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December 16, 2015



what was the line about Cromwell, which fit the mood,

Miss Marple 2

Oh, they're working 24/7, shoulder to shoulder. pouring over the data and connecting the dots.

Of course, when something like San Bernardino happens, blah blah.

Countless attacks have been stopped. Thanks people there.

At this moment the experts do not have any credible or imminent threats.

However, small self-motivated attacks are hard to attack.

Hitting ISIL harder than ever, blah-blah rehash from yesterday.
We are "sending a message" and if you attack us we will find you and.....defend out nation. (Thought he would say "kill you" but no.)

We are stepping up security for those who come here under visa waiver program. Refugees will get 2 years of screening including biometric. Blah-blah same stuff.

Stepping up efforts here at home. All groups working together (state, local, federal). Updated alert system as of yesterday.

More efforts to get cooperation from local governments, technology, faith based areas.

Stay vigilant. Report to law enforcement. Stay united as a family. When Americans stand together nothing can beat us.

Do notgive in to fear because that's what the terrorists want. Blah, blah.

All of this said in a lecturing tone.


Thanks for watching so I didn't have to, Miss M

Puddin Floppy-Feet

Rumor (a story or statement in general circulation without confirmation or certainty as to facts) has it that Dondi has John Edwards problem. His is pre-POTUS run and announcement. The MFM is holding back just in case he gets the nomination. Much like the GWB ambush in October 2000.

James D

Stay vigilant. Report to law enforcement.

And when you do, the natilnal media will tear you to shreds, and the President of the United States will call you an Islamophobic bigot.


Was the guy spreading that rumor wearing a Jeb! pin?

Miss Marple 2

Catherine Herridge points out that:

1. Military was ordered to change metrics on how they measured progress against ISIS, including adding number of sorties, which is what he used to indicate progress today.

2. Although he says no specific or credible threat, this is the SAME situation right before Paris and San Bernardino.

Chris Wallace says this reminded him of the speech the other day. No change in strategy, doesn't make public confident.


this was reputedly what the Medici's men were spreading, according to Buzzard feed's executive editor, caveat emptor,


cue Nigel St, Hubbins



Insty links to this: https://www.commentarymagazine.com/articles/on-his-watch/

If an American commander in chief cannot even countenance deploying ground soldiers and Marines to defeat a state comprising the worst terrorist threat we’ve ever faced, then we might have finally forfeited our last defense against evil. We are in the final year of a presidency that unwittingly midwifed a monster.

"Unwittingly"? I think it's just what the mooslim simp and his Iranian ferret want.


yeah because last release like this, was a beaut,


Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

--Writer wonders is maybe he's too smart for a mass audience.--

Doubt it, but he's definitely just smart enough for a mass shooting.

Rick Ballard

The public surrender to Putin yesterday was done in exchange for Putin's promise not to bomb the Free Syrian Army (rebels) north of Raqqa. Munitions were dropped to the rebels today and Putin has agreed to watch them bleed to death in Raqqa without hindrance.

Casualties for the rebels would have been much lower if the loose siege had continued until mid-February but the rebels apparently do not quite understand the implication of the application of the Merde Touch. Perhaps the survivors will succeed in spreading the word.


this was the earlier piece,



The JEF counting sorties is like the dot coms counting page visits. The measure has little to do with success and is easily inflated. No wonder the AF pulled back those F15s.


about that rick, why is the FSA and the Jaish always on the western coast, and not near the interior where Raqqua is,


Rush's opening monolog focuses entirely on the Paul Ryan Republican House Spending surrender to the Left.
Now I see on TV that the Senate is pushing to allow Russian Rocket engines to launch all our US rockets until we can come up with a new engine.

Madness. Congress delenda est.

I'm going to go out on that limb again and say it won't be just a couple guys in Patterson New Jersey cheering next time.



It's almost like Preznit Hopenchange Lightbringer Mullato Messiah was a an utter fraud or something.



Really seems like it should be the Onion.


Cruz on legalization? Yeah, sure.

Amanda Carpenter, who used to work for Ted Cruz in the Senate, explains why Ted Cruz ‘proposed’ the legalization of illegals during the Gang of 8 bill, as you see in the video.

