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December 22, 2015



squaredance-- that Salon thing has a grammatical error in the sub headline. Can't make this stuff up. But the JournoLeft's hatred for Western culture and canon -especially Christian faith-- is manifest and beyond cavil.


This comment was sad to read too -

If I was a liberal and I wanted the government to take over health care, or whatever...I would just do it. Really, what is anyone going to do to stop them? Take them to court? How many years later will that still be going on?

Posted by: Janet | March 16, 2010 at 12:56 PM

It is just too sad to see the unraveling of America.


Then there is this


Miss Maple-- Tet was a strategic loss because the Journos/Left (same thing) got what they wanted, USA withdrawal.

Miss Marple


This is sort of an inspiring story. Gob bless him, and may he do well on the Jets roster.

Miss Marple

GOD bless him!

I guess that is a message to get busy around here.


Best of luck to Joe Anderson. A man following his passion is a powerful force.

Thomas Collins

That works, squaredance. Frank Joyce's writing would be a decent parody of incoherent leftist thinking, except that Frank is serious.


NK: If you were in Germany in the 30s you would see such agit-prop about the Jews, and the support for this also often came from professors and students. Arguably, this is worse that the NAZI Propaganda in the 1930s in terms of its reach and apparent "legitimacy" in what we call "elite circles"

It is not a joke; it is not amusing. It is dealy serious stuff, and it must be rebuked.

It is a mistake to write it off as the decadent ramblings of leftist pundits in Manhattan.

These people are beyond all decency, and beyond redemption. Their agenda may yet take us down.

It is the mark of our decadence that we tolerate them. Now decent and strong society would.


Now decent= NO decent

James D

Interesting football note - the CBSsports.com site has a list of the top 20 highest paid NFL players (taking everything into account, deferred compensation, bonuses - what they were ACTUALLY paid in 2015).

The top three players all are on teams that won't be in the playoffs.

Going further, seven of the top ten are on teams that on't be in the playoffs, and in all, fourteen of the top twenty won't be in the playoffs.

I think there's probably a lesson there somewhere.

(#2 is Eli Manning, whose total pay for 2015 is $28,176,471, for leading the Giants to what will likely be a 6-10, third place finish)

Haven't seen that one discussed elsewhere, yet.

h. I regret not having access to that whole paper, not that anything but the conclusion would make sense to me, but if the 'radiation' referred to in the abstract is solar energy reaching the surface, or even some 'layer', then it may be a reflection(purposeful) of albedo, or its inverse. Intriguing; I hadn't thought we had resolution of albedo down well enough, and the other outgoing 'stuff'.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--No empathy. He's really quite crazy, but no one will say anything.--

Probably the preeminent trait of Narcissistic Personality Disorder (and psychopathy/sociopathy) is lack of empathy. There are eight others, but the one that lets them treat others so badly is the lack of empathy.
We really are all just pegs in a pegboard to be placed where we most efficaciously shield the cowering infant at the center of these people from the real world.


that Salon thing has a grammatical error in the sub headline.

If I didn't know better I would think Salon is an Onion operation, or perhaps a false flag effort by the MSM to make themselves seem respectable by comparison. Hard to believe anyone takes it seriously.

Pound out rhyme, it does the time.

Hey, Marlene, the Superintendant didn't know he was dealing with the Energizer Bunny.

buccaneer morgan

As with vox and slate, but why would immelt and co, waste their time. Salon is a h & q project.


As with vox and slate

Slate began semi-seriously with Kinsley, then went sideways, and now even Emily Yoffe has left.

Vox was indeed a self-parody from the outset.

buccaneer morgan

He really is a bond villain, or the Russian version of author.


Slate went 'sideways';

you are a generous man Jimmy.

Miss Marple


Tell me about it. I was married to one, only I didn't realize it until I got the email telling me my usefulness as a peg was over.

Subsequent events have convinced me that this is the diagnosis most fitting for him.

My former stockbroker called to see how I was doing. His fondest wish is that I get a note saying he's in leg irons in a Third World prison. LOL! I am not fooled, the guy is probably disappointed that he can't re-sign me as a client.

Anyway, people should note when these people have no concern for pets, as that was the first tell and I dismissed it as having a lack of sentimentality from growing up on a farm. Au contraire.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Thankfully my brother has never had a pet or been married, so the dogs and women of the world have largely avoided his worst behavior, although a decent number of women have come within his gravitational field only to note his basic pathology and been able to reach escape velocity before crashing and burning.

