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November 23, 2015



Well, from the title I thought it would be the MSM referring to George & Wheezy "movin on up" as a role model for Ben... but the MSM having mo idea how the constitution came to be or what is in it is less surprising.




We all know Vattel wrote The Constitution.

buccaneer morgan

I didn't had so much imput, even the great upheaval doesn't touch on this.


Jefferson wrote the ABORTION and GAY MARRIAGE amendments.

ezra klein

Who can know really tell? The constitution is like 100 years old.


Seriously, the MFM says reports and believes fantasy. Once their reports are out, once they have slandered Trump, Carson, Rubio, Cruz, et al, it can't be put back in the bottle. Watch demotard operatives on news shows, including FOX. They lie, and get their talking points naratives out, and it's never corrected appropriately.

buccaneer morgan

This particular operative, wants to discredit the constitution, note the previous contribution by him, casting doubt on Madison's account.


TK brings up a good point on the last thread...

Where was all the verifying with the accusations about the Kill the Bill rally?

Obama or members of the CBC can say or write anything they want & it is presented as gospel by the MFM.

Jack is Back!

Remember the guffaws when Palin in reference to the Boston Tea Party said "party like its 1773"?

buccaneer morgan

Their default setting, really is the constitution is bunk.


Why are people not demanding that Obama step down?


Where is Obama? Manila? Bali? Is his wife with him?

Sandy Daze

Fourteenth !


I demanded that Obama not step up.

Consent Decreers approved him.


Americans are in a battle with the MFM.

The media is fighting for Obama & his agenda...while he is off traveling.


Obama on Jefferson:

And tonight, we are reminded that Ramadan is a celebration of a faith known for great diversity.  And Ramadan is a reminder that Islam has always been a part of America.  The first Muslim ambassador to the United States, from Tunisia, was hosted by President Jefferson, who arranged a sunset dinner for his guest because it was Ramadan —- making it the first known iftar at the White House, more than 200 years ago.  (Applause.)  


Now that is important!


Americans are in a battle with the MFM.

Maybe the MFM is losing ground.

After an initial burst of interest spurred by CBS’s big-bucks saturation advertising campaign for “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert,” the show’s ratings have tanked and it is now running third in late night behind NBC’s Jimmy Fallon and ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel, who rarely has managed second place before.

The reason? A survey by the Hollywood Reporter found that conservative viewers are turning off Colbert in droves. Nearly twice as many Republicans are watching Kimmel as Colbert, who has turned “Late Night” into a sort of wannabe MSNBC show.

The pattern is familiar: When a Democrat is the guest, Colbert is Barbara Walters. When a Republican is on, he turns into Tim Russert.

Gosh, whoever could have predicted that?


Fuzzy Navel
Well, from the title I thought it would be the MSM referring to George & Wheezy "movin on up" as a role model for Ben...
"I'm coming Weezy."

And he did it again, 7 years later. He can't tell black people apart.

Fuzzy Navel

RE the prev. thread, I could swear I remember seeing a video snippet of a couple of Arab guys celebrating within view of the smoking WTC ruins across the river, pre-Youtube. That would make Trump only off by about 998 or so, but I'll be damned if I can find it.

buccaneer morgan

Well it's a carpy show, too bad several candidates have gone there.

Frau Reim' dich oder ich fress' dich

"What difference – at this point, what difference does it make?"

That thing is, like, ya know, over 100 years old.

GUS, don't forget Jefferson also wrote "Sally in our alley"

OF all the girls that are so smart There’s none like pretty Sally; She is the darling of my heart, And she lives in our alley. There is no lady in the land 5 Is half so sweet as Sally; She is the darling of my heart, And she lives in our alley.

Of course when Zero was bragging about Jefferson hosting the first dinner for a Muslim ambassador, he choose not to mention Tripoli.

Rick Ballard


Jefferson crafted a



"Once their reports are out, once they have slandered Trump, Carson, Rubio, Cruz, et al, it can't be put back in the bottle. "

Exactly. That's the real rub. Once it's appeared in print, it doesn't matter how many times it gets debunked, the Dems will run with it forever. Ditto for fake stats, fake you name it.

