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December 12, 2015


Old Lurker

This is, I think, my first first.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

If only 404 hated ISIS as much as he does us...


Congrats, OL, that's giving it the old college try.

Looks like the NYSlimes week in review section is "all-in" for Islamophilia, all the time.

And how about that great climate agreement? Let's shovel our money to third world countries? sounds awesome.

Great Pieces, this morning, Clarice. Obama's transgressions are so sweeping it is hard to take inventory of all of them, but you did a bang-up job.

good morning, all

jimmyk on iPad

Such a brief run at the top, OL. You're already supplanted at the new thread.

Old Lurker


Well they say you never forget your first time, Jimmy.


OL, a first time where Musket Morgan says something sensible? I expect porcine aviation any minute now.


W had different rules of engagement than obama. obama commits planes and people but they are not permitted to kill anyone.

Can't win a war that way.

Cecil Turner

Trump's Muslim travel ban may be dumb but laid-back, do-nothing Obama is even dumber

But the choice is not between Trump and Obama, but Trump and Cruz/Rubio/Carson/Fiorina . . . (at least for now).

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I don't believe Morgan was presenting our theoretical electoral choices.
He was juxtaposing the caterwauling about Trump's proposal with the actuality of Barry's dangerous lassitude.

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