In some ways it's better the worse they are because it's harder to hide. Unfortunately yours sounds like one of the subtle ones who can mask it more successfully. But the mask always drops eventually.
I understand and sympathize...or I guess I should say empathize.

pagar a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

After Walter Cronkite betraying US, we had John Kerry meeting with the Viet Cong/North Vietnamese military in Paris. Had John Kerry paid the price for treason then, we would not have this story today:


Miss Marple

Thanks, Iggy.

I should write a book called
"Miss Marple: A Cautionary Tale for Young Women."

pagar a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

"the Superintendant "

IMO, the only way to stop this garbage is fire these administrators and stamp their records "unsuitable for any public position.

Miss Marple

Rand does get points for snark:

Dr. Rand Paul Verified account

to my absentee friend @marcorubio, I didn't put your $170k+ salary in my waste report today. But I could have #Festivus


Well to me it is just sheer sinfulness-the sin of pride here--rather than "personality disorder", which is a dubious scientific concept (as is the "discipline" of Psychology in general).

But it certainly is in the realm of "character", but it is dubious to consider it some sort of "disorder" like a disease that can be treated or "fixed". Perhaps they can be redeemed--though my guess is not redeemed my man--but they cannot be "treated", at least not successfully.

Certainly, there are pathological conditions like psychosis, schizophrenia, etc. but these are not in the classification of "personality Disorders", and they may well have a physiological basis, but it is hard to see at this point how this applies to "personality disorders". Even Psychiatry itself has a lot of professional dissent in it regard the actual existence of "personality disorders".

This is not to say that the characterization of this "disorder" are not accurate; they most probably are accurate. Tt is to say that they are a sort of "secular articulation" of a spiritual "condition", and thus a moral condition. It is a sickness of the soul, and not of the "mind" or body.

This might seem odd coming from me as I was one of the first here to point this out about Obama--that he was a "Malignant Narcissist", which is straight out of Personality Disorder jargon, but that was just a sort of short hand for me.

I think that we do not help ourselves by seeing this as a "disease", for it lets the culprit off the hook, and downplays the very real role that evil plays in this.

The Narcissist makes choices--he is not compelled.

Moreover, this is merely one of the evils that emanate from these people. The narcissism--the so called "lack of empathy" is but part of the package.

But, as I often say, it does bring out the great puzzle of the Left: they can manage to be insane and immoral at the same time.

Again, generally (and historically) this is held to be an impossibility, but there they are just the same.


not redeemed my man = not redeemed BY man

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--I think that we do not help ourselves by seeing this as a "disease", for it lets the culprit off the hook, and downplays the very real role that evil plays in this.

The Narcissist makes choices--he is not compelled.--

The two are not exclusive.
They have a very real pathological condition, whether nature, nurture or some combo of the two is unknown. In the case of Narcissists it consists at its heart of an undeveloped personality and an insurmountable insecurity. They create a facade to protect that insecurity which manifests itself in a depressingly familiar list of traits; lack of empathy, a sense of entitlement, parasitical and exploitive behaviors, grandiose ideas and plans, pathological lying etc.

Unlike some intense psychoses, they know right from wrong and invariably pick wrong to facilitate their defense mechanisms, which is why they go to such lengths to conceal the wrongs they do. They do have a choice and choose evil, but at their heart there is something seriously wrong with how they perceive the world and how they believe it perceives them.
These are not schizophrenics or bipolar people who definitely have an organic imbalance of some sort as drugs and therapy have little or no effect on them.
But neither is it the same as relatively normal people simply making bad choices to steal or cheat or kill. There is a very real and familiar pattern of behavior that is not evident in garden variety evil.
I agree that psychology and psychiatry by and large are quite inept to the point of being quackery for most of their treatments and therapies and claims for causation.
They are however very good at spotting and labeling the different symptoms and behaviors of various mental illnesses and or disorders. These people simply do not think or perceive the world as you and I do; their thinking, perceptions personalities and reactions are not logical or sensible and in the case of many PDs quite evil. Their minds are disordered, plain and simple.
There are gradations of course and some overlap of symptoms but if you have ever been very close to one and seen the patterns of their behavior and misperceptions you would have no problem calling them mentally ill and quite evil.
There may very well be a spiritual component to it also but the disordered do not spring forth out of nowhere as bald faced evil often does. Those who go on to develop personality disorders almost always exhibit a few oddities as children that intensify in the late teens and early adulthood and then become cemented in place, just as most other organic mental illnesses do.

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