Rick Ballard


Jefferson crafted a draft Constitution for Virginia prior to the Declaration. It derogates more power to the House than does the US Constitution but it would be very difficult to sustain an argument that it had no influence upon Madison.

Frau Reim' dich oder ich fress' dich

Couldn't the MFM get comments from real *honest* historians like Joe Ellis or Whatsername Goodwin? Or maybe they confuse the Declaration with the Constitution, too. Maybe. We're everyone of us a Harry Jaffa. It's a right.

Frau Reim' dich oder ich fress' dich

Wow, I can see JMH from my front porch!

(Don't I wish.)


Janet said earlier that while Zero is out of the country, the MFM is fighting his battle for him.

While true, I think the MFM and Zero are both foot soldiers in a war being directed by prog elites.

And in the case of the elites, probably more about money than ideology.

Dave (in MA)

Ha, I left my sock on.

Miss Marple 2

Off topic, but I wanted to provide fair warning in case any of you are fans of this group (I am unfamiliar with them but they apparently have fans):



That's me Frau, waving like crazy!


The great thing about Jefferson is that at some point in time he has taken every side of every issue, so you can always find a quote from him supporting whatever position you're propounding in an argument.

Beasts of England

They've had a hit or two, Miss Marple. Here's 'Clocks':




Why are people not demanding that Obama step down?

The Dems have discovered that admitting weakness brings on more weakness. They will stand by their guy, no matter how large a disaster he is.

The GOP has no political interest in bringing down Obama right now, and there's no evidence losing Obama would change the more egregious aspects of our Isis policy. (Biden is as dovish as Obama.)

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--And tonight, we are reminded that Ramadan is a celebration of a faith known for great diversity.--

Indeed it is. Wikipedia for instance in its extensive and well footnoted article on Salafism repeatedly maintains that one of the three schools of this islamic doctrine are Salafi Jihadists including the IS.

Despite some similarities, the different contemporary self-proclaimed Salafist groups often strongly disapprove of one another and deny the other's Islamic character.

Arguably the most ambitious and intolerant modern emanation is the self-styled 'Islamic State' ISIL, which declared a caliphate in conquered parts of civil war-torn Syria and Iraq, where it established a sharia reign of terror, and vowes to extend this over all Islam worldwide.

By claiming jihadists aren't islamic aren't Barry and Sally Kohn doing exactly what IS wants them to do?

The article also notes Wahaabism and Salafism are essentially identical so when Saudi money is building madrassas and mosques you can rest assured they will be teaching their young charges that the religion of peace has nothing to do with violent jihad or imposing sharia.

Barry better get his staff on editing all that stuff out of existence pronto before too many are led astray by its lies.

buccaneer morgan

Well possibly, jm, but I posit another explanation, the gop were chimps to turn on nixon, the dems helped over turn an election, putting a much more maleable successor, which much less formidable appts, Rumsfeld and Cheney were perhaps the exceptions.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Biden is as dovish as Obama.--

Possibly, but, astoundingly enough, in a room featuring both of them, Biden would not be the most stoneheaded man in the room.

buccaneer morgan

Hanbali is the root from where wahhabism grew, hanafi is somewhat more moderate, in comparison.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

A neurosurgeon may not have gotten every detail about who wrote the constitution correct? Man that's bad.

How bout when a professor of the constitution, the smartest man ever to serve as president attributes the opening of the Declaration, written by someone whose name escapes me, to the Constitution?

Or the smartest woman ever to serve in congress Pelosi Galore does the same thing?

Dave (in MA)

Re: Coldplay, when I saw them on TV and said that I thought they sounded like "U2 for girls", my brother pointed out that U2 sounded like U2 for girls, but I guess I have to denounce myself.


from our lurking unit:

For Narciso.

@thehill: Adele says Palin is responsible for her success: https://t.co/TUbbFSyH0d https://t.co/5mSvJFWKn4


I had recommended Wright's "The Looming Tower" in connection with reading about Salafism, despite his not mentioning Gorelick's role in the pre-9/11 intelligence failures. I still recommende it, but another Wright "quirk" I remembered is his hatred of Menachem Begin, whom he refers to as a "terrorist," thus lumping him together with Bin Laden. (This comes out more strongly in Wright's recent book about the Camp David accords.) Begin's targets were the British military and administration in a rebellion against them. If he was a terrorist, so was George Washington.


