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December 22, 2015


buccaneer morgan

That pop poll about agrabah was also bogus, shocker!

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

At least the WaPo didn't portray them as some kind of freaky, wonky-eyed, neon-orange-jug-eared alien;

buccaneer morgan

He may be 81st zola's grand nephew, actually he was an odd Swede who was adopted by a Cuban american, of you wondered where bezos came from.


If Hillary replied it'd be described as something heroic, like

---Speaking Truth to Power
---Saying "No" to Bullying
---Elevating the Discourse
---Standing up for the Powerless
---Putting the Bigots in their place
---Giving voice to the voiceless
---Breaking the Glass Ceiling

Probably all in the same paragraph.

With Cruz it's "Lashing Out," "ammo to shoot bogeymen", "condemning."




Where's JMH?

Did anyone here give her permission to take a sabbatical?

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

The Bezos Post (BePo?) with more comedy gold;
“The Quiet Impact of Obama’s Christian faith.”
Where's Laff Trac when we need him?


Joe Trippi is retarded.


I'd forgotten that Homeland is on a premium channel. We got a good deal a couple of years ago when we switched to FiOS, and I snuck in some premium channels over Mrs K's likely objection, mainly because I wanted the MLB channel. But we enjoy having Showtime and HBO. I can only vouch for seasons 4 and 5 of Homeland, never saw the first three.

And I confess I'd completely forgotten that Mandy Patinkin was Inigo Montoya.

Jeff Dobbs

Prayers for your niece, lyle.

I suspect a drive to Charlotte is a bit far.

Oh, yeah, it's a 30 hour drive from here..........

I don't go to theaters for movies. I don't. I don't wanna. I don't see the need at all.

I'll go see Star Wars in Rexburg, ID for the kids (oh, i wanna see it too!)

I won't go see a movie in NC for any thing. Offer me free beer with the price of admission and I'd still probably take a pass.

Because in general being around people sucks big time.

I don't like people.

But I tolerate you people. You're good people, compared to the general population.


I was kinda thinking your house to Charlotte, but Idaho to Charlotte works, too.

Only movies I've been to are the Marvel movies and Jurassic World. Everything else I wait for OnDemand. OH and Pirates with Johnny Depp... I might dress up for that. ;)

Jeff Dobbs

I would go to a theater to see a movie if I was meeting a dressed-up Stephanie!


Here's an update on "the State versus "Alaska Bush People,"" the Reality TV Show Faux-Hillibillies who defrauded the State of many, many thousands in PFD checks.
'Alaskan Bush People' PFD fraud case postponed, will stretch into 2016

Billy Brown and his 31-year-old son Joshua "Bam Bam" Brown attempted to enter into a plea deal last month, but the judge rejected it, saying their crimes deserved jail time.

Excepting Joseph Hazelwood, the drunken skipper of Exon-Valdez Oil Spill infamy, I don't think I can recall any bunch up here so unanimously despised in the comments.

Lock 'em up and throw away the key!

buccaneer morgan

They showed a preview of the next captain America along with the last x men, and some hi Rowling concoction.

Jeff Dobbs

Daddy, I used to watch that show....until a Mark Folkestad post on FB exposing them as frauds based upon locals saying how fake they were.

I can't watch the show now for anything.

Exhibit 23,423 of how people, in general, suck.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

I never watched it because they looked like a cross between some evolutionary dead end from a few thousand years ago and some of the gap toothed Punkin Head Martins I've run into out in the woods.


"Alaskan Bush People" is fake? I've only seen it once, by chance, but thought it was pretty cool.

This has been a bummer of a night, first discovering that Mandy Patinkin is a bleeding heart liberal, and now this. Next you'll tell me there's no Santa Claus.

Jeff Dobbs

I will never tell you there's no Santa Claus, jimmyk.


Jeff Dobbs

Iggy, there's no Santa Claus.


Glad you didn't tell me, Jeff.