In short, it wasn’t that Cruz wanted to legalize illegals, but rather Cruz was brilliantly exposing how the Gang of 8 bill was all about a path to citizenship and not fixing the immigration system and border enforcement as the Gang of 8 would have had you believe.

So, what IS Ted Cruz' position on legalization? I think he's deliberately obfuscating. That's probably why he referred people to his website, rather than explicitly addressing the issue in the debate -- something which Rubio was, in fact, willing to do, and did. Here's a link to Cruz' Immigration Plan, which contains a lot of great ideas, but barely even acknowledges the question of well established illegal aliens. All Cruz says in that regard, is "enforce the law," which, in the debate, he "explained" as:
That means you stop the Obama administration's policy of releasing criminal illegal aliens. Do you know how many aliens Bill Clinton deported? 12 million. Do you know how many illegal aliens, George W. Bush deported? 10 million.
Is he suggesting that he will deport the current illegal alien population of 11.3 million, or not? I certainly hope not, because the idea that you can just pack up 3.5% of the U.S. population and dump them off… somewhere, is beyond absurd.

Of course, if you look at the numbers that Cruz touting, the vast bulk of them represent people essentially simply "returned" at, or relatively soon after crossing, the border, and a relatively small number of "removals from the interior" which is "a harsher consequence than return, because it bars the deportee from re-entry for a certain number of years and carries the potential for prison time if the deportee re-enters illegally. Aliens who are granted return are not automatically barred from coming back." No one actually knows how many of the "returns" under Clinton and Bush, were actually repeat offenders.

Rubio is obviously my favorite candidate -- I can just picture everybody's shocked faces. I'm trying hard to like Cruz, but on this subject I think he's weaseling harder than Marco is. I also have serious reservations about Cruz on foreign policy, but that's another post for another day.

Rick Ballard

The F15s were withdrawn because Putin has moved air defense units north to be close enough for a decent Turkey shoot if Erdogan goes stupid again. Putin is also in the process of adding Erdogan to his cash in advance list.


which is the colony now,



well a skirmish with the Sultan, is the ultimate example of dejavu, they fought four wars that way,


they are very casual about things in Maida Vale, or is that only with certain residents?


JMH, the main reason I favor Cruz is not his score on policy positions, which for me might be only a bit higher than Rubio's. It's just all the things that people don't like about Cruz I find to be pluses: He's a non-compromising bomb-thrower. I trust him to govern as a conservative, and as a result have a better chance of at least slightly slowing the ship of state before it founders on the rocks. There is so much liberal momentum that only the must stubborn conservative ideologues can have even a slight impact.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

Mike Rowe calls Bernie Sanders and other universal university advocates "knucklehead".

Captain Hate on the iPad

Isn't this just 404's annual presser before he carbon footprints off to Hawaii for two weeks when he pretends he's been doing something other than golfing and going to award ceremonies?


Now Rush is answering the question of what do female Islamic martyrs get as their reward for dying during Jihad. Boys as we know get the 72 virgins and the lounge chair and the wine and the silk garments etc.

Rush (quoting the Daily Caller) says that a according to some Mullah, Muhammed said that female martyrs will get a penis that never bends and clothes that never wear out. And something else of little consequence.

Anybody catch item number 3?

FWIW, I don't recall reading that in my Koran, but oh well.



My long-held belief that this woman will never be president is starting to wane. I believe many in the GOPe want her as prez. And once she is, they'll let her do pretty much anything she wants. You think they were scared of the first mixed race prez? Try the first woman prez.

The view on the ledge is scenic but it's a long way down. Hell, maybe we're already plummeting past the 50th floor and the country is saying "so far so good."

Have a nice day.


CH-- that's a roger. It's a harumphh for the media shills. nothing more.


Miss Marple's link to Tesla's mysterious math Multiplication diagram is fascinating, so here's the link if you missed it first time: Long-Lost Nikola Tesla Drawings Reveal Map To Multiplication

Thanks Miss M.


when emails aren't enough,



and if you look carefully, Telsa broke all encryption (too easy to find prime numbers with his system).

Old Lurker

Daddy, I studied that Tesla drawing when MM posted it this morning.