It is our mission to get the truth out
Talk to liberal friends and sow seeds of doubt
The media is worth about 25 percent to Dems
Meacham said in 2004 when Kerry was running it was 15 percent
I believe in the 10 percent increase today
Conservatives really want change
I think there are more fired up conservative voters than proggy Dems

Cecil Turner

I am reading "Our government follows the model set out by Thomas Jefferson..."

Just reading that, I'd assume the author meant a government deriving its just powers from the consent of the governed and life liberty and the pursuit, and all that good stuff.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Blonde haired blue eyed pregnant pastor's wife raped and murdered.

Three suspects arrested but their race is apparently unknown, at least it is to anyone watching news reports.
Instead, we're left guessing what the racial makeup of a group of guys named Larry, Jalen and Diano and who dubbed themselves a "kill gang" might be.

Were the three of them shot by a cop as they fled the scene I guarantee we would know what race they and the cop were in the first ten seconds.



You are right for political reasons, but sheesh, we may not have much left by 2017

I can't wait until they connect him to the faking of our intelligence (altho that could take until 2026 at this rate) and I'm really looking forward to the disgruntled biographies by people who will never ever hold another job as a result of working for him. I just hope I live that long.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Now for some good news;
Why Colbert's "Late Show" has tanked.

So Stephen Colbert turns out to be just as much of an a-hole as “Stephen Colbert.” Viewers have noticed.

Couldn't happen to a nicer mealworm.


@JMH -- referencing one of the last two threads …

Read with interest about your sister's work with the Argentinian "disappeared" in the 70s. In 1980 or so we met a woman, from a prominent Buenos Aries family, who had been a medical student in the early 70s. She was arrested, thrown into prison with one of her twin boys (a year old at the time). Her husband, an American from whom she was about to separate fled to the US with the other boy.

In prison she was subjected to torture, and the child with her died. Her parents managed to get her out, after a year. The day she was released her brother (a doctor, who ran a free clinic) was gunned down at his home. Their father had a fatal heart attack when he got the news.

Our friend was given 24 hours to leave Argentina, but had no passport. She took a flight to Paris, where she connected with a group of Argentinian exiles. She went back to school, became a psychotherapist (her Ph.D thesis was on torture) and after eight years or so became a French citizen.

We met her when she came to New York, after finally getting a passport and being able to travel, to look for her son. She found him, still with his father, in Boston. Her ex-husband had remarried, and never told his son he had another mother. When she went to court (this was 1981 or so) to try to regain custody she was, essentially, dismissed as an Argentinian terrorist. Plus her very American young son wanted no part of the exotic foreigner who appeared out of no where.

She married a Frenchman, had another child, and reconnected with her son when he became an adult, although they are not close.

I was working for Columbia Pictures at the time and thought it would make a terrific movie, but couldn't generate much interest. Our friend is a very prominent Parisian psychotherapist and has a celebrity clientele -- don't know if you'd call that a happy ending, though.

She still has family in Argentina (her mother, whom she was never close to) lived into her 90s, and now goes there every couple of years.

Long story, but was reminded of her saga when reading about your sister's work.

Captain Hate on the iPad

I'm very happy that Colbert is tanking. Maybe he can come out of the closet like Ellen did to give his likewise unfunny career a boost.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

More Barrycare lawlessness; this time to pay off giant health insurance companies.


Hey Iggy, are you blocking my posts :)

(See my 10:42.)

Captain Hate on the iPad

Wow Tonto, that would make a good story for the big screen; certainly better than the recycled Rocky crap that shows the almost complete lack of new ideas. Maybe if Dick Cheney was overseeing the torture you could get Redford's interest.


This is so funny and pathetic too. http://moonbattery.com/?p=65605

Miss Marple 2

Hey, Tonto, I have a bizarre story to tell.

I am thinking of writing a book about it. I cannot figure out if I want the villain to die of Ebola or deported back to the US.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Missed it jimmy, but even if I'd seen it I still would have posted mine just for the pleasure of writing it.


Trump ad:




Good chance I will be going to Argentina in January or February.

Should be an interesting trip given the election.

