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December 05, 2015



Part of the difference in the "any method" graph could be that gun suicides are more likely to succeed. Would need to know overall success rates to know for sure.

One would expect doctor assisted suicide to be very successful as well.


What is the rate of nice clock Ahmed vest suiciders in the peaceful middle east?

buccaneer morgan

a stat left out of the previous thread,





Moderate Muslim chick on Judge Jeanine says she takes a little offense to the idea of visas being withheld for incoming Muslims.

She explains that in one week she will be an American Citizen and she came here on a student visa. She continues with "not only did I come here to improve myself, I came here to improve the society around me."

Jeanine didn't catch that tidbit.

There is no such thing as a moderate Muslim.


Rubio started his interview with a shit eating grin, now he looks like he wants to club Jeanine.


Farook, 28, was a US citizen born in Illinois to parents who immigrated from Pakistan. 

Anchor babies...

buccaneer morgan

ah the mark glaze fool is on with the Judge, I pity him sometimes,

buccaneer morgan

the point though, is good men and women of character are the key, Howard Yeargh Dean, was from Mayflower stock and he imminently useless, although probably from a stagnant reservoir,


It's almost like we're all caught in this gravitational pull....Republicans,Terrorists,Democrats.....and no matter how hard we try to struggle we still find ourselves hurtling toward a finality in which the American people are screaming for gun control.

If everyone acts according to their respective natures it's an inevitable outcome.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

What a fucking idiot.

buccaneer morgan

Glaze's outfit, if I recall considered the T-Dawgs as casualties of gun violence, which was only half true,

buccaneer morgan

I thought he's Brent Budowsky. the Hill's version of Syme, the insufferable Minitrue toady, in 1984,

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Speaking of idiots, has Barry ever let on as to whether the mullahs in Iran or the princes of Saudi Arabia are real muslims or are they all faking it too?
Their ideology and sponsorship of terrorists and radicals worldwide hardly differs from AQ, IS or any of the rest of the nuts in its extremism.
How bout Hamas? No?
Maybe Barry thinks islam is actually extinct.

buccaneer morgan

that's a poser, he'd need a whole carton to sort that out,

buccaneer morgan

I missed that dreher piece, was it at the AmCon, or Ricochet, they moderate a little more,

buccaneer morgan

so salon being salon, ridiculed morten storm, right after paris, shockingly guess who was right,

buccaneer morgan

they play the long ball,



The HITS just keep on coming.
Let's play the MUZZLIM GAME!!

Hezbollah?? Muzz or not?
Isis. Muzz or not? Hint the first I is for Islam!!!
Saudi Wahabi!!!! Muzz or Dare!!
Palestinians!!! Muzz or just common violent criminals!!
I mean all this CONFUSION as to WHO or WHOM Obama has "regally decreed" to be REAL MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOZLIMS???

It's so hard to keep track!!!

Was Obama's drunken polygamist loser DADDY......A REAL MOOOOOOOOOZLIM????

Dave (in MA)

Tell Ken that they're sorted in descending order left to right.

buccaneer morgan

first you consider who funded this organization, look at the end of the page,


then how they came to this figure,

buccaneer morgan

au vider zein,


BUC, AUFVIDERZEIN, is an AWESOME song, by CHEAP TRICK!!! Check it out on YOU TUBE.
Goodnight friend.


Last Wednesday, the Russian MoD delivered a lengthy presentation which contained compelling visual evidence of a connection between Islamic State's illegal and highly profitable trade in stolen Iraqi and Syrian crude and Turkey.

The slide show, hosted by Deputy Minister of Defence Anatoly Antonov, featured photos of oil trucks, videos of airstrikes and maps detailing the trafficking of stolen oil. It was the latest PR snafu for Erdogan who is struggling to convince Turkey's allies that The Kremlin's accusations are unfounded and that Ankara isn't set to put NATO in an awkward position by effectively instigating a shooting war with Russia.

Washington came to Erdogan's defense in the aftermath of Moscow's claims as State Department spokesman Mark Toner said the US is confident that Ankara "is not complicit in Islamic State oil smuggling." Russia seemed to take that denial in stride, but after US special envoy and coordinator for international energy affairs, Amos Hochstein, said on Friday that the amount of oil smuggled into Turkey from Syria is "of no significance from a volume perspective", Moscow appears to have had enough.

On Saturday, Russia accused the US of participating in a cover-up. "Our colleagues from the State Department and the Pentagon have confirmed that the photo-proof, which we presented at a briefing [on December 2], of the origin and destination of the stolen oil, coming from the areas controlled by the terrorists, is authentic. However, the US claim that they 'don't see the border crossings with tanker trucks crossing the border,' raises a smile, if only, because the photos are still images," Major General Igor Konashenkov, a Defense Ministry spokesman said. "We advise the American side to have a look at how the tanker trucks not only drive through checkpoints at the Turkish border, but pass through them without even stopping."

... Turkey is hell-bent on making sure that the Kurds do not come out of the Syrian civil war stronger than before, even if that means assisting ISIL.


Obama has made NATO null and VOID.
Obama is a complete FOCKING disaster.
Barack Obama has made HIMSELF a laughing stock. Obama has made the UNITED STATES, a JOKE and we may NEVER recover from OBAMA'S pathetic wimpish BULLSHIT.


NEO. There is NO.......ISIL. It's ISIS Neo. Fuckwad clowns, call it ISIL, because the aforementioned clown FUKWADS, are clowinishly trying to PRETEND to be INTELECTUALLY SUPERIOR.
It's ISIS and Obama is a CLOWN.


Neo. Nothing personal. Do you want ISIS bombed, destroyed, blowed-up and sent to HELL, or do you want to pretend to be some sort of INTELLECTUAL fukwad???

