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December 11, 2015



The ratings system is even worse when you add in that they never checked, as far as I could tell, things like his conception taking place on the streets of Selma.

Jack is Back! (On Alert!)

When the Emperor has no clothes it is the business of the tallors (media) to assemble as quickly as possible a cover up.


I rate politifact mostly false... they do throw a bone now and again to maintain the pretense of "nonpartisan"


JiB, I hope Frederick and you have a wonderful time tomorrow! Go Navy!


Ig, I won't be around so much tomorrow so I would like to wish you well on your birthday.

Happy day before your Birthday!!

Jack is Back! (On Alert!)

Ik ook, Iggy. Happy Birthday tomorrow.

maryd, thanks for those kind words. Yes, this is one of the great father-son bonding experiences and we are looking forward to it.


That is on our agenda but for Sunday before we venture back to The Hamptons. May have to miss the games but they are not as special as paying our respects to the founding fathers and their handiwork.

Jack is Back! (On Alert!)

Finally, NYPD is going to do something about this outrageous assault on our values.


pagar a bacon, ham and sausage supporter

How to win voters over--sorry that should be NOT!


Chicago Way?  Is that a street or a business?

You all know the two weeks/one week joke but have you heard the one about the fella from the airport who asked the cabbie for Betsy Ross's house only to be told that all those places had been closed down with the new mayor.

It's antique, with a brand spankin' new patina, that one.


Whew--in all the noise I almost missed this post. Very funny..

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