Thomas Collins

Carson's "craft" comment is quite consistent with Jefferson not being at the Constitutional Convention. Carson didn't say that TJ debated eloquently at the convention; he quite properly referred to TJ's efforts at securing a template he desired (although, with regard to JMH's 11:08 AM comment, what he wanted was not always clear).

Captain Hate on the iPad

Listening to local sports talk today featuring former New England Patriot Jerrod Cherry an annoying troll of a lib; both were talking about what an absolute foreign policy disaster 404 has been.

Captain Hate on the iPad

AND an annoying...


Temps consistently dropping well below freezing at night, saw a few flurries yesterday.

Winter is finally here and I am sick of it already.

Don't know how daddy does it.

Miss Marple 2



"craft" is subtle.

Over the head of the average journalist.


Don't know how daddy does it.

Daddy does it by spending half his time in Sydney, Hong Kong, etc., or en route.


true that jimmyk


Funny thing about Colbert -- in his left wing incarnation, the one monologue I saw of him reminded me very much of Rush Limbaugh, except a touch less funny, because he simply was not outlandish enough. And, if you did not agree with his point of view, it was simply off putting.

My wife, who insisted I see this thing, was a touch miffed when I said he reminded me of Limbaugh. And more miffed when I said "This is who Obama wants to be when he grows up."

Art in Newport

... Don't know how daddy does it...

Don't know how any of you do it. Temps here dipping into the high 50's at night. Now have to wear my windbreaker driving to work in the morning (top down).

Captain Hate on the iPad

404's Rupert Pupkin aspirations to be a talk show host despite being an almost completely uninteresting person are being lived out by Colbert.


Mrs K likes watching all those Alaska shows on TV, like "Buying Alaska." Funny though, it always seems beautiful and summery, with bright daylight, on those shows.


It is a little hard to write a Constitution from 3,000 miles and 3 months away. I'm sure Jefferson had some ideas and input but the historians tell us Hamilton, Jay, and Madison had the strongest influence on its final form. But it was a group document, so there were numerous influences. American genius at work.

One has to be amazed at the narcissistic chicanery of the Marxists these days. It is also bemusing that this has occurred in a relatively peaceful manner so far.

These people are mounting a direct assault on rational thought, logic, and the laws of nature. Politically they are the looney Left represented by people such as Corbyn and Galloway. And yet there has been no real outcry by the majority, if there is one anymore.

When do we say enough is enough? That asshole in the White House said yesterday that ISIS is not an existential threat to our country. What will he say when New York or Washington or LA is an uninhabitable nuclear wasteland? He is the poster child for Escape from New York.

His running buddy Hillary is clearly off her rocker as well. And when do we get an indictment? Her, Huma, the Ferret, and many others have clearly violated criminal laws.

My guess is that United Healthcare is in a back room making a deal with the cronycrats to spin the 2017 exit as someone else's fault.



Old Lurker

When it is my turn to be King, my first decree will involve banishing the word - and the thought behind it - "Entitlement".

This a*hole probably thinks he should get a par too.



So sad, Tonto, and so very difficult in every possible way. Problems where children were adopted were especially acute both emotionally and legally. In some cases, there was the horror of a child discovering that his adoptive parents may actually have been responsible for the torture and death of a real parent. Then you had grandparents whose own children were murdered, but who had little legal standing where their stolen grandchildren were concerned. Just heartbreaking.

Rick Ballard

The WaPo's rather desperate attempts to clear the field may be based upon head to head polling matchups which show Red Witch firmly astride ACME Broom IX as it sits sputtering on the launch pad.

The MFM is confronted with too many targets. Proper Alinsky assassination methods require isolation and the MFM knows the rules very well.

OTOH - Red Witch is already isolated and a fatter political target is very difficult to imagine.


My sister and BIL took a cruise to Alaska a few years back. Of course it was summertime.

When I ask about what they did it was:

"took a helicopter ride to the glaciers, light jacket was all we needed".

"went to a really cool restaurant, didn't have any trouble getting a cab"

Never heard any stories about walking the dogs in 10 feet of snow.



When I saw your post, I immediately thought "itmust be Bob Lobel" who I didn't even knowwas disabled.

Last time I saw him he was staggering down Newbury St, drunk out of his mind.

jimmyk on iPhone

I remember Lobel fondly from 30 years ago when he came on the scene in Boston. Too bad he's become an self-entitled old fool. Sheesh, he's not even a member of the club and he's suing them?