My main take away:

Once again I am reminded how different and varied are the minds of men.



So sorry to hear you've been benched for the holidays! Hope your recuperation is a smooth one.

I may well end up where you are on Cruz. He certainly stakes out a pretty awesome slash/burn bargaining position on the size of government. On the other hand, everybody probably has at least one ox they want to protect on that list!


Katherine Herridge: The State Department has final say on these "Fiance VISAs" and we learned this morning (at The Intel Hearing) that The State Department employees who make those decisions have limited training and oversight.

Lawmakers were also told that 118 Syrian Nationals have overstayed and that of that 118, 18 of them are subject of ongoing investigations. And we learned right at the tail end of the Hearing that at least a handful of those are the subject of FBI cases.

Plays clip of Obama saying our Air Strikes have increased and we are clobbering ISIL. Then Herridge continues:

Herridge: The number of airstrikes is really a meaningless measurement. Whats more important or more meaningful is the adversaries reliance, yet we know from our own reporting here at FOX that these CENTCON analysts were pressured to change how they measured progress and go to this "numbers based-game" if you will, Gretchen.





yes, but the numbers suggest interest,


Old Lurker

Katherine Herridge is rapidly becoming the only reason to pay any attention to Fox.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Best wishes, jimmyk; I'll drink plenty of Christmas ales in honor of your recovery.

Ignatz Ratzkiwatzki

"There's one other fact about the Tesla Spiral that make it interesting. The diagram is dated 12/12/12! 1912. Grether and his students want to turn December 12 into a national holiday."

Yay! I couldn't agree more!

Rick Ballard

It sounds as if we're back to Tent Seeking Missiles and Camel Buttbuster bombing.

I sure hope we don't run out of TAKE COVER!!! leaflets. Someone might be hurt if we do.


Commenter on Trish Regan's Show makes this comment about the deficit spending in the House Budget Deal:

"These are the decisions Greece made, 20 years ago, that led them to where they are today."


Herridge: *more meaningful is the adversaries "resilience" not reliance

Sorry for the typo. That's what katherine Herridge said.

Katherine Herridge is rapidly becoming the only reason to pay any attention to Fox.



Glad you are on the mend, Jimmy. I agree with your Rubio/Cruz assessment.

Rumors increasing BTW of a skeletonress in Rubio's closet.
Had a lovely lunch here in Fla with eindansea and Jane. Love JOMers.


How does the Republican party have a leg to stand on to criticize Hillary's new 1.1 Trillion Dollar plan, if they keep pumping out Trillion dollar monstrosities like Ryan has done today?

They have squandered all their Fiscal credibility and all their moral credibility.

And to top it off, amid all this squirrel chasing, Obama has decided that another 45 Gitmo prisoners are safe to be released


where are you and mr, puddin feet, hearing this,

Cecil Turner

I'm with JMH on the policy issues. Moreover, I think Cruz is pandering both on the privacy and national security fronts.

Which is too bad, because otherwise he would be my favorite. Still, either would be light years ahead of the JEF.


another varsity coach, with wide experience,




This bearded perp was the murderer on last night's Perry Mason episode. 2 great looking gals in the episode, BTW. He beat her to death with a fireplace poker.

new lurker

Well, I still think it is a "hit job" on Cruz, and I am very disappointed in Bret Baier.


NO bonuses in any federal program or department. None. Zero.

Miss M,

I recall in that good recent biography of Calvin Coolidge by Amity Shaes, that Coolidge instituted a policy that all Government workers be given 1 pencil, and they were not allowed to have another pencil until that first pencil was returned and was shown to be used down to the nub. I also recall that he mandated that Govt stuff be printed on a less expensive quality paper, saving millions in the long run.

The savings he achieved from start to finish was some astronomical number.

I concur completely with every word of your 10:08.

Puddin Floppy-Feet


From non-political sources but knowlegable. And no Florida connections I am aware of. I poo-poohed it but they were insistent.

buccaneer morgan

Thanks, the grapevine often has interesting roots, so do we believe inspector dteyfus?


Does ASS CARTER seem intelligent or competent to any of you??