Actually the real disappointment tonight is that I got invited to cocktails with Hillary in NYC, minimum donation $2700. The disappointment is that the invitation came a from a very wealthy friend of ours, who we know is basically a Democrat, but who really dislikes Obama. He's also brilliant and a really fine person, so I'd kind of hoped he'd seen the light. But alas, no, he is no doubt giving Hillary megabucks.

Might be worth $2700 to see Hillary getting drunk, but not if the money is going to her.


According to the back story, the fraud was discovered by a tip coming in to the authorities.

I wonder how abused that system really is.



Commenters are also angry about them fraudulently getting scarce Halibut Subsistence Fishing Permits. I don't know the particulars but it's obvious the locals hate their guts.


Alaskan Obama People is much more accurate!!!


Dave (in MA)

DanRiehl Retweeted
EJ Hill ‏@RicochetEJHill 14m14 minutes ago
@DanRiehl How about an Ann Telnaes self portrait?

DanRiehl ‏@DanRiehl 14m14 minutes ago
DanRiehl Retweeted The Hill


Donald J. Trump–Verified account ‏@realDonaldTrump

NPR's @NealConan said "schlonged" to WaPo re: 1984 Mondale/Ferraro campaign: "That ticket went on to get schlonged at the polls." #Hypocrisy

Dave (in MA)

Heh, if you do a Google image search for Ann Telnaes, that pic above is a composite of her own works. The body is her depiction of the Hildabeast.


I'm sorry but, Obama clearly has no interest in ladies.

Dave (in MA)



Dave, I am VERY logical. Very. Ann Telnaes can do as she please..She is allowed to be crude, and disgusting as she pleases.... Ann Telnaes, AND the Washington Post are already known to be BIASED LIBTARD HACKS.

Does Ann Telnaes have any CHILDREN, and NIECES, yes, young lovely NIECES??? Does the Washington Post PAID and PROTECTED funny lady have any GRANDKIDS or GRAND niece/nephews?? I mean, WE'D have to cite the EXCEPTION RULE as HER FAMILY Or Obama's were attacked as Monkeys'.. n'est ce pas?

Dave (in MA)

I guess there was a bit of a backlash.

Ann Telnaes
3 hrs ·
Ok people- time to stop. Post is gone so go fill up your time with something else.

Jeff Dobbs

My parents have an aging Shepard. She's been on meds because she's prone to seizures.

Poor Izzy just had a seizure. Had it right at the top of the stairs . . . and fell down them.


I had to elbow my way through my mom to get down the stairs to get to poor Izzy. My mom can't navigate stairs.


Izzy is ok - still weak in her back legs, but will be fine.

Dogs. We love them so.

Dave (in MA)

Poor Izzy. :(


Jeff, God bless you, God bless your Mom, and God bless Izzy. Your post shows me your take charge nature and your profound love for your wonderful pal Izzy.
My BELOVED son GUS JR. has had a few injuries in his day. No one could stop me from being his first responder.

Jeff Dobbs

I have to say, my dad's response was that of profound love of his wonderful pal Izzy.

She's daddy's dog. My dad was already in bed, but as soon as the commotion happened, he was at the bottom of the stairs almost as fast as I was.

He'll be 74 in a couple of weeks. He's the one who knows how to help Izzy come out of a seizure. He's the one Izzy loves like no other - and who was able to calm her coming out of the seizure.

Aye yi yi, I was ready for bed. There's some adrenaline pumping now. I probably shouldn't have another beer or two...but I probably will.


God bless you Jeff. My Dad died 2 and a half years ago. Except for Henry, at the time I kept it private. My Dad was born one day after Pearl Harbour. December 8 1941. IN fact, my step father, Dad,was the only father I ever knew. He was my DAD. He would have been 74 this month, and he was in great shape, tall handsome, and good looking. He died suddenly pumping gas in Winston-Salem Jeff. I miss him.

Jeff Dobbs

God bless you too, Gus. You are a BEACON of SANITY in a world of carp and gargle.


Hey!! That is pretty cool of you to say JEff.

Jeff Dobbs

Alright, that second beer is now gone. I should hit the hay. There are a lot of trails to be dug tomorrow.

Actually today. It's past midnight, even here.