Sandy Daze

Good morning, all JOMers, and particularly TM.

Enjoy your day.

Sandy Daze



Thanks, Clarice. Thank you very much.

pagar a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Good morning to all, it is a beautiful day here and I hope even more so wherever you are.

Great Pieces again, Clarice!

Just some thoughts if you haven't seen it.


Thomas Collins

1. Alabama

2. Clemson

3. Oklahoma

4. Michigan State

5. Iowa

6. Stanford

7. Ohio State

8. North Carolina

9. Florida State

10. Notre Dame

In any event, no matter how the first four are seeded, there is no controversy this year. By the way, the above rankings are mine, not my prediction of what The Committee will do. I suspect The Committee won't bump Clemson from number one, but my opinion is 'Bama is the best team.

Miss Marple 2


Clarice, thank you so much for pulling everything together and bringing the hammer down!

My prayer for this evening is that Obama is so delusional that the 25th amendment will have to be invoked.

Cart him off to Bethesda and sedate him for the duration of his term. Pay off Michelle with a hefty bank account and by her a villa in Majorca or something.

Venal and corrupt and stupid as Joe Biden is, I do believe he loves the country.

Miss Marple 2

Now comes the part where the democrats trie to play mind games with GOP primary voters:


The one they fear the most is Dondi, says this article.

By the way, whoever came up with that nickname has my sister's undying admiration. When I told her about it she laughed for quite awhile.

Miss Marple 2

Seems appropriate:

Miss Marple 2


Thomas Collins

Trump wouldn't be easy prey, MM 2. But Rubio would be more likely to be able to assemble 270 electoral college votes. There are many persuadables in states such as Florida, Ohio, North Carolina and Virginia who simply won't vote for Trump. Rubio, on the other hand, puts all persuadables in play.

Miss Marple 2


I sit at the back at mass and keep an eye out towards entry of anyone after mass starts. I do think some of our parishioners carry, but we are a large parish with multiple masses, so one never knows who will be at each mass.

Miss Marple 2

Thomoas Collins,

I don't know anything except that the democrats always start this "who we fear" line towards the beginning of primary season.

As far as persuadables not voting for Trump, don't know that you are right about that. He might lose some moderates but pick up Reagan dems. It's anybody's guess.

Thomas Collins

Even if The Hill is forced out, this is going to be a close election. Either Biden or Warren would be a formidable candidate. The GOP really can't afford to nominate a candidate who just isn't acceptable to a large number of persuadables. And for those worried about lack of entitlement reform under someone like Christie, Trump is likely to act like a Dem in kicking the entitlement reform can down the road.

Miss Marple 2

Thomas Collins (spelled your name right this time),

I only observe. I have no influence, am not donating, and my primary isn't until May, so the likelihood is that the decision will be made before I ever vote.

What I would caution you is judging persuadables by those in your neck of the woods. Moderates in blue collar Midwest and the rural South are very different from those in New England.

I am not worried about entitlement reform. I am worried about national security. Christie talks a lot about his experience, but really he has not much more than anyone else. Rubio KNOWS about National Security, but he is easily persuaded to do unwise things. Same with Cruz.

I wish Perry were still in the race.

Miss Marple 2


Thomas Collins

I would concede, MM 2, that I live in a skewed part of the country in terms of political views. By the way, you spell my name Thomoas anytime you want! I suspect, however, that Colts' fans favorite spelling at the moment is M-A-T-T.

Miss Marple 2

Indeed. I was pleased that Andrew Luck nominated him to the Pro Bowl.

It's nice to see someone get some success at the tail end of his career. He's a really nice guy, too.

Beasts of England

The Dreher piece I mentioned last night was from TAC, narciso.

Beasts of England

Very fine Pieces, Clarice!

Miss Marple 2


I never heard of either of these guys, but it does seem like they could find something more constructive to do.

Captain Hate on the iPad

If we're talking about "persuadables" the terrorists have won.

Before the election.

I'm beginning to have hope that he'll do something so arrogant and dangerous that the Democrats we'll have to dispense with him.

It's always been all about allegiance.

er 'will' not 'we'll'. But it would be the Democrats and the Republicans.

pagar a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Meanwhile, we have the samo samO:

Rubio and Graham join Obama in push for MORE Syrian refugees


If there is any sanity left in this world I do not see how Rubio could be elected President. I never did see hoh Graham thought he could be.

pagar a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

IMO"any so called free country where:
"The registered top name of Belgian baby boys today is Mohammed."

IS drawing towards the end.

Read more: http://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2015/12/we_wont_always_have_brussels.html#ixzz3tY67B514
Follow us: @AmericanThinker on Twitter | AmericanThinker on Facebook

Captain Hate on the iPad

Goober Graham doesn't even reach Manbearpig levels of presidential approval in their respective home states. What idiots are supporting his quixotic campaign?

Captain Hate on the iPad

Nfw, Kim; he could fire up a glass pipe on air and they'd still clap on command.


Neo posts so many great links and finds a tremendous amount of pertinent quotes and you're going to go berserker on him Gus?

I substitute "squeeze" in place of "significant other" and the wrath of JOM Facebook gets unleashed on JOM. I would have thought one of the rule makers would have said something.

Neo, I always appreciate your comments and I truly believe when Gus shows up he will see where he erred.

pagar a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

Kerry now has the rationale:


If only he still had the fake hat, he would now have it all.

Mossad talks to Kerry?  Mebbe I better read the link.

Why do I think Kerry squeezes his short?

Captain Hate on the iPad

This administration makes it nearly unpossible to identify parody.


What is JOM Facebook?

Murrow R. Edwards

That was the first front-page editorial the New York Times has printed since the day before. And the day before that. And the day before that. And...

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