek weld), swing with it, and trigger slap (anathema!) . . . things got manageable.

Not enough info to jump to conclusions, but I thought you all might've been giving varsity advice to someone who (like me) needed ABCs.

Man Tran


After 4 yrs of small bore match w/3lb triggers and squeezing between breath cycles, that pointing/slapping was definitely a different kind of instinct. I had to do a 3lb trigger on my -15 before I could shoot it decently. Same reason I shoot my wheel guns SA and prefer 1911s.


this is the bit buried deep in the article,

The point man responsible for obtaining the money from the Tripoli government and buying weapons for the Benghazi militias — including the Islamic State fighters — is Wissam bin Hamid, a commander well known for his ties to hard-line Islamist groups.

so taking with Saul, Patinkin's alter ego, what did they really think W could do, the Gorelick memo did proscribe the info, the CIA could share with the FBI, much less local law enforcement, say the names of Awlaki's counseled duo, Al Midhar and Al Hamzi,

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