Buenas Nacogdoches.


Heh. From Drudge:



I haven't been in a movie theater since LOTR: The Two Towers. That was thirteen years ago. I pretty much stopped watching new movies altogether. I might break that streak for the new Star Wars movie.

The first article mentions US Attorney and DHS work on the email hacking investigation and prosecution. The second article mentions FBI work on the piracy investigation.

How about shutting down funding for these kinds of nonessential, trivial operations until leviathan can get its act together on securing the borders, protecting citizens from terrorist attacks, and other fundamental functions of a national government?

Picking and choosing which laws to enforce is executive prerogative now, right?

If the prospect of seeing a huge chunk of their value disappear in a matter of days isn't enough to force Hollyweird to reconsider their having taken sides with the democrat party and foreign enemies, it should at least be enough for the smarter assholes among them to police their own ranks by gagging the likes of the infantile Patinkin.


Following TK's steer to Trump referencing "Schlonged" to an NPR reporter, I wound up at todays WaPo story telling us the NPR Reporter used that word to the WaPo's Chris Cillizza: Donald Trump’s ‘schlonged': A linguistic investigation

Only one use of “schlonged” as a verb came from a respected political source. In 2011, NPR’s Neal Conan made this observation (to The Post’s Chris Cillizza) on the 1984 Walter Mondale/Geraldine Ferraro campaign: “That ticket went on to get schlonged at the polls.”

So if it's so outrageous, don't you think the Washington Post would have linked to the story reporting this 2011 incident? That way we'd all be able to read and hear the outrage that Chris Cillizza must have expressed to the NPR reporter for using such an offensive term, right? Plus we might also be able to read the outrage of the commenters to that story, expressing their own genuine outrage at someone using such an offensive term.

Well the WaPo didn't link to it (sunuvabitch#$%), but after much internet sleuthing, here's the 27 second NPR Audio feed of this horrendous 2011 incident. Just you listen to Chris Cellizza fly off the handle and express his outrage at the NPR guy for using this grossly offensive term. Why, it'll make your ears blister worse than a Ted Cruz "lashing!"

And poor Mara Liasson, who was sitting there listening to the comment was obviously so stunned by it that she didn't say nothing:(


Daddy, did you hear about Romney and his "binders" and his Doggie on the "roof"??



The hypocrisy is intentional. They know it gets under your skin, so they use it to signal dominance.



I'm thinking that the Cartoonist who drew Cruz's kids as monkeys ought to get what the media demanded in another minor incident; the Missouri Rodeo Clown who wore an Obama mask in the Bullring in 2013:

...The clown has been fired. The president of the Missouri Rodeo Cowboy Association has stepped down. The Missouri State Fair is forcing clowns to undergo sensitivity training. The NAACP wants a Justice Department investigation into the clown act as a hate crime.

And the clown himself had to undergo Sensitivity Training after being fired.

So I think the same punishment should be handed out in this similar minor incident. Fire the Editor of the Washington Post. Make every reporter and every Washington Post Cartoonist have to undergo mandatory sensitivity training. Have the Justice Department investigate it as a Hate crime. And fire this particular cartoonist and make her undergo mandatory Sensitivity training.

Seems equivalent to me.


On the plus side, a precedent has already been set for Black Rodeo clowns to wear Hillary masks in the Bullring without penalty, so unlike the Obama Presidency, in a Hillary Presidency it won't be considered a Hate Crime:



Is it just me, or does anybody else despise ---DESPISE--Obama for using Bowe Bergdahl as he did?

Best as I can tell, he is one disturbed--or at best, four or five standard deviations removed from the norm--young man. By trying to make him into a hero, a massive amount of attention was directed at his desertion. The rec of the Lt. Cnl. to simply smack his hands and count time with the enemy as time served--which I assume came from on high--had to be countered with the current charges from the General to maintain military order, right?

So now this guy may be locked up forever. Which arguably he may "deserve," but somebody screwed up big time letting him in the Army in the first place. Coast Guard knew better.

Thank you, Obama.