His inability to speak more than 4 words in a row without uttering guttural "urrrr's" tells me he's mentally slow and definitely not the right man to inspire the least bit of confidence in anyone employed at the Department of Defense.

Miss Marple


Glad you enjoyed that Tesla article. When I am up early like this morning I often find obscure articles like that popping up on my Twitter timeline, before it gets clogged with political stuff.

I need to read more about Calvin Coolidge. He got short shrift when I took American History.

Miss Marple

I lost confidence in Brett Baier when he orchestrated that dreadful first debate with Megan Kelly.. I thought maybe I was being overly harsh but he bragged about planning the questions and admitted going after Trump with that first question, which he was quite proud of.

He turned the entire debate into a series of gotcha questions to each candidate.

So I pretty much lost interest in his reporting.


The Rubio rumors are interesting. But where are they coming from? My guess is Bush, he's desperate and didn't they did smear McCain?


Happy Birthday JimmyK!

Good luck on your hernia operation A(B)


Jeff Dobbs


Grether and his students want to turn December 12 into a national holiday.

Hey, it's already buy a dozen Krispy Kreme donuts, get a dozen free day...

Old Lurker

His quality as a reporter varied inversely with the whiteness of his teeth.

So I hereby add excessive use of teeth whitener to hair plugs and botox as yardsticks for mapping the decline of political personalities.

Puddin Floppy-Feet

Grew this for "No-Shave November" and figure that applying "reverse Psychology" by keeping it I will not have to shovel snow this year.


The Rubio rumors are not coming from Jeb. I've known about them for over a year. It's a bomb that WILL go off.

As far as the 2013 immigration bill. It WAS a poison pill inserted to kill the bill. I posted something on it on FB yesterday where either Mike Lee or Jason Chaffetz had made statements in recent days pushing back at Rubio on the BS of his disingenuous attack but I can't find it in all the stuff I posted in the last 24 hours - which is about 100 articles. Damn I need to pare down what I post on FB but there is so much crap going on right now.

Happy Birthday AB!


narciso, as our resident spymaster:

I was looking at a Cruz foreign policy statement, and I wondered if this is an accurate assertion:

[W]hile it was at the time well-known that Qaddafi had abandoned his nuclear program under the very real threat of military intervention that he perceived from the George W. Bush Administration, it was less well-known that he had begun cooperating with the United States in the fight against those same violent terrorists. That he was actively working to apprehend radical Islamic terrorists, to turn them over to America.
Everybody but apparently this Administration knew about the nest of vipers in eastern Libya, but how significant a partner was Qaddafi on the counter-terrorism front? I'm not sure "'begun' cooperating" is much of a hook to hang his "Dictatorships & Double Standards" argument on.

Rick Ballard

Another very interesting revision to a government estimate. Natural gas continues to crater even deeper than oil, making the SkyDragon charms, totems and wards even more ridiculous.

How many more 100% misses are lurking in USGS files?


The F15s were withdrawn because Putin has moved air defense units north to be close enough for a decent Turkey shoot if Erdogan goes stupid again.


Here is the Pentagon's statement about why they were recalled that I think sent Lou Dobbs into apoplexy yesterday:

"On Wednesday, the warplanes began their return to RAF Lakenheath, having completed what was designed to be a temporary deployment, EUCOM stated.

“This deployment served not only as an immediate response to a request from an ally, but as an exercise in our ability to deploy aircraft and airmen on short notice to Turkey, if needed,” said Navy Capt. Danny Hernandez, EUCOM spokesman...The deployment of F-15Cs offered an opportunity for the U.S. and Turkey to establish operational parameters for conducting such border patrol missions. On Friday, Ankara and Washington reached a formal agreement on that framework, Hernandez said.

“Reaching that agreement is a significant step to flying the missions,” Hernandez said. “You need to have the procedures in place.”


As I read it, The Pentagon is asking us to believe that it was simply a short term logistics training exercise.

I share some of Lou's apoplexy.

CT, Have you got a more informed take on this?


Wonderful lunch with Mr & Mrs. Clarice and Windandsea.

Eat your hearts out!


Rather shocking that Rubio would cheat on Jeannette, if that's what it turns out to be.