The contrast in available material is a stark one. Today's latest, from the Wash. Free Beacon, which has been doing some of the best oppo research on Hillary for a couple of years, now: Clinton Foundation’s Colombian ‘Private Equity Fund’ Was Unregistered. But Rubio owns a speedboat!

The day the prospect of another Clinton presidency goes up in smoke, the knives will come out and the tell-all tales will start rolling off the presses. Most of the folks who know enough to derail her campaign, will either be sucking up or hiding out till then, alas. Ditto for the day Obama leaves office. Doesn't look like he's got anything remotely resembling friends in DC, outside of the West Wing.


this is about the time, you start a new dynasty



back on the ranch,



history is just another word for narrative,



I think they will skip Charlie for the obvious reason that he is as batty as George III.

The bozos claiming that climate change is causing the Middle Eastern wars are obviously not reading the front pages of the newspapers not much history.

remember that "Arab Spring" thingy Obama mentioned way, way back in 2009?

Libya - L
Tunisia - Tie
Egypt - L
Syria - L
Iraq - L
Afghanistan - L
Turkey - L
Algeria - Tie
Yemen - L

In the Southern Division

Nigeria - L
Tchad - L
Cameroon - L
Mali - L
Central African Republic - L
Somalia - L
Kenya - Tie
Tanzania - Tie

And from the policy analysts and media? Crickets........


I have a cousin who was a judge in Argentina--swpt up in the horror and jailed in the Villa DeVoto. I worked almost round the clock for over a year to get her out. She's been abused and tortured and separated from her husband and children in that time, When she got out she was exiled and went to Germany where one of her sisters was living. When she showed up at the Argentine Embassy there, the workers all cried--she was the only one they'd heard of who got out. (Subsequently her husband and children joined her--they were sponsored by her father who'd become a US citizen and moved to California after a long dispute with US immigration. A few years ago she and her husband returned to Argentine though their daughters remain here. All of my correspondence on that, I sent to her so I've no record o all that it entailed. The State Dept then asked me to help others, but they would not take my advice and never did see their family members alive again. I told them what I told her closest relatives:In situations like this you must assume they are dead or will soon be tortured to death--silence will not save them--make as much of a noise about it as you can--you must go public.

As for Jefferson--JMH's well thought out distinction between urban and rural (or I suppose suburban as well, these days) seems to be to echo Jefferson's feelings--that the independent farmer and had the strongest attachment to liberty from govt overreach.

Captain Hate on the iPad

The Restraining Order must view himself as some sort of King maker because he just emailed his close personal friends, like me, to pony up some cash for Tammy DaffyDuckworth in her challenge to Mark Kirk. As much as I think Kirk is a craven RINO sellout, I think I'll pass.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Per clarice and JMH, haven't the progs been aiming all their ire at the suburbs?


raving loony party has to chip in,



Good Morning! Catherine Herridge on Cavuto on the Admin doctoring Intelligence.

Herridge: A year before ISIS swept thru Iraq a former Pentagon Official says there were multiple Intelligence Assessments, and what are called "Speciality Products" from the Defense Intelligence Agency or DIA, as well as CIA warnings of the groups quote "Rapid Rise in Iraq as well as North Africa." Some of the Intelligence we are told was included in the President's Daily Brief or PBD, which Mister Obama takes on his iPad rather than an in-person briefing.
The PBD is the Intelligence Communities most authoritative assessment. But despite these warnings, the Official, who was part of the White House discussion, said the Administration kept quote "kicking the can down the road."

The Investigation in to whether Intelligence was manipulated has expanded. FOX News has been told that the pressure on the analysts at Central Command, which has responsibility for Iraq, including at least 2 e-mails, now in possession of the Defense Department Inspector General suggesting, that the analysts quote "cut it out and toe the line." The former Pentagon Official said there was apparently an attempt to also destroy the communications. On Sunday the Republican Chairman of the House Intelligence Committee said "there is a disconnect between what Lawmakers have seen first hand, and what the White House has said about ISIS and the progress of the US led coalition...

...Those officials who are familiar with the assessment and have reviewed them Neil, tell FOX News that there is no way that you could see those assessments and not determine that ISIS was gaining strength in IRAQ, also in Syria, and then also these affiliates that we see in Libya and the Sinai, which recently claimed to have bright down that Russian jet.

Cavuto: Ignorance of those changes and developments, or deliberate distortion?

Herridge We don't know what the IG's report is going to find, but if I could make a comparison to another case...we kept waiting for the Intelligence to build up further. This kind of kicking the can down the road. The problem in both of these situations is that time is not on your side, and your decision to do nothing ultimately becomes your strategy.


That fits into Wretchard's latest where he explains how Obama's decision to do nothing wound up being the "non-strategy" strategy.


I believe those rural agencies set up in the early 60s were designed deliberately so there were dew places that viewed themselves beyond government subsistence.

When I looked into eitc earlier in the week after an offline query on what had finally changed in public policy beyond education to finally push a needs based society. That was the first thing that I thought of, but reading the papers of joy from the prog think tanks on the shifts it has created was beyond alarming.

I expect this is what I will see when the final NCLB rewrite language comes out next Monday. Money following the child based on needs so that all 535 representatives in congress begin seeing people with 'needs' as the source of government revenue to whereever they alight.

Ditto--healthcare, housing, snap, tanf, etc. So much being borrowed as we accelerate into the void.

Old Lurker

Clarice "...to echo Jefferson's feelings--that the independent farmer and had the strongest attachment to liberty from govt overreach."

Wonder how he would react to a SCOTUS ruling that he could not grow some crop even for his own private use because of the potential impact on inter state commerce?

Rick Ballard


Red Witch lacks Bubba's skill as a liar. She has surrounded herself with minders and sycophants whose livelihoods depend upon maintaining her bubble and the low quality of her political organ grinders was demonstrated when they were matched up against BOzo's organ grinders in '07-'08. It's true the MFM was dedicated in its efforts to mask the consummate incompetence of Obama but the utter lack of political skill demonstrated by her organ grinders and her own manifest inability to mask her greed and power lust make it unlikely this particular sow's ear can be sold to the Muddle as a silk purse.

It's very difficult to underestimate the intelligence of the electoral Muddle but Clinton and her organ grinders appear to be doing so.


Rush telling how Wapo's Fact-checker Glenn Kessler lied about no evidence in the WaPo database re: Trump's claim that there were cheering Muslims in New Jersey on 9/11.

"It was right there and their own fact checker decided not to include it. Every time they try this Trump goes up. None of this hurts Trump, it only helps him."


pearl handled pistols would be involved, I think


that gas won't get into the sultan's hands on their own,


but of course,


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--As for Jefferson--JMH's well thought out distinction between urban and rural (or I suppose suburban as well, these days) seems to be to echo Jefferson's feelings--that the independent farmer and had the strongest attachment to liberty from govt overreach.--

Stated perfectly in this column by VDH at City Journal from a few weeks back.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Clinton Foundation’s Colombian ‘Private Equity Fund’ Was Unregistered.--

Not only that but I read somewhere this morning the link at the CF's website to it was disappeared.

Rick Ballard


Russian propaganda is much more upbeat. They even have a good report on their allies, the French as well as mentioning the UK will be along to add its bomber and fighter to the effort.

The mention of the Charles de Gaulle carrying 26 fighters to beef up the 12 in theater is rather humorous. I believe our Nimitz class carriers haul 90 or so fighters/choppers/misc aircraft.


Daddy does it by spending half his time in Sydney, Hong Kong, etc., or en route.

Correctamundo, JimmyK.

Momma's the one who has to endure Alaskan Cabin Fever for 6-7 months, and it's amazing she hasn't stuck a knife in me when I come home in mid-winter sporting a Singapore suntan.


well Spectre, cannot let their subsidiaries be tied to headquarters,


Sorry for the unusual number of errors in my last post--writing on unfamiliar laptop. But the gist seems to have made it thru any way. Yes, certainly the statists attack private cars, suburban life, guns,even farmers' choices of crops and prices because non-urban dwellers just do not buy into their programs very easily. They love the Euro model of people being renters in apt bldgs, confining their work and shopping to mandated bus routes..and forced to enroll their kids in crappy union run schools and to rely on the state for protection from violent criminals.

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