And anybody know if he's seen his parents yet? What's up with that?



With parents like Bergdahl's, no wonder he is a whack job.

Shots of his mom and Obama walking out to the Rose Garden holding hands with the cockhold dad walking 5 paces behind were mind boggling.

the same raccooon was waddling in my garage towards me1


This goes along with my idea that Bergdahl was the handy excuse to release those 5 Gitmo prisoners, which was the real goal. Bergdahl was simply a convenient pawn.

If there had been no Bergdahl, Obama would have found another excuse.

Obama didn't care about him. He sees people as pegson a pegboard, to be moved around or removed at will. Example: 6 airmen killed by s suicide bomber. White House tweets picture of Obama sinking a 40-foot chip shot. Obama cannot even take 30 seconds to express sympathy to the families. He can't even take 5 seconds to direct whoever runs his Twitter account to say something.

He truly has no empathy; none. It's like everyone else in the country are simply props in his long-running stage play, where he is the star of his one-man show.

It is alaso why he didn't give a thought to the prisoners held by Iran; now worry about the Christians of Yazidi in Iraq; nor care one whit about refugees drowning in the Mediterranean.

No empathy. He's really quite crazy, but no one will say anything.



Obama is crazy.

If a tree falls in the forest......

the same raccooon was waddling in my garage towards me1


I want to make it plain that his deranged mental attitude does not excuse him from the bad things he is doing or leaving undone. It is quite possible to be both crazy and evil.

Captain Hate on the iPad

That whole Rose Garden ceremony with Bergdahl's dysfunctional parents had an air of unreality to it; like a freak show trying to appear normal. I don't think any regular military family would stand for being used as props for the JEF.

James D

He truly has no empathy; none. It's like everyone else in the country are simply props in his long-running stage play, where he is the star of his one-man show.

Exactly. And it was blindingly obvious right from the start, before he even really began his campaign for the Presidency, that this is what he was. I have a lot of trouble letting go my anger towards people who ought to have known better - which is anyone with two eyes and a functioning brain - but who fell for him anyway.

the same raccooon was waddling in my garage towards me1

Well, well. look at this:


Captain Hate on the iPad

In both Benghazi and Bergdahl, the Ferret rapid response team trotted out Susan Rice to lie very unconvincingly about the underlying facts of the matter. Was this stupidity a test of loyalty or did everybody else tell her to fuck off?


daddy's point about the rodeo clown is spot on. Not only were Obama's kids off limits...HE was/is off limits.

Miss Marple

James D,

You have to realize that there are very few people in the country that keep track of political minutiae the way we do. I would say less than 5%.

Most people don't watch anything but network news if they have to, and usually it's while they are getting dinner ready.

Obama's team did a very good job of hiding his flaws and presenting him as a sort of Cliff Huxtable type who would bring us all together.

After he was elected, it took months before people slowly started to wise up, adn that was very hard for them because it meant admitting they had been fools and had been duped. People don't like to admit they made a big mistake.

Even now he retains support from the most gullible, who just will not believe they elected an anti-American as president.


Good Morning! Good news,the teacher with the pink fuzzy Hello Kitty tree is allowed to put it in her classroom. This story has caused so many comments in the Bangor Daily that they wrote an article with the "best of" comments. The idea of a pink fuzzy tree causing outrage is comical. The superintendent got lots of pushback.
What a world.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Bezos's idiot cartoonist may have screwed the pooch by taking attention away from Schlongapalooza. Let's see if Team RNC can exhibit any discipline by presenting a unified message.

LOL; who am I kidding?


Poor Barry, can't he just enjoy his vacation without bad stuff happening to him?


Makes me think of this Chappaquiddick movie all about how tough it was on Teddy.


Regarding TM's Lake Wobegon above average schools....
I was told there would be no math in this Blog.


yeah...& Susan Rice. Now there would be an interesting interview if you could get her to tell the truth.
I wrote before how my neighbor - a liberal & in a place to know - said Susan Rice was really disliked at the State Dept.. Bossy, mean, arrogant. She was given positions of power without having qualifications. Wouldn't listen to career State employees & treated them bad.