Thanks for the recovery wishes. I feel great, just have drs orders not to do anything strenuous the next week or two. Alcohol permitted, though (as long as the glass or bottle weighs less than 15 lbs).


With Putin praising candidate Trump, how come nobody in the Media has mentioned that this is an example of Russia asking for a Reset?

I don't think there's any way that trump could be more flexible than President Gumby.


daddy, per our lurking unit Vlad put in more air defense and set up a no fly zone on the Turkey / Syria border. Moving the F15s was Obama running with his tail between his legs.

Old Lurker

Rick re natural gas < $2.

In an irony that only Iggy (and perhaps SBW) can fully appreciate, in November 2007 after Obama was elected, I had become so fed-up with my sister (with whom my brother I shared ownership of a small family holding company which owns gas and coal properties in WV and KY), I expressed that after running the company for 25 years as requested by Mom and Dad, I had become so exhausted by the demands and threats of my sister that I announced my intention to withdraw from the company effective December 31, 2007. The only way I would remain involved was if both siblings would sell me their shares at a price I calculated to be 200% of the real value of the assets even based on the gas royalties which were then running on $14 natural gas. For the idiot, I explained that in effect I was offering to buy the company as if natural gas was at $28 so that I could never be accused of mistreating my siblings. Desiring total control or none, I made it clear that unless they both accepted my offer, then I would dispose of my shares however I wished.

As predicted, the witch assumed that any number I offered would be stealing from her, so she declined. I then sold the shares at a much lower price to my brother since we both knew where gas & coal prices were going under Obama, and I resigned from the company as promised. Being the very thick skinned litigator he is, my brother, then owning 2/3 of the shares, convened a shareholder meeting, fired her from the board, and relocated the corporation to a corporation friendly state where shareholder suits are difficult and expensive.

It has been beautiful to watch.


Best hire a private bartender, then, jimmyk. Maybe TC can get you Tiffany from the champagne room...

On a more boring subject, how will the Fed actually raise the discount rate since they can't use normal mechanism of selling short term treasuries?


I should add, that if the Rubio rumors are true, it's incredibly irresponsible of him to run for President. He should know that only Democrats can get away with that.

Old Lurker

Jimmy has died and gone to heaven. No exercise but unlimited booze. What's not to like.

Miss Marple 2

Old Lurker,

I so admire deviousness as a method of revenge.

I wish I had that talent. LOL!

Thomas Collins

I check in and in the first post I see, lyle's asks for my advice on behalf of jimmyk. OK, here goes: Tiffany may be the one to sip the champagne with, but she may not have good bartending skills. Hire Trish, who is serving you and Tiffany the Dom Perignon.


So Tiffany's presence in the Champagne room is not due to her bartending prowess but some other, unnamed talent or skill? Huh. :)


In an irony that only Iggy (and perhaps SBW) can fully appreciate, in November 2007 after Obama was elected, I had become so fed-up with my sister

I don't necessarily dispute anyone's title of having the worst sibling, but I have mentioned my own sister's complete black hole contribution to the family, and would insist on at least an honorable mention.

Old Lurker

That story was about nasty know it all siblings, not about money. There wasn't very much money involved even then, and now it's value is less than the annual filing fees and tax prep costs I'm sure.

And the Statute of Limitations has run out.

Old Lurker

I had forgotten that Jimmy. Consider her on the list.

Captain Hate on the iPad

Rocco, I've never seen any hard evidence that Rove was behind any scurrilous rumors of McVain. As little regard as I have for TEH ARCHITECT, I won't rely on lies to discredit him.


Well, I should get at least Third Team honors in the worst sibling awards for my one sister who is plain old batshit crazy.


To date, only Democrats have successfully planted an ineligible candidate in The Oval Office. Rubio is testing that as well.

Glad your surgery went well Jimmy.


Lyle, on your 3:58, I don't pretend to understand all the niceties involved in this:


But I think it boils down to the fact that they do enough buying and selling on a day-to-day basis in these markets to be able to target the rate within 25 basis points.

Miss Marple 2

Look what showed up in the Washington Free Beacon. LOL! I think it funny that they pixilated Trump's face.


