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December 09, 2015



I know, right? LOL

Comanche Voter

You could, metaphorically speaking, force feed reality to Obama with a fire hose, and he wouldn't get wet.

As Glen Reynolds has suggested, part of Obama's legacy is the rise of Donald Trump.

There's a great similarity between Obama and Trump. As Josh Earnest --the comically misnamed White House Press Secretary--said yesterday, Trump has "fake hair". Well Obama had fake Styrofoam columns and a fake Presidential seal during his 2008 campaign. However Obama was spouting real BS in saying he represented Hope and Change. Trump is simply the 2012 version of Obama2008, albeit he purports to bat from the other side of the plate.

buccaneer morgan

Flathead rides a squirrel the size of a capybara, ironically there was a Kuwaiti
Who ran a public school in birmingham, who was one of the most prolific recruiters and funders of islamic state, he had a particular following in french, fr his YouTube channel!


Or you could turn the sound off and iron your shirt on that head.

Jeff Dobbs

I was hoping this was going to be another Ace parody. The real thing is only like 52% as funny.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

How many Copts have been murdered in Egypt and churches burned?
That apparently is what that Egyptian and Friedman don't want any kids to learn.

How many churches does Kuwait have?

A real American would might have pointed this out to the lovely Arab educators who educate their kids with as many lies and as much hate as the Soviets did.


some details, even al ghuardian couldn't miss,


of course, Flathead is speaking where even the minister of justice was abetting the jayvees, something that could never happen here,

Captain Hate

I didn't know Flathead was an Arab educator.

Cecil Turner

Speaking of firebombing, I presume everyone saw this: "US Willing to Provide Apache Helicopters and Advisers to Help Retake Ramadi, Ash Carter Says."

Personally I think arclight missions would be more suitable, but . . .


Religious freedom in Egypt from the Heritage Organization:
Abstract: The Egyptian government has played a major role in creating and maintaining a religiously intolerant environment in Egypt that is hostile to non-Muslims and any Muslims who deviate from government-endorsed religious norms and traditions. This intolerant environment that stifles independent thinking and religious liberty is the natural breeding ground for Islamist extremists. The U.S. should encourage the Egyptian government to address this root cause of Islamist extremism by establishing and protecting true religious freedom at home.


more standup comedy:


Miss Marple 2

While I was packing boxes I was listening to callers on Laura Ingraham's show. They are plenty PO'd at Paul Ryan for lecturing us about "that's not who we are" which has become a staple of Obama's rhetoric.

In fact, one caller point blank said that when he heard that, he felt like he was listening to Obama.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The Ozzies arrest the apparent inventor of Bitcoin.

Captain Hate

I don't know who has Private Eddie's ear but he should be smart enough to know that people don't need or want to be hectored by the ruling class.

Miss Marple 2

Captain Hate,

I don't think they realize the anger and fear outside their bubble.

It isn't hard for people to look at those swarms of refugees in Europe and transpose it here. People NOTICE the Muslims in the stores, at the gum, etc.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Will Iraq cancel the security agreement with the US and invite Russia in instead?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Merkel is man of the year?
She's more of a man than Barry admittedly, and Caitlyn for that matter, but seriously, that's the best they could do?

Miss Marple 2


It gives them an opportunity to praise her attitudes on the refugees and global warming.

I take it they didn't poll the Germans.


hence Time magazine has nominated Captain Tupolev, I mean Merkel as their person of the year, because torpedoing your nation's future, is what's for dinner,

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

CBO says Barrycare to cost US 2 million jobs.
Nan Pelosi said it would create 4 million.

I think I reconcile the two; using Nancy's extended unemployment benefit multiplier putting 2 million on the dole will create 6 million new jobs for a net of 4 mil.

Miss Marple 2



Anger and fear, well you are correct about that. Those are flames to be fueled.

There's been lots of talk about burning things down which is similiar to the black power movement particularly during the Watts Riots, the communists who had no respect for anything higher than themselves, and was probably espoused by the generation of hippies when burning their bras snd other assorted sundries.

Hopefully Hillary won't benefit from the fire. Some people make comparisons to when Bill won with only 38% of the vote but Perot was more ethical and consistent.


I'm certain Ear Leader would dust off his model UN speech on nation states being a thing of the evil 20th century if he wasn't busy blaming Republicans for slavery, which ended with no help from white heterosexual men 150 years ago.


well lets put it this way, I wouldn't want to be anywhere near philly, this fall, I'm not too sanguine about cleveland for that matter,


Should have looked it up Bill Clinton won with 43% of the vote.


yes ignore the 600,000 casualties in that conflict, which would be 6-10 million today,


well Nixon won with 37% of the vote, in 68 if memory serves, not an ideal situation,

Rick Ballard

Nixon won with 43% in '68 as well. He would have won with 43% even if Wallace had not taken 13% of the vote because of the concentration of Wallace support in the five states he carried.

If Bluster and Bullshit makes it to Super Tuesday a damage assessment estimate can be made from the outcomes of the Virginia primary and Colorado primary, should he decide on a Loon Party attempt.

Miss Marple 2


Rick Ballard

Colorado caucus


I stand corrected, of course they are counting 27% only in the primary, not the total cohort, so what is the potential among the 'electables' who often go ostrich,

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Wretchard's latest does not meet with universal approval in the comments.

Captain Hate

I hate to keep piling on Ryan who seemed to be an earnest and diligent kind of guy but his disconnect from ordinary voters is at Romney levels.


he does keep missing the signal, Trump's 'modest
proposal' is overbroad, but we have noticed any strict scrutiny regimen runs afoul of problems,
ie; SB 1070, Prop 187, if not in theory but in practice,


wasn't the concensus that there had been too many debate, so why are we adding another one?

Rick Ballard


Ryan is still nailed to the saddle of the now lame Turtle. Ben Sasse, in the 3:50 minute clip from Wretchard's piece today details Ryan's "not who we are" remarks very well. Ryan has never exhibited the oratorical gifts displayed by Sasse and should watch that clip to find out what he meant to say.


the assurances here, are not very,


jimmyk on iPhone

Could anyone else find in that article about the raid on the bitcoin guy's house any references to a reason for the raid? What crime is alleged? Tax evasion?


Speaking of Egyptian Copts, Here's Sam Tadros' thoughtful piece for Hoover:http://www.hoover.org/research/mahdi-isis

Miss Marple 2


I think in that article it said that Australia had made bitcoins illegal for most transactions, or something like that.


The day that any muslim nation allows Jews and Christians to thrive in their countries will be the day I trust any muslim who comes into our country.

That day will never come about.


So I guess Obama just admitted that Islam is not a religion. Because Islam damned sure calls for the murder of "innocents".

Of course, Obama being a fucking Muslim probably doesn't think of anyone who is murdered by his Muslim brothers as being innocent. Especially not Christians and those belonging to whatever Muslim sect Obama was raised in.


you thought I was kidding, I wish I was:


and he's radicalized at least one of the top 4 jihadists on the UK's radar, if not more,

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