He volunteered that info without any prompting from me...he saw some bit about her on the news & just started talking.



Politico thinks they have a real big story here:


I think they are out of their mind. Politicians shading their consistent views for different audiences is perfectly normal. So, is Ted Cruz in trouble because he is not wanting to veto gay marriage right now, immediately, in all 50 states and he thinks the Donald might have judgement issues?

Captain Hate on the iPad

Miss Marple, my wife slavishly watches the tv national news because she "wants to find out what's going on in the world". I tell her that it won't happen by watching those nimrods and pretty boys although that probably just makes me sound like a crank. My point is that they're a domestic version of Pravda with a very compliant audience which I'm sure you understand. I don't know what an effective way is to counter that which, in my defense, neither does the high priced help in the RNC.


Susan Rice... I say this with all due respect for her position... is a degenerate amoral liar. She has no relationship or care for the truth or her own or this nation's dignity. That is all.

Captain Hate on the iPad

A non conservative hated by State careerists is borderline unpossible without being an arrogant jackhole, i.e. Susan Rice.


CH, if every step in your life is a promotion based on Affirmative Action promotion and nothing else... how could you turn out otherwise?

Captain Hate on the iPad

If it's in Politico it was leaked by the GOPe. Off the record, of course...

Miss Marple

Captain Hate,

I fully understand this, because I had an epiphany years ago on the media.

I have always been interested in politics and the conventions, going back to the days when JFK was nominated over several other candidates, including Stuart Symington and Lyndon Johnson.

So, every 4 years I insisted on watching the conventions for both parties. In 1988, I happened to watch the GOP convention which had repeated shots of fat people in elephant hats, old ladies asleep in their seats, crank candidates with tall Uncle Sam hats with a bazillion buttons, etc. All white, all unattractive.

Next up was the democrat convention. Crowd shots were all young people, telegenic, multi-racial, and even a handsome American Indian in a Sioux war bonnet.

I was so incensed I wrote a letter to the TV critic of the Indianapolis Star pointing this out with numerous examples. He turned it into a column using my name. His column was widely read, so I got a LOT of phone calls from people who knew me and agreed.

I cannot think of a more blindingly apparent example of how the news media manipulates things than that convention coverage. Most people didn't see the contrast, because either they didn't watch the conventions or they only watched the one for their party.

They shape the news and public opinion in things great and small. No detail goes missing when they want to portray us as the bad guys.

I have ignored the network news programs ever since.



It is absolutely CERTAIN that Zero is both crazy and evil.

Miss Marple

As an addendum to my story, when George Bush became president, the coverage started decllining on the networks. They attributed it to low ratings and the need for advertising revenue.

I attribute it to the GOP wising up and asking people to present a more polished appearance on the convention floor.

As a result, since they couldn't show the elephant hat shots and people sleeping, the networks simply cut back the coverage.

Miss Marple

I am still sad that most Americans missed the "Get to know Al Gore" film, in which he made sure to show the self portrait of a nude, pregnant Tipper she pained while very pregnant.

C-SPAN showed it, but I am pretty sure the networks decided to do an interview with someone while that was on.


You have to realize that there are very few people in the country that keep track of political minutiae the way we do. I would say less than 5%.

True & Captain's 8:30 is SO true too. I sometimes stick up for LIVs because how would they KNOW? They don't know the details we do. Most people don't have time to pick apart every story.

If someone just read headlines, saw a bit of some nightly news, & scanned the magazines at the grocery store checkout line...they'd HAVE to think Dems were wonderful & Republicans were evil, mean losers.

"The left has always understood the supreme value of controlling discourse. The media manufactured a consensus, shaping public opinion by creating the illusion that its view was public opinion. When Obama says that X "is not who we are", he is manufacturing our consensus and imposing his value system as our own. Push polls, personal perspective and man-on-the-street stories help reinforce this artificial consensus by personalizing it." ~ Sultan Knish 12-16-2015

"By insisting that something unpopular was popular often enough, they made it popular. And by insisting that something popular is really unpopular, they did the opposite." ~ Sultan Knish Everything is Fake Now 8-28-12


Susan Rice was really disliked at the State Dept.. Bossy, mean, arrogant.