Captain Hate on the iPad

You guys have made me appreciate my deadbeat brother a lot more with your tales of sibling woe. Actually what animosity there was stemmed more from my ability to be easily irritated as anything; I hope you were all sitting down for that shocking revelation.

JMH, I'm pretty sure narc regarded Ghadaffi Duck as one of the least worst in that area and time.

Puddin Floppy-Feet

Allan West: "Michael Moore proves once again why he should probably move to another country.

Love the photo. What an idiot and fat, ugly one at that.


Miss Marple 2


Details of the charges.

By the way, Rush asked today why he had to get all of the news from The Daily Mail in the UK rather from our own papers.


FOX Business News Melissa Francis has a reporter announce that "The Keymaster," Enriquez Marquez, has not yet been officially arrested as previously reported today by everybody, but he will be later.

I think he must have the ear of police and agents on the ground, because he continues with this:

Reporter Adam Housley: In San Bernadino) "I'm told as of 15 minutes ago that Marquez was not officially arrested yet. That it will happen today. There had been some thought that it would happen today. They were planning that it would happen today, but then the DOJ at the national level got involved and kind of blew the entire plan so to speak. There's no more Press Conferences planned. We're told we'll get some Press Release later this afternoon that'll explain what will happen...This is all fluid...The important point here is that Marquez will be arrested....It's been quite a 24 hour, but it shows this Melissa; It shows there really is a significant disconnect and lack of communication between the DOJ at the National Level and other Federal Agencies at the Regional level especially. And there is some insinuation that there's politics involved here---remember, I'm not saying this is the case but they do say that remember, that the local FBI, and the FBI nationally also, were the first ones to say this was "Terrorism," not the President. There may be some issues there, and that'll probably play out as we get thru this case, but obviously a very frustrating situation for a lot of people involved in this case in the last 24 hours."


Just a few lowlights regarding my sister: She claims to have virtually every illness in existence besides cancer and heart disease. She snagged a high six-figure settlement alleged CO exposure from a waitress job (she's a Harvard grad), and is on disability. I put in a fair amount of time helping her structure the settlement so she has steady income from it plus some investments. Notwithstanding all that, my mother bought her an upper west side 1 BR condo in a fancy building 5 years ago, which she hasn't ever occupied because it has to be redone in a manner respecting all of her environmental sensitivities. She (meaning my mother) also pays rent on an apartment in Brooklyn that she regards as uninhabitable, and is living instead in a hotel a few blocks from me. Despite that proximity she hasn't bothered to see her niece (my daughter) in years, and was the only one of my sibs not to wish me well in my surgery or ask how I was doing. The coup de grace is that she persuaded my gullible mother to set aside a sizable fraction of her estate for a trust that will cover her medical needs for the rest of her life. (I told my mother that I don't care about the money, but that I think she's harming rather than helping my sister by turning her into an invalid.)

What do I win? :)

Captain Hate on the iPad

Miss Marple, in 2008 I noticed that the Daily Mail and some other Brit papers were immune to 404's campaign charms. Reading between the lines, it sure seemed like they were amused by the reactions of their USA counterparts.

Old Lurker

You win membership in our club Jimmy. All of our stories overlap I believe.


You win, jimmyk. I hereby retract my sister's nomination.


There's plenty of room in the club, Lyle.


Worst sibling??? Brother wore baseball cap to Mom's funeral. Had a Tammy Baldwin sign in his front yard.


I'll take a junior, "social" membership, then, guys.

Old Lurker

I see a lot of my sister in yours, Jimmy.

And a lot of your mother in my father.

I feel your pain!

When Dad died, my sister tried to transfer the same sick parasitic relationship she had with him to me in the check-writing daddy role. When I refused to play, the fangs came out and remain out.

Old Lurker

Baseball cap at the funeral, Gus? My sister went right to the silver closet at Mom's funeral.


wow, I should consider myself lucky. Other than paying all mom's medical expenses and periodic home repairs, my sister is quite normal. Not much drama.


Moving the F15s was Obama running with his tail between his legs.

But they said it was a training exercise@#$.

Gosh, who to believe.

I guess Putin put down a Red Line.

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