I'm sure Hillary was much the same, and equally hated. But John Bolton was criticized in the media for being "rude and undiplomatic"--to Iran!


Rubio tweets support for Cruz vs WaPo cartoon. I doubt any of them have stood behind Trump over Schlonggate, but it's a start.


Great example, MM. It was the same with tea party rally coverage.
Always a photo of the one goofy guy there...or of the LaRouche people (who weren't part of the tea party rally). It was the LaRouche crew that had the poster of Obama with a Hitler mustache.

I'm sure the coverage kept some people away....because who wants to be lumped in with kooks?

The tea party rallies were full of the nicest, most regular Americans you could ever meet. They were people that had never been to a political rally before but were SO concerned for their country that they came out.
It made me sick to watch the MFM demonize & slander those good people.

Old Lurker

Says it all:



I doubt any of them have stood behind Trump over Schlonggate

Lindsey was willing to stand in front of him.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Kudos to Rubio for supporting Cruz, doubtlessly over the objections of Top Men.

Miss Marple

In a delicious piece of irony, Karl Rove is on critiquing Trump's campaign style as not being effective. His opinion is that he made the lie Hillary told about Trump personal, when Trump lies all the time. And now he is telling us that Trump is wasting time and blah blah.

James D

OL @ 9:10

Well, that certainly makes me want to open my wallet and get outand volunteer for all the great GOPe-approved candidates Ryan and McConnell are going to put forward in November.

Miss Marple

Apparently Rove is hanging his hopes on Cruz defeating Trump in Iowa.

Because we know that if you can't win Iowa your campaign is finished. (Pfft.)

I fail to see why that guy's analysis is even allowed on air, since he is making money by running a PAC and he is almost always wrong.

Old Lurker


James, please hand me a beer from that little refrigerator we have out here on the ledge.


buccaneer morgan

You know j Rove should have gone to prison, if not for his atty, he might have gained some character in the process.

Miss Marple

OK, Rove appearance followed with a JEB! ad telling us he is TOUGH, EXPERIENCED, and READY TO LEAD.

The ad mainly shows clips of Trump with clips of Jeb.

Seems to me to be a bad ad, since it mostly makes Jeb look like a doofus. It's a Right to Rise ad, too.

buccaneer morgan

Remember when the meme was veterinary was just for Trump when it turns out its funded by cruz's too bundler


The only caveat on that Politico piece is that I'm sure Pelosi is as full of BS as Kerry was when bragging about how great the Iran deal was. So there's no information in what she says. But the deal seems bad enough in its own right.

Captain Hate on the iPhone

Ailes likes putting Rove on the Sunday show with that other dumbass, Trippi, as if that's an in house think tank of bipartisan wisdom.


In a delicious piece of irony, Karl Rove is on critiquing Trump's campaign style as not being effective.

Rove only wishes his work for Jeb! could be so ineffective. Oh yeah, I forgot, Jeb is happy to be in sixth place.


Was Cruz's "ad" part of SNL or was it an independent production?

Miss Marple

I happen to have read Rove's auto-biography. I do not recommend it.

It became apparent to me in reading it that it was merely an amplified resume for running future campaigns.

He had almost NOTHING on the Florida recount, and almost nothing on the Iraq war. Instead, long accounts of his strategizing with demographics and electoral votes, claims of being a disciple and friend of Lee Atwater (conveniently for his purposes dead and unable to disagree).

I have always been of the belief, from reading that book, that Rove (a mediocre campaign lackey) insinuated himself into the George W. Bush campaign by claiming friendship with the successful Atwater. He recognized W. was one of those rare people with natural charisma, and someone who could win. Bush, too humble for his own good, assumed his success was due to Rove's meaningless nattering about humbers and votes and such.

In the book, he admits not answering the charges of lying about the WMD's was his idea and probably he made a mistake.

I am amazed fire didn't shoot from my eyeballs when I read that.

I also think he left the White House early in order to write this book and get a start on acquiring candidates to work for. I think he was doing work for Mike Castle behind the scenes, which is why Dad Bush uncharacteristically endorsed Castle in the primary and why Rove went on an epic 2-day melt-down when Christine O'Donnell won the nomination.

Sorry for the long post, but Rove really infuriates me.

buccaneer morgan

The odds of getting three chimps on Sunday mornings is exceedingly high, besides gerson, and Dowd are on abc, will often pinchhits though.

James D

Back to OL's 9:10 again, and the coverage of the budget deal in general...

The behavior of the Dem leadership, from the White House on down, after the deal, demonstrates (for about the millionth time) that the Dems/progs have ZERO interest in actually working constructively with Republicans or conservatives on any issue, in any way.

If they did, they would not have rubbed the conservatives' noses into the dirt afterwards; they would not have strutted around doing "victory laps". You don't openly humiliate someone who you want to work with in future.

But we already knew this, going back to "I won" and "they can sit in the back of the car" and all the other garbage Zero spouted after his election in 2008.

buccaneer morgan

Like I say homeland of which I hadn't seem full episodes told the tale of bergdahl before it happened, except with more metals and more of a motive, saul has played the petraeus role ew with at least two characters subsequently.

Miss Marple


Now Fox has ERIC CANTOR on!@

He's endorsed Jeb, of course.

Bill Hemmer asks him if this is the year of the outsider, and Cantor says it's because everyone is angry at Washington (the president, no mention of Congress).

He thinks people will channel this into someone more constructive. (Jeb)

Cantor is pretty much whining about how Trump is not serious, he's vulgar, he's divisive, blah blah.


Chew on this.

BTW, anyone who was paying attention during the Tet Offensive has all the information they need to understand out media--and i do mean anyone. Anyone born since should understand this too as it is clearly a matter of historical record and objective fact.

This is not hard stuff.

Our media is composed of liars, hacks, political operators, and they are almost all traitors, and not just to their nation but to their very civilization.

What they wish to "replace" this civilization with, to the extent that they have conceived of it at all, is not a "better civilization", but a childish fantasy worked the will not last for even a handful of years.

What will be left in a new dark age, and the useful idiots will be among the first to fall.

If we do not get these idiots out of power, and get control of our nation and civilization, and all of its guiding institutions, we will fall into great darkness.

This is the simple truth of the matter, like it or not.


The media was honest with one story, though.

buccaneer morgan

Somebody get the hook, but they would need five prongs. The situation resembles the last days of the fourth tepublic, which lead to degaulle, and we know how he turned out.

Thomas Collins

Link doesn't work, squaredance.

buccaneer morgan

As Kyle Smith points out (don't get me started on him) they lie about events long ago, like the Donovan exchange to the more recent past.

Miss Marple


I am ashamed to admit that I didn't know that we had WON the Tet offensive until some time in the 90's (I think when there was discussion of "We Were Soldiers Once".)

I had always prided myself on keeping up with news, reading the paper every day, watching the networks, reading Time and Newsweek, etc. (This was back before the internet, of course.)

I still remember Walter Cronkite standing on a big map of Vietnam and talking about what a disaster the Tet offensive was for us.

I couldn't believe that they had completely distorted it, but they had. I had forgotten about that coverage until the movie came out. I called a friend of mine and she also had believed wrongly about it too, for the same reason.

You are right about who they are. The problem is getting other people to see it.


Try this.


here's an old comment about the MFM's coverage of tea party rallies. It's from March 16, 2010 (4 days before the big Kill the Bill rally) -

LUN is a short video from the Washington Post. I'm not really recommending it but FYI. It makes me sad. Starts with a Larouche guy...then a silly young guy...then a woman apologizing for all the fringe people at the Tea Parties...then the silly young guy again.
That is it.
I know the media does it on purpose to discourage participation, but I have to admit it kinda works on me. I don't want to be associated with silliness, or the Larouche bunch.

Posted by: Janet | March 16, 2010 at 05